Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad
Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad

Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Earth PRO Offline Maps & Travel Guides Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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• Detailed worldwide maps and travel guides • Works completely offline even with GPS • Great when abroad, NO data roaming charges • Online routing and much more!

« Reviews »

“I love this technology” – Natali Morris, Tech Reporter, NBC’s Today Show
Editor's Pick Best Offline Map App – thedigitaltrekker.com
“The best travel app in the world… Don’t leave home without it!” – bonvoyageurs.com
“Very impressive app with unmatched features.” – toptenreviews.com

« Maps »

• Beautiful Retina quality maps at a fraction of the size! The fastest and most beautiful offline maps on the App Store!
• Detailed and interactive worldwide maps! More than 100,000 places & completely free!
• Access your maps online and offline! Saves on data roaming costs!
• Personalize the maps to show the info you want!
• Online Routing with voice guided turn by turn directions. Save your multi-stop itineraries for offline navigation!
• Online street address search and contacts integration!
• Did we mention everything is offline? Works anywhere- cities, small towns, even in the middle of nowhere. Never any roaming charges. We dare you to try it!

« For the Traveler »

• Find out about thousands of interesting places - hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist sites, even get metro and public transit info!
• Our super wide area Nearby search is also super fast!
• Have all the travel info you need with more than 25,000 detailed Wikivoyage Travel Guides and more than 1 million Wikipedia articles in 7 languages!
• Customizable Pins and favorites groups! Add notes and mark and share favorite spots!
• Share maps links and your current location (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc)!

« For the Adventurer »

• An in-app purchase option offers topographic maps. Get high performance, high accuracy 10m / 50ft contour display world-wide. The ONLY offline app that lets you download large areas, even entire countries! Contours are displayed on our existing maps for all Activities.
• Hiking and Cycling maps! Great for geocaching and getting off the track!
• GPS track recording lets you see what route you took! Great for hikes, cycling and off road! Never get lost again!
• Import/Export support for GPX and CSV files! Share with friends using PE Archives.
• Displays and lets you search for map coordinates (including DD, DDM, DMS, MGRS, UTM/UPS, GeoHash, and what3words)!
• Numerous GPS settings for your preferred configuration including compass and heading arrow or rotation, look ahead mode, accuracy and recording settings.

...and much more - so try it out!

« How's it Work? »

Just select the cities, regions, or even whole countries you want to download, and it will be available for offline use, complete with information on thousands of POIs (Points of Interest), travel guides and Wikipedia articles.

To do this we utilize community driven open data from a number of amazing projects. We use some magik to compress and package it in a format optimized for mobile devices. Pocket Earth then renders its beautiful vector maps on your device using our OpenGL ES based MagikMap technology.

To learn more about Pocket Earth or the community driven open data sources that we use, please visit our website.

Don’t forget this:
1. Using the GPS features of this app can significantly affect battery life. Only leave GPS enabled when you need to use it. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Pocket Earth only uses GPS in the background for route navigation and gps track recording features.
2. This app uses data from the amazing community driven open mapping project called openstreetmap.org! Coverage detail may vary by region, please visit our website to check the map detail for your regions of interest.
3. Does not currently support all asian texts on the map (Chinese, Japanese, etc).

