PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad
PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad

PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad

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PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PicFrame Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames that you can save to your computer or share to Facebook Twitter and Flickr. With 73 adjustable frames, support for up to 9 photos in a single frame, rounded corners and plenty of border patterns, you will always have a unique look.

Since PicFrame was released on the iPhone and iPad we have often been requested to create a Mac version for people to use on their desktop, well here it is! PicFrame on the Mac is just as easy to use, select a frame, drag and drop your photos in, tweak the border size, give the photos rounded corners, add a color or pattern, resize the adjustable frames and save the photo or share it to Facebook.

Main Features:
- 73 fully adjustable frames (drag the borders between each photo for endless customization)
- Support for up to 9 photos
- Save your work in progress as a PicFrame project file
- Rounded corners
- Change the border size
- Zoom and drag the photos around
- Easy color picker for border color
- Multiple patterns to use for the border
- Ratios 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9
- High resolution (Up to 3264x3264)
- Share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
- Drag and drop photos into the frame

Follow PicFrame on Twitter @PicFrame for updates and information.


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Varies with device
2.92 MB
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About time! But still needs work Posted by

It's about time there's a good app for making diptics, etc. on the Mac. It's ridiculous that there had been all these easy to use apps on the iPhone/iPad, and nothing on Mac. Props for finally getting this done!! A few things still need to be addressed though: * drag and drop pictures into the frames! (from desktop, iphoto, aperture, lightroom, etc. * the select image dialog is semi-broken… if you are in it and hit space to preview an image, after the image previw closes it boots you out of the dialog. To make matters worse, it doesn't remember where you last were in the file browsing dialog. * Need a button to swap images around/drag and drop interface for reshuffling images from frame to frame, where it would smartly bounce other images around (or a side repository, so you can redo the order/placement of images * More inset diptics, where you can set the program to shrink the size of the image down to fit the canvas. What I mean is, you often times have to pan and zoom too far on the image! It'd be nice to zoom out further on the images, either by allowing for larger resolution canvases, or allowing the picture to be smaller and leaving more blank space around the image (there are a few frame types for this at the bottom of the list, which is nice). * The ratio chooser is awesome! A slider for custom ratios would also be nice * Ability to save diptic projects so you could come back and modify them later All in all, it's a good program in need of a few more tweaks and drag/drop functionaility. It's great, and long overdue!

Great update to version 2 Posted by

The added features for this version are great and well received!!! Thank you!!! This app is getting better and better!!! I'm glad I got it. Suggestion Nr. 1 - My biggest suggestion is to allow us to swap pictures by simply dragging and dropping them within the collage, rather than having to click on "set photo" and having to once again find the pictures buried in whatever folder we have them. Suggestion Nr. 2 - when creating a collage, it would be nice to have the option to select several pictures at once, and have them randomly inserted into the collage. Then via drag and drop, we could swap their location within the collage (as suggested above). Suggestion Nr. 3 - allow us to rotate a picture within the collage. Custom angle rotation, but with a helpful "snap to 90-degrees" feature would be nice. And now less important features, but maybe something to think about for the future: - Ability to add text (with shadows, glows, and formatting features - rather than some flat and cheap looking text that ruins the collage) - Filters to add effects to the pictures.

Very Good BUT... Posted by

I have the PicFrame app on my iPhone and LOVE it! I wanted similar functionailty on my iMac so i decided to get this app. I was a bit concerned by what one of the reviewers said about not being able to center your photos, but since this is functionality that was in th iPhone app I decided to take a change. I am happy to report that you are able to resize and drag to center photos. So no worries there. I was actually quite excited too because it was working so nicely and is just what I need, BUT then I saved my collage image and selected the High Resolution option (2400x1800 px) and when I opened it to view the image is pretty grainy. I realized that the images I was using were only about 1000px wide to begin with so to save in high res the app extrapolated and added graininess. You can't really fault the app much for this, but I do think it would be a better approach to have the app only allow you to save at the resolution appropriate for your image. Offer to save at the max resolution or the actual size -- I hope this is making sense.

