Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad
Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad

Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Place all planets from our Solar System right on your desktop and
enjoy an amazing interactive Solar System with a calendar, clock and
iCal task list.

Can you imagine what it looks like to look at the Solar System from
Mars or Uranus? Pick and place a planet at the center of the system
(use Options) and look at our Solar System from absolutely new point
of view - right on your desktop!

* Beautiful 3D Solar System live wallpaper for your Mac.
* Soundtrack with ambient sounds of deep space.
* Calendar and Clock.
* 3 closest tasks for today taken from iCal.
* Change the view - click on the desktop.
* Change rotation speed and angle.
* Place a planet or its satellite at the center of the system.
* Zoom in on a planet or one of its moons.
* Show planet moons and their orbits.
* 4GB of memory recommended
* Requires Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

Learn more:


Note: proportions of orbits and planets were adjusted to fit the screen.

Your support would greatly help us make the application even better:
if you like the app, please write us a good review on Mac app store.

We also appreciate your suggestions - let us know how we can make the
app better.

Planets -- Live Wallpaper Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
64.12 MB
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Fun talking-piece. Posted by

I'm middle school science teacher and absolutely love this app. Not only can I teach the planets with some basic information, but I can also talk about and show the lunar cycle! I would like an option under preferences where I can disable the camera movement. Every mouse click changes the angle, which isn't a big deal, but having the ability to disable would be fantastic. Great overall app. Well-made and authors should consider creating science apps for multiple areas: plate tectonics, such as, plate movement, boundary interactions; creating atoms with subatomic particles; so much more you all can do. Thanks for this, from an astronomy-lovin' nerd. **NOTE** to the previous reviewer, and as mentioned by others previously, the circle in your menu bar at the top is the options menu for the app. Again, as another said, the black donut. Hope this helps, it sure helped me. Also, if your animation stops and your using macbook, make sure you're plugged in or that you haven't selected "disable the animation when battery is in use".

Solar System alive on my desktop!!! Posted by

I really like this app. As an astronomy teacher, I have an appreciation for anything space or science related. In addition, this also makes a good visual aid for the class depecting the motions of the planets and their moon systems. As an app, it is very enchanting, calming, and relaxing to look at. You can select what field of view you want from the selection of planets or moons. For those who are space geeks this is a must on your desktop. I get many comments on it while out at the library or where ever I may be using my computer. Most find it very interesting and unique.

Awesome Desktop Solar System... Posted by

This app delivers exactly what it promises, a beautifully rendered moving model of the solar system for your Mac desktop. The planets swing along their orbits in a mesmerizing celestial dance, while moons and asteroids move through their own orbits (if you choose). Makes for the perfect live wallpaper for the astronomically minded and a great teaching aid for kids. A nice range of preferences is offered, while set up and changes are simple. Looks fantastic on my 27” iMac. Kudos to the developer. This app is well worth the tiny price. Highly, highly recommended.

Nearly Flawless! Posted by

If this isn't the most amazing wallpaper app out there, I don't know what is! The appearance of it is so serene and pleasing, and the settings I find satisfying. It is great to start my computer with a moving image of the solar system with an array of ambient music/sounds in the background. The only complaint is that the asteroid belt doesn't look as realistic or serene as the planets themselves, but for an app like this, it's understandable. Other than that, AWESOME.

Cool! Posted by

I'm impressed with this. You can zoom in on any object you want. Click the black "doughnut" in the menu bar to change the preferences or quit the app. Don't make the mistake I did when I clicked the preference to disable the animation while on battery power--I couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving anymore until I noticed that I didn't have my Mac plugged in. I like the calendar and task list, too.

Beautiful App Posted by

Great app when it does not freeze ! I love it, it gave me a new perspective on our universe, however it always seems to freeze after a little while and I have to restart my computer which is annoying. Please fix this bug so it won't freeze all the time! It is wonderful to look at the universe from the different view points and opens up my imagination….

a great planterian screen wallpaper Posted by

i am amazed at the 3D affects on the screen it brings me to space without taking a trip to mars i get a lot comments on it i would say that most of my friends have a love for astrony science so this app fits the bill it is great app for children who want to learn about the constellation and stars it definitely would spark the mind of a child

OUTStanding! Posted by

This is one of the must visually pleasing computer program/app I have ever seen. And I've onwed computers since the processors were 8088's Ohoh, App freezes when mac comes out of sleep. Emailed support, see what happens.

