Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad
Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad

Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pocket Organ C3B3 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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MIDI channels of Pocket Organ C3B3
- Channel 1,4-16: Upper Keyboard
- Channel 2: Lower Keyboard
- Channel 3: Pedalboard

Pocket Organ C3B3 is a musical keyboard application for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch that simulates the Hammond Organ. The sound is generated with the synthesis of the waveforms from "Virtual Tonewheel System" controlled by 9 drawbars like the actual Hammond Organ. You will be surprised at the real sound generated from this App! Pocket Organ C3B3 is a Hammond Organ in your pocket or bag

Pocket Organ C3B3 has a rotary speaker effect like the Leslie speaker, which adds amazing realistic character and spatial depth on your organ playing. This effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes). Visit our website to listen to the realistic and authentic sound!

- Authentic emulated sounds generated from "Virtual Tonewheel System" mixed by sliding 9 drawbars
- 61key + 61key, 5-octave Dual Keyboards with switchable key width
- Scrollable Keyboard that can be configured to your own octave key range on screen with 4 preset buttons
- Key transpose function (You can play a music of any key in the key of C)
- You can select the Keyboard scale of normal, minor Pentatonic, major Pentatonic, minor Blues, major Blues
- Rotary Speaker effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes).
- Harmonic Percussion effect with adjustable decay, 2nd and 3rd harmonic
- Keyclick noise effect
- Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb
- Overdrive effects
- Scanner vibrato & chorus
- Shake your iPad/iPhone to play spring shock (reverb crash) effect like Jon Lord (keyboard player of Deep Purple) or Keith Emerson (a member of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer, ELP).
- iPhone's built-in accelerometer gives you amazing glissando effect control.
- 20 Factory Presets containing typical settings used by Rock, Jazz or Gospel Sounds
- You can add the User Memory Bank that allows you to store your own 20 patches (drawbars & effects settings) & Preset Packages with In App Purchase.
- Pocket Organ C3B3 is programmed by Shinya Kasatani, the creator of best selling iPhone App "PocketGuitar" and is designed by Junichiro Yamasaki of "Super Manetron".


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I like the Wide Keys, but.. Posted by

If you are to boast about this being an organ app, perhaps you should have a setting JUST FOR THE ORGAN PEDALS. your presets on the C3B3 is OUTSTANDING, and I would like to use it FOR PEDAL PRACTICE aka, my foot. however, since the keys are too small, even with your wide setting, I am forced to use other organ apps that, again, failed to realize that most people own keyboards at home, but lack a pedalboard, mainly because its IN THE THOUSANDS of dollars to purchase one. SOOOOO, in your next update, which I hope is soon, as it is time for an update, add a setting for a pedalboard? just the 12 key octave would be fine, as it doesnt seem likely people will be practicing massive footwork. maximize the iPad screen so we can utilize heel-toe action, too. you guys are the devs, figure out the awesomeness of the organ. check out the app Organist for reference. what I like about that app is that they have certain parts which you cannot hit, which gives you less room for error when youre using your foot. obviously, the ipad isnt marketed to be stepped on, but if youre thinking outside the box, and with an app in this industry, you might want to consider, kthanksbye :)

Best keyboard iPad app so far Posted by

There are a lot of iPhone/ iPad keyboard apps available but to me this one captures the real instrument the best. Who would have thought that one could play a real sounding Hammond on an iPad and have all the drawbars, vibrato, chorus and Leslie working as it does on the real physical organ... A marvel indeed and I just hope these guys go on to emulate other keyboards, such as ARPs and MOOGs etc. A couple of points for me personally that I would like to see addressed in an update. The screen needs to rotate so that this app can be played on an axis while your iPad is in it's apple slipcase... Currently it only plays in one horizontal view. I would like the option of playing one manual... But larger or more octave range (perhaps the keybed can slide left and right like other apps do). I would also like to see the octave offset being adjustable between the two manuals... I think the lower manual could be an octave lower etc. Otherwise, a fantastic product... Buy it. Mal

