Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad
Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad

Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Popsicolor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Add a splash of watercolor to any photo.

• Currently featured in the App Store's "Camera & Photography" collection
• “If you are bored of the traditional photo filter stuff, then give Popsicolor a whirl. It will definitely make your photos pop.” AppAdvice.com, Dec., 2012


• “There’s nothing quite like it in the App Store.” Life in LoFi: iPhoneography, June 2012
• “Watercolors that actually look good.” —Cult of Mac, June, 2012

• Turn Your Photos Into Stylish Illustrations
• Amazing Watercolor & Ink Effects
• Yes! High Resolution Output*
• Universal App for iPhone & iPad
• Share on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
• From the creator of Percolator for iOS

Watch the video at www.popsicolorapp.com!


• Load your own photos or example images from our App Store screen shots
• 24 Gradient & blending options including the new Duotone effect
• Choose 23 varieties of Intensity or Focus
• Optional Border and Auto-Enhance settings


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 5 and greater. High resolution support depends on each device's memory capacity. Please see the FAQ at: www.PopsicolorApp.com

Have a question? Remember: I can't respond to App Store reviews, so email me at [email protected]


• Follow @Popsicolor on Twitter and Instagram for the latest
• Follow the developer @Tinrocket on Twitter


Please leave feedback with each update—it really helps small developers like me. I'm committed to creating the most unique, highest quality image creation apps.

—John Balestrieri,
Tinrocket, LLC
@Tinrocket on Twitter


Popsicolor includes most of the examples images you see here for you to recreate and explore for yourself! :)

*Output resolution depends on device capability.


Current Version:
Varies with device
22.56 MB
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The concept is a winner, but struggles with hi-res images Posted by

I like the effects, although I wish there were more choices, and perhaps three or four applied at once. The three settings for "focus" are pretty cool, but again, more setting choices, or greater flexibility, like with an intensity slider would be a nice addiion. I can see myself needing to take these images and re-editing them in other apps to adust contrast, saturation, etc. So much depends on the starting image. Although the app has a setting to save at the resolution of the source image, it does struggle a lot with hi-res 12mp images, sometimes crashing when loading, other times crashing during the initial processing, and still other times crashing when changing colors. Doesn't crash every time, but does crash often. At the lower 2048 pixel setting there is no such stability problem, and given the final rendering lacks the need for hi-resolution, the medium setting is just fine.

Clever and Unique Posted by

I downloaded this app when it first came out, and had a lot of fun with it. I have a lot of editing and artistic photo apps, so I kinda go back and forth through them all. It's been a few months since I've used this, and when I updated and opened it up to play with it recently, I was pleasantly surprised! More options added, updated layout, designs. It was clever when it started, and even more clever now! This developer has another app call Percolator. It is even more creative, in a different way. Both have the most thought out, fun UIs. And the rendering time for changes is pretty quick. The only "problem" with them both, is too many cool choices... You can't decide which outcome to choose.... "Hey, this is a good one, Buuut, will the next style be even better?" Great flair, both recent updates are great. Keep it up.

WOWZA!!! Posted by

And Holy Moly! Was having fun playing with this app but now it is astounding. I almost posted this review before I even worked with any of my own pictures- just playing with all the examples was so cool. But then I used some stuff on my camera roll - using some of the same images I'd used in pre updated app- the results were fantastic- the addition of ink and all those new colors makes this app rock. For another experiment I used an abstract percolate image I had done. Whoa- you have to try this. Somehow I even wound up with an embossed result! Have no idea how that happened. But I love it. Thanks for all the work you are doing- know that it is appreciated. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

Fun colorful app Posted by

A fun and simple app that turns your photos into beautiful watercolor-like images. The interface is uncomplicated. You have a two sets of colors to choose from, which sets the gradient wash, or if you select the same colors, your photo becomes a single watercolor image. You also have a choice of three intensity levels, which affects how much color is washed over the image. This is a great addition to my collection of app for post processing photos. I'd give it a higher rating but only if in the next update they provide a bit more control on the mixing of colors and details of the images and allow me to post directly to Flickr and other social media outlets.

lovely app Posted by

I like the effects this app has, but I think it would be more efficient and time-saving if users could, upon choosing / taking a photo, also select which colors they would like to start off with. It seems like a waste of time to wait for a mix of colors you might change in the first place. It would also help if both top and bottom colors could be selected at the same time rather than having to wait for one color to mix, then the second color to mix. Perhaps choosing the colors and then pressing a "mix" button somewhere on the screen would help? Overall love the idea and hope to see it continue to improve (: Definitely worth the $0.99!

