PhotoSweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad
PhotoSweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad

PhotoSweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad

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** Apple Photos support ** PhotoSweeper is a fast, precise & super efficient tool to eliminate similar or duplicate photos even in huge photo collections. It works with photos from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One libraries as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages. “Swift, easy to use, thorough, analyzes specific libraries, can search according to various criteria, offers choices in photo handling” TheNextWeb "PhotoSweeper packs a powerful punch in de-cluttering any size collection. 9/10" Mac.AppStorm "PhotoSweeper is a simple and efficient utility for organizing photos. 4.5/5" Macworld "The interface is a breeze to use. 9/10" MacNews "I do like this app, it works really well and under the hood is written to utilize the abilities of your Mac." MacTricksAndTips PhotoSweeper will help you if: • You take a series of shots of the same scene trying to get the perfect one. • You edit photos with software like Photoshop, Pixelmator etc., and make backups just in case. • You have photos scattered on external hard drives and local disks, in Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom or Capture One libraries. • You have a mess in your photo collection or just want to free disk space by removing junk photos. Features • Easy search of photos Just drag and drop folders from your Mac to allow PhotoSweeper to find all photos inside. Add more photos from your Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom or Capture One library via the Media Browser window. • Flexible comparison settings Powerful multi-settings to easily find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots. The app finds duplicate photos, even those edited in external programs such Photoshop, regardless of image size or format. • High speed and quality PhotoSweeper was developed as a tool for extremely fast comparison of a huge number of photos. Cutting-edge technologies and unique algorithms make searching duplicates incredibly fast and gives excellent comparison results. • Efficiency You can regroup the results without re-comparing photos by changing matching level with a slider. Using caches makes the next comparison much faster. • Marking duplicates automatically Mark photos you want to get rid of manually, or use the "Auto Mark" feature to mark duplicates automatically based on the list of rules you can adjust to your needs in the Preferences. • Comfortable viewing results PhotoSweeper provides 3 modes for reviewing results: “One by One”, ”Face-to-Face" - one or two large photos with an opportunity to mark a photo with just a click, “All in One“ - all groups of duplicates in one list. • Great photo browsing PhotoSweeper also serves as an up-to-date photo browser with a built-in search of photos by metadata, Quick Look preview, the "Info" panel with a detailed photo description, including histogram and image metadata (EXIF, IPTC etc.). A comprehensive user manual is available on our site:


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Wow… a wonderful tool, well worth it - great w/i-Photo Posted by

