Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad
Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad

Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Transfer your files to your iPhone or iPad and access them anytime, anywhere with Pocket Drive. With a built-in ZIP archiver, web file downloader, MP3 player, and photo viewer, Pocket Drive lets you manage files on your devices the same way you do on your computer - hassle-free. Download Pocket Drive now to manage your everyday tasks.

- No set up necessary
- No need to remember and enter IP addresses
- Mac Finder automatically finds Pocket Drive on your laptop
- Pocket Drive works excellently with Windows Explorer
- Almost all file types are supported
- Unlimited files and sub-folders
- Pocket Drive works without cables or flash drives
- Copy files simply by dragging and dropping

- Download any file from the web
- Manage archives with built-in ZIP
- Open mail attachments
- View your photos in our advanced photo viewer
- Listen to MP3 files
- Play MP4 movies with AirPlay support
- View Microsoft Office and PDF documents

.pages, .keynote, .numbers, .doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/.pptx, .rtf, .html, .htm, .pdf
.txt, .jpg/.jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .ico, .xbm, .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .mp3, .zip

We are constantly upgrading Pocket Drive. Help us make Pocket Drive better for you by emailing us your feedback and suggestions.

Pocket Drive +, best File Manager Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great app... As an innovative, not a tool. Posted by

I love your work towards this app, quickly adding support for the new iPhone 6 and 6+. I love how this app works in comparison to alternatives on the App Store. It isn't complete though. For one, when the connection is dropped, it doesn't rehost the network when connected, not even a warning is given. Also, It is really annoying that you have to hit yes EVERY time you connect it. If it wasn't for these two bugs, I would call the app perfect. (It's NEVER crashed before)

Good with reservations Posted by

I use on a Windows laptop with only one issue. It does move files between my iPhone 6 Plus and my PC but it never shows the download as finishing-even though it has finished. I can deal with that. It functions like a Windows folder so that's very easy. I have had no issues using the fingerprint security on my phone as the login password. I like it and hope the developer continues to improve it.

A new level of storage has been reached Posted by

I have used several iOS storage apps (flash drives) but this is my new favorite because connecting to my MBP is instant. Just open the app and you are connected. No problem getting connected to someone else's computer: you have to agree to the connection, just a tap on "Yes." Transfer travel documents and a few files from iTunes and you are ready for a trip

Very useful! Posted by

Sometimes using iTunes is very cumbersome. When you just want to use storage space on your phone more like a flash drive, this is the easiest way to go that I've found thus far. I especially like it for porting around text docs and PDFs for things like recipes that people always ask for or reference material frequently used.

Awesome! 13 Stars! Posted by

Still my favorite, most useful app! Using Pocket Drive, I keep numerous (lots!) images, spreadsheets, and especially .pdf files (like bank statements) on my iPad. I'd like to be able to transfer files across my 3 iOS devices over wifi and not have to use email.

Awesome! 13 Stars! Posted by

Still my favorite, most useful app! Using Pocket Drive, I keep numerous (lots!) images, spreadsheets, and especially .pdf files (like bank statements) on my iPad. 2/14/17 update: Sierra 10.12.2 had caused a problem. Make sure you update to 10.12.3!

Solves problems I didn't even know I had Posted by

I've been using Pocket Drive often since downloading it and I feel I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do. For a lot of day-to-day functions it has replaced my flash drive, with even more convenient functionality. Love this app.

Still my #1 App Posted by

Haven't found anything as useful as this! Not only does it allow me to transfer just one file or photo without doing a full synch, but it serves a a great place to store things like .pdf files on my iPod and iPad.

Missing one key feature Posted by

This app is good but it would be great if it allowed connectivity with USB. This is important in a business environment where wifi isn't possible on a personal phone and iTunes isn't installed on a PC.

Easy Peasy Posted by

Open the app on your iOS device, open the finder on your MAC, drag and drop - Done. This is waaay easier than itunes or other apps I've used to transfer files etc. back and forth between ios and my Mac.

