Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Pixter Scanner is on SALE with 60% off today with AppGratis

Pixter Scanner is a very useful application for:

- High school students, college students, Students
- When traveling abroad
- In your everyday life (Recipe, Books, Newspaper, etc.).
- Etc.

- Cult of Mac 04/08/2013 : "Pixter, A Fast, Accurate And Good-Looking OCR App For iPhone"

- 148Apps : "Compared to other OCR apps that I have used, Pixter Scan seems to be more accurate than most"

- MacLife : "Fast, accurate mobile optical character recognition. Built-in cropping. Wide range of translation and sharing options"


Pixter Scan OCR is a combination between Pixels (your pictures) and text (what you will get) by Optical character recognition usually abbreviated to OCR which is the mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

Pixter Scan OCR is the most elegant and easy way extract text from your pictures. It's a powerful tool that turns your iPhone into a multi-functional mobile scanner with translation capability.

Snap a photo or choose an existing one from your library and the app will instantly extract your text from the picture.

Pixter Scan OCR turns your physical documents into a digital notes that you can edit, translate or share to many apps.

Pixter Scan OCR just works as advertised. It use an advanced image-processing algorithms to eliminate uneven lighting and shadows and improve contrast. The result is the clearest and most readable scans possible from the iPhone's camera.

What makes Pixter Scan OCR unique:

- Application Interface
It is clean, agile and focused on your productivity.

- OCR Recognition Language
OCR Scanner supports 32 recognition languages:


- Picture Adjustment
You can crop your picture to only select the portion of text that you want to extract

- Editing
You can edit the extracted text to add or remove words.

- Sharing
You can share your text to almost all your favorite apps including:

# Email
# Facebook
# Twitter
# Pages
# Evernote
# Word
# Pdf
# Doc2Go
# Dropbox
# and many more

- Translating
Recognize text can be instantly translated to more than 60 languages.


- Pixter Scan OCR requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G/EDGE).

All processing happens on your iPhone, and the confidentiality of your data is never compromised. There is also no subscription fee.

you have any feedback, comments or issues? Please contact us directly at http://pixter.quanticapps.com/

Pixter Document and Image Scanner OCR by Quanticapps Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
22.57 MB
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Great for students Posted by

I'm an auditory learner so it's easier for me to understand and concentrate on textbooks if they're in audiobook form. Unfortunately it's very rare to find audio textbooks. Instead I take a picture, with this app, turn the photo of the page into words, copy and paste those words into the naturalreader app (the full version) and tada! Chapters of any book you like turned into audiobooks! This process only takes me a few minutes and I do chapter by chapter. Sometimes, understandably, this app may botch one or two words per page. If you paste the text it gives you into any program that spell checks, these mistakes are easily found and corrected. This app even allows you to compare the photo of the page to the text, that way if you are at all confused about what word it misread, you can quickly spot it. All in all, I absolutely adore this app in tandem with NaturalReader. It's perfect for students that do better gearing than reading and anyone that doesn't want to pay 10-20$ on each audiobook. If you don't mind spending a few minutes converting a chapter to text and then to speech, this app us great! It's helped me sooo much pushing through boring reads like history textbooks.

One of the most accurate OCR readers Posted by

By focusing on doing one thing well, Pixter excels at accurate and fairly fast OCR reading from iPhone photos. Combined with the 'speak' option in iPhone accessibility features, this can be an excellent tool to aid reading boring or difficult material - a quick photo and 15 seconds of processing and I can have the phone reading a textbook page while I follow along. It could also be used to transcribe pages of text to avoid manually re-typing when only a paper copy is available. It isn't the fastest I have tried, but it is far more accurate (no formatting is maintained, however). Pixter does require an internet connection to work. Although they say all OCR processing is done on the device, the fact that it doesn't work at all without an internet connection, and is a little slower than other tools makes me wonder if OCR is in fact performed locally, or if the image is instead uploaded to the cloud for processing - for this reason you may not want to use this tool for sensitive documents.