This is so far one of the best utilities for photo management with a Mac I’ve come across. I have used the ACDSee duplicate finder as part of its PC program and then Mac, very straightforward on the PC but not so facile working with Mac’s library systems and master, etc. I tried a Mac-specific Dupe finder with simple interface, producing an excel-like list of duplicates to check and delete, but it was limited and not so easy to be sure the right file (original vs. duplicate) was being deleted. Anyway, fast forward to the (d)evolution of iPhotos into Photos, and finding my 1TB Mac drive teetering towards slowing the system down from being so full, Tens of thousands of images, backed from many drives and machines, and I’ve given it another try, after reading reviews of several App Store and other highly-regarded dupe-finders for Mac, and with particular attention to its being used with iPhoto (where my huge collection will continue to live, with star ratings and albums of raw and video files I’ve worked on for years, That’s my context. Something which works with iPhoto library and external drives, and gives me some control. This guy really delivers! Now to my first experience with it: Installation simple. As are the instructions. (A few important pointers about closing the library first before importing to its list for comparing images and finding dupes.) Dragged and dropped all my albums from Mac’s HD/iPhoto/Library (you can do the same with Photos and Lightroom and a few other apps). It took about 10 minutes (first time loading 200,000 images and some videos) and the display - using a 27” display, it’s beautiful! - immediately grouped a tile display (lie a slide sorter, not tiny threads). Once layed out before me I chose to “compare”, which is really the one-step process, but with a choice as to comparing exact matches versus broader almost-matches, which might include re-sized files (detected by histogram or bitmap, your choice) or different formats. I went with the basic first, to try it. Having read about 2 minutes of instructions, it was very intuitive. I found the option to arrange by size, for my first attempt to de-gunk years of duplicate file accumulation. I eliminated 8 Gb of duplicate files - mostly .tif, .nef and video files but lots of .jpegs too. Mindful of the usual advice to be careful not to inadvertently delete precious images by accident, it’s nice to know it deletes into the app you use for image viewing (e.g., iPhoto or Photos), into its trash. So I opened up iPhoto after the deletions from Sweeper, and double checked a copy was still where it had been. Indeed. Perfect. Deleted 8 Gb safely, first try. Beyond dupe finding - the display of found duplicates also shows some errors in files, and you have a choice to auto-trust it to delete the right copy or you can do it manually. I found several videos in iPhoto which were “there” in name, but with corrupt or missing data. So I replaced the bad with a new copy from backup, and found some long-forgotten great images while doing this, and found overlapping dates, all kinds of pure gold organizing and deletion tools. It’s just wonderful, and I’ve not even gotten into looking for duplicate databases or other things, and next up still is external drives, which it does easily. So, I’m happy I read the reviews and product info (decided on this as opposed to Gemini, which also has fans,at the same price. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a new tool as much as this, for pleasantly organizing and tidying a vast photo library and archives. For less than the price of a movie, I’m a happy camper, giving thanks, on Thanksgiving too. Nice product, worked just amazingly and intuitively, with great results, the best dupe finder I’ve yet come across.

The best I’ve found, but has some bugs Posted by

I’ve purchased and used four products of this type. PhotoSweeper is by far the best. It has more capabilities and a user interface that provides more flexability in how you want it to match photos. The user manual covers most of its features very well. PhotoSweeper also exposes more information about the photos it has found. It is very good at finding matches between an original photo and one that has been photoshopped. Matching an original photo to one that has been heavily (60% of the original) cropped is less successful, but that is understandable. On-line support is excellent. They answered questions very quickly, often the same day. I’ve been able to automate my use of PhotoSweeper using AppleScript, but it took some work. So, why only 4 stars? Technical problems. Version 2.1.0 did not save a Results List as an XML file from the File menu. Within a day, they sent me a test version that works correctly - most of the time. If you load a lot of photos (5,000+) from folders, it may display a warining icon in place of an actual image in the Results Window. Shutting down and reloading you images may solve this. If you load a lot of photos from folders many times without shutting down PhotoSweeper, it may start to malfunction: 1. It may refuse to let you paste in additional images and you may not notice when this happens. 2. It may act like it is creating a Results XML file, but no file can be found. Shutting down PhotoSweeper between each session seems to avoid, or at least delay, the above problem. Once the above problem occurs, the only fix may be to uninstall PhotoSweeper and also trash all its files in ~Library:Containers and then reinstall and reset your preferences and compare settings. This is time consuming, error prone and irritating. If you process a lot of photos, it may process the same photo more than once causing some confusion when you automark and delete duplicates. There are two improvements I’d really like to see: 1. The ability to sort the list in the results window by number of photos in a group or by the worst match between any two photos in a group. 2. The ability to export the match % between phot pairs as part of the Results List XML file. Bottom Line: I expect to be using PhotoSweeper for quite a while, but I’d like to see the bugs removed and some enhancements made. 2 weeks later: I’ve been working with tech support. They seem to have found and fixed the failure to paste malfunction I reported. I’ve been using an improved test version for about 3 days now without a problem.