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Worth It Posted by

I got this app to help me when I go to Japan since it is common there to not have access to wi-fi. I took with me several similar apps. I also had my Bad Elf GPS/Glonass unit. As long as you plan ahead this app shows you plenty. Sure not every store, coffee shop, and hot tub place shows up, but it allows you to mark a place for easier reference in the future. The maps seamlessly merge as you move off one downloaded map to the next. There is no need to stop and reload. The maps are not satellite images but rather ordinary road maps, such that huge urban parks show up without much detail other than a few paths, outlines of structures, and the blue expanses of ponds, such as Central park in New York or Ueno park. I noticed it was sometimes hard to know what you were zooming into because the labels were absent, however, some point of interest or store usually contained the telltale name. I suppose it must be a complaint on other maps that the name just gets in the way. The app lacks navigational particulars when crossing from one island to another, but then, it is not advertised to help with this. I think at least the grid lines for longitude and latitude would be nice. I did have trouble going into tunnels with the Bad Elf, but then, I would expect someone with ordinary cell service to do likewise. It took me a pretty long time to familiarize myself with the app, perhaps much of this due to my non-gamester experience, and I find myself still learning new aspects of the program I had not previously known about. It pays to practice around the good old USA before embarking on a trip to a foreign country. For the price, especially when I compare it to the other apps I paid for at similar cost, this app beats them, takes less memory, and is inherently more logical to use as long as one is willing to put in a little time to become familiar with its terminology of route, track, POI, etc, and how to best make use of its functions. I hope this review was of help to someone out there.

Get it! Posted by

This app is simply fantastic! For me, its 4 greatest features are: (1) You can download and delete detailed maps as you need them, saving storage on your idevice. (2) The detailed maps have extensive lists of points of interest. (3) It works in coordination with Wikipanion (a free app) to give you detailed information on points of interest. (4) And, for me, best of all, you can create and save routes for off-line use! To illustrate: Last week, when we were in Italy, I downloaded the detailed map for that country. In the morning, using our resort's Wi-Fi, I created routes to those places we were going for the day and saved them. Later, when we were on the road and off-line, I would use the saved routes and GPS navigation to get us to our desired location. Just fantastic! Using the app's points of interest, we found parking lots, eating places, museums, and even public restrooms, etc.! If you download Wikipanion and apply it to the map overlay, you get an added benefit. For every location that has a Wikipedia article, a "W" will appear on the map. Tapping on the "W" will bring up the article from Wikipedia's extensive database. One day, while driving to Arezzo, we saw a "W" on our route. Tapping on it revealed that we were going to be crossing the Ponte Buriano Bridge. The Wikipedia article explained that this seven-arch bridge was constructed in 1277, and appears, in the background, in Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa. Had it not been for Wikipedia's "W", we would have missed the photo-op. The Wikipedia overlay can be disabled if your map gets too cluttered with "W's". The ability of this app to save routes for off-line use, saved me from having to pay for a very expensive out-of-country cellular data plan. That alone, should make this app well worth its cost. A grateful "Well done!" to the developers.

Must-Have for 'Pod People Posted by

I've used this for over a year, and I'm not really sure how I ever got by without it. I've used paper maps since I learned to read, and a GPS satnav for the last seven or eight years, but now I depend on PocketEarth more than anything. It's better than paper maps because they're all right there, no road atlas needed. It's better then the GPS satnav because I can easily look at the whole area around, not just my path. And I just bought the new topo maps -- sure, only 50-foot contours, but the whole pack was cheaper than the single paper quadrangle (10-foot contours) that I bought last week, and I'm not doing surveying with it, just getting an idea of the landforms ahead of me when I'm on foot. I have an external GPS, as this is an iPod Touch which lacks the internal GPS of the iPhone. (without that, Location Services makes its best guess) so with that and the offline map capability of PocketEarth I just load up the maps for the area I'm going to need when I have WiFi and then it's like a tiny road/trail atlas in my pocket. I still use my car GPS for directions if I'm going to a specific destination, because it's optimized for that (and louder) but PocketEarth is my pocket map book; I haven't bought a new road atlas since I got it. I tested several map apps before I chose PocketEarth and it's by far the best. I'd rate it 6 stars if I could. Don't tell them this, but it's worth 10 times what they charge. This is seriously a must-have if you use an iPod Touch because of the offline capability if for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons). Plus, even if you have a cellular-capable device there are always places that have no cell service. In summary: GET THIS APP!

