Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad
Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pictello - Talking visual story creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Everyone loves to tell fun, engaging, and imaginative stories. Go ahead and make a social story or visual schedule for a child with autism or a slide show of holiday pictures for your friends - Pictello makes it a breeze to create and share! Whether you use the included natural-sounding Text to Speech voices, or record your own voice, Pictello is the perfect tool for visual storytelling.

Each page in a Pictello story consists of a photo or video and some text, which can be read aloud by a Text to Speech voice or your own recorded audio.

Develop literacy skills
- Support reading with word-by-word text highlighting
- Develop writing and spelling with built-in word prediction and Speak as You Type
- Create stories to teach academic and social skills
- Import free early literacy and adapted academic books from Tar Heel Reader

Create and playback with ease
- Let students use the wizard to create stories
- Play stories page by page or as a slideshow
- Use Text to Speech voices to read the story
- Turn on switch access for story playback

Integrate multimedia
- Add your own photos
- Include short video clips
- Record your own voice or sound

Share your stories
- Share with other Pictello users through our free sharing server
- Use Dropbox to exchange stories
- Export to PDF or print to share with non-Pictello users

Speak your language
- Pick English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish or Dutch for the user interface
- Select from over 110 free Text to Speech voices in 29 languages
- Use genuine American, British, Australian, American-Spanish, Swedish, French and German children's voices
- Create interest with fun character and specialty voices

Customize to fit your needs
- Pick between Wizard or Expert creation modes
- Swipe or automatically turn pages
- Adjust speech rate and pronunciations

Read more at www.assistiveware.com/products/pictello

Additional Note:

Educational institutions can get a 50% discount if they purchase 20 or more licenses through Apple’s Volume Licensing Program for Education.

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LOVE IT!! Posted by

So far everyone has rated this 5 stars. If you're like me, you are skeptical and think that friends and family are rating. Well, I am not friend or family. Just a nobody trying out this app and I love it!! I have a son with speech delays. He uses proloquo2go to communicate which is a really great and life changing app. The same developers made this app, so I had to try it. It is great! Some things we have done with it: My son loves to look at certain pictures and tries to get a verbal reaction from us. I made a story with some of his favorite pics and recorded my voice with responses he is expecting. He played them over and over, laughing like it was really me doing it! Another way I'm using it...my son is learning to make certain sounds and saying a few words. I made a "speech" story where each pays says a sound he is working on in speech. He sits practicing all by himself. It's awesome and so fun to hear him making the sounds. It's also perfect for making a story of something fun we did so he can share with teachers and classmates. Really love this app! iPad $500, Pictello $14.99, seeing and hearing the joy my son gets from using it...absolutely priceless! Thanks assistiveware! Keep up the good work!

Excellent tool Posted by

I have over 600 apps on my iTunes account and this is hands down my favorite! I have a twenty year old son who has autism and I work with many students who have special needs from prek to age 21 post high school. This app is great for receptive learning. It can be used to make talking storybooks, social stories also for teaching skills step by step. It can also be used expressively as a tool for writing as it allows students to pair their writing with a visual. It also allows written output to be broken into smaller more manageable chunks. An added benifit is students can work on reading fluency when they record their stories . It is a great tool for individuals who ate non verbal to relate experiential stories to share on a social level. We have also used this app for vocabulary development making talking flashcards. There are so many good uses for this app I could go on and on. A must have app if you are a teacher!!!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better! Posted by

We were already so in love with this app…and then it happened, now you can add videos! We love it because it is so easy to use for myself and for my very highly impacted, nonverbal 11 yr old with autism. She never had any interest before of looking at pictures of her family or of social stories, I just don't think she saw the need. Now, after putting family albums and some motivating stories about her fav foods, she's hooked!:) I thought she'd only want to look at certain ones, but she goes through them all, over and over, even the social stories, like Going to the Dentist! I'm amazed at her response and so pleased! But now, with videos, when I added videos of her bowling to her story about her very first time bowling and of her playing in the water at the beach, I can't even describe her face! She grinned from ear to ear and then was just giddy! Now, that is priceless!!

Awesome App! Posted by

My son is 19 and has Autism, non-verbal. This is a terrific way for him to now have a picture schedule for each day of the week. The technology is easy to use just as with Assistiveware's Proloquo2Go. Pictello allows me to create his schedule just as you would a story so he know exactly what he will do from the moment he gets up until the moment he goes to bed. In addition we can now create outing stories for him to share with his peers at school, he is the only non-verbal in his class. I have already set up Proloquo2go to facilitate two-way-conversation so now a story book for him to share is great! No more velcro pictures for this house! This is the way of the future! Love this product!!!