Amazing Really Helped My Mess Posted by

i am infamous for duplicating images and stickingt them in different places on my computer. macbook pro mid 2009. I also have several photo editing apps (standard apple, plus lightroom, pixelator, acorn, intensifiy and more — and I think/worry that many of them independently download the pictures from my camera creating even more duplicates. Regardless, I had 15,000 pictures from tiff images that I created with the grab app to pics from my jpeg, etc. from cameras. Although PhotoSweeper allows you to easily download pictures from multiple folders and libraries, I used Apple’s Find app to search for all images on my computer and then move them to all to a single folder on an external drive. I also emptied all the iPhoto and new Photos libraries, as well as lightroom cataloges, etc. (I figure I can put back whatever pics I want in each, when I want to) into that single folder. Then I selected that file through PhotoSweeper’s tool (again very easy). The program gathered all the pictures, fairly quickly considering how many I had. I pressed the combined button, and sorted the photos into groups of duplicate photos (side by side was my choice to display them). Again very quick considering. I had the program auto-mark the ones to delete. I could have just delted the duplicates, but I want to check each one. I almost always chose to delete the pics that the program chose, but not always, and a few times I kept some duplicates for various reasons. Being anal about checking each grouping mean it took several hours, but if you are more fleixlbe and more organized, it could be done much faster. Once I was done reviewing each group, the program quickly got rid of the duplicates. I strongly recommned it, and I am not easily impressed by photo apps — which is why I have so many editing apps.

Identifies and deletes duplicates from file system very well. Posted by

PhotoSweeper I bought PhotoSweeper (version 2.2.2 (2022)) because I have thousands of duplicate photos caused by various imports over the past 15 years of taking digital pictures. I use Adobe Lightroom (version 5 as I don’t like the cloud features in version 6). I prefer the Lightroom method for storing files directly in the file system and not in an application specific container. I was just looking for a program that can identify duplicate photos with different files name (caused by different imports). In order to ensure PhotoSweeper worked as expected, I copied a folder of about 300 photos to my desktop. I dragged the folder into the PhotoSweeper window then selected compare. The application clearly showed which were duplicates and easily allowed me to visually confirm they *were* duplicates before I “marked” them and then “Trash Marked”. I like that this application puts the photos into the trash so you could pull them out if you feel you made a mistake. When I tried to find duplicates in a folder with 87 subfolders containing 4799 photos totaling 3.5 GB it was unable to render all of the photos. Note I selected “Duplicate Files” and Face-to-Face display but PhotoSweeper was unable to render all the photos so I was not able to visually confirm it did find duplicates. In an attempt to correct this I restarted the application and tried again. I got half 1/3 of the way thru this group of files but then the application would not render the images. From that point I reduced the number of photos I gave it to compare to about 1,000 or 2,000 and it worked without issue. I highly recommend this application for anyone who wants to accomplish the type of deduping above. This application has other uses but I have not tried them. Happy duplicate hunting.

The best iPhoto helper Posted by

I had about 28,000 photos in iPhoto, but an additional several thousand possible duplicates. After experimenting, I felt proficient in how to use the program. I loaded my entire iPhoto library (~280 GB). I selected all and locked them so nothing would happen to them. I then loaded all of the remaining photos in my ‘picture’ folder except the iPhoto library. This added about 16,000 photos (60 GB). I just did a compare and auto marked the result. The program has several features that lets you check that different folders may be marked or not marked after doing the comparison. This was simply easier than examining each folder before loading. i just loaded everything, and if I found I was about to delete a photo that had a duplicate in a folder that I wanted, I could filter the photos for that folder and reverse the marking of all photos in that folder. I can imagine others wanting to perform a similar operation and I can imagine the developer automating this part of the comparison and marking process. I thought it particularly helpful that I did not feel in any danger of deleting photos until I was sure of having selected the photos I wanted. I had some anxiety about loading the number of photos I did, but I was simply patient and the program loaded, compared, review, and deleted in a relatively short amount of time (loading maybe 10 minutes, I didn’t count it, this will probably depend on your hardware). It has other compare features that finds similar photos so it is quite powerful. Did I say fast? It is. Recommend

