Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad
Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad

Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Proloquo2Go is an award-winning symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 150,000 individuals who cannot speak. It is designed to promote growth of communication skills and foster language development through research-based vocabularies. Its innovative features provide support for parents, teachers and therapists to implement AAC best practices.

“Users can open Proloquo2Go and begin to use it for effective communication immediately.” – Susan Berkowitz, MS-SLP, AAC Consultant.

Proloquo2Go is one of the few AAC apps that covers all users, from beginning to advanced communicators, while catering for a wide range of fine-motor, visual and cognitive skills.

The research-based Crescendo™ vocabulary offers three vocabulary levels in 23 different grid sizes. Users can easily transition as language skills expand while customizations are retained. Core words appear in the same location across folders to support learning through motor planning. Proloquo2Go and the Crescendo™ vocabulary are available in English and Spanish, with support for bilingual use you can instantly switch between languages at any time.

In addition to the built-in Crescendo core word vocabulary, Proloquo2Go now offers Gateway to Language & Learning© through an in-app purchase.

• Choose from 3 vocabulary levels and 23 grid sizes ranging from 9 to 144 buttons on the screen
• Access 4,750 unique words out of the box and another 7,250 pre-categorized words in storage
• Select your vocabulary language: English (American, British or Australian) and/or Spanish (North American or Castilian)

• Use VocaPriority™ to quickly customize to user interest without deleting or creating buttons
• Pick from over 20,000 SymbolStix symbols or use your photos
• Create and move buttons, modify appearance (color, font, border, etc.) and adjust spacing

Language development
• Transition with minimal re-customization between vocabulary levels as the user’s skills grow
• Support learning through motor planning with consistently located core words
• Benefit from configurable English and Spanish grammar support for nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives
• Create consistent activities using activity templates pre-designed for 23 grid sizes

• Configure Message Window and buttons with symbols and text or text-only
• Use the configurable PolyPredix™ word prediction in Typing View
• Share messages through Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook and copy/paste

• Make quick choices using Popups
• Configure to Auto-Close popups after making a selection
• Simplify navigation with automatic Snapback to Home or Previous

Natural voices
• Download over 45 free natural-sounding TTS voices, including 10 genuine children’s voices and 3 bilingual English-Spanish voices
• Use a personal voice, created with Acapela Group’s my-own-voice project
• Enjoy ExpressivePower™ with prerecorded expressions and sounds

• Use Hold Duration and Select on Release to compensate motor challenges
• Access with a switch using built-in configurable (auditory) scanning
• Use with Apple’s Switch Control and VoiceOver

Classroom and therapy support
• Start simple and expand vocabulary as needed with minimal effort
• Customize vocabulary and settings per student with multi-user support
• Share folders between users and devices

Apple Watch app
• Use Apple Watch as a single switch for Proloquo2Go on the iPhone
• Use Apple Watch as a communication tool with customizable phrases and a sentence builder

Supportive community
• Contact our support team 24/7 by email or Facebook
• Learn using in-app help, online e-learning videos, or downloadable manual and tutorials
• Connect with peers on our private Facebook groups


Discounts are available through Apple’s educational Volume Purchase Program.

Proloquo2Go - Symbol-based AAC Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great app and recommended by an OT Posted by

I love this app for a lot of reasons. Let’s start with what I consider the best reason to use this iPhone and iPad app. What could be cooler than using an ipad instead of a bulky communication device? As a therapist, one of my primary goals is considered to be establishing the least restrictive environment. Adaptive equipment traditionally is big and cumbersome and screams DISABILITY. It commands unwanted attention and can bring embarrassment to the user. Obviously I like Proloquo2Go because it can be used on the iPhone or iPad. To quote the Proloquo2Go rep “It is one thing to have a solution that assists you in completing a task or taking part in an activity; it is something else if that solution presents itself just like any mainstream consumer product and treats its user like any regular member of society.” Another thing I like about this program is its ease of use. Within fifteen minutes of downloading the app, I had it set up to speak full sentences pertaining to my son’s name, his school, his age, his address and his love of trains. You can choose to select a boy’s voice or a girl’s voice for children, or a man or woman for an adult. I chose the boy’s voice and the fluency and cadence of the speech was pretty good for synthetic speech. From an occupational therapy perspective, Proloquo2Go is terrific. Higher functioning clients are able to customize the program to suit their individual needs. The graphics provide good contrast and can help with visual motor skills. Sequencing skills are required to be able to get to the specific sub-categories. It also helps develop good organizational skills. Using the iPhone or iPad requires motor planning and the ability to isolate the index and/or middle finger. Different categories in the app can help with social interactions and learning appropriate social skills. There is an entire category on manners. Remember, skill development improves with repetition. Daily use of this app will provide that repetition. If the individual is lower functioning, or more physically involved, then a caregiver can easily set this up for them. The most important aspect of the Prooquo2Go is that it is portable, mainstream and easy to use. I was advised that there are plans to create a switch scanner for 2011 which will make this appealing to even more people.