Love the sound, love the interface - can the reverb crash be modulated? Posted by

This is the best $2.99 that I've spent since... maybe the day before yesterday. ;) Seriously, though, I've been looking for just this sort of emulator for a while now, and for $2.99, this one can't be beat. It even has those lovely bass pedals (tucked away at the bottom of the interface, and maybe a little hard to reach, but I consider that a minor point). Anyway, what hooked me was the note in the description about the reverb crash, which took me to that part in Deep Purple's live version of "Child In Time," where Jon Lord kicks his Hammond. One other, minor, problem that I have is that the reverb crash is always deafeningly loud in comparison to the sound of the instrument itself. Can this be modulated, so that perhaps a light jiggle of the device produces not the loud crash, but that "twang" that happens when you tap the side of an old spring reverb unit? Keep up the good work, though, this is thoroughly enjoyable!

Very good Hammond simulation! Posted by

Very impressive simulation of the Hammond tonewheel sound. Excellent graphics, great user interface allows very logical access to all settings. I appreciate that every "click" of each drawbar is implemented, unlike some full-sized synths I've used that only allow a sub-set of tone selections to be made. The sounds are pretty faithful. Even sounds great through the built-in iPhone speaker, but hooked up to an external sound system it's even better! The Leslie effect is pretty good as well, although it seems that on "fast" it's a bit too fast at times, and when switching to "slow" it seems to take a lot longer to slow down then the 122 I'm used to. Maybe future versions will allow tweaking the speeds as well as the speed up/slow down times to simulate different versions of Leslies. But even if the app stays at this current version it's well worth the purchase price in my opinion.

D-D-D-D-DAMN!!! Posted by

This app is so amazing! I can't wait to spend another $7.00 on the other presets. I've spent ten bucks on way worse apps. Why is this so hidden? It's never in the top 50 and doesn't even show up when you search for synthesizer. I've been wanting a decent organ and have been settling for ellatron and church organ or whatever. This needs to get out there and mingle a little!!! Who cares about in app recording!?! It works great running through a fender twin, mic it up and press record!! Lol! This app is pushing me even further to actually bringing... MY PHONE...on stage with me! Knowing me i'd forget to turn the ringer off!!! Lol!! Push whoever into listing you under synth searches. All the crappy organs are there!

Decent software organ Posted by

- Upper Drawbars: cc #70 to #78, midi channel 1 - Lower Drawbars: cc #70 to #78, midi channel 2 - Pedal Drawbars: cc #70 and #71, midi channel 3 - Leslie Run/Stop: cc #81 - Leslie Slow/Fast: cc #80 - Upper Vibrato: cc #85 - Lower Vibrato: cc #86 - V/C Knob: cc #87 - K-Click: cc #93 - Percussion On/Off: cc #94 - Percussion Volume: cc #102 - Percussion Decay: cc #103 - Percussion Harm.: cc #95 - Reverb: cc #82 - Overdrive: cc #111 - Preset Keys C#-A#: Program Changes 1 to 10 Sounds ok and works well via MIDI. I would prefer the iPad would not go to sleep while playing via MIDI. AudioBus support would be nice. Documentation could be better.

Great! Posted by

Really great ui, useable sounds and just very well thought out. It ain't going to replace your best soft synth or anything, but its still cool and useable. Love all the modulation options and the reverb. I'd like to see a resizable keyboard, so we could maybe have 1 octave be displayed at any given time (as opposed to 1 1/2 which makes it hard to do clusters). I think I found a bug, if you are triggering say 4 notes with the bottom keyboard, and 1 with the top, then try to press another key on the top keyboard, it will stop all the notes. For a 1.0 release it works really elegantly so far.

Organ sounds muffled with rotary off Posted by

Don't get me wrong, this is an incredible hammond organ app. I just don't like the way it sounds with the rotary / run set to "stop." The sound is great with the rotary on, and I like the way it speeds up from slow to fast just like a real hammond. This is great for certain types of music, but sometimes you just want a flat organ sound with no rotary. The only problem (and I truly mean "only" problem) is that the organ sounds like it's muffled when set like this. I really hope they fix this in an update, because I really love this app.

