Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Picture Card Maker PLUS Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Picture Card Maker Plus is an ideal tool for parents and educators.

Picture Card Maker Plus can be used by people of all ages including young toddlers learning to talk to adults who struggle with speech. It is also designed to benefit children/adults with a disability such as those with autism who have difficulty communicating their needs and wants.

Picture Card Maker Plus allows you to easily create personal Picture Cards or visuals and attaching your own voice for users to make requests and comments. Your picture cards can be PRINTED off in various sizes to suit your needs.

The app is designed for you to personalise and to create your own picture cards. You may take your own photos or select an image from our library which currently has hundreds of images. Many more images will gradually be added to new updates. Creating your picture cards with thousands of Google images is also a breeze, go to www.picturecardmaker.com to find out how.

This app is very versatile. Here are some of the ways you can use Picture Card Maker:

* Use it as communication device for those struggling with speech. Users can make choices directly or use the 'Sentence Strip' feature to communicate in sentences. To add cards onto the sentence strip, simply double tap the card;

* Use it as a lanyard, carrying all your symbols on your iPhone or iPod touch, with an easy SWIPE-TO-SCROLL through cards feature;

* Use it to create social stories. Create a story, record with your own voice and have it read out to you as you navigate each page;

* Learn how to read and construct sentences. Users can reorder the sentences that has been created on the sentence strip so that it makes sense;

* Or simply use it as a photo album with text and voice. Store albums of family members; friends; favourite toys; characters; etc. Your child will love scrolling over each page!


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Wonderful for PECS book! Posted by

I appreciate this app so much!!! It is well worth the price! It is extremely easy to use and I love that recording of the word or phrase is available for the pictures. I have two sons on the spectrum with one still nonverbal. This app has allowed me to give him a voice! He is so happier seeing all the icons and options to choose from to express what he needs or wants. Many have commended me on making personal icons for him rather than using only the typical PECS icons and he loves it too. It continues to be a useful tool as new words or items come to mind. I love the air print feature as I have used it to print many times. The app is also useful if I do not have the book with me because I can still open the app and have him choose. Love, love, love this app!!!

Great customizable PECS Posted by

I use this app for PECS for my low-verbal son on the Autism Spectrum. I really enjoy the customization that you can create your own pictures with audio clips and written words. I use this app to print picture checklists, schedules, picture (with words!) labels for toy bins, you name it. I wish the app had more built in pictures, which is why did not give it a 5 star. It does require a bit of legwork at first; as you have to develop a 'library' of pictures that are meaningful to you and for those you use the system with. Again, I really love that you can take photos, use pictures stored on the device and save your own audio clips. After all, everyone on the spectrum is different.

Great for visual learners, T21 Posted by

I'm so glad to find this app! I am able to make text or picture cards, with simple font, my own photos, and record in my child's voice. I am able to save them in different folders, for example, IEP sight word list, Family, clothing, etc. It seems consistent with DownSEd principles, so it is fantastic for concrete visual learners such as children with T21. I haven't yet tried emailing or printing cards, so I can't yet speak to that. If I had to recommend an improvement, I like to see the "edit" function improved so that the word remains in the same order instead of being sent to the bottom of the list.

I Love it!!! Posted by

I like using this app to make photo albums and it's really cool and I like to use this app to make photo albums and I can also carry the picture cards on my iPhone which is cool!!!

We love it! Posted by

My 6-yr daughter and I were able make flash cards in Korean together and we're having a lot of fun. Keep up a good work!

Simple and wonderful Posted by

It's easy to use and great for flash cards story boards etc. easily prints I had no trouble printing

Love Posted by

Love this app! Perfect for my autistic son!

disappointing! by Mvetlesen 2012-04-11

The concept is great and if it worked, I would give it 5 stars....but alas, it freezes and crashes EVERY time I try to email / print more than one card at a time and freezes / crashes every other time when I am just doing one. What a waste!

Darn, it has been freezing up for me by specialappssk 2012-05-02

This worked really well for us in the past but is freezing up now. My iPad is very full, so it may be a memory issue, hopefully if others are having the same issue, this will be addressed.

Disappointed by Popcorn620 2014-12-28

I bought this thinking I was going to be able to make my own PECs and print them out. The directions are not clear, and it does not seem to work at all after figuring out what to do.

Not worth the money!!! by Tamislp 2014-03-23

This app is not worth the money. Very disappointed. Can't really edit your work. Not able to delete a picture once it's put in. Very frustrating

Not worth the money by Cila81 2012-11-20

Not a good app because it lacks pictures! Pic cards only include colors and numbers. When I attempted to buy more pic cards the app freezes.