PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad
PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad

PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename for iPhone/iPad
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* FREE version available on our website *

PhotoBulk is easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add text/image watermark, resize, and optimize hundreds and thousands of images or photos in just one click.

You can also Rename multiple pictures and Convert to the most popular formats in no time.

Just drag and drop your images onto the app, choose desired actions and press “Start”. Voila!

Chosen for Mac Gems 2013.
“...PhotoBulk is a solid choice that won’t break the bank!” - Macworld USA
“What makes PhotoBulk stand out is the clean interface and easy-to-set controls.” - Cult of Mac

**Bulk Watermark Options**

Bulk watermark lets you easily and quickly watermark multiple photos, using the great variety of options. Customize your photos with tags, logos or any other personal marks. Place watermark anywhere with the precise per-pixel controller, then switch to the angle mode and rotate it to that very angle you want and check the result immediately in real-time preview window!

Pick one of these amazing watermark features:

*Text Watermark. Apply watermark on hundreds of your photos choosing font, size, typeface, color, opacity, and angle.

*Image Watermark. Add image watermark by simply dragging and dropping the image to the app and activating watermark box, change its size by width/height, choose the opacity level and place it wherever you want.

*Script Watermark. Fill your photo with text tags. Text adjustment options are also available.

*Datestamp will stamp a date your photo was taken on wherever you choose it to. Various text options and date formats are available.

** Bulk Resize **

Resize hundreds of your photos in no time. Remember: reducing image dimensions will make the file size smaller. Use the variety of resizing options:

• By width and height. Fit your images to the spot, choose one of the dimensions and other will be resized proportionally.
• Percentage. No need to know particular dimensions, simply resize your photo by percent.
• By max size. Set the desired width and height, and all images will be resized proportionally according to the max side size.
• Free size. Use the desired dimensions by simply entering them in the box.

** JPEG & PNG Optimization **

Optimize file size of your JPEG or PNG images while keeping their original resolution, quality, and format. Use it to save your disk space or to share them faster over Internet. Please note that PNG optimization is time-consuming and works slower than JPEG optimization.

**Bulk Rename**

Forget about those weird camera names, rename photos by giving a new filename and number sequences. You can also vary starting digit and number of zeros.

**Bulk Conversion**

Convert hundreds of photos for your convenience and easy sharing. Save all your images in desired format without any troubles. Bulk image conversion works with the most popular formats, like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.

** Easy settings **

Save your favorite and most used settings to presets for even faster bulk editing.

** Real-Time Preview **

Check how your files will look like before they are processed. Experiment with watermarks and sizes to achieve the desired results.

** Supported Formats **


Save your time on image processing with PhotoBulk - simple app for batch/bulk resizing, optimization, and applying a watermark to photos and images.

PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize and Rename Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
3.46 MB
First Tracked:
Content Rating:


This is truly a bulk photo app! Posted by

I have used this app for a while and now writing a review. At first I just jumped into this app and quickly realize I needed to figure a couple of things out. For as easy as it really is, I still needed a little Photobulk schooling and that made all the difference. ***FYI - One thing I QUICKLY realized is that it was hit or miss on dragging photos directly from iPhoto. Some would go and some would not. If you were dragging multiple photos to drop and one photo unbeknownst to you had an issue the entire group would not go. This issue I admit was EXTREMELY frustrating, you had to review and try each photo to find "the trouble maker" which was time consuming and maddening. To this day I still do not know why this issue occurs. I wised up and stopped pulling from iPhoto and started exporting. ***Once you EXPORT you are golden! No issues. I can drop 30 or more photos and it is a go. I love the options they provide especially the font, sizing and placement (wherever on the picture you want). When I wanted to do a vertical placement that took a few tries but I figured it out too. This is what is great with this app, you hit a MINOR bump in the road but the app/software is not so challenging that you cannot get around it to figure out the right way. I do highly recommend this app for its ease of use. My 4 star rating is because there is always room to improve, like let me drag from iPhoto with no issues.