Great, fun app… Posted by

… Easy to use, great visual results. In my eyes, only two things keep it from being completely perfect: the results of using the "adding ink" feature are dark artifacts that break the border of the underlying watercolor piece. Sometimes it's a good thing, but the only way to make it good every time is to make it controllable. The other problem is that when I click the "write a review" button within the app it takes me to a blank screen within the App Store, which makes me have to take an extra step in order to come back and write the glowing review this app deserves!

Fun app by a creative developer Posted by

When I heard there was a new app coming by the creator of Percolator, I began checking for it every day. I have had great fun with Popsicolor in the last few days, appreciating its unique combination of sunny color and a kind of moody, poetic, texture. It's simple to become acquainted with, and the results are unlike other emulations of liquid media. If the future of this app is anything like the development and increased capacity for nuanced control that has marked the progression of Percolator, we're in for a lovely ride.

Yes!!! Posted by

An instant iOS classic with authentic water colour blending with full resolution support and amazing results. Note: People who complain about an inconsequential bit of time for processing images might reflect a moment on: No other app you have comes a n y w h e r e close to pulling off a realistic water colour effect with such beautiful results. Be patient. Also note: Not everything in this world is available for your immediate gratification and it is good that is so.


I'm a huge fan of Percolator, so I’m glad to see the developers coming out with a new app that is just as fun to use as their previous one. I’ve been having a blast using the app, and it definitely became available at the right time being summer and all. If you haven’t checked Popsicolor out yet, I highly recommend you give this universal photo app a look. It’s something completely fresh and welcome in the iOS photography editing space, and $0.99 well spent.

Great to add to your collection. Posted by

I am usually not inclined to download an app that transforms your photo into some other look alike medium. But I really like percolator by the same developer. This app first, does a great job and second a great tool to add affects from other apps or layer it to get even more interesting effects. Adding light leaker affects is a perfect example and not achievable in actual watercolor. If you like playing with multiple apps this would be a great addition.

Keeps getting better! Posted by

Popsicolor is totally original. I haven't seen anything else even close to this in the App Store. It helps if your image has a lot of contrast. After you use it for a while, you start to anticipate which images that will probably look good. I highly recommend this app. It's very addictive and a lot of fun!

Nice, simple and… slow Posted by

Bought this app after a series of reviews on iPhoneography website. It's simple for use, because of no settings and three adjustments type (top and bottom colours, focua and sizes). But it's pretty slow on my iPhone 4 when applying my choice of colour. Hope to see this app faster in next versions

A True Original Posted by

I have a lot of art and photo apps on my ipad. This one is really quite unique. My photos really end up amazing folks. So much better than the average "turn your photos into paintings" type apps. The effects are lovely! And the colors are so vivid and lively. Excellent, fun and easy to use.

Fantastic photo app Posted by

I downloaded this because I was already a fan of this company's other photo app, Percolator. Popsicolor makes it incredibly easy to make watercolor-style images from photos. Its simple interface is also easy to use. This is a great app for turning input photos into bold, unique works of art.

Popsiwow!!! Posted by

This was one of the first apps I downloaded when I received my iPad a few years ago and I must say that it was a great choice. It does what it's suppose to do and no complicated controls. Renders beautiful effects. I'm shocked there are no reviews for this terrific application.

Worth the download Posted by

Popsicolor is highly original. The effect really does look like a watercolor painting and not a computer filter. Seeing developers design new apps like this one is refreshing when most are still copying Instagram. Download it.