Great peer interaction Posted by

My son who is in middle school loves to use this to share with friends, we've made stories about camping trips, going to lake, cousins visiting. The most popular one is "kids at school". His peers love to see pics of themselves and he loves that they want to. My son has some cognitive deficits and can not build the stories himself, it only takes me about 5 minutes to make him an 8 to 10 page story. This app is easy to use "on the fly"if you have an iPad 2. The additional step of importing pics into an iPad 1 does deter me from using it on that device (we have both iPads ). The app is reasonably glitch free and I highly recommend it.

Benefits for all... Posted by

This is by far one of the most useful apps on the market for children and adults with special needs. In fact, all children can benefit from this app. I have recommended this app to typical preschool teachers for those difficult to learn rules like "waiting in line", "keeping hands to yourself", etc...all the way to using with severely impaired adults on independent living skills like, "washing your hair" and "brushing your teeth." Super simple to navigate and LOVE the ability to share stories between multiple pictello users. This makes for an extremely functional social story app. HIGHLY recommend.

A great new way to tell a story! Posted by

I have a very bright, but severely physically handicapped daughter who loves to read and loves to tell stories. With Pictello, Nichole can share her favorite stories by taking the pictures she collects and adding the way she wants to talk about them into telling a story. It gives her voice and the ability to share her most favorite stories and events over and over. We have also used it to show people the power of social stories and scripting difficult situations with excellent results. Whether used as a talking photo album, a photo blog, or one of many educational purposes, this is a great app!

Great app for Social Stories Posted by

I am an SLP and mother to a 7-year-old with autism, and I use this all the time to write Social Stories for my daughter about places we will visit and things we will do. I love that I can write the stories on my iPad and very easily upload them to hers. It takes me an average of 10-20 minutes to do a story, depending on if I already have the pictures or need to go find them on Google. This has saved us a lot of money because I don't have to print the stories and laminate them anymore.

Must have for parent-educator Posted by

I use this app to create realistic simple reading stories to teach reading, comprehension, new academic and social skills to my seven years old autistic son for one month along with joint attention and symbolic play and I found it so helpful. I wish it came with the PECs data base that Prolo2go had to make it easier (I use my iPhone version to take picture instead and transfer story to my iPad..problem would be solved w Ipad2 or addition of PECs pictures data base)...TN MD

Very easy to use Posted by

This is a very easy, intuitive app. We always put photos from our trips on the ipad. Now, it's easy for us to create a story about trips with this app. We like the "Heather" voice. I'm thinking it might be a great app to do adapted stories for my daughter's language arts school work - may be easier than what I currently do with PPT. It would be awesome if down the road the text could be highlighted as it reads. That would be the icing on the cake!

Wonderful App Posted by

Very easy to use and create "stories". This App allowed my 5 yr. old son with severe Apraxia to tell his class what he did over the weekend by himself on his IPad! I can also email his stories to his teacher and she can upload them onto his IPad at school. AssistiveWare also makes Proloquo2go that is fabulous for kids w/Apraxia. This App is definately worth the price!!!!!

Intuitive and useful Posted by

We are a demo and loaner program in the State of Maine. We've loaded Pictello onto several iPads and iPold Touch devices. We have had numerous requests to borrow our devices from educators and SLPs. The ease of use for creation of social stories and talking books is amazing. Thanks to AssistiveWare for creating such a dynamic and easy to use application.

Simply the best! Posted by

As a school-based SLP, I use this app all the time and have made sure that my district downloads it onto all of my students' personal IPads. A must have if you work with students who have autism or other NVLD.

Love the app! Hate the update: shouldn’t change look when issuing an update. by Laura laughing 2014-11-08

We love this app, it has been robust, and we have been using it daily everywhere for my non-verbal teenage son for more than 2 years (for activity schedules, photo albums he shares with peers, and almost everything we can think of). WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE BUTTONS? Since the app update, we have to reteach the app. My son stopped using the buttons because . the color scheme changed, and the forward/backward buttons are orange and less visually distinct. Don’t make things cutesy for this population!!! Any visual changes are a major change for people with cognitive and visual-processing differences. Don’t do it again. This time we’ll put the hours in to reteach it. Next time offer the option of retaining the old look and feel or accepting the changes with any updates your designers want to make.

wish it had more to offer for the price by FAD.TM 2011-09-14

I like the concept of creating e-stories with your own pictures, text and voice recording very much. As a special ed. teacher and trying to keep a student engaged in the process.. I found it clunky and tricky to navigate. For the cost, I would like to see other options to share it via email, Facebook/ social media or print to pdf. It's ok, just not complete for a $14.99 app.

Frustrating software by DrAndyBaz 2012-10-16

Every time I attempt to put together a story for my kids the program randomly crashes, saving none of my work. Until the bugs are worked out this software is a waste of space that does not deliver what it promises to. I'll be looking for another alternative.

Fix this update!! by SC in SD 2013-09-09

I downloaded the update 9/9/13 and now I see NOTHING when I launch the app. I sure hope I didn't lose all my stories!!!

How do I share stories? by Elainebrain 2014-05-28

Um, this needs work. Where is the story code to share? Can I pull pics off the Internet ?