Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad
Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad

Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Photo Editor Movavi is the fastest way to turn good photos into spectacular shots. Remove any unnecessary element from your images, improve quality, and edit your photos in just a few easy steps. Easily remove random bystanders, inconvenient fences and ugly power lines from your travel panoramas with a single action: just select the unwanted object and hit Start Erasing – everything else is done automatically, thanks to Movavi’s unique optimized removal algorithm. You can use the Clone Tool for any final touch-ups if necessary. Many photo defects, like overexposed or overly dark images or a skewed horizon are often discovered only after you’ve finished shooting. But that doesn’t mean you have to delete the ‘spoiled’ photos – Movavi makes it easy to fix these problems. Eliminate composition issues in no time: crop, rotate, and flip image with one click. Manually adjust the main image parameters – brightness, contrast, saturation, and more – or let the smart automatic filter improve the quality of your pictures. Finally, give your snapshots a special touch with stylish filters like Lomo, Sepia, Acid and many others, apply textures and overlays. Get Photo Editor Movavi now if you want to: * Improve image quality with one click * Crop, flip, rotate, and resize your pictures * Manually adjust image settings: hue, saturation, color temperature, and more * Straighten the horizon in your photos automatically or manually * Instantly remove unwanted objects from photos * Clip objects from the background and replace that background with a solid color fill or even another picture * Apply filters, text captions and watermarks on images * Save images in all popular formats – JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and more Supported formats Input: BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF (not animated), JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, PAM, PBM, PCX, PGM, PGMYUV, PIC, PIX, PNG, PPM, PTX, Sun Rasterfile, TARGA, TIFF, WebP, XBM, XFace, XWD Output: BMP, DPX, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, XBM Please feel free to send questions to our Support Team at any time. We’re always happy to hear from you and help you out!

Photo Editor Movavi: Remove Objects & Enhance Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Outstanding Addition to my editor collection Posted by

I’m not a pro. I take family photos, I edit family photos and even professionally shot family portraits (sometimes). I have used several editing and enhancing apps over the past several years and have achieved a decent working skill with most of these. My go to starting app has been SnapHeal Pro. Movavi is my new go to app because it is so simple and so complete. My very first trial was quick with excellent results. It’s close enough to perfect to do 85% of the work I usually do. For example, Snapheal crops and adjusts very nicely, but doesn’t rotate pictures, so I have to do that in Preview. Movavi rotates. It adds text to photos, and I just deleted Skitch because the new version dropped text adjustments. Movavi does vignettes which Snapheal doesn’t, but Focus does. I won’t speak for Professional photographers, but for us family photo types this is a must try for yourself!

Very User Friendly Posted by

I have tried numerous photo editors and have not until now found one that works from the start for an ameteaur editor. I have an etsy shop and I have Moms send me pictures of their daughters in the dresses I make. The photos are great of the little girl and the dress, but there are a lot of distractions in the pictures, ei: toys, furniture, etc., that take away from the central focus. I have now found an editor that I actually can use to rid my lovely pictures of the clutter. Thank you so much for such a user friendly editor!

Imports NEF files from Photos Posted by

I like to work with RAW images because that way I am not editing JPEG compression artifacts at the same time. Few editors will import NEF. That means I can’t use them for my NIKON images directly from Photos. This imports NEF files smoothly and quickly. Good object removal, background removal, cropping and editing features. I can’t seem to find a blending tool to mix edits with the original, but that could be me. I recommend this App as an important addittion to anyones collection of editing Apps.

excellent program Posted by

i had been using Snapheal for about one year and it works alright but Movavi photo editor is much better. The erase algorithm works and works whereas Snapheal sometimes would not. Sometimes Snapheal would also be a little sloppy. Again, it’s not a bad program but i am much happier with Movavi. i shoot about 500 - 800 photos each month and need software that works well and this program fits the bill. I think it costs more than Snapheal but well worth paying a few extra dollars.

Oh, Yeah! Posted by

This app is worth every penny!!! You can create ALL KINDS of art from any photo you have on your Mac just by dragging and dropping your photo/file into the app. It does a great job of doing what you ask, and the results are stellar. You can make your photo look like a sketch, a painting; or add all sorts of other cool effects artistic works. It’s really enjoyable working on this app because of the speed and ease of the interface. I personally give this app a full Thumbs-Up!