Exceeded My Expectations Posted by

This app surprised me with its fairly strong performance. It cannot compete with a full-on scanner and associated software; however, this is a very useful app. I tested the app using a magazine under less-than-ideal conditions. When I scanned a full page of four-column text, the app did a nice job with the the first paragraph. Once it got stuck on the second paragraph, it went downhill fast, but I did not expect it to catch anything on a full page scan. I tried the app using a prescription medicine ad (notorious small text), and again, it did an admirable job of picking up the text. I definitely recommend this for use if the scan is going to be transferred to a word processor for final clean-up. The translator is a neat bonus, although not particularly useful in my case. Four stars. Nice job.

The Best OCR I have found. Posted by

I use it to OCR screen shots of numbers so I don't have to type them in. It works perfectly fine for my needs. I do wish the background wasn't blue because it's hard to see the blue curser. For a couple weeks ads started popping up when the app was sometimes opened and of course annoying but I understand because it was a relatively cheap app and they have to make money. I use it so much, and a few ads are certainly worth the price for me. The problem was I use it so often and so quickly that the ads were really encumbering the way I work. I started looking around and several other options for OCR but none of them translated nearly as well. They were all unusable for me. I stuck with it and the ads eventually went away.

Great App but... Posted by

This is definitely a great app but i think is missing a few things; lets say new features like get a bunch of scans and create a book that way when you export, you have the ability to create a book into ibooks without create a page by page using software like adobe acrobat reader to put it together i think will be owesome to do that in just one step. And i think be able to go to next scan within and not to come back select the next page in order to continue reading just to save time jeje and one more thing when fixing misspelling the cursor almost blend with the background if you add the ability to a custom background color will be great. But so far so good. Please developers add those features and i will give you 10 stars literally.

Description should include all source and target languages Posted by

Neither the iTunes description nor Quanticapps website provide a full list of the source and target languages for translation. As of today, 27 October 2013, here’s the Source Language list from the app: English, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldavian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian. Not really interested in typing out all the Target Languages, maybe someone else can contribute that, preferably one of the folks at Quanticapps.

Very good for today's technology Posted by

I'm quite happy with the functionality of Pixter. The accuracy of the OCR is really very good, especially since it's taken from cell phone photos. Reviewers who say the OCR is bad don't know how incredibly difficult this is for computers to do well. The translation is decent for a robot, but don't expect miracles. It's about on par with Google translate. Usually it's just good enough to understand the meaning of the text, but nowhere near good enough to send to press. It's a shame that the current version crashes so much after you take a few pictures, but hopefully that should change soon enough.

Love this app Posted by

I have been using this app for some time, and I have to say it is probably the most useful app on my iOS devices. I would give this five stars, but lately this app has been flakey on my iPhone 5 (not sure if it is the app or iOS 8.0.2 or what). The OCR just returns a garbled mess of letters. As far as I can tell all the settings are correct. I know this app used to work on the 5, but don't know what made it stop working. Luckily this app is still working fine on my iPad Air (also running iOS 8.0.2). If the devs get this working on the iPhone 5 again, and I would instantly restore this app to a 5 star rating.

a awesome and useful tool Posted by

This app is a very useful tool for my students to extract text from their pictures. Its character recognition capability is powerful, which could give us a fast and accurate help to access to information. This app is now only designed and optimized for IOS7, which UI is simple and fresh. Comparing with the other similar ones, this app give us too many languages support, including chinese. But its supports for chinese seems weaker than it was for english especially the scanning speed and I hope the developer could improve it.

Finally catching up to its potential. Posted by

One of the things that has held this amp back is none of its fault: A lack of high resolution. I switched recently to iPhone 6s, and now the OCR works very well most of the time. There are caveats: text must be very clean, and have no stray marks. The language conversion on some languages is better than others-- French seems to work better than German, for instance.