Been looking for this Posted by

This is only the second app store review I've taken the time to write: this app is ridiculously awesome, no idea why it took me so long to find. By far the best travel app I've tried, and since I travel for work (to Central America) I've tried quite a few. The maps are top notch, as they're the big open source openstreetmaps and whatever the geo open source project is, and they continuously get better as people add waypoints and other data to the open source projects. Download whatever maps you need before your trip, and you've got them on the road, no need to try and find wifi . It took about 4 minutes to download all of Central America on my pretty slow Nicaraguan internet connection, and their compression software keeps each country to about 2MB, tiny so no worrying about deleting music to make room for them. I needed the ability to place my own waypoints, which most other openstreetmap apps don't have, this one does. On top of all that, with one 70MB download the ENTIRE world wikitravel articles and info is downloaded, so you've got travel guides IN the app. Wikitravel is another huge open source project, basically free travel guides, and I've got the entire thing now in this app. When you're looking at a map in the app, you can click a little "i" for information and it pops up general info about the city/state/country depending on your zoom level, and then you can hit another button to open the wikitravel article. Again, awesome, good user interface work. It would be nice if a free trial version was available (maybe online/no downloading only?), but if you're trying to find a travel app this is the one to get. Nice job guys

Makes it easy to plan and navigate Posted by

This is an update to a previous review. And another glowing review. Many small but handy improvements have been made at user requests, making the app super easy to read and use. The developers continue to be super-responsive to user requests. It really shines on an iPad size screen. Better and handier than any printed map, works very well offline to avoid roaming data charges. Yes, that's right. Using downloaded (for free, from PE servers) maps, you have complete GPS enabled maps of a quality equal to any, without a data connection. (Note: To be scrupulously accurate, maps must be downloaded over WiFi. So, plan before you go! For the truly footloose and fancy free, this might seem an imposition or limitation. But for those of us who like to plan, it's actually a Very Good Thing. Download your relevant maps while you're planning your trip, and make Pins. Pins can hold a wealth of information in their Notes. Phone numbers, reservation info, just slap all of it in your Pin. Cool.) Anyone who travels knows there are, depending where you go, many times when an online connection is either spotty/unreliable or just not available. No more frustration! I don't have to be online! Topographical overlays are now available. Hikers and bikers will appreciate those, but even someone planning to walk in the city, or take a drive into the hills, can see what they're in for. Very handy! Recommended without reservation to anyone who wants maps.

Incredibly useful for HIKING and traveling Posted by

This is one of the most useful maps I have encountered. It is especially useful for hiking and city traveling....especially but not limited to when you have no internet access. I've had this app for a while now, but the recent addition of the topographic maps and a recent trip to Europe has prompted me to write a review here to show some love and highlight some of the features. Offline map downloads are very small. For example, you can download the map of all of Italy in for 668MB, and download the topo lines for another 164MB. This is unbelievably more efficient than the tile-based offline map apps out there (like motionX GPS)...this app deserves 10 stars for this reason alone. Many hiking trails are already on the map. Additionally, you can download gpx files of hiking routes (or city walking routes) and display them on the map in a color of your choice. This makes it very hard to get lost in the mountains. You can also track routes from within the app. Some other "surprise features": you can display all public drinking fountains on the map that are close by, and you can click on bus stops and train stations and it will show you the routes of the buses and trains that stop there. You can mark locations (restaurants, historical sites, mountain peaks, etc.) as favorites so that they will be easy to find later. This app is a must have for hikers and for travelers.

Beautiful but needs fluid contact/map integration - NO Manual :-( Posted by

I input several street addresses of friends & businesses. App is thorough and maps are nice. BUT placing a marker on a map for existing contacts is excruciating work. Even after looking a contact up by name, a separate search is required by complete street address. Then the marker has to be renamed from a generic one to the particular contact. Once that accomplished each one can be grouped by icon and color. Very nicely detailed. I would buy this again, but it is not intuitive for existing contacts. App searches contacts without performing anything beyond displaying a name and address! NO USER MANUAL :-( I actually found a business app which plots the entire contact list (with each one's info) onto a nationwide zoom able/searchable map is my goto app. POCKET EARTH is however Very Useful for downloading detailed maps for ONLY those states or cities which you want to utilize offline. It has other perhaps useful features (e.g., tracking, which I have not yet used) and gives turn by turn directions just like my car's built in GPS. Handy on foot when visiting a community, and probably for someone traveling on public transportation. To Devs: this is a visually Attractive App requiring a degree of polish AND a User Manual. I use many kinds of apps regularly, and this would be a real winner for me if contact search was integrated tightly with marker placement on a map.

Essential for taveling Posted by

Had this app for years and it's made traveling a lot easier. The comments by other reviewers result from not understanding the settings and features- this app does have a learning curve so it's best to learn it before you go. The main advantage is the downloaded maps to save money and time, in Venice for example if you try to use Google maps you'll spend a lot of time waiting for the download as the networks are very slow there. Things to keep in mind: For the route function and very detailed searches you have to have data. You can make and save routes before you go or wherever there is wifi. Set up your hotels, recommended places and other destinations as pins before you go. Maps are reliably saved when you mark them to be saved but not when you just pan around the area. The maps use little memory so I download/save the entire country I'm going to. The maps come from OpenStreetMap and map quality varies, 99% of the time it's good but there are small towns/areas in Mexico for example that are missing. The public transportation networks in OSM are a mess and largely missing- you will need to use another map or a dedicated app for bus and subway riding.

Great offline travel map app Posted by

I used this app for a recent trip to Montreal. The ability to load maps for my destination and prepare "pins" for locations of interest ahead of time was great. The WikiTravel articles were helpful to identify nearby points of interest as I wandered around. While in my hotel I could prepare routes to be sure I knew how to get to where I wanted to go, and then did not have to worry about finding wifi locations or paying obscene data roaming fees to use the built-in maps app while exploring. One missing feature that the developers say is on the road map is the ability to sync pins/routes between iPad and iPhone. It was great to use the larger iPad screen while at the hotel, but there was no way to get any saved data to my iPhone for actual use. Additionally, it would be great if there was more information about restaurants, for example. Combining an app like this with the data from Yelp, for example, would be phenomenal. There's room for improvement, but this is still a fantastic app that does what it claims. (The map rendering performance was excellent, btw.)

My favorite iPhone and iPad app - period Posted by

Pocket Earth runs incredibly fast and smoothly. Full download capability, with tremendous detail. Bike layer and hiking trail layer are fantastic differentiators, but only a small sample of what this app delivers. Includes ski area details, for instance, so I can use this to see exactly where I am at a ski resort, in relation to the chairlifts, buildings and such - even with no data connection. The interface is very efficient, but a little acclimation is needed to make use of all of the very extensive features. Nonetheless, it's quite intuitive. Excellent and extensive customization options. Can download any part of the earth, including full Wikipedia details. There's no charge for map downloads. If I could only have one mapping/GPS app, I'd easily pick this. Probably not for people who want super ease-of-use, but far more capable than other mapping apps. Many people have a single favorite app, that they are just crazy-happy with. For me, this is that app.

The best Posted by

This is one of the only apps that I've rated in 3 years. I love this app! It's made my vacation to Paris so much better! I have no sim card in my phone and data is turned off, but somehow this app can still connected offline to pin point my exact location. Unsure how this works... But it does. Also, you can place pins where ever you want and intuitively move/rename them. I wish you could apply different colors to different pins though. All and all... Great app! Better than all of the rest (trust me, I downloaded like ten of them). Update... I forgot to mention, if you're not going to have any Internet access on your trip, make sure to quickly download the maps prior to leaving your Wifi connection (free and easy). Just locate yourself you the map and simply pan around. The app will quick download the panned areas and store them forever. Example - if you're in Paris, just hit the bullseye, and pan around the city. Again... My favorite app.

BRILLIANT! Rock Star of an App! Posted by

I deleted a lot of map apps since finding Pocket Earth. It amazes me how well PE guided me all across Turkey and worked like a charm for Paris train and Metro routes. I once wasted $ on TomTom and Garmin - deleted them. PE even finds ATM machines abroad and at home in Denver! No WiFi required once you download maps. No charge for maps worldwide! I drop color & icon coded pins on our travels and can review trips. Also useful to drop pins before traveling so you can get around to what you want to see. The Wikipedia add on for offline reference ($1) is brilliant. Tip: drop a pin when you park your car and you'll always be able to get back to it. This app NEVER gets reviewed in listicles. It makes me angry that no one seems to get this truly fantastic app. I have hundreds of apps on various iPads; this one rules. Best map app, period.

This is the very best Posted by

If you are like me, you've downloaded several map apps ... MotionX, CityMaps2Go, and others. This app blows those other apps out of the water. I was hesitant to buy this PocketEarth because I'd already spent money on those others, but this has turned out to be the one I was looking for. It allows downloads of big areas for offline use. Paired with my 3G iPad's GPS I've used it for getting directions around town at home, and we're using it now on vacation in Rome with excellent results -- for walking around, finding restaurants down hidden alleyways, and even making sense of the Italian train system. Unlike some other apps, this app doesn't force the user to guess at how much map detail one will need for a certain area ... Plus allows searches for Street Names when offline (and full addresses when online.) Fabulous!

Pretty good map ap by Ron Strong 2012-12-01

This is a great ap for maps when you don't have cell or wifi. Have you tired to buy a paper road map lately? They are getting harder and harder to find. And you need a dozen if you are covering a lot of territory. Pocket Earth maps did a great job for us on our trip to Italy, but has limitations. As long as you don't try to make it do more than it is designed to do this is an excellent value. Make sure you create favorites of all the places you will go and download the content for offline use. The travel info is very basic and mostly useless (e.g.: "Venice may not seem huge, but it is") but that's not why you want this ap. The search function is useless too. Again, not a deal killer. This ap is a replacement for a paper map, and a good one. If you have a GPS device you can put yourself on the map, and it will track your path, also very useful. I used a Bad Elf GPS card that I own for aviation purposes and it worked most of the time, (not a limitation of the ap) but GPS coverage is spotty on trains or between buildings and I had to reboot the ipad if I lost GPS in order for it to lock onto the satellites again. I think there are other bluetooth GPS devices that might work better. I can say that the combo of the GPS and the Planet Earth maps saved our butts on a dark night in Tuscany or we would have been hopelessly lost. Don't try to use the routing function unless you've spent some time learning it. It was very difficult to figure out and did not allow any alternate routes if you don't like the one it comes up with. And routing won't work without wifi. Another minor but irritating flaw is if you select "track up" to better orient yourself, the map turns upside down and the map labels - street names and city's names - are upside down too. Just like a paper map... It seems like it would be an easy fix to get those to stay right side up. And as long as I'm complaining, the fonts are small, at least to my 50 year old eyes, and when you zoom in, the fonts shrink again. If there was an option to make the font size bigger, I'd pay for it. (hint to the developers...) So, in summary, I highly recommend the ap for maps for areas without cell or wifi coverage, where Google maps won't work, especially if you have an independent GPS for your ipad. And don't forget to download the maps before you leave home.

GPS shoddy; needs multiple destination auto calculation by Jolly Roger 1 2014-05-24

Offline GPS started out okay. Then we veered off route and app said it needed to connect to internet to re-calibrate route...I couldn't because I was using it offline! Directions say re- calibration requires internet access. Also, would like the ability to add multiple destinations, designate a start and finish and then have app automatically calculate route. A couple of other suggestions: 1) Add voice guided GPS 2) when adding an address, have the default name of the pin be the street address. Right now the default is "unknown point" (something like that), which makes identifying a multiple destination route impossible at a glance. If the addresses were the default name, then one would not have to update the names of pins and save a lot of time in having to rename multiple pins. Finally, it would be nice to have the ability to save a designation in a route for offline use. Currently, you cannot and, instead, you have to create a new duplicate pin for this purpose. Needs work, but shows promise.

Actually great, but... by Matt Sahlgren 2012-09-09

The 2 stars is for what it could do but doesn't. Being able to download whole road maps of States, indeed, the entire world; is alone worth 20 times what they're asking. My kvetch is the search function is useless unless yer looking for a destination of over 50 K population. But, in my estimation of current tech, one would really only need this app for finding directions to a really small town. I could not find Iron River, WI on a search. But zooming in after finding it on Google Maps, well there it was! Complaint #2: one has to zoom in and out to find street names. If it's on the screen, I want it labeled! Really, it seems an obvious requirement/need to me but I understand that development takes unexpected turns. #3: What's with the route "function"? It seems to be in there but has no real functional use. At least not that I can find. If its in there it's far, far from functional. It's a great app but deserves to be much better.

Too much space by Stryker Five Seven 2015-11-11

This is a revised review. My first was a complaint about how I paid $24 for this app and then found it for sale for $6 some weeka later. This review is a complaint about map sizes. I downloaded the US because I travel a lot. This download with all the bells and whistles took up 6.2 GB of space on my iPad/iPhone. 6.2 GB!!! Storage space isn't a problem for me because I have a 128 GB iPad Air 2 and a 64 GB iPhone 6. If you have a 16 GB i-device, as many do, you better REALLY ENJOY THIS APP, because it's the only one you're going to put on your device if you download the complete US. Lastly, the app doesn't let you move around the settings and menus... it should. To make things worse the layout on the iPhone and iPad apps are opposite, so you get confused when working between both devices. Not user friendly at all.

Amazing App, except no iCloud by DougMcCready 2015-04-29

Pocket Earth continues to be a terrific app on both my iPhone and iPad. Lots of features and it’s a wonderful reference. The only disappointing this about this app is that everything you do on one device DOES NOT sync to the other. Things like favorites need to be made on each device - UGH! My hope is that device sync ability will become available SOON! Aug 28, 2014: is truly a great app with tons of information that fairly comprehensive and easy to use. It also has the ability to save information, assign groups and add notes, which is also great. HOWEVER, they provide both iPad and iPhone versions but allow for no synchronization of information across your IOS devices. My hope for the next iteration of this terrific app is that they provide you simple iCloud and / or Dropbox ability to auto-sync your info across your IOS devices.

Good, but could be much better by Cham_ATX 2015-10-09

Bought this app to help me get around Europe without using my meager roaming data plan. Most maps are accurate enough (but often outdated), but there isn't enough detail in many cases to help you find yourself if you don't already know exactly where you are. Location services are utterly useless. 90% of the time, I got a location that was very old (eg, I was in Venice, but this app showed my location as being out in the middle of the Adriatic, where I was the day before.). This occurred frequently, even when I was standing outside to get best GPS reception. Maybe this is more about the phone-- I don't know. But regardless, Pocket earth in my iPhone did not address my needs. Ultimately, I nearly always had to break down and use Google Maps with my precious 3G data. Google pinpointed me right away every time.

Will Be Happy To Change This Review by Lagrive333 2014-05-07

I have owned Pocket Earth since it came out. I use it primarily in France where it's my MAIN guide for directions in Paris and thought France BUT nothing works now as of May 6, 2014. Whenever I try to set up a route it says "Unable to get route due to server". I'm online. I can connect to everything. I've tried to contact the company unsuccessfully 4 times unlike some reviewers who say that the support team is great. Will happily review this app when and if they contact me. I don't want to lose value pin info and routes if I have to delete and restore!!! PS same problem on my iPhone. I've checked Location etc. to make sure everything is on in Settings and they are.

Needs better maps. by Fototico 2015-05-23

The idea is nice but the major problem with this all is that they use the maps from open map source. Those maps are extremely inaugurate in some areas. Just one example is Tijuana. Most small streets do not have names, streets are missing, and some don't march the actual street shapes and routes. It's hard to trust an app that can't get it down. I found an app that lets you download Google maps or others, but they don't let you drop pins to mark locations. It's only a track tracker. Id this app could download a google maps, it would be a great little app. I'm giving it one star because if you can't have confidence in the map data, the app is entry useless.

Route navigation without voice guidance makes no sense by Another Driver in US 2013-08-04

I was looking for an OMS navigation app to travel through the US. But this app offers only a visual routing. - A navigation app without voice guidance makes no sense. The app should at least offer one voice command like "next turn is upcoming" or as an absolute minimum a gong signal. I really hate to mis a turn when I'm driving especially when I'm trusting on a navigation system. - The app offers offline maps but no offline route calculation. Why? Please improve these vital functions because I really like the quality of OMS maps even with the missing house numbers. (Which is sad enough).

Useless by Okkin94 2013-10-16

The directions say "download the desired area by tapping the favorite button on the info panel. Doing this GUARANTEES COMPLETE offline availability of the place at ALL zoom levels and views." I did this in my home town, drove 12 miles to work & tried to use the map offline. I got an error message that said the phone was unable to connect to the server to download the map at the desired zoom level. Maybe its due to iOS 7 & just needs an update... Dont waste your money until updates are released.

Could be better by Me in Texas 2014-09-11

I used this last trip over city maps to go which I happen to like more in a few ways. Less in others CityMapsToGo has syncing between multiple devices. Search results can be displayed on a map( all of them) The few pluses this has over CMTG are : much easier to download maps - want to download a country- simple( main reason I bought this). Like how it shows speed, altitude and distance by using 2 points Could never get routing to work and UI needs some help. But it is super simple to get complete maps

Unable to do one basic thing I bought it for by Tucker Ryan 2016-08-14

I had anticipated going into an area that has no cell signal. So I loaded this up on my iPad (wifi version) and downloaded the required maps so when I got waypoints, I could generate routes without needing to be online. Even given two sets of GPS coordinates, I could not create routes between one and the other. It kept trying to connect to a routing server, or needing to find my current GPS location! That was the one job this app had during my event, and it failed spectacularly.

Need offline navigation by musiquenthusiast 2014-07-27

Unlike Skobbler's GPS Nav app, this app won't give route directions when offline. I understand an internet connection may be necessary to retrieve live traffic info or list streets to be taken. But at least display a route on the map that connects the start and end points so we can see whether we are heading in the right direction via the iPhone's built-in GPS. Please implement this features ASAP.

Not a fan by Snobbyasswine 2014-09-07

I'm sure it's me but I don't like this app. Google & Apple Maps have spoiled me. I read about this being a good offline map app. Thought we'd give it a try for traveling Europe. It seems robust you can download maps of specific areas to use while offline. It was only $3 but still I'm staring at it wondering how to use it. Will continue to try maybe with more time I'll get it.

Nice offline maps by R Broom 2015-07-03

Leverages Open Street Maps, good fast maps. Searches and routing a little rough. Taking off two points for offline map failure: loses stored map details randomly. I was unable to zoom in to maps I had downloaded for offline use. Some parts worked if I had zoomed in before going offline, others did not. Unfortunately this failed me the most when I needed it offline. Looking forward to a fix.

Missing two things by HeronHeron 2013-12-06

PE does not render small roads when you are zoomed out making you not see smaller rural roads, just vast expanses of blank map. OSM shows these smaller roads just fine, not sure why PE has so much trouble with them. There is also no shaded relief to give you a sense of the countryside. Once these two issues are addressed, this will be the ultimate iOS map.

Has glitches and is incomplete by repairguy 2013-08-19

Going on road trip so downloaded California map. When I moved map up coast, system wanted to download each area again. To use offline, I would need to download every area. When i clicked on California in Favorites, the program closed Also data appears old, checked my home street in MA. Doesn't show addition to my street completed about 4 yrs ago.