Deserves Great Ratings Posted by

I purchased this app a while back and even forgot that I had it until yesterday when I realized that because of all the updates to my imac I could no longer get into my photoshop.( which really stinks!!) But I have found that this software is easy to work and does what I want it to…I am very please with it and highly recommend it…as a matter of fact I did recommend it to my brother as he too lost the use of his Photoshop (a real bummer)

no doubt its good, but took a step back. Posted by

Was very frustrated with Photos so this was a nice option however was using the demo on the website that is different than the paid version and I can of liked the Demo setup better. I did like the demo setup better, they tried to make it more fancy pants but kind of took away how easy it was to get to the functions. Hint Hint, today camera are no longer hiding its functions in the menus. Take note my movavi brother and sisters

Fast and Fun! Posted by

I was very pleasantly surprised by what a capable little photo editor this is! Fast and easy object removal, background knockout, photo enhancements, and ability to add text to your pictures (this will be great for making memes). It was also great that it runs perfectly on my system using OS 10.6.8. I've got other apps that do a lot of these functions, but this may become my "go to" favorite for a lot of these tasks.

Satisfied Posted by

I needed to remove crazy windy hair from a photo to be used for a greeting card. I started out with trying Snapheal, since it had the “Essentials” rating here in the App Store. I was only moderately pleased. So I gave Movavi a try and like it much better than Snapheal. Definitely more user friendly. I can’t speak for all features, as I haven’t used everything. But for object removal, I preferred this app.

Great for basic performance Posted by

This app is definitely worth the purchase for novices and doing baseline photo editing. If you’re asking for a bunch of bells and whistles then you’ll be paying for the wrong stuff so don’t waste your money thinking you’re getting photoshop material.

Very easy to use and works well Posted by

Really great when wanting to do some basic photo adjustments or effects. It’s obviously not photoshop, but neither is it as complicated to explain to the rest of the family =) This is a great app for everyone because anyone can use it.

Just what I needed!! Posted by

What a great easy to use ap for photo editing. Thanks to the creators of this ap. It was exactly what I needed and at a good price.

Photo edit Fun . Yes it is :D Posted by

Movavi is great i really enjoy how simple and fast. Its defenitly worth more then asking i would recomend this to all my friends (y)

Easy to learn, easy to use Posted by

Simple & complete, easy to learn and use. Does what iPhoto used to for me, and more, with less fuss & clicks. I’m happy!

Good concept– not there yet by LanternLite 2017-03-11

this is a good application. for 8 dollars, I am surprised how much it can do, but in less than an hour, i figured everything out, so it’s limited. it’s intuitive and useful (i guess?) if you’re just entering this (like my little brother who I bought this for), but for a more advanced editor, this is a little behind. PRO: simple interface is simple and attractive, and the tools are quite developed. CON: NOT smooth at all. my mac keeps on beachballing whenever i make a small change to the picture. and you can’t have like 4000dpi pictures, and certain common formats aren’t supported. –––––

Very slow by AgtRACR 2016-06-20

Terribly slow. Redraws the cutout boundries every time you modify your desired cutout profile. Each redraw takes for ever. Unusable its so slow. If you devote the hour it takes to cutout a relatively complicated object - in my case a desk - the lines are relatively crisp and usable. Probably usable if you only wanted to cut out one item and dont mind spending the time waiting for the app to recalculate. But if you have several you want to modify, look elsewhere.

Making changes is easy but…. by Frustrated with entune 2016-11-18

I am admittedly an amateur, and new to using a mac computer, so I’m sure some of my difficulty is me, but I don’t seem to have issues with other applications. Making the changes is the easy part and I like all the things it can do, but I have a hard time getting my pictures in to the app and then saving them once I’ve made my changes. I’ve been very frustrated with this app and wish it had easy to access tutorials for the things I’m having difficulty with.

Works ok by kula_jon 2015-12-17

As a quick editor for snap shots it works fine. I got it for 99 cents so I can’t complain too much! The eraser tool is a bit sloppy but for basic editing, on the fly, it’s not bad. I’ve paid more for worse!

TRASH- Waste of money. by Adpyg 2015-11-22

If you have any photgraphy photo editing experience you’ll find this to be a total waste of money. Does not work well at all when it comes to removing backgrounds. I wish I did’nt purchase it.

Carol by Finn5800 2016-12-09

I like using this app but my only problem is not being able to pull photos from IPhoto.

Horrible by slygirl29 2016-04-06

This app freezes every single time I open it. What a pain!