Best OCR I've found Posted by

I've hunted high and low for good OCR on iOS. This is by far the best I've found. The app needs visually updated for iOS 7 or later, but it really doesn't matter much. I'd also like to see a "smarten quotes" feature, but Pixter even recognizes em dashes! That's very rare in mobile OCR. In short, the app is nearly perfect.

Perfect, worth every penny!!! Posted by

I purchased several $3 to $10 apps, but none of them work as simple nor as accurate as this app does. I had severe eye strain, yet my iPad was able to read to me my text book as I relaxed my eyes. Of course, it was because the amazingly accurate OCR feature of this app and apple iOS Speak Selection or Voice Over feature that read out loud to me!

Hands down, the best OCR app! Posted by

I have tried several OCR apps and Pixter is the best. The conversion is fast and accurate and I love that I can translate the converted text in to another language easily! The fact that this app has a beautifully minimalistic design that will sit right at home with iOS7 is really just icing on the cake.

Pixter OCR app Posted by

Like one of the reviewers before me, this is my first time writing a review for an iPhone app. This one is perfect. I went to a bulletin board nearby, used this app to take a picture of a lot of text in the ad, and converted it to text that I was able to use immediately. This is awesome!

Good Posted by

It's quite useful and convenient for me that I don't have to type my document on computer but what I have to do is just to scan it and the whole sentence come out. The disadvantage is that sometimes it doesn't work that the sentences come with typos.

New Pixter App is Awesome! Posted by

The new update greatly improves this app. It is fast and accurate. I have no complaints. I am using this app on my iPhone 6 Plus and it works flawlessly. Thanks a lot guys good job.

It Works Posted by

I needed to quote selective text from a lease in an urgent email while using my iPad 3 out of the office. This app worked perfectly. Just what I needed to get the job done.

Excellent!!! Posted by

Great! One of the best OCR software I have ever used on an iOS device! It can recognize over 93% words according to my personal test! More worthy as it's now on sale!!!

Best OCR I've ever found. Posted by

Works like a champ on my iPhone 6s. Take a picture, crop, it converts to text. Very, very easy. Very little editing if any needed to use text anywhere you need it.

Exceeded all my expectations Posted by

I have been waiting for OCR to come up to speed for a digital image and the accuracy of this app is great. I currently use it on an iPad 2 and it works well.

Worthless for Russian by JohnInDC 2013-05-27

I bought this app while in Moscow, figuring that even if it was only 75% good it would be better than my own laborious transliterations from Cyrillic. Sadly, despite wide-ranging efforts and experiments, I haven't been able to get it to work at all. I've photographed typed text, street signs, advertisements, store signs, metal plaques, letters carved in stone - black on white text, red on white, white on red, raised metal, white on blue, gold on blue; typeset text, stylized text - whew! I've also tried both the native camera and imported photos too. No matter what I do the app invariably fails. In my case the problem seems to be simply in pulling the Cyrillic characters out of the photo. The app happily chugs away and after a moment or two produces a text note that contains either largely garbled text that cannot be translated, or a few spotty characters reflecting perhaps 15% of the original text. Maybe it works better on the western alphabet and maybe one day I'll give it a try. For now though it's a waste of space and it has come off my iPhone. Caveat emptor.

Promising, but disappointing by room34 2014-06-02

This app does the basics well—it takes photos, quickly and fairly accurately (even on a questionable source document) converts to text. (Though I wish it could retain paragraph breaks.) I haven't tried the translation but I suspect it's decent as well. Where the app falls down is in the finer details. It crashes constantly once you have more than a few scanned documents. It's extremely sluggish and unresponsive. And worst of all, the options for saving scanned text out to other sources are weird, confusing, and tedious. I don't get why it presents a screen of fake export options and custom icons before getting to the real native iOS sharing screen. It would also be incredibly convenient if it could combine multiple scans into one document, and if it could export text as files in iTunes for Mac. There are also other minor details that just show a lack of the polish I expect in other iOS apps. I bought this app because a web review raved about it. Maybe all of the competition is even worse. But at this point I just have to say I'm disappointed.