Great Lil App for Photographers Posted by

I used to use ReSizeIt but the developer stopped updating it so I was thrilled to see PhotoBulk only $1. This great app lets you watermark, resize, optimize and rename with drag and drop functionality and preview capable. Love it, can’t imagine life without it. Couple of feature requests for future versions: 1 - Turn on the EYE preview on by default. Make it a pane with a progress bar so you can keep tabs on batch processing. 2 - Allow a combination of watermarks ex: (Image, text & time stamp) (UI like Automator or Apple Mail Rules). 3 - Change term “Script” in watermark to Tile or Repeated. Having live preview would help users figure it out. 4 - Resize needs ability to specify file size in MB. Websites that reject photos for beeing too large will specify a file size that images need to be resized to. Being able to specify it is a lot better than doing the pixel math or scaled reduction feature. 5 - Bulk Rename should have an append option. Sometimes I just want to add a prefix or a suffix to the current name. 6 - In App Purchase Option for more features like: Meta Tags, EXIF editing, etc. 7 - Ability to not have the app create a folder everytime it saves. Sometimes I like to run multiple batches into a single folder and don’t want to worry about subfolders. Keep up the great work! Very useful tool that saves me time from using Photoshop or Automator!

Clean interface, fast app Posted by

Отличная программа, очень приятный и понятный интерфейс. Недостаток один - когда перетаскиваешь в нее несколько папок с фото - на выходе получаешь все фото в одной папке. Хотелось бы, чтобы программа раскладывала по папкам уменьшенные фото. Было бы еще не плохо, чтобы водяная метка добавлялась уже после ресайза картинки а не до - иначе получаем разные размеры водяной метки. Да, еще - почему-то не конвертирует фото разного формата в один формат - было бы отлично закинуть файлы разных форматов и получить на выходе jpg, а не tif, bmp, gif, png. Функция переименования супер! Выпадающий список с пресетами настроек - отличная находка! Спасибо!!!

Very Happy with APP Posted by

I had previously created a workflow that allowed me to sort, rename and compress my photos, but with one of the OS upgrades the compress feature went away. So I started looking for an app that would do these things. The only feature that Photobulk lacked that I needed was the ability to sort the files I drop into it into cronological order. I still have to do that with a work flow I already have. But if you want the files compressed and renamed it does it quickly and without any hickups. I have only used the watermark feature a few times, but it also worked without much effort and was very effective. I have drag and dropped hundreds of photos into the app, obviously the more you drop the longer it takes to finish, and it has produced the results I was looking for each and every time. I shoot more than one camera at a time and like to sort my photos into the order I shoot them to tell the story properly. This app is well worth what I paid for it. Would love to see a sort feature added. I read the reviews before I purchased it and haven’t found any of the problems that other report.

Good, but takes getting used to Posted by

First, don’t bother trying the “free demo”: it only works for ONE image at a time and doesn’t allow you to explore all of the app’s features. I tried the demo and thought the app looked good, but key features can’t be tried in the demo. At first I was extremely disappointed with this app. Their Internet-based help pages offer minimal help. My problem turns out to be caused by the app’s odd user interface, which is unlike other watermarking applications I’ve tried. It took several rounds of interaction with their support people (EXCELLENT support) for me to understand how to proportionally scale watermarks for a batch of images and do some other operations. There is pop-up help on most buttons, but it’s not totally helpful. Because of the poor documentation and a missing feature, I’ll rate this 4 stars. Now that I understand (again, thanks to their tech support) how the program works, I’ll use it regularly. It’s definitely worth the price and it definitely works for batch processing and has good flexibility.

Very useful time-saving app! Posted by

I love this app. I use it almost every day and find it saves a lot of time being able to batch process images that I’m going to upload to websites. I have not noticed that reduction in quality that some reviewers reported. If you feel the quality is noticeably reduced, you can change the quality settings. I find ‘Opt’ works well for me in almost all cases. The algorithm seems to be very effective at reducing file size (far better than Photoshop and other image apps) while maintaining quality. The watermarking and resize features are also very good. You can’t see within the app what the different fonts are going to look like for watermarking, so I just opened Font Book and looked through that until I found one I liked. I love that you can easily save ‘Presets’ of settings that you use a lot. It processes the images quickly. Quick, easy and time-saving app. Invaluable for anyone wanting to optimize images for their website.

Saves me sooo much money and aggravation Posted by

I sell crochet patterns which are easily and carelessly copied by dishoenst people, who have no idea whow much effort goes into deleloping a pattern. The features to either make a text or a watermark are terrific, since crooks have to spend major time to photoshop the watermark out of the photo. It also helps with my pattern photos to highlight a certain feature with text. Most useful program for my purpose. One thing I would love to see improved is that the clarity of the picture/photo remains, when photo bulk is applied. I LOVE how fast it works , if you have to watermark an entire folder of photos. Also the preset is a time saver. Great job you developers of Photo Bulk! Now all I need a water mark protection for my texts.