A good, basic app but ... Posted by

I love this app. It has lots of great layouts and I can drag the photos straight from iPhoto into the slots. It really is my go-to app for posting simple collages on-line and such. What it does, it does really well. There are a few things it lacks, though. It would be nice if you could switch the position of photos within the app instead of having to drag them back in from outside each time you want to change where they go. Also, there’s no undo option or text. There are several sizes and orientations and I can usually find one to suit the photos I have, but the only standard print ratio they have is 4x6, so if I want to print any larger sizes I basically have to remake the collage in a different program. Other than that, it’s a great little program and it gets a lot of use when I’m looking for something basic and fast.

Very Useful! Posted by

Love this application. I've been using it to print photos for scrapbooking that aren't a normal 4 x 6 size. By using this app I can print my instagram pictures with out having to pay an arm and a leg and can just pay normal cheap prices! I love that. I can also make collages and it is very easy to use. The one thing I would like to see is to be able to tell exactly what the proportions/measurements of the individual squares or photo holes are. I'd love to be able to know that I'm making perfect squares, or or what size the individual pictures will be once printed.

Great and Simple! Posted by

A great and simple collage app! There are two things I think would be really useful though. 1) Being able to move photos around within the app. (rather than having to click and drag from my desktop every single time). Would be awesome if I could just switch photos around by just clicking and dragging within the collage. 2) Having a custom option of creating a collage based on a number of rows and columns (Would be super helpful so I don't have to scroll through the long list of collages to find the one I want) Other than that, great work on this app! I really love it!

Also agree that it’s a great basic app Posted by

I tend to agree with the review by mdivgirl. I hold back on 5 stars for something really amazing, and this app comes very close. First off, it does what it says it does extremely well, but yes, those few agravating missing features such as she mentions about moving the photos around inside the app.Text would be great too. The ratios are an issue I have often wished for an ability to change. So yes, it’s a great basic app. I use it frequently. With a few added features it would be a 5 star. But if you need an app like, this is probably the best one you can find.

great app, easy to use, makes me want to scrap book :) Posted by

this app has been great fun so far. It's super easy to use (little to no learning curve) and it's very quick: just drag your photos into the frames, resize if you want to, then save it/share via email, etc. Features I'd like to see: - make the general window for the app bigger (it covers about 1/8th of my 27 inch screen…) - more options to edit pictures, besides just resizing (maybe some color effects would be cool, like grey scale, etc, and flipping/rotating images would be great) Other than that… keep up the great work!

Good basic collage creator Posted by

Good at its main job of creating collages. Decent selection of aspect ratios, has a large set of frame layouts, and allows manual adjustments to those layouts. You can vary the output resolution, frame size, corner rounding and frame color. The main drawback seems to be that the window is locked in size. Depending on the size/resolution of your monitor, the application window may be surprisingly small with no way to make it bigger. Baffling.

I LOVE This app! Posted by

There are not enough positive things to say about this app! I love using it on my iPhone and LOVE LOVE that I can use it on my mac at home! As a small business owner, I use this app to make my product photos look professional and unique with the MANY different layouts and customizations. It is a low price for an excellent product! If you are looking for an easy app to showcase your photos in a classy way, buy pic frame!

Awesome app! Posted by

I have been using the iphone app for over a year with the 3:2 ratio to print 2 3.5 pictures on one 4x6. I got a really nice Cannon Rebel SLi for Christmas and am so excited to do the same thing from my Mac. Someone else had commented that they couldn't figure out how to switch the ratio. It is super easy. Setting the ratio to 3:2 will move from the square Instagram photo to a 4x6. Thanks for an awesome easy to use app.

Very useful and fun! Posted by

There isn't a combination that you can't come up with to make a montage, collage or even just a single image, with multiple sizes you arrange, you pick the images and sizes, I had it first for my Ipad, and i loved it so much I got the more advanced version I am so happy to see it in the Mac App Store!!! I think anyone would have fun with this and love it, you can even change the pattern of the borders or frames.

Wow - so simple and easy! Posted by

I had been using StarTych for a while and I was happy with the results, but the ability to ONLY make diptych or triptychs led me to start looking for an alternative. This is such an amazingly simple and highly customizable program that it blows everything else away. I came across this because I bought it for my iPad and it's just great on that platform as well! Thanks for a great program!