Unstable, poor recognition, basic flaws by mmm1979 2013-07-09

I got this app after reading an article that raved about it. I am now beginning to question that website as a source for information. The app is unstable and crashes often. It's ability to recognize English and translate it into, well English, is poor at best. I can only assume its ability to translate languages is equally as poor. Equally as frustrating or certain design flaws. For example each page is treated as a separate document. If you were trying to enter a two page document, you must scan page 1, have it translated, copy and paste it, then create a new document for page 2, translate it, copy and paste it. Add to this fact that it crashes after every scan and this app is totally impractical. Even if you do, by some show of endurance, get the document inputted, you must then go back and manually reenter every paragraph break as they are all deleted by the program. It would have been far faster for me to simply read the documents using the iOS dictation function.

Almost perfect by JasMichael 2014-02-03

I agree with verbaldata: I’m trusting that a remedy for the constant crashing is just a matter of time, although it does get really annoying. I’ve found the best way to deal with that is to shoot my page outside of the app and then import it with the “Choose from Library” button so that you don’t loose the image every time Pixter decides to crash. Also critical is getting as tight as possible on a well-lighted page, even if that means taking two photos of a page you could conceivably capture in one; I’m extracting text from a reference volume, and while a vertical shot can frame all that I want to scan, I find it’s safer to break it into 2 or 3 horizontal images that make the type on the page larger and more likely to be interpreted accurately.

Privacy hazard by Chilieye 2014-08-26

They lied: "All processing happens on your iPhone". I tested this by trying to convert a photo of a recipe into text. With internet access disabled, the app claimed to be "done" after a very short time, but had no text, and no indication of any error. When I tried it again with internet access enabled, the app spent a little more time, and then returned the full text of the recipe, with just a few mistakes. I conclude that the picture was sent to a server where the processing was done. If my info is going to be sent elsewhere, I want to know up front. Give me my money back, liars. Bad app.

Not worth the effort by iPad for Fun 2013-08-06

To many crashes. I had to restart my iPad numerous times to scan seven pages. Will crash in any phase, take picture, load picture from camera roll, cropping, and reading. The OCR, when it finally worked, was comparable to other OCR software that I have used in the past which has been only average. Some pages have have so many mistakes that you could key in the text just as quickly as editing the scanned page. Come on guys, you can do better than this version. For a paid app I expect the app to work correctly. Even your link to "Rate in App Store" does not work.

Does not support more Than 32 languages by Seth Von rumplemints the third 2013-09-20

Language support is for exactly 32 languages. Not supported is: Chinese (trad or simplified), Korean, Japanese, Thai. It does support Latin, though. You can translate from English or 31 other languages into Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, but not the other way around. But what person is reading this review or would search for this app that only speaks Chinese and needs to translate from English? No one. English speakers use this app and as far as English speakers are concerned the app only supports exactly 32 languages, of which Asian languages are not included.

I don't care about speed just get it right! by Griff2525 2014-09-23

I just bought the app today thinking this would be the coolest thing. I could now take a picture of my hand written notes and store them on my iPad. Well it did not work at all. It gave me all these wierd symbols and a bunch of numbers. So I thought, ok this may be my fault because it may not recognize hand writing. So I decided to take a picture of a typed out document and I got the same result. All I ask is that you fix this so it is at least 90% correct. It was about 10% correct with my typed document. Do not buy this until it is fixed.

Not good enough (so make it better!) by Fffearsome 2015-04-02

I hate that you can tell in 2 minutes AFTER paying that this isn't going to work for you. Been using OneNote OCR on Windows which is almost flawless...This, on the other hand, can't even read a screenshot accurately, so let's not talk about anything you might want to convert from the camera. In fact I'll give it 2 stars with the hope of it improving. By the way, why would there be no spell-checker on review? Missing the most obvious feature. Update: now it crashes so it!s back to 1 star.