So useful! Posted by

I love this app! So easy to use and is perfect for moving files from computer to device. Entire folders transfer in a flash. I am finding more uses very often.

Reliable Posted by

This app just does what it says smoothely and without excuses. Makes transfer of files really a breeze! I just love having it on my iphone.

LOVE this app Posted by

Love too move images from web captures and other images to my iPhone and back to my desktop from my iPhone. Incredibly easy to use

Very handy! Posted by

Came in handy in a way I hadn't anticipated almost as soon as I got it! Great app that's easy to use.

Perfect App Posted by

Must have app, very easy way to transfer files between iOS and computer, highly recommended

Excellent App Posted by

Highly recommend to save and copy files from Mac or PCs, must have app

My portable hard drive Posted by

Saved my time this app. Use my iPhone as a portable hard drive !!!

Not ready for prime time by Stever777 2014-09-16

The idea is superb. The interface is clean and beautiful. And it works wonderfully ... Until it doesn't. I purchased Pocket Drive+ for both my iPhone and iPad. Both have the same problem: at some point, the shared drive shows up on my desktop in the Shared drives list, but clicking on the shared drive does *not* prompt for access on the iOS device and does not mount the volume. It just times out. Rebooting the desktop resets whatever is going on, but it happens again a day or so later. I have no problem accessing any and everything else on the desktop, just Pocket Drive+, so I can only assume the problem is with Pocket Drive somewhere in its networking implementation. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon and the program will live up to it's promise.

Not ready for prime time by sogalitno 2014-12-28

Thought this looked good for transferring files however not good if you have windows. Considerable problems setting up linking with win 8.1. And then app on iPhone constantly loses connection. And has to ask to recognize computer every time the connection breaks. Very disappointed. Of course bought the app as the free version had such a ridiculous low transfer limit. After an hour trying to transfer six files gave up due to all the problems. Very disappointed

Very Very Poor Customer service. by Mike45310 2014-11-10

I downloaded this APP and downloaded a zip file to it and Promptly got "Unable to open file" I have sent 3 messages to the developer outlining my problem and have not received one reply. I don't think I can get a refund I just have to delete it from my screen. I am severly disappointed If they had told the truth about this APP it would have solved a lot of problems for me. Mike Valley

Doesn't work if password is set by Al1l1l1lan 2015-10-20

Setting a password breaks the app in ios9/iphone6s. Gets stuck when launching the app. Update: this paid app has a button that shows you other apps that the developer wrote right on the main screen -- i.e. an ad. And there's no way to get rid of it. Lame! Add a way to hide/disable that button at least!

Needs work by schalas1985 2016-07-02

It is a good app but it needs work. I had the app backup to my iCloud but couldn't get it to remove the backup. After trying everything I had to delete my iPhone backup and start over. It took up over 60% of my available free space. Support wasn't very helpful either. Purchase with caution!!!!

Sounds Like a Good Idea, BUT... by BRANman31 2016-04-03

Does not show up on my Mac screen. Doesn’t find itself on my iPhone SE, thinks it is on an old iPhone 5. Completely worthless to me! Mac OS 10.11.4; iPhone SE iOS 9.3.1

just did not work by FrustratedTourist 2015-01-16

The app simply didn't work. Same WiFi network, fired up the app, never appeared on my Mac Finder window. I don't like apps that "just don't work."

Not able to share files via PC by SK Fervid 2016-04-04

Doesn't work with ios 9.3.1! Im unable to transfer any files from PC,neither from iphone 6s nor from the ipod 5.plz tell how to do so

Not for Windows 7, apparently by J puzzle guy 2016-07-10

Windows 7 computer simply does not see this app. If this app is not compatible with Windows 7, the app description should say so.

Does not work with latest iOS 9 by Ayo Melz 2015-09-29

Please update app! I love this app but it doesn't work on iOS 9