This app has changed our lives Posted by

My 5 year-old son has been using Proloquo2Go for two and a half years as his primary AAC program, on a dedicated iPad (no other apps on it) that travels with him everywhere. My son has complex communication needs, so his “Talker” is an extremely important part of his life. I have researched and tried out most of the other main AAC programs out there; all have their pros and cons, but in the end, I am extremely happy with our choice of Proloquo2Go. It has changed our lives, and opened up my son’s world profoundly. Pros: -Longevity. Proloquo2Go is the dominant iPad AAC app out there, is well-supported, and so seems as likely as any other AAC app to be around for the long run. -Customer support. AssistiveWare are ALWAYS quick to respond to any emails, and work hard to incorporate suggestions for improvements into the product. -Stability. In my experience, the current version of Proloquo2Go does not crash. Even with a vocab file of over 5000 words, it never crashes or slows down. -Customization. Since version 2.0, this is an area where Proloquo2Go excels. Its interface makes a lot of sense and gives you a lot of power in creating what you want to create. -Aesthetics. Of any AAC app on any platform, I consider Proloquo2Go to be the most beautiful. Seriously, it makes me happy to look at my son’s AAC, which is important if you are using it all throughout the day. -Voices. The Josh and Ella child voices are FANTASTIC. Best ever. -Value: Good price for what you get. Can use on both iPad & iPhone, no extra charge. Also, AssistiveWare doesn’t charge for upgrades. Room for Improvement: -Default (grid) vocabulary. While many improvements were made in version 2.0, I feel the default vocabulary is still not as developed as some of its competitors (TouchChat, LAMP Words for Life, Speak for Yourself, Grid2, or the old-school devices). Love the increased emphasis on core vocabulary and motor memory, but wish these were more fleshed out past the main page. -Morphology. I find the interface for morphology (verb tenses, noun plurals, etc) within the grid to be awkward. Some people may like it but it doesn’t work for us. On the whole, Proloquo2Go is a amazing. It has really changed our lives. If I were choosing an AAC app again today, I would definitely choose Proloquo2Go.

BEFORE you spend thousands on an AAC device... Posted by

I am a Mother Warrior with a 5-year-old son diagnosed with Autism. Entering Spec Ed Kindergarten this year, his teacher, (w/ 10+yrs experience with AAC Devices) requested months before school began that my son carry an AAC Device, considering he is 100% non-verbal. If you are unfamiliar... this is a PROCESS. From locating a "specialist" to being tested for one, to waiting 6-9 months for your insurance to deny paying the average AAC Device cost of $6000... Thank God for Apple, iTunes, the iPad, and especially Proloquo2Go. For a few hundred dollars, you can buy the iPad, this app, an indestructable iPad Case & Screen Protector (I HIGHLY recommend for kids this young) and you will be getting so much more than an AAC Device. Having compared a Dynavox and the iPad side by side, I can assure you, the decision is not difficult. Especially with the other Speech Impaired applications available in iTunes, from talking flashcards, to building storyboards... and you'll soon find your so-called "limited" child whizzing through apps you didn't even download for them! And the ability to upload your own personal photos (since Autistic kids are so highly visual & process much in "pictures") is priceless. There is NOTHING he cannot communicate to us now, through his iPad. My son's level of understanding has tripled, at least, since purchasing this app. For picky or particular parents, I understand the thought that this single "app" couldn't possibly be anywhere near as detailed & advanced as a traditional AAC... you're correct. Proloquo2Go's settings run circles around an AAC Device... with the SAME fonts, pictures, categories and styles. SOOOO glad we took a step of faith & gave Apple & Proloquo2Go a chance... they have far exceeded our expectations. As most Autistic kids tend to be "loners," my son's iPad is his best buddy, & goes everywhere with him. And yes, Proloquo2Go is also loaded on my personal iPhone, & my son whizzes right through it when we are out shopping or dining, & don't have the iPad. The smaller screen size doesn't faze him a bit, & can occupy him for quite a period of time, for all parents of ASD/ADHD/Asperger's children out there! Again I say... priceless!