Pixter by kamehamebill 2013-11-06

When it works, it works, but it's very tempermental and buggy. I deleted it and reinstalled it after it froze on the demo screen that shows the restaurant menu. That didn't help. Reinstalled a second time without success. All the buttons are inactive on the screen with the restaurant menu. I can shut down the app and bring it back up, and it STILL shows the restaurant menu and the buttons remain inactive. I just deleted it. Very frustrating. Not ready for prime time.

Nice Program But Not Working Now by Camasav 2014-12-06

I love the the program, but since the update, it hasn't worked for me. I to am running 8.1 but on iPhone "5" , I do the scan if a picture-crop it-then hit the check mark to scan cropped picture and then all I see is the "done" icon in middle of screen with everything else on the screen is blurred, and nothing else, I even let the phone sit for 5 minutes. The only option is to slide screen back to home page which then looses what you were trying to scan.

So much potential…keep working…you will get it. by Fr. Ignatius 2013-07-08

The price is GREAT…the app is okay…BUT it keeps crashing. There must be a bug that needs to be fixed. I know that in the future…this app will have FIVE STARS…but not yet. I do not want to give it one star, but it may deserve it for now. I gave it two stars, because it has so much promise. The OCR is not perfect, but what OCR app on computers is perfect? It is going to be perfect in the future.

Doesn't scan properly, translation is incomprehensible by JLR-USA 2015-10-22

I try to scan a full page. While it takes the picture it is not able to perform OCR let alone translate anything. If I focus on a paragraph by cropping, I receive a translation which is absolutely unusable. Worthless, but you only find out after you spent the money. A honest proposition would be let you try it for free (e.g. 10x) and then make you pay for it, if it works for you. DON'T BUY IT!!!

UNSTABLE app - needs work by chezpg 2013-07-18

This app is nice in theory, and would be useful if it worked. Completely unstable on iPhone 5 with latest iOS. Lag when it first loads, lag when trying to scroll through previous scans, CRASHES when cropping or reading. Please update with fixes, this could be a great workhorse app if it functions properly. It should have been reviewed by Apple before going to the store.

Nonstandard Things by Fladoodle 2013-10-15

The app is not coded using actual iOS 7 standards. It shows when you can't swipe back, and the delete button does not slide in the same way as other apps. The share menu is also very bad; the icons look terribly cheesy and the cancel button goes off of the bottom of the screen. The OCR is good, but sadly does not include subscript.

Outrageous, apparently dishonest by Remkus 2014-02-17

I don't know what happened with the positive reviewers, but when I downloaded this, I couldn't even get to a home page - it's stuck on a photo of a restaurant menu. The dishonest part: click on their support link, and it takes you to a promotional video, no support at all. What gives?

Schizophrenic? by alromeb 2013-12-15

The app works greatly on my iPad4 but rubbish on iPhone 5! Both run iOS! That issue needs to be solved quick! Only then may I change from 3 to 5 stars. I wish the developer read all the negativity round the latest version cos it is unfair for such a great app to let a bug destroys its reputation.

Decent by evanmichaelhaas 2013-07-07

The concept is fantastic, and I have hope that they'll continue to update and resolve the issues. However, the app worked twice, but since then will freeze on the "reading" process. It then proceeds to crash. I'll re-review and rate once there is another update.

No longer works by In need of UPC adding 2014-11-22

I use this for school because I can't carry all my books around due to disability so I scan portions for class. It no longer works on iOS 8.1. Not sure what happened but it worked great before. I'm very disappointed.

Frozen by Spinning Chakras 2014-03-26

I was excited by this app after reading Gizmo. So I paid for it, downloaded it, and can't get it to move beyond the first tutorial screen. I'm frustrated! I have downloaded the current iOS update by the way.