Excellent, but still a VERY DANGEROUS TOOL Posted by

From a UI and general useability standpoint, PhotoSweeper is the best app I've used for the annoying task of taking a machete to your duplicate photos. The only thing that makes me not fully embrace it is the fact that, unlike other excellent "duplicate removal" utilities like MacPaw Gemini, TidyUp and DupeGuru, PhotoSweeper WILL allow you to mark and accidentally delete *all* photos within a set of found duplicates. While it's nice that it allows you to right-click on any of the path elements of a selected image, and then tell it to mark all images that exist in that path, if you're not careful, you could accidentally end up selecting *all* members of a found duplicates group (this is how I discovered this glaring flaw). And when it comes time to actually delete the marked duplicates, PhotoSweeper will not warn you that you may be deleting every instance of the image. A utility that is focused on "dupe removal" should NEVER allow the user to remove the last member of a found duplicates group, at least not without an in-your-face warning that it's about to do just that. My reactionist side would have rated this app "1 star" in anger, because it allowed me to delete photos that I didnt want deleted. But the rest of the app is so well designed, I certainly dont think it's fair to completely trash the app based on this flaw alone.

Very pleased Posted by

I want to move to a new computer by the end of the year, so this seemed like a good time to cleanup my photos. My computer says I have over 600,000 jpg files, mostly in iPhoto and Photo libraries. In the past I have tried other cleanup apps, but they were slow and did not give a clear picture of the results. PhotoSweeper is well laid out giving you a good visual display of what photos are considered duplicates. There are many options to fine tune how a duplicate is determined. I am still learning how to take advantage of all the options, but even just using the defaults I was finding duplicates within minutes of installing the software. One suggestion, if you are expecting a lot of duplicates, work with small groups. My first try was to compre 75,000 photos. PhotoSweeper found ~2000 duplicates within about 15 minutes. It was going to take couple of hours to convince myself that I was deleting the right photo and currently there is no way to save your comparisons, if you want to take a break from reviewing duplicates. I’m sure in time I will be more comfortable just deleting the duplicates without review. Finally, the support team has been FANTASTIC. I have emailed them a few times as I ws getting started. Their responses were right on target and extremely timely (usually less than 2 hrs and sometimes in minutes). As I said, Very pleased.

Focused, fast, useful Posted by

This was FAST, and accurate. I had hundreds of duplicates created over the years, and this read the Pictures directory quickly and let me free up several GB with confidence. I was nervous, so did not allow it to auto-mark things, but the various displays (folder hierarchy, histogram, image size, etc) helped me to rapidly decide what was what. It also puts a badge on photos in iPhoto’s library. Everything’s put into the Trash, so you can double-check what you did before emptying. Not sure how much I’ll use it in the future. Hopefully I’m on the straight-and-narrow now and won’t end up with duplicates all over the place. I was going to get Aperture, but Apple will be combining it with iPhoto and creating a new Photos program, so we’ll see how I end up managing photos in the future. I could see PhotoSweeper coming in handy again when I switch. One suggestion: it would be nice to be able to also indicate that certain photo-related files should be auto-marked for deletion. In my case, I’m thinking .xpm (I think it is) files that were created for every photo in a couple of directories by a photo program I was trying out. I could delete them in other ways, but since I’m plunging into the photo directories with PhotoSweeper anyhow, it’d be a nice feature. (May be in there, I haven’t poked around too much yet.)

well worth the cost if you are organizing lots of pics. x1000 better than traditional duplicate find Posted by

I initally tried to perform the task of searching for duplicate photos with Gemini, which is rated as one of the top duplicate finding apps out there. I found almost none. If you are into photography and have multiple copies of pics - PhotoSweeper is the way to go. I do my searching in two steps. First step, look for exact duplicates with same name. Here is pretty safe to use the auto marking tool and delete because only truly identical pics will be selected. Next, I do a second search where I look for pics with different name but closely matched. Since you have already cleared away the exact duplicates, you’ll have a manageable quantity of duplicates here. You can’t use the auto selection for this, you’ll need to go through them manually - but of course that’s EXACTLY what you want to do. The comparison screen is great and very effective. 5 stars. Go buy it. Sure it’s expensive but if I didn’t waste time and money with other apps before I went to this I’d still have money left over jiggling in my pocket… I don’t normally write reviews but I wish somebody had written this review before I bought it —> PhotoSweep is money well spent.