Perfect match for Audiobus! Posted by

This is a super awesome sounding Organ app, the best sound by far on IOS. Pleeze let us have Audiobus so we can use you in our sonic masterpieces! That would make this the ultimate super-organ. Your customers are begging!! (everybody beg!) My 5 star rating is thanks in advance for adding Audiobus. (It's really a 5 star anyway, just for the fantastic sound! Your sounds are better than Galileo and much easier to play, like the real thing. Please hurry with the Audiobus, don't get lost behind other apps!

PLEASE Make a 2nd app for the professional musician Posted by

Absolutely thrilled about the midi update. If you lose the keyboards on the screen & make the drawbars & controls larger, as a musician I would be thrilled to pay up to $100 for the app Two large rows of drawbars would allow perfect access for musicians using the app with a midi keyboard. A "wind up" Leslie effect would complete the package This would open a brand new market for this already great app, one that would appeal to the professional musician.

Finally! Posted by

there's a drawbar organ for iPhone with Audiobus integration. Accessing presets is difficult, Tremolo and Vibrato need rate control; but over-all it sounds real nice. I'm just happy to finally have a drawbar organ on my iPhones that I can actually record. Thanks, devs. :-) BTW...this developer also makes the only Mellotron for iPhone with Audiobus integration. ;-)

Wonderful app! Posted by

I'm sort of a beginner on the organ, so for working on my basic parts this app is perfect. I play the organ at church and use this app a lot. I've had some glitches with the app and was able to delete and reinstall it within a few minutes and everything worked fine again. A Hammond with a decent Leslie on my phone? I love that!

I'm amazed... Posted by

It's unbelievable what you can do on an IPad Air 2 with apps like these, who needs a recording studio or producer breathing down your neck, recording studios are quickly becoming a thing of the past... Jeff Mercer Mentor Ohio

Fantastic app Posted by

I'm awaiting CoreMidi support, then it will be a true 5 star app. I've downloaded all of the sound sets and will use them in the studio and live as soon as I can get midi support. Great useful sounds!

IPod midi interface Posted by

Please make pocket organ compatible with line 6 midi mobilizer, akai synthstation 25, and core midi way more people would download this app if you could use it with a keyboard or midi controller.

They're Back Posted by

Finally Insideout, ltd. is back! This is a high quality B3 app! Great sounds and functionality. Keep it alive! I would love to see a mellotron on my iPhone with IAA capability. (hint hint)

All the bells and whistles, but lackluster sound by Nitpick Pete 2012-09-13

Love all the options, but the sound just ain't there for me. The percussion and key click it much too soft. Most of the presets have an awful sloshy attack and the tone wheel sounds are rather bland. The reverb is way too much even at low settings and the distortion is too digital and brittle. The rotary effect is not terrible, but as mentioned in other reviews, the fast setting is a bit too fast. I ended up buying all of the optional presets with the word "ROCK" in the description thinking perhaps I had failed to use the settings correctly...what a waste of time and money. Only a couple of them come close to what I need. Garage Band's organs sound way better, but have much fewer setting options and have an awful tendency to get notes stuck on with no way to unstick them without resetting the instrument. This app unsticks a note just by tapping the corresponding key...VERY NICE! 3 stars because all the settings are there like on the real thing. Hopefully there will soon be an update to improve the sound.

What is the point? by alexandros618 2011-03-05

It really doesn't matter how great it sounds if it's not really playable. No half-way serious musician is going to use this, except as a conversation piece, without MIDI. Everybody I've shown it to says "wow, cool......so what can you use it for?" Answer; "nothing really." So, another developer came up with an organ app "Organ Plus" which can be used with a MIDI keyboard. All the reviews seem to be glowing. But, its sound bears no comparison to Pocket Organ. However, guess which app keyboard players will be taking to gigs? Third, observation. It seems like the developers are not listening. Pity, because even some of the cheesiest music apps seem to have MIDI support, either with the Line 6 interface, or the camera adapter.