Perfect. Posted by

I've searched high and low for am app like this for Mac that would allow me to use the same stitching effets like some iPhones apps. This app is just perfect. There is a variety of frame setups available and customizations as well. I like the fact that I am able to arrange the photos in the space to get them exactly how I want, and also zoom. It's only 99 cents and well worth it!

YES! Posted by

I'm so happy to see this on the mac, I love the iphone/ipad version. Glad I can use the color picker on here ( that's missing on the iPhone ) Deffiantly worth the 99 cents, It's so much more teadious building frames in photoshop, so I'm glad to be able to use these premade ones. Love this app <3

Game Changing Posted by

Thank you so much for making this app for the Mac. I have an iPhone and love that there are apps like this for it, but the Mac usually doesn't get as much love. PicFrame is easy to use and it WORKS! It is so much fun to combine pictures into a collage. You can tell that they put a lot of thought into this!

I love this program Posted by

I had this on IOS for a while so when it came to Mac OS I was excited. I makes it easy to create pictures and share them. Especially with the new updates they keep inproving. It's great for making podcast art, or blog art. Super easy to use and makes great pics!

Love it Posted by

Love it for my iphone and for my mac. Use it for professional print clusters too. Only wish that when I bought it for one medium it covered the cost for the other medium as well. A few apps do that which is nice. But then again, its only a dollar. Thanks guys!

Really nice... Posted by

I have been using the iPhone version of this app for ages now and fell in love with it. Loving having it on my home computer as well. One suggestion, like in the iPhone app it would be fantastic if I could add text to the collage on the App Store version.

Basic & Free Posted by

For being free I can’t really complain, it gets the job done and without all the adds and in-store purchases that you usually have with these kinds of apps.

OK at best by WebbeeMan 2016-06-22

It certainly does the minimum that it needs to do. Recently my pictures no longer upload? I can create the upload and send it out. I get a notice that it was sent, but it never makes it to my account. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s like of limited with this product.. - When you add an image to the uploader it imports in at a huge size so you have to use the zoom buttons to reduce the size right away. Not even sure what that is about? - It does not reconize @ or # symbols so it will not auto fill - You cannot reduce the size of an image in the layout, only zoom in. that’s a bummer - Recently it stopped uploading my images. Well that’s a huge bummer! It was cheap enough to buy so whatever but I should have shopped around more for something better. A few more bucks would not have broke the bank and I might have ended up with a better product.

A good selection of frames... by trisgaddis 2011-11-14

…but not worth the trouble and frustration - or the .99 cents. I wish I hadn't paid for this app; it's crap! Sure it has a good selection of frames to choose from, but it doesn't allow you to center your photos within those frames - it automatically places the top left corner of the photo into the frame and there's nothing you can do about it. I've had to use another program to crop my photos into squares before placing them into the frames. Then once I tried to save, the program either pixelated all the photos - even with cropping that should not have happened - or shrunk them to the point they were no more than a 100x100 pixel (icon sized) square at the bottom of the frame.

Buggy but got the job done by Andrew Stiles 2012-09-19

I'm using this to take a folder of photos (~125) and generate a series of 4x6 photos where each photo is composed of 4 of my original photos. I have not restarted the app throughout this process and the save function using a shortcut eventually broke. I was forced to click the button instead. Also, clicking on the 'set photo' region before the text appears will call the save dialog and it is possible to click again once the text has appeared before the first save dialog appears, causing two save dialogs to be open. However, I was able to complete my task with this app.

Needs more options to deserve 5 stars by PirataPicasa 2013-03-26

I have Frame Magic on my iPhone and that app is the bomb!!! So I uploaded this app to create beautiful frames on my Macbook Pro, but I am dissapointed. Some of the features this app needs to merit 5 stars are: 1) Ability to drag and rearrange the pictures withing a project 2) Ability to shadow the perimiter of the borders 3) Ability to change the color of the borders 4) Ability to save your project directly unto iPhoto 5) Ability to add special effects on each individul photo within a collage 6) Ability to import multiple images into a project at once

not like the mobile version by nnito 2014-01-25

Yes, it's user friendly. Yes, you can collage your photos. But this desktop version is not as versitile as the mobile/tablet application. First of all, you cannot rotate your pictures, which is a small annoyance, as you will have to open a different application to rotate or mirror the image. Second of all, you cannot create a collage without a border. The mobile ap, you can scale your border down to 0px. I know it's only $0.99, but I feel swindled!