Does so much more than you’d think Posted by

My Setup: I have iPads, iPhones, iCloud and a MacBook. I’ve been moving, syncing to iCloud, importing photos from my devices to my MacBook for ‘backups’. And I’ve ended up with a BIG MESS. I also want to ‘filter’ the number of photos I have on my iPads, so I’m trying to use iPhoto to create Faces, Events, Albums and all that. Problem Space: I’ve ended up with duplicates of my photos, so BEFORE I started iPhoto, I had to clean up my inventory of photos. Because ‘deleting’ a photo from iPhoto doesn’t deleted it from disk! So it’s still there, taking up space. Solution: PhotoSweeper. BEFORE You run it, setup which folders take ‘priority’, so that when it deletes the photos, it’ll leave one in the highest priority folder. This took a few goes to get right. The app is fast, and lets me review everything before it deletes the photos (from disc). I did take quite a few backups, but with photos going back 15 years, it was hard to know if I’d lost any! :) As a professional developer myself, I was tempted to write a quick app to remove duplicates - I’m so pleased I bought this instead!

Only App. in this App store for finding Duplicates Posted by

Bought all the other app that find duplicate photos and this is the only one that has any benefits. It found many duplicates and did what was advertised. Other Apps. I bought couldnt even load up large libraies of photos, this app could. That being said, I feel that the search options for duplicate photos should have more options (granted this app has more than any others out there that I just wasted my money on). I noticed it has been missing many files that are the same pic just scanned in differnet formats. Trying to find a way for the app to see the duplicates I contacted there support and they got back to me within a day (that is saying more than the other apps. too that have not responded —still). To find them I used the “Series of shots” method with 0 seconds (PhotoSweeper uses milliseconds so results will be precise). And I used the “Similar Photos” method with 0 seconds and set the Matching Level to lower value. Found many more but, this took hours and hours. Over all, great for what out there these days, just think it could be even better!

Worked great for me Posted by

Over the years, I’ve managed to get a lot of duplicates because I like to auto rename the files (by date) as they move into Aperture and my wife does not like to delete pictures on her phone after importing. In this case do not import duplicates is broken. I had done a lot of deletion over the years in Aperture using the ‘9’ key and what a pain that was compared to this program. It found over 1000 duplicates (20 GB) in just a few minutes. I was a little confused at fist on how to find duplicates becuase the full version of this program does a lot (which maybe I’ll use, I figured the 7 extra over the lite isn’t that much and maybe I’ll use other features). To find duplicates, you have to remember that you will be looking at the bottom pane of the window and clicking Compare. At first I thought I could do everything from the menu at the top of the screen but I couldn’t get it to work that way. Other than that, I found what I needed in the help manual easily Program ran fast with my library (around 1/2 TB) on a bottom of the line iMac 5k.

Excellent program - take time to learn to use it Posted by

This program is fantastic. Its default settings are very thoughtful — for example, it will keep the higher resolution if you have duplicate files that are different sizes. You can first look for exact matches and then gradually ratchet back to look for more and more differences, until you decide that the level of difference is at the point that they are not duplicates (to you). It turned out that most of my duplicates were actually 99.9% identical according to Photosweeper because they were different sizes (I had downloaded duplicates of 1000+ images over the years). * Apple Photos (2015) * It is possible to get in trouble deleting important photos. With the new Apple Photos app depending on your settings you may not have all of the original full resolution images on your laptop/desktop. I therefore recommend running Photosweeper only on a computer that has all of the full resolution images downloaded. If you see a lot of 0 KB images listed as duplicates, give Photos more time (days, perhaps) to download the images and then start to use Photosweeper.