Nice features, Very poor sound replication by blksentra2 2011-03-15

This app has a lot of potential, but the sound replication is just too poor. It sounds nothing like a B3 organ. I didn't expect it to be dead on, but this is way too far to even be considered a B3 organ. You can't hear the Percussion or "key click," none of the other effects sound close to authentic, and the leslie speed sound is ridiculous. However the layout and options are what a "portable" organ app should be, and I applaud it. Just work on the sound, especially after hearing the organ in Garageband for iPad< I know it can be done. And that's not even a B3 featured app.

Graet App for making Music but almost ruined because of no recorder by alanhndrsn 2010-06-02

I love playing this app. Sound is amazing and keyboard setup is very good. How tremendously dissappointing that developers chose not to include and in-app recording sysrem. This lowers my use for it from something I would have used constantly to little more than a btoy. Please consider adding record. Multitrack wwould be great but anything would really help. With recorder this review would be solid 5 stars - without recorder I can only go 3 stars.

Unable to get support by Disgruntled dude 2012-02-22

I liked this app till last week now no sound and no my iPad is not muted I get a error403 when trying to get into their web site. For lack of support I would not even give one star, but I know the software gods are fickle. Come on guys some help out here, I do like the product. And have all the add ons. I do have other similar apps that work. I hope soon to have your help thanks. Hopefully this will get past the forbidden 403 message.

Needs work by H.L.run 2013-01-05

The concept is there but the realistic use if this app is vitally flawed. Certain keys in certain modes become stuck as the same notes, such as E and F and A, Ab and B. This is a serious flaw and needs to be fixed immediately. Also, although midi keys are supported there should be some kind of midi support feature that would allow the programming of a mod wheel/ pitch wheel and volume knob to things such as vibrato and pitch volume.

Disappointed by Murdock Scott 2013-05-18

I was hoping for more control than what was offered by competing apps, but what I found was an unusable mess. So many bad choices made on this app. But the bottom line is, it seems crash prone, it does not sound great, it has no modern features most of us have come to expect, and since it has not been updated since 2011, I doubt audiobus and more complete midi implementation are on the way. I should have shaved the three bucks.

Beautiful app but shallow without midi by Dvinegar 2011-06-25

This is a really killer app. I love the tone versatility and interface, but like so many other reviews have said, it is really just a cheap toy without midi. Please update app with midi - if I could chain together midi controllers and control the upper and lower tiers with separate controllers or just split one controller, this app would be phenomenal. I'd even pay extra for an update with that kind of functionality.

Needs a slower Leslie on fast by DeborahG2003 2012-05-01

The fast Leslie is WAY TOO FAST! Does not sound realistic like this. Give option to ADJUST THE SPEED OF THE LESLIE on fast!! Garage band organ has half the draw bars and sounds more realistic than this. Add ability to use sustain pedal as Leslie switch (slow/fast) on a MIDI enabled keyboard. Fix these two things and I'll return and rate 5 stars!!

Good, but... by tgjjr 2012-03-22

Core midi does not work. Can't play it from my keyboard. I was hoping to use this as another tool in my live-music arsenal. The sounds are awesome, but without midi, it is useless - especially on iPhone. Please update.

Ripoff! by Les Paul junkie 2014-09-25

iPhone 5 with iOS 8: audiobus init failure, can't access config screens shown in App Store, sound is lame and support site takes you to a page where it says "comments are closed" buyer beware! Do not buy!!

No sound why? by PASTOR ANTONIO 2011-07-13

Since last update sound is gone, i got an ipad2 download the app again on that one still not sound... Why? Please fix that

Ipad2 by Kraellin 2011-06-26

This doesn't work on my ipad2; no audio! Can't hear a thing! Hope this gets fixed soon!

Will not make a sound by Leslie Fan 2010-04-11

Downloaded the app, and have yet to get it to make a sound. It is useless.

Dupe notes by Capnjenks 2012-09-05

Too many keys play same note. Anybody experience this on iphone4?