Too Limiting by monk.overboard 2012-12-29

This ap is available for free on the IPAD and is awesome. But the interface for Mac is completely different. It does not have the same level of features available on the IPAD. If you want to add pictures and make a few minor alterations, this works well for the price. However, if you want to work with many photos this will not work for you. Got it because I was so happy with the IPAD version. Completely dissappointed!

No the same as iPhone version by miracle heart 2015-03-13

I bought this app because I use it all the time on my phone to easily crop pictures into a square. On my phone I can completely get rid of the border around the photo. But on the computer there is always a white border around the photo and you can’t get rid of it. So I have to save the photo and then crop it again. Very annoying since this option is on the phone and it’s the only reason I bought it for my computer.

Saved the Day, but... by Chili_Dog 2011-12-15

I was looking for an inexpensive program to create a "collage" for a Christmas card mailing. Worked fine with pictures on my hard drive, but I got the "beach ball of death" when I tried to access my iPhone photos. But no problems centering the pictures within the frame, and for $.99 I can't complain too much. But fix the iPhoto access issue and I wouldn't hesitate to give it 5 stars.

disappointed with phone v mac comparison by Luckiest 13 2013-06-18

Love the app on my iphone 4 and now 5 because you can add labels. I do rescue (hounds and beagles) with a local group. I love this app. I just down loaded it and went to do some stuff on the mac and…..can't do it. disappointed I paid the .99 . If the app upgrades to that…I will totally change my mind. Please bring that feature here...

Not what I expected... by Marlon Taylor 2012-07-31

I wanted to try this app. I downloaded it today and tried to save my projects but how unfortunate I can not open them. I was able to open one project and it didn't even save it in the order I put it in… I guess I have to look for something else that will do what I need without problems. Good luck with the app!

Very dissapointed by Tara Nichole 2015-01-14

Bought this app for my macbook in hopes that it would help me create my vision boards on something a bit larger and easier to see than my iphone. You can’t add font to the photos with this app which I wish I knew before I paid for it. Don’t waste your money. Get the free iphone app it does more.

A Big Disappointment by Almost_Maybeline 2013-09-02

I have this app on my iPhone and love it. I thought using it on my computer would be easier, but this app on the MAC doesn't have any of the features that I use on my phone. You can't put it to "no border." Waste of money, that I could have bought a song with. ;(

Not of value for Mac - Great iPad version though. by Curlyoda 2013-10-10

If you are a Mac family - get this for your iPad and do everything there and have it sync with your iPhoto and use it from there to post on Facebook, etc. The Mac version is so limited as to what you can do with it compared to the abilities of the iPad version. Save your money.

PicFrame by rvilneus 2012-12-07

This app is excellent on the iPhone but why not add the same features you have on the Iphone to the Mac. I'm totally limited to what I can do on the Mac version but the IPhone version gets all the attention from me. C'mon add the incredible features please.

Limited beyond words! by writelou 2014-11-07

There are about four basic frame designs. The rest are all variations on those limited themes! If I'd known, I NEVER would have purchased this. Worse, the window in which the program operates, will not maximize. It stays in minimized size. AWFUL app!

Doesn't do exaclty what it says... by GenuineKim 2013-07-10

I loved it until I decided to add text which is apparently not a feature if you are using it on a computer. Not sure if I will use it because the computer was where I want to use it…$.99 waisted unless they update it soon.

good, not great by I'm the moon 2012-05-18

I was looking for a version of Diptic for my Mac and found this. It does the trick, a little bit less control than Diptic on my iPhone. My biggest complaint: I wish having no boarder around the pictures was an option.

I like it, but no border option please! by mybelonging 2012-05-29

I like using PicFrame quite a bit, but I find it strange how the iPhone app can remove borders whereas the desktop version cannot. I hope the developers read this review and implement it soon!!

Love the iphone version better by DawniDesigns 2015-01-15

Love this app for quick collages and to print 3x4 sizes to make from my MacBook. I wish adding text and editing the photos were available in the computer version like the iphone app. Thanks!

Not like the phone version. by Running to lose 2013-01-29

I love this app on my phone but was very dissapointed to find that I cannot add text to my collages when using my computer. I don't use it at all on my computer.