Does what it says and customer support is fantastic Posted by

I have a 30,000-photo library in Photos that has migrated from Windows to Mac iPhoto to Aperture to Photo’s over time. It’s a mess. On my first pass: 1431 photos were removed, saving 13.57 GB on your disk These are true duplicates… I looked at each and every one of them. Customer Service Experience: I had a problem determining how the photo selection process worked and contacted customer service with 6 questions. I was up late and wrote the email very late at night. They responded in 30 minutes. I exchanged several emails and they resolved my questions on how to optimize the search and selection of marked photos. The customer service team politely took a product improvement suggestion. A word of caution: Show filenames in the review process or you can mark/delete the wrong photo’s. Also, make sure you know what each option does before you actually mark and remove photo’s… Run it a few times and change the preferences. It will make all the world of difference on your happiness. Thanks for the great App.

Amazing and blazing fast Posted by

I’ve needed a program like this for a long time! Ive only used windows machines up until about a week ago and couldnt find an easy to use and at the same time fast program to do this. Well thats all changed now that I’m on a Mac and have found PhotoSweeper. I don’t use iCloud to back up my photos so everytime I update iOS I copy my iphone photos into a pictures folder on the PC. Of course since I do this for the wife and myself it quickly added up over the years. I had about 12000 photos during the first scan and PhotoSweeper found about 2000 exact duplicates the first run. After that I changed to date+bitmap scan and each scan from then out I lowered the exact match slider until I moved it down 4 notches. It’s cleaned up in total about 10 gigabytes of photos. Thanks so much for this awesome program and now I’ll check to see your other apps and if I need them I’ll have no problem purchasing. Thanks again and if anyone is on the fence about buying this app it’s totally worth the 10 bucks!

Wow! What a relief to find this and find that it works so well! Posted by

Tried a few other apps for removing duplicates before giving this a try. Bought a few and sadly was disappointed. My collection had over 166000 photos in one apertuer library alone and I knew there were a lot of duplicates. Another competitor app said it would take 35 days to search the files. This app did the trick in a matter of 4-6 hours and found 70+ thousand duplicates from various sources (Flickr, iCloud syncs that shouldn’t have, etc.) and I deleted over 35000 duplicate photos and freed 100’s of gigs of space. I’m continuing to prune multiple libraries and various folders down so there aren’t duplicates and it is working great. Wish I’d found this and bought this from the start. Can’t believe I missed it at first. Great app! Highly recommend it!

Worth every penny Posted by

I have a first gen rMBP with a very limited 250GB SSD and it has me constantly looking to delete things and clear up memory to make room for more important thing. This app was a HUGE time saver!! Not only did I have a bunch of duplicates from the iPhoto to Photos app conversion that I didnt realize, but I had many that had somehow duplicated from my iOS devices as well. This program saved me over 15GB of storage and helped accurately spot in seconds the thousands of duplicates it would have taken me hours to find. Most duplicate finder applications just look at the file names but this one intelligently scans the images themselves. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

VERY nice piece of Software Posted by

6 yr old macbook pro. 500 GB drive. Always filling up with photos and videos. Started looking at all the tools to clean things up and actually downloaded and tried a few other, but found I could not trust them to delete files that were not actually duplicates. Used photo sweeper, step 1 for me delete duplicates: freed up 39 G of disk space. I spot checked a number of the dups and delete a few unimportant ones by hand to verify and felt very confident I was not deleting anything that was not really a dup. This tool has a lot of options and i think in the end it will free up another 100G of storage for me after I run with filters set a bit looser.