Fantastic! Well Worth The Price! Use It Every Single Day! Posted by

I run a Facebook page with close to 200k users so I’m watermarking more than a hundred photos a week. This app is fantastic! I also use it for creating memes with a short text length. It even resizes WHILE it watermarks. Never seen any app easier to use and believe me I’ve purchased a ton of them. It’s really really easy…the only reason to read the instructions is so you’ll realize (like me) that this thing does all kids of cool stuff. Lastly…I never leave reviews. I’m over critical of just about everything I buy. These guys did a great job. BUY THIS ONE! Lastly….to the developers I would gladly pay $10 for an app like yours that also incorporated the suggestions left by RipTide360. Keep up the good work!

Fonts Posted by

Works as expected - However, would suggest adding a feature to allow selecting font family subsets (e.g., Light, Medium, Bold) when available for the specific font. Right now, I can only access Rokkitt (google fonts) Medium - even though Rokkitt Light and Rokkitt Bold are installed and active. * Would also suggest a feature to allow renaming the images.

I like it Posted by

Right after I downloaded it, works like I needed it to. 95 images with my custom watermark .png file onto the corner of all images less than 30 secs.

Very Nice, at 4.99 Good Price Posted by

This is a great app, I just wish I had waited to buy it at the more resonable current discounted price.

Getting Better by furi0usbee 2013-03-24

This app doesn't work with retina Macs. It seems to double the final image... could be a bug with the way the app renders the final artwork, while not using the 4x4 pixels of the retina display. Any image I add a watermark to, text or image, the output file will be exactly 2x of my original file. This used to happen to my graphics apps before they were updated for the retina mac. PhotoBulk does have a retina UI, and looks good, but it's not working on my Mac. [EDIT] If you are on a retina mac, to stop the doubling of your image size, go to the Applications folder, find the app, right click Get Info, and choose "open in low resolution mode." This will look bad... but it will save your watermarked files 1:1 in actual size. Then open watermarked file in Preview to see if the location is suitable, then batch run. Works great. I still want to see retina, but this will have to do for now. [EDIT] Bumped it up to 2 stars as it's still not usable for me, but the email support has been good. They are working on a fix for my issue. If they fix that, and one other thing.. the ability to move the watemark with arrows, one pixel at a time, then it's 5 stars. [EDIT] Bumped it up to 4 stars. Some issues have been fixed on retina displays. However, the preview still shows images at 2x resolution, and the watermark adjustment tool isn't as precise as it could be. Will be 5 stars when those issues are addressed. [EDIT] V1.4 broke some stuff, including opacity settings of favorites.

Some serious shortcomings - for amateurs only. by joshg1 2013-03-17

This app could be very good, but it has a couple of serious shortcomings: - It chooses its own JPEG quality/compression settings… and it's a pretty low quality setting. My 35 MB file came out as 4MB so I'm sure a ton of detail has been lost, so I can't use this tool for my high-resolution printing needs. Probably fine for amateurs or for putting a watermark on images just designed for the web, but professionals who look to use this before they print a very high quality image will find this unacceptable.. Wish it could preserve the full quality of the file it's been given, or at LEAST let the user set their own JPEG compression. - The process of dragging the little ball where you'd like the watermark to be is not fine-grained enough, it makes huge movements with the slightest movement of the ball icon (at least it does on my big 36 megapixel images). There should be pixel-by-pixel tweaking of the location of the watermark, or just let me use the arrow keys to move it around on the preveiw window.

$9.99 for a demo… I think not... by small business owner123 2016-08-14

I purchased this item from the app store and used it. It was great and exactly what I need for my business. NOW… after using it once, it is saying that I need to purse it again and that I am only using a demo version… $9.99 for a demo version… I think not. As of right now I am losing money because of my in amy erroneous assumption that once I buy an app that I didnt have to buy it again to use it. Not only that in my desperate attempt to get things done I decided to look at purchasing again becuase, again I use this for a business, and find that I cannot purchse through the app store. I didn’t understand and then it dawn on me… I ALREADY PURCHASED IT…. So I look on the developers website and to my surprise (at this point I shouldnt be surprised) I found that I needed to pay $19.95… At this time I extremly ______ (inset appropiate adjective). Depending on how fast they fix this I might consider deleating this review and reposting stating how this is a great app.

