Pocket League Story Games for iPhone/iPad
Pocket League Story Games for iPhone/iPad

Pocket League Story Games for iPhone/iPad

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Pocket League Story Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket League Story Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Handpick players, train, and battle your way to the top of every league in this sensational soccer team simulation!

Sell merch, erect a gym--even a stadium! Your fanbase will grow as you conquer your rivals and snag the hottest sponsors! The sky's the limit in your quest for ultimate soccer stardom!

As the crowd erupts in jubilation and the screams of "Goal!" echo throughout the stadium, will your team stand victorious? Try your hand at being a soccer team manager and find out!

Turn your device to rotate the screen, touch to scroll, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Note: Screen rotation and zoom are only available on iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch 2nd generation and later, and iPad.

The game now lets you switch between English and Japanese.


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Varies with device
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How Other Companies Should Be Posted by

First off, another great translated port of some of Kairosoft's classics. Note that Kairosoft games have already been made years ago. The games they release are translated ports of some of the best classics. This game is great as well, not just for people into sim games but also for any audience that has patience. If you like sole action then these games are not for you. Second, Kairosoft the company is definitely an example of what a company should be. Straight out screenshots that give you detail on gameplay. They also release lite versions usually a few days or 1 week later. They also have a website for further details on their games and support. They also sell their games for a one time purchase with no in app purchases. Their games also are very lengthy and have many secrets to unlock. Third, I am very glad to see Kairosoft release their games at a reduced price for their early / loyal customers. It's similar to CAVE WORLD's style of releasing games at a reduced introductory price and I must say bravo. Thank you for all the great ports and I will continue purchasing them.

Best yet! One small thing... Posted by

This is definitely the best game from these guys. It's a lot like the racing game they made because you get to see your team compete. It's a little strange to start a new game after you win because all the players keep their stats. So, you'll have few people to level up, and all the players will be super expensive to play on the field. Other than that it's perfect. I may just re-install the game every now and then to reset the players. I really hope they make a football (American) version. That would be king of all sims. And a newer racing game that drills down a little more into real car racing career. Or just a car making company where consumers decide to buy your car brand. And you can have a whole line of cars. Like Eco, sedan, and SUV. That would be awesome!

I don't like soccer, But I love this game! Posted by

I am not a soccer fan. However, this game is addicting. If you are a simulator fan and a kairosoft fan... this is a must buy. The game does tend to get a little easy once you have all superstars all with 1000 points trained into everything.. you also get Kairobot and the female bot on your team fully maxed out life is smooth sailing in the game. Atleast the ride is fun up to that point. Once you get to the point where I mentioned you alreayd beat everything in game anyway. It's one of the quicker finishes I have done in a Kairo game, but still was worth it. I recommend this to kairo fans looking for a new game. Keep them coming Kairo!

another great game Posted by

after the update, everything works perfectly another awesome game but i'm not really sure what do i need to do in my 4th or 5th playthrough (i'm still at my third one) =========================== i didn't have the white boxes issue but the i have to agree with the second playthrough being unplayable can't unlock anything, and for some reason my players using facilities that were in my first playthrough (so i'm seeing players using invisible facilities in the forest lol) anyway, this is the most buggy game kairosoft ever released, but it still is a freakin awesome game fix it please


This is the best soccer sim on the market. It's the most simple, beautiful, just sort of all around fun game on the App Store. The team names and stadiums are clever and witty. The players aren't real, but that is a good thing. The stats are soooo simple, and easy to figure out. Overall:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

WOW! Posted by

this is such an awesome game! and usually i don't play games very long, but this one even after i got my highscore, i am still playing! in year 27 now! the graphics are great, and no white boxes in my game! thankfully! the only thing that i didn't like it that they only give you 8 years to get a highscore....it's taken me over 25 years to even get to the last of the matches @[email protected] saying, it's probably me....or they just didn't give me enough time to do the matches...i still love this game! and can't wait for more!

LOVE it Posted by

Awesome game...was a little burned by Venture Towns and while this was still a day 1 purchase, it sat unplaced for a week. Big mistake by me...closest Kairo Comparison is to Grind Prix Story...you're not just base building but negotiating contracts, sponsors, Fan Events...etc. Like Grand Prix, you don't actually play soccer (or race in GP) but your decisions up to the game give immediate feedback on your training/hiring/position placement. If you like sports or Kairosoft, get it!

