PhysioU: Gait app for iPhone/iPad
PhysioU: Gait app for iPhone/iPad

PhysioU: Gait app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install PhysioU: Gait app for iPhone/iPad

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To download PhysioU: Gait from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
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Download and start using the app
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The Gait app is the first in a series of applications by PhysioU designed to train your eyes to analyze and understand human movement. The app is designed to help you learn and understand normal and abnormal gait. "Learn phase" with high definition static pictures to develop your knowledge in preparation for real time movement analysis "Learn phase" includes: - Phases of gait - Critical events of gait - Range of motion requirements for each phase - Muscle activity of the key muscles required for each phase "Analyze" phase with high definition, real time and slow motion video to train your eyes Analyze phase includes: - Normal gait at regular and slow motion speeds - Multiple views (front, side and rear) Gait deviations organized by regions (trunk/pelvis, hip, knee, ankle/foot) Gait deviations include: - Trunk/pelvis deviations - Pelvic drop - Trunk lean - Posterior trunk - Anterior pelvic tilt - Excessive transverse pelvic rotation - Hip deviations - Excessive femoral adduction internal rotation - Insufficient hip extension - Hip hike - Hip abduction - Varus thrust - Insufficient hip and knee flexion - Ankle and foot deviations - Ankle forefoot contact - Pes planus (flat feet) - Pes cavus (high arches) Common pathological conditions are also included to help you learn to analyze abnormal gait! - Diabetic peripheral neuropathy - Parkinson’s disease - Incomplete quadriplegia - Stroke - Knee osteoarthritis - Patellofemoral pain syndrome - Spinal stenosis - Plantar fasciitis - Iliotibial band syndrome - Turf toe - Lumbar sprain/strain - Peroneal tendon subluxation - Shin splints/ medial tibial stress syndrome


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