Doesn’t do what it promises by Tegwan12 2014-02-13

I bought this in light of the rave reviews. Disappointingly it just doesn't work. Sounded so simple, just drag and drop images into the designated box, and watermark, in bulk. However, it is very hit and miss as to whether images will drop into the box, and even then only 1 in 10 will watermark, ie only 1 in 10 trying one by one, not even in bulk. I contacted support - no phone support, only e-mail with a 24-hour response. Admittedly they tried to help, but wanted all sorts of technical information, and then for me to install another program so that I could video what happened when images would not drop into the box! My explanation that images just wouldn’t drop into the box was clearly not sufficiently technical. At that point I wrote the cost off to experience. I suspect this app needs more work. It certainly isn’t as fool proof as one is led to believe. A pity, I wanted it work.

Noticeable reduction in photo quality by SCwolves 2016-08-18

Very user friendly, just started using it today. Pretty easy. HOWEVER, I immediately noticed a very significant reduction in photo quality. Quite blurry actually. So, if that’s important to you - THIS app is not the app for you. Disappointed in that because I really like the ease of use. I found a way to get the photos from my desktop on my Mac back in to the Photos folders but it’s laborious. Also, I’d like to see the fonts available AS THE FONTS in the list. I have no idea what they are by them all being listed in the same font. ya know? So there’s that. Otherwise I was able to batch change names, loved that. And, get a watermark fairly easily as a single or batch.

This app does what it says, says what it does. Here's my wish list; by kertinker 2012-10-27

This is a cool little app. It's handy, but I would love to see future updates contain an option that places the watermark relative to size, as opposed to pixel size. I do a lot of cropping, so 1 size watermark does not fit all. I would also like to see more options for placement as sometimes the watermark just doesn't work with the composition. (I know, it's a watermark, but I like it to accentuate the composition as well.) A preview mode where you see all the thumbnails and are able to adjust the watermark per thumbnail would be awesome. Not sure how hard to program that would be. Anyway, this is a useful tool and it would be awesome with a couple of tweaks. thanks!

I want my 8 bucks back by DelawareSouth 2013-11-23

I don't get all the positive reviews about this app. First, the drag and drop template doesn't work. It only accepted half of the photos I selected. I had to import the photos through the import option in the menu. That wouldn't have been a problem if the watermark tool served its purpose. It doesn't. The watermark is font-based. Depending on the size of the photo, a 48-size font could look really small or really big. The watermark size is not relational to the image, providing a completely incosistent experience. I have never reviewed an app before, but this was one was too big of a dissapointment to keep to myself.

Can’t even resize images. Doesn’t work at all! by jakush 2014-11-27

I added 86 files into PhotoBulk and selected the resize tool, then set to resize by max width of 350px. It ran and saved all the new files to a folder. They were all smaller than their originals but still not down to 350x___px. In fact, I don’t think any of them have a width or height of 350px. Simply does not work. The other reviews here must be out of date or fake. Shocked that it could not complete such a simple task!!! Very frustrated. Don’t waste your money. Preview can resize photos for you and it’s free.

Very Disappotining ! No function…only watermarking... by Saeromela 2014-10-21

I thought this app would give me some convenience to use it….I had to listen what other reveiwers left here… Very disapointing…It seems easy but no useful function for the price…..feels like free app….wasting $ 8…. Is it possible to get a refund since it’s only been 5 mins after purchase…. To use these photos, I have to bring cropped photos and only fuction here is watermarking…that’s it..

Meh. Doesn't really do "bulk"…. by MattGold 2013-10-01

I downloaded the trial and the interface seemed ok. Drag n drop, a few settings, super. Only problem is; in trial mode you can only convert ONE image. When I try to load BULK images, the program just stalls. I started with 5000 images. Nope. 1000? Nope. 500. Ok. Now I only have to run 10 "bulk" conversions. Ugh.

Watermark very disappointing by photopro212 2015-10-25

Found no way to preview the watermark!!! This is a basic function of a watermark app. Also found no way to change the angle AND placement. Simplistic interface: feels like 1990s design. Having used iWatermark on iPhone, this is a huge disappointment. To top it off, the HELP function didn’t work. Can I get my $ back?

Just Wasted $5.99 by Oshestak 2016-03-26

1) Paid $5.99 2) Downloaded the App 3) Dragged 34 pictures -1 picture was processed, 33 errors 4) Dragged 33 pictures -1 picture was processed, 32 errors and so on So this App can resize pictures, but only one by one…. Deleted.

Confounding by John Weld 2016-02-14

Set the resize option to width= 1024px and you’d expct to get…. all of your large pictures (4272 px wide @ 72 DP) converted to 1024 px at 72 DPI. Nope. Not the case. Instead you get “resized” images at 2048px at 144 DPI.