Fast, effective and worth the money. Posted by

Quick review. I had 110GB worth of photos, almost exclusively in iPhoto and duplicated in Photos. I installed the app, adjusted the sliders slightly, ran the comparison and it came back with perfect results in maybe 10 minutes. IMPRESSIVE! Instructions to move forward with actions (ex. deleting duplicates….. duh) are very clear and straightforward. One thing of note - deletion is guided, but not automated. You have to take manual steps to actually remove the files and regain your HDD space. However, this is actually a really nice final gut check before you delete everything. Great product, works exactly as described for my situation.

THE BEST…! Posted by

PHOTOSWEEPER is the best Duplicate removing app I have ever used. I have downloaded and purchased at least half a dozen others, probably more. Each app leaves you with the feeling you are not sure what is being deleted and what isn’t. This app is very intuitive, and visually shows you exactly what will be deleted and the rules for doing so are easily adjustable, putting you in the driver’s seat. Out of a Lightroom catalog of more than 80,000 photos, I successefully deleted up to 20,000 duplicates, which were driving me crazy with no good way to delete them. This app is the best…!

Struggles with my multiple large libraries by Mrcap1206 2016-02-29

Looks like it is mostly successful for others but I find it getting confused as to which library it is working with and fails to find exact duplicates that are clearly right next to each other in Photos. Not sure if I can recommend for users with multiple large libraries. On one occasion I did a duplicate search and then trashed the duplicates but it put the duplicates photo album that it created into another library than the one the duplicate photos came from. Took me hours to sort out and correct. The media browser, while in Photosweeper does not show all libraries on the computer. Adding photo libraries to the media browser creates errors in metadata. I think that all the errors that I encountered were related to the fact that I have multiple and large photo libraries that Photosweeper had difficulty keeping segregated for some unknown reason maybe no fault of its own. Please note that I have photo libraries across a 2TB internal drive, 3 external drives 2 of which are 4bay Drobos totalling around 10 TBs adding complexity to the task. I am still giving the app 3 stars and would say that with 99 of users with typical Photos libraries will not encounter the issues that I did.

Really Struggles with Large Collections by Forsta 2015-09-26

This is a promising and robust problem, but it’s flawed. It sports an enormous number of options, as compared to some other duplicate-photo finders. That said, it hasn’t really worked for me. After numerous passes, even with extremely liberarlly settings applied, PhotoSweeper consistently misses duplicate photos that are clearly all-but-exact replicas of one another. I’ve given this a few months of use now, and I’m fairly certain I’m not missing anything; I understand the settings. It makes no difference, as I’m consistently finding duplicates by going through my files myself, which uses a lot of time. This essentially defeats the purpose of the software; if I have to check its work, all the time, then it’s not truly working at all. The one thing it does exceptionally well is find *similar* photos—e.g., two photos snapped within moments of each other which are almost alike but which aren’t truly duplicates. I use this program for that. For duplicates, I use Duplicate Detective, which does its job perfectly. This may just be me. I uses Photos to organize my collection. I have tens of thousands of images. Perhaps others will have better luck in other systems.

3 hour process and nothing removed from library by eddie3shoes 2015-07-02

I have tried working with this app a dozen times over the last week or so. After 2 hours of searching a large library each time, duplicates are shown, directions are followed to the T, marked items are “deleted” and the app “completes” the job. Then upon opening Photos app, you learn that nothing has changed, all duplicates are still where they were in the first place, total number of photos is the same, etc. A frustrating exercise in futiity. Perhaps the app hasn’t been optimized properly to work with the new Photos library. Waste of money until it is fixed to operate properly (i.e. at all)...

Not working with Lightroom 5.7 by Lukeahoy 2015-02-09

After sucess with the trial, I purchased this, and didn’t even get to work. Immediate responses from the support team in 5 emails suggests a bug, where all images from my lightroom catalog are missing, and can’t be found. In setting up the preferences, following the file path, there is a “container" that is in between my catalog and images, causing this problem. I really want to like this program, and hope to provide an update to this review. However, if you’re hoping to use this with Lightroom, I suggest you wait a bit.