Thanks for a wonderful LIFE CHANGING APP! Posted by

I have three young kids, two who lost language when they regressed into Autism. Unfortuneately, one of my sons with Autism has not regained his lost language, he lost it at age 2 and he just turned 7 in June....Proloquo2go has changed his life and our entire families lives! At first, I couldnt bring myself to pay this much for an "app"...howeverm after spending probably TWICE that amount trying all of the other "cheaper" apps, DONT DO WHAT I DID! I regret not getting Proloquo2go FIRST, it would have been my first and last purchase! NONE of the apps i tried were as user friendly, as comprehensive, and none were easy on the parents/therapists to adapt/individualize/tweak as time goes one as Proloquo2go is! We wasted several months and LOTS of money we really didnt have, in hopes that we could get away with somethng cheaper...but as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for!!!!" Its super easy for many ages groups, and i can easily see him using this program as long as he needs it, can be tweaked for preschoolers, kids, teens, and adults! It can be as simple or as complex as you want/need it to be. So many of the other apps dont even come close to the flexibility or the length of ability to use the app...many offer similar options, but if you really look at all of the options here and with others, yiu will see that you would have to buy and use several different apps at once with different formatting/symbols/uses to offer what Proloquo2go does in one user friendly package! Dont look elsewhere, I am SORRY I DID! I have not been compensated for this ad, nor have I had any cntact with them other than being a customer, i have nothing to gain by posting...actually I do, I know I will have hopefully saved another Mom/customer the pain and the money of going elsewhere just to see of/what the others do for less....dont waste the precious time or money...Start AND END with Proloquo2go! And when you do, dont pass up the opportunity to join their free user forum on their website, its full of PRICELESS INFO from other parents, users, educators, and therapists! Thanks for reading! Angie PROUD Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Our daughter has a voice! Posted by

Thanks to AssistiveWare our daughter now has a voice. Our 11 year old daughter has CP and is non-verbal. Her receptive language is excellent, she has learned how to read and build basic sentences. We have been searching for a good portable communication device for years but they always seem to be thousands of dollars or just not very portable and/or limit the user to pre-recorded messages. We have a Mercury touch screen computer that has been great for school but is not a good solution for everyday use as it is 10 lbs and doesn't have very good batt life. After I found Proloqua2Go on iTunes I did a lot of research to see if this was the right solution. It turnes out that this is the perfect solution. It has everything I ever dreamed of plus so much more! After I loaded the app to an iPod Touch, I gave it to our daughter to try out. She struggled with the button size. It seemed she was trying to touch the text, not understanding the button concept. I adjusted the button size from 4 x 4 (16 buttons per screen) to 3 x 3 (9 buttons per screen) and she really took off. She literaly spent hours searching the entire library of buttons and found many new things to say. She was so excited when we responed to her new voice. After a week of using the device I have adjusted the button size back to 4 x 4 (16 per screen) and she has done great. This is a great feature as you dont have to do as much scrolling to find your words. There seems to be a very active communtiy of users who share ideas and suggestions for current and future versions of the application. In almost every case I see one of the developers respond to the comments. I have seen one update of the app so far and it incorporated many of the features that users said they would like to see. Yesterday I presented the device to our daughters school. All her teachers, therapists, etc. where so excited to have a new way to interact with her. I truely believe this is the perfect solution for our daughter.