I like the idea Posted by

After I bought this game I had to create a separate folder for all the Kairosoft apps that I downloaded (which is the whole set so far). I like the sports concept that this brings to the table and I wouldn't mind seeing other sports done in this style. I love the pixel art, by the way. I cannot wait for the next release, whatever that may be. Perhaps a "Super Robot Story" or a "Pocket Farm Story" - lol.

Addictive, realistic, and just plain fun Posted by

This is probably the most fun and addictive app I've ever downloaded. It lets you trade out players and coaches at the end of the season and let's you sign contracts with sponsers and new players for your team which gives it a realistic feel to it. Bring up your players skills and stats so they can advance and play harder team and get more fans. You should get this game especially if you love soccer!

Excellent! Posted by

This is one of my favorite Kairosoft games. It's similar to GP story in style with a very modest amount or facility management (which is a nice change of pace from the last few releases of simcity-esk titles). I don't have any graphic issues on mine nor does any of my friends/family who've bought it (mix of phones and touches, all using ios 5.x)...

Excellent! Posted by

This is one of my favorite Kairosoft games. It's similar to GP story in style with a very modest amount or facility management (which is a nice change of pace from the last few releases of simcity-esk titles). I don't have any graphic issues on mine nor does any of my friends/family who've bought it (mix of phones and touches, all using ios 5.x)...

How to reset game? 4⃣ Posted by

Firstly it is awesome, the more you play, the more you want to keep playing. But once you beat it once, the 2nd and 3rd times are EXTREMELY easy because some stats carry over. So you can hire S rank players from day one... No challenge or risk in that. If there is a way to reset the game without redownloading, please, let me know!!!

A-okay Posted by

I wouldn't worry about the game having faults, I haven't experienced any white boxes or progressing problems. It works fine on my iPhone and although it's not as great compared to Game Dev and GP, which are respectfully amazing, it's still a relatively entertaining Kairosoft release.

Great but... Posted by

I got so excited to download this game and when I loaded it a lot of the images are white. The one thing I always liked about Kairosoft is that their games always are perfected. None of their games I have downloaded ever needed updates. I can only hope Kairosoft puts out a graphical update soon.

Kairosoft Rules Posted by

Have every Kairosoft game on iPhone, and this one was my favorite. All of their ports are fun, this one is no different. Like another reviewer said, it's refreshing not having to worry about combos and the resource system is nicely balanced. Bring on Cruise Story and Astro Story!

First of all Posted by

this is an extremely short game, ending at 8 years, but of course you can still play after the score count up. its a good concept, please make more games like managing different types of companies like a phone or computer company, maybe a real estate company or even a restaurant

So I can't build buildings Posted by

On my second playthrough, the game wouldn't let me build any facilities that were level 5. The only thing that happens when I try is the window confirming the selection only has Japanese kanji as the selection. This is happening on my iPod 4th generation.

iPad Posted by

I would give the game a five star if they wound make the app compatible with the iPad so it is not blurry and stuff but other than that best games ever. In my opinion the racing one is the best But all the games are great.

Good Game - More iOS Releases Please! Posted by

Cute and addicting like all KS games. Seems like KS neglects non-Japanese iOS customers as we haven't had a new release for months. Epic Astro Story ALREADY has an English iOS version. Release it already!

Good Posted by

I love this game. All of these suggestions I agree with but they won't happen these games were released several years ago and development has probably stopped. These iOS games are simply ports.

Bugs are fixed by Third World Order 2012-01-16

New: The game is no longer riddled with bugs but there are still Japanese characters to be found instead of English text. Looking past that however, this game offers relatively little depth compared to other titles and I also found this game to be incredibly easy and thus boring. Old: While I own and enjoy every kairosoft game, this one seems uncharacteristic. It actually feels like this one was rushed out the door. 1. There are random Japanese characters in places where I think the English translation would be 'max'. 2. Also, as others have noted, playing the game on the second go-around does not work. The only cups available are Amateur cups. 3. This game is pretty much easier than Game dev story, which in my opinion was the easiest (mega mall 2nd.) 4. I didn't notice any of the white field glitches. The only white field I saw was when it was winter time. I would recommend waiting for an update unless of course you are a die hard kairosoft fan. Be prepared to be disappointed after you beat it the first time though

Great game brought down by bugs by Aestro 2012-01-08

I have not been having the white screen problems others have. Instead, I am having problems on the New Game +. Many things carry over, but for some reason there are several things which are not unlocking as normal during the New Game + - new matches, new training methods, and some of the fan activities are all missing. I'm now in year 5 and still cannot play beyond the first league, despite having won it 3 or 4 times. That said, the first playthrough was very fun and one of the better Kairosoft games. It's refreshing NOT having to plot out maximized combos, and all of the elements of the game blend together nicely. I really like that each of the "resources" applies to a different thing, so you do not often end up with a glut of one resource while waiting on another. Plus the overall theme is fun. If you've been a fan of Kairosoft, I would highly recommend giving this game a couple weeks to get some bug fixes through, then buy it. It would be five stars once it works.

Great game once it is fixed by SuaveRico231 2012-01-09

I own every kairosoft game on the app store to date and was excited when I saw this one yesterday. It is fairly easy compared to all the others but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment you get out of it. On the downside, although I didn't encounter the white box issue others have seen (I'm using a Verizon iPhone 4), there is the issue of playing it a second time around. It took me one day to go through 8 years and finish the game one time. But, when you go to play a second time around, all the players stats and facilities carry over but you cannot advance past the first cup. Once this is fixed, this game will be on par with all the rest!!

The (somewhat) Beautiful Game by Matt Becker 2012-01-21

Kairosoft's skill is evident in every game they create, but this game is particularly lacking in the challenge department; I was able to dismantle every single team I faced on my first play through. Part of what makes games like Game Dev Story so great is their inherent "one last thing..." gameplay that keeps you up till absurd hours in the morning. That depth is missing here and, honestly, I cannot recommend this game to anyone who hasn't played kaitosoft's previous efforts. Go play those games and, of you must, then play this one just to support the developer till they release Game Dev Story 2 ( I hope to god it will come soon).

Seems well formated but... by snaftzger 2012-01-06

I wanna rate it better but the white boxes are overwhelming. I dont really want to go on because of it. The only white box i ever saw in a kauro soft game was the CD shop in mega mall story but thats it. I love kairosoft, i beat all of the games (exept hot springs story which could be better) and i still play them. I beat gp story 6 times and have been playing it since aug. also minecraft is the only thing better since i didnt have an xbox when i got it. Make more games and update your games please kairosoft. Do so and i will give a better rating and use those $3 on fixing your game please. Btw i <3 your game music

Kairosoft='Shrewd'soft by General. Missile 2012-01-13

First of all congratulation on becoming one of the top selling companies in app store. I bought this game just to say that 1. You put out "Edo town" 2. Then you put out something very similar like "Venture town" 3. Soon after you hastily put out this game which is different which is easier then both above with bugs 4. And fix it so that you can finally snuff all those ppl saying "updates! Updates!" but really you haven't changed or added anything but fixing a problem or two So there you go I'm just curious to see what are you ganna do next Kairosoft Thanks for Reading y'all

General.Missle Bravo by Richnwealthy 2012-01-16

I just completely agree with general.missle's comment kairosoft only did an update for this one game to shut up the people screaming for updates. They still dont follow up on anything. This game is good but just not worth the 2.99. I own all there games... I wish they put a little more time into their game development. I was drinking the kairosoft coolaide now after 5+ of the same games and no updating or upgrading. They are just nose diving an fast.... Once they start getting 1-star reviews again they will follow up...

One of the frustrating kairosoft games! by QuiteRightLv 2013-06-08

Aaaaarrrrg! When luck triumphs over skilled players is what makes this nail biting game exciting and lame at the same time. Can't tell you how many times you'll reset the game to achieve a no loss record (hundreds, atleast.) Or tie/lose the game due to your npcs do some of the worst passing errors, EVER! Not being able to control whom it wishes to pass to, definitively puts the AI cheeseness to the max. Aside from these gameplay kerfuffles, another solid game kairo. Next up, baseball!

Decent by wotm8 2012-05-26

1. in the match preview it shows 3 different looking characters on the AI team but in game they all have the same head. how hard is it to use 3-4 different hairstyles per team? -1 star. 2. the sponsor/free agent signing process relies on money and nothing else. it should be the more wins you have the easier it is to sign people (instead of paying 860k two or more times for 1 person EVERYTIME, no matter what!) -1 star.

Pretty good game, touch controls unresponsive by Remixman87 2016-02-05

It is a pretty good game, played it before on my older iPhone perfectly, but in my 6S Plus the touch controls have become somewhat unresponsive. Unless played with the touch gamepad (which strangely works perfectly) the game becomes very annoying to play.

Nooo by Birdyguy22 2012-01-05

I can only see white things!! Some things are white squares so I can't see anything. Please fix I have a 2g iPod and it's iOS 4.2.1