Disappointed by photomom90 2016-01-10

I’m so disappointed!!! This app used to work so well for me and then they updated it and now it doesn’t work at all! I’ll compare two folders of pictures where I know there are duplicates and it will finish and say “no duplicates found” or it will come up with “duplicates” but really they are just similar pictures. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone else have a better solution? I’m so frustrated. Why did they have to change it? It worked great.

Found 36 of 1300 duplicates by brettenwolf 2016-09-03

I am not sure how other users report such good results but I had quadruplets of photos in iPhoto that were never tags - that is using default Compare feature?? Some of the duplicates were from using iPhoto’s Enhance feature, but PhotoSweeper should have found those also. I also tried some Advance features and none of them improved the outcome. I wasted another $10 bucks …. if someone knows a product that REALLY works, please let me know.

Corrupted my Photos index by eldred2 2015-11-07

On installing this and importing the Pictures library, I started with a basic duplicate comparison to test the app. It turned up only 14 duplicate photos out of a library of 10s of thousands. Moreover, when I returned to Photos, all the custom albums and even the Faces settings I had taken days to set up were gone. Unbelievable. To make matters worse only a fraction of the photos I had on disk were visible.

Not Thorough Enough by Cody LaBarber 2016-06-17

I felt pretty harsh giving PhotoSweeper one star, because it did help find thousands of duplicates, so I gave it two. It just didn’t find dozens others which I could see, myself, in the list before clicking Compare. To be sure, I took two of those and put them in the list all by themselves. PhotoSweeper couldn’t detect it. I got a refund from Apple, still searching for a thorough App.

Doesn’t work with Photos by whabib 2015-04-13

Kind of weird that this was promoted just as Photos came out, which would lead you to believe it woks with Photos (and in fact it strongly implies it does in their tutorial). It doesn’t, which makes it sort of useless at this point, so I’d strongly recommend waiting on this purchase, or at least get a trial version and see if will work on your target photo collection first.

i am a happy person with no duplicates (?) by peetsbull 2015-05-29

Guys, I was looking for really easy in use app to remove duplicates. According to the reviews it sounds like that one i needed, but where is my duplicates? from thousands photos it found only ten of them! i read the instructions, but it not helped me to understand this. The same with support! it is still no works in right way and quiet about it!

VERY DISAPPOINTING. by adayinparis 2015-01-03

I followed the instructions, however the files on the hard drive would not upload per instructions. Also, the instructions are not super user friendly. I wish I wouldn’t have bought this. If I have to transfer every single photo into iphoto first for this to work it is a waste of time and money.

Not Finding All Duplicates in Photos by AgeC3 2016-03-17

Worked great in iPhoto when I first started using it. In Photos, it doesn’t find all the duplicated. I ‘eyeball’ scanned my photos after running it multiple times with multiple settings and found duplicate photos with duplicate names. Needed to fish them out manually. Why is that?

not for this price( not for a half price even by TracyTheOne 2015-06-08

as usual I don’t like to write not good reviews, but, guys, your app doesn work as it described. It takes a while to process my photos and can’t find all duplicates(( i was looking for such kind of apps and try a few of them - this price doesn’t work. i am feeling cheated.

bad way surprised( by reacherOne 2015-06-03

i was surprised that price doesn’t match with options you get inside. This app doesnt worth it’s money if you dont give more than similar (very!) cheaper ones. I am ready to pay for more expensive apps if i can get more. It is not about Photosweeper. Hope for updates.

wont add photos by relyonfaith 2015-08-14

whatever you did in the recent release of this update, messed it up, it won’t load any of my photos and when i opened it up after the update it said photo sweeper is damaged, please delete then reinstall. please fix this asap and i’ll fix my review

App used to be great by Tommy|Tsunami 2017-02-05

Now it won’t find any duplicates at all. However, a free iPhone app finds all the duplicates that I know exist.