Pretty cool Posted by

This app makes some cool pics, but I wish it could do a little more. This seems like it should be free, but it is pretty cool. Percolator can do a lot more.

best artistic art filter app out there Posted by

no crashes no problems. best and original artistic app for iphone. best of all no in app purchases you get everything with the original purchase.

Great start! Posted by

Love this app! Only complaint is that it's slow (i use the 3rd gen iPad). Other than that I have zero complaints! Great job guys!

I like this! Posted by

The dripa that start from the center of the picture would look better thinner imo. Cool app!

Improved with v 1.0.1 by Snaab 2012-06-29

The speed is improved majorly! Not crashing on large file sizes! Still randomly changes colors when you change focus. Need to increase focus levels (granularity). Previous review: I bought this based on rave pre-reviews in The iPhoneography Blog. It runs too slow on my iPhone 4 and crashes on my iPad 2. You can only change one color at a time and then wait about a minute for t to process the change. This is a pain if you want to swap colors. If you want to change the focus, you wait again, and then get new random colors and have to change the colors all over again. Not enough granularity in the available changes, thus only a small few of your pics will turn out good. I'll revisit this review when some of these issues are corrected.

Pretty good by Dreamxweaver22 2012-07-01

I really enjoy the pictures this app creates. I just wish it wouldn't crash so much. I've found it crashes the most when using pictures taken in other apps like instagram. Just some things that I, personally, think would make the app even better. It'd be really helpful if there was a slider function for the focus because sometimes minimal is far too light, and bold is far too intense while natural isn't quite right. There needs to be more middle grounds so that the picture can really be optimized. Something else that would be nice is if there was an option for three colors and placing where the center of saturation for the colors would be. But all in all, a very cool app. Worth the $0.99.

Cool, but... by Monk Edsel 2012-06-29

Speed is an issue as others have commented, but a faster version is on the way, so I'll ignore that issue. The real issue for me is that the watercolor effect is so heavy that it blots out A LOT of detail. Images look good zoomed out, but zooming to 100% reveals a disappointingly vague result. I would appreciate the ability to dial up the detail on a per image basis, or even better, the ability to specify certain areas of the image that I would like to be sharper and contain more detail. That said, this is a cool app with a lot of potential. I usually don't buy into this sort of novel image filter stuff, but this app really caught my eye, which I suppose is saying something.

Bug report - stripes by harrysonpics 2012-07-02

On many images, usually horizontal, I am getting vertical stripes, not the watercolor effect. I was able to use just fine before 1.0.1, but since update last two days have had this problem. Have rebooted ipad. Update on 7/2: I have repeated the problem. I use photos 1000 pixel or 2000 pixel at 72 dpi. On both sizes I get the stripping. If I change the size to one of the three preset sizes instead of source, then the program works correctly. So work-a-round is use one of the preset sizes. But I to move files into multiple apps and blend together, so it is a problem.

Good effect, little control by MaticElcecticElectric 2012-07-09

The watercolor-like effect looks great, but there are almost no controls for it, you can make very limited color choices (all of which are the pastels you see in the example images here) and choose between 3 settings which appear to set a threshold/contrast prior to processing. Sadly, this lack of hands-on control of the result takes a pretty awesome effect into "toy" territory where it could be a pretty impressive creative tool. But when the result comes out well, it looks great.

Speed and flow are slow by Anitza 2012-06-28

It looks like the speed issue might be resolved with the next update. I would love to be able to manually adjust the angle and position of the color shift line. It would be nice to be able to adjust it like instagram's tilt-shift editor. Also would like to be able to select BOTH colors before it goes to work. AND for it to remember my color choices when I change the style. But I really like where this app started and am very excited for where it's going!

Great idea.. by Crimson Deep 2012-07-15

Buyt it's executed pretty poorly, there's only 3 contrast options that all look mediocre on most pictures, it needs more customization options with more contrast options and color combos, like a rainbow slider for maximum freedom, and also more than 2 colors at once. Maybe you could be able to set a little field or just pick a portion of the picture to be colored? And add a color it yourself option. With options like that, this easily becomes a 5 star app