Planets -- Live Wallpaper app for iPhone/iPad
Planets -- Live Wallpaper app for iPhone/iPad

Planets -- Live Wallpaper app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Planets -- Live Wallpaper app for iPhone/iPad

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Place all planets from our Solar System right on your desktop and
enjoy an amazing interactive Solar System with a calendar, clock and
iCal task list.

Can you imagine what it looks like to look at the Solar System from
Mars or Uranus? Pick and place a planet at the center of the system
(use Options) and look at our Solar System from absolutely new point
of view - right on your desktop!

* Beautiful 3D Solar System live wallpaper for your Mac.
* Soundtrack with ambient sounds of deep space.
* Calendar and Clock.
* 3 closest tasks for today taken from iCal.
* Change the view - click on the desktop.
* Change rotation speed and angle.
* Place a planet or its satellite at the center of the system.
* Zoom in on a planet or one of its moons.
* Show planet moons and their orbits.
* 4GB of memory recommended
* Requires Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

Learn more:


Note: proportions of orbits and planets were adjusted to fit the screen.

Your support would greatly help us make the application even better:
if you like the app, please write us a good review on Mac app store.

We also appreciate your suggestions - let us know how we can make the
app better.

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