Worth every penny! Posted by

I'm so sorry to read about the troubles other people experienced with p2g. I don't know if the ipad version is what caused the problems? I currently have it installed in a 1st generation ipad and now in my ipad3 both working properly thus far. My autistic son loves P2G over his novachat10/ prev. Dynavox AAC device! I do too considering the time i've spent customizing devices. Full onscreen customizing is 200% easier than the novachat and dynavox aac devices. Editing is great, i edit on one device and just backup the vocabulary file to my pc through itunes then update it on the other ipad. We go back and forth between both devices while one is charging the other is in use. I love the ease of flow in my son's vocabulary. We went from completely non-verbal to complete sentences in a matter of months!! i must make it clear, this is not a magical solution. We sit and practice often. We have conversations through the device so he learns to form sentences. It takes love, patience, time and practice to teach any child to communicate with any speech device. They catch on pretty quickly though. My son is thriving, he is excited he can finally communicate. The only thing i dislike is that sneaky kids can freely exit the app. There is no kiosk mode or dedicated user setting. (this also prevented my insurance company from purchasing an ipad and p2g over an aac device) If there was a way to password lock the app open and disabling any other ipad use aside from the camera.. this would be a 10 star app! This was the only reason we had to get an aac device for him. It would be a competitive alternative to more expensive aac software that's for sure. (ps. Proloquo people can you also give us an undo button when using editing mode?) none the less, i love what you guys have done with the app. But what i love even more is what you guys have done for my son/ family. Thank you P2G developers! You rock!!

Mom to 2 y.o. with autism and apraxia Posted by

We absolutely love this app and would be lost without it! The customer service is wonderful. They are quick to respond and provide clear, easy to understand instructions. If you get this app and have any questions definitely contact them and they will take care of you well!!! I also love that the developers really listen to the suggestions and concerns of users and parents. I love that the app is so customizable!!! You can make it as simple or complex as you need to fit the user. We started out with just 4 or 6 "buttons", then we started adding folders. We now have multiple folders and our son can easily navigate and tell us his wants/needs and feelings. Just last night he was struggling during dinner out. He wanted to go outside but we weren't done eating. I was able to add a folder on the spot and add "buttons" to say first we eat then we go outside. Every time he wanted to go out I was able to visually show him it wasn't time yet. In no time he was "saying" first we eat then we go outside. And thanks to proloquo2go our son was able to say I love you well before he could attempt to say the words!!! It was a wonderful moment!!!! He uses the app not only to communicate, but also as a way to explore language, letters and numbers. We have folders for letters, numbers, transportation and music (all are things he loves) specifically to let him learn. Since he began using this app, he has tremendously increased the number of words and speech sounds he can say! This app is worth every single penny!!!! If you get this app and have any trouble, do NOT give up - Customer Support can walk you through any issue you might have. It will be well worth it in the end! Oh, and I love love love the new child voices!!!!

Need expandable text box Posted by

Proloquo2Go is invaluable to me, as I am a Disability Rights Advocate and Public Speaker and use your app to deliver my speeches. The one comment I would like to suggest is to make the text box (the one where the user types in their message) expandable. I use a word processor app to type my speech, then I copy and paste it into Proloquo2Go. The issue is once I listen to my speech (before I deliver it), should it need editing, I am forced to go back to the word processing app, edit it there, then copy and paste it once again in Proloquo2Go. I may repeat this process a few times, until I get my speech the way I want it. If the said text box was expandable and vertically scrollable, as many text boxes are on websites, I could do my edits there instead of having to switch back and forth between apps. Depending on the length of my speech, I could possibly type the speech directly into Proloquo2Go. I understand that the way that your app currently is, I could edit my speech directly if I used an external keyboard which has left and right arrow buttons, however I normally use an iPad to type my data, and an external keyboard is usually not available. An external keyboard is also an additional cost which many individuals with disabilities cannot afford, thus reworking your text box to make it expandable and vertically scrollable would be the solution to this issue.

Finding your voice Posted by

There's a guy out in the world today, working at his first job. He's 20, he loves tools and building things, he can't speak, and he' has some developmental delays. For several years, at school, he had a $6000 augmentative communication device, and refused to use it. Once, in middle school, he threw it. It was too big to carry around, and (I think) he thought it made him seem too different. Two months before he got out of school, Proloquo2Go was released. His school team got him an iPod Touch, with Proloquