Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Phoenix Photo Editor Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Phoenix Photo Editor for iPhone/iPad
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Phoenix is a powerful and fast photo editor with a lot of editing tools, importing and sharing options.
With Phoenix you will have all the freedom to customize your photos with pretty filters, effects, borders and fonts.

- it saves your current progress, you can continue in any time
- undo/redo feature
- supports high resolution output (up to 3000x3000)
- share your project to socials directly, send via mail or print it
- preserves EXIF data while editing
- you can add, edit or delete geolocation


- Enhance
- Photo Filters
- Art Filters
- Light Effects
- Frames
- Stickers
- Text labels with bunch of fonts
- Vignette
- Blur (5 types)
- Pixelate area
- Color Splash
- Draw (5 tools, color picker, undo/redo)
- Brightness/contrast
- Hue/Saturation
- Exposure
- Warmth
- Sharpness
- Crop
- Resize
- Orientation

Supported socials:
- Twitter
- Instagram (import, search by hashtag, share)
- Flickr (import, search, share)
- Tumblr
- VKontakte


Current Version:
Varies with device
38.56 MB
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Nice UI and effects; in-app pricing and pack size is way off. Posted by

Phoenix has a very intuitive user interface and some unique effects so in no time at all your creating some very fine edits on your pics. On the other hand, if you want to expand your options of effects, the in-app pricing structure is way off: $14.99 to unlock all packs. Even the price of individual packs at a more reasonable .99 are off as some are bundled -- especially the photo filter packs -- with just a few effects in each pack. It feels like the developer is nickel and dime-ing its customers by providing many very sparsely populated packs instead of providing a robust pack at a reasonable price. So, the standard effects are too few and the optional effects too expensive. Hopefully, the developer comes to their senses as this app has real potential. Fix the pricing structure and this would be a 5-star app.

Very, very cool App Posted by

Am absolutely impressed. I am a huge fan of the developers of this app. It ROCKS!! :-) And, also, I think it has room for improvement. I would LOVE to see the following added to it: —The ability to import fonts into it! Like the Over App! —Dividing the rotation and resizing tools from being controlled in the same place for text! (I find myself having to re-rotate text way too often, when all I want to do is resize it) —The ability to match exact colors with a color drop tool or whatever it's called. (Text) —And that's it! (For now) I'll come back and give another review or edit this one if these features/tweaks are added. This App ROCKS!! Buy it! You'll love it! :-) (Developer(s): GREAT JOB!! :-) ) —Danilo

This App is my main app now Posted by

This app is very awesome a lot of work on it I just make hem my main app to edit all my pics. But I want to tell about something when I use "Crop" or "Pixelate" there's a limit for that it's 4 white bulls don't let me chose the small size that I want. Example: when I have a picture and I want just a small part in the pic to Pixelate like an eye or nose I can't the 4 Circle don't let me it takes a big part. Please fix that in crop and pixelate and remove the circles just to make us chose the size that we want to edit Thank you developers it's my favorite app now

Amazing. Lots of editing capabilities. Posted by

This app allows me to do everything I can think of doing with a photo on my phone. Editing tools are intuitive and provide for a stunning and very custom image. I'm surprised the app is currently free - it's replaced another app I'd purchased and used for a long time. But if I had a suggestion: I'm a designer and appreciate good typography. The only acceptable font on this app is Helvetica. I would love to see more sophisticated typefaces available.

great app but I need more Posted by

Your Phoenix Pro Photo Editor is a great app for me, but I need more function such as jpg compress and lens-correction. I wish I can finish my work in one app but other 2 or 3 apps. If you can check other apps such as SKRWT, SKEW, Reduce - Batch Resize Images and Photos for iPhone & iPad, Shrink My Pictures - Reduce Image Size Without Resizing, and add those useful function in it, I’d like to show your app to my friends.

Competent Photo Editor Posted by

Very clean flat design, uncluttered interface and gesture-based tools have turned Phoenix into an easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing app. Almost everything you need to edit, enhance, resize and share your photos are provided, from blur and sharpness to filters, effects and stickers.

Worth Every Cent Posted by

I have this app on both iPhone and iPad fully unlocked and it is worth it. Works extremely well and is super easy to use. The interface is great and being able to customize the tools bar is such a convenient feature. Love the app, would highly recommend it.

Bueno Posted by

Ofrece muy buenas opciones,

V.gooood but .... Posted by

We need it free plz

Just OK by Techno-nut 2014-01-16

It's OK but nothing remarkable. It is probably better looking on an iPhone. On the iPad there is a lot of wasted space. All the essential editing functions are there, and a few nice presets for FX, filters, light leaks, etc., with more as IAP. IAPs seem a bit pricey for the value added. Resolution is mediocre for a "real" editor at 4.2 mp 2500x1664. I didn't test it on the iPhone, maybe it's better. In my case, I rarely capture, and never edit, images on the iPhone, so iPad performance is a critical factor for my investments. This one doesn't do anything better for me that I don't already do on dozens of other apps. And for me, the resolution is a deal-killer.

Packs a lot of features by barefoot_princess 2013-12-17

+ Comprehensive set of editing tools Fairly simple to use Photo/Art/Light filters broken down nicely Diverse font selection with add-on package - Layout of tools could be more efficient Would be nice to have crop feature up front rather than buried in the app Would be nice to zoom with crop feature Overall a good start, plan to use as one of my go-to editors for sure.

Nice but... by Tessie R. Javier 2013-12-16

Yep! Your app is nice. I like it. But... When I go to vignette and add some vignette on my photo, *when I click the ✔️ Button It crashes. Ugh. I hate it. But when I open I always see my photo. Pls. Fix it.

Куча встроенных покупок. by Ledje_rus 2013-12-10

Дизайн хороший, но отталкивает куча платных функций. Лучше потратить 33 рубля на более удачные программы.

No photo import with 7.1 by Corshanpay 2014-03-17

It's not listed among the apps requesting access to photos and it can't import until access has been granted based on a request. What gives here?

$15 is outrageous for Premium. by Tōbographer 2014-03-23

I really like your product, a lot. However, this has to be the most expensive editor in the App Store. $15 is insane for the premium features.

i'm buy classic flame but can't download by TiNTiN LUV 2014-04-06

i'm buy classic flame but can't download i want my money back