Wicked good! Posted by

So much for actual productivity with this app installed. It's all gone. No more. This app is wicked good just to mess around with. Very fluid animations. I love it!

Settings by pm011 2013-02-11

I cannot seem to access settings for this app. I am also unable to shut it off by changing my desktop wallpaper natively. Normally an app will sit in the dock when running or at least appear named in the toolbar. The concept is great if I could noly figure out how to adjust settings easier, or at all in my case…I can't even shut it off. Also, astronomically speaking, the axis of our solar system is off in conjunction with our galaxy, our ecliptic is not parallel but perpendicular to it. ADDENDUM: I just discovered how to change settings. It isn't as stated above by clicking on the Desktop, but an icon that appears on the toolbar next to the backup icon. So maybe an update in the above stated method should be made. I like a more realistic orientation of our path through space, which is why I bought this app; because I thought that it would have that perspective. For example our ecliptic crosses our galactic plane on an angle to it. Kind of like how Neptunes alignment is to our own. Discovered it over heats my Mac when unplugged from a power source. Now it is locked up and I am unable to access the settings to make any changes, and the animation has stopped. Code issues on this version I imagine just like a previous version review stated.

Freezing by quintru 2014-12-26

I had to change some features on it because the noise was very distracting and the background movement as well. It moved too fast, so I had to reduce the speed of the movement of the planets. Also, the noise that came out was annoying because how can I listen to my music while listening to the noise of the planets in the background, makes no sense. So, I turned off the sound. Thereafter, the application keeps on freezing. Right now, there is no movement at all and the preferences does not want to open. This happened prior and I had to re-start my mac. I dont believe that the application is ment to change the features/options.

A nice app, but could use some improvement. by RichardG15 2015-08-24

I like the app, but it freezes on occasion and I have to either log out and long in again, or restart to recover the app. Secondly, the orbits are all exatcly in the same plane—not realistic in that regard. The revolution rate of the moon (12 revolutions around the earth in one orbit of the sun,) I think is not accurate. Neither are the orbit rates of the inner planets. It seems to not remember some settings from the previous session. Otherwise, its a great screen saver and I enjoy watching it on my 21 inch monitor.

Sound effects?? (see edit) by DowntownClaytonBrown 2014-08-01

Seriously — you can’t turn off the very annoying sound effects? This is a complete deal breaker. What are you thinking, developers? Otherwise this is a really cool thing, but I am stunned that you have to listen to this clicking and whooshing new-agey soundtrack. Developers, PLEASE remove this feature! I will have to disable the app. Bummer. EDIT — I’m an idiot. Preferences are available in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Sound is off now. Sorry, and thank you!

decent but has issues by AbhiGarg 2014-03-16

Two major problems: 1. The app doesn’t work when the computer is woken up from Sleep. The app stalls and there’s no way to even kill the app and relaunch it. The computer needs to be restarted. 2. For computers with multiple monitors, there’s no way to control which monitor the app runs on; it just randomly runs on one of the monitors and you have no control over it.

nice when it works by Derek2561 2014-11-12

The app runs smoothly with great graphics. The only thing I don’t like is that whenever i close my macbook air, go to class, then open my mac again just to see it stops working and don’t know how to restart it. The only solution i have is to restart my mac for it to run, which of course cannot do it everytime.

Unhappy by 1970!!11 2013-07-29

When i first installed the program and ran it, it was perfect. But that was the only time it worked correctly. Now, there is no animation at all. The planets and sun are suppose to move in their orbit, but that doesn't happen. This was a waste.

Dont waste your money by bloodshots 2013-01-18

Slows my computer down to a crawl (Mac Pro 2 2.66Ghz xeon) with 11GB of memory. Finder becomes unresponsive. It is beautiful and elegant, I may run it as an app but as wallpaper it is poorly engineered.

Keeps Freezing by Duke Silver Saxman 2013-01-15

Every time I try to use the animation the application freezes and I have to restart my computer to deactivate the application. Not worth the money- save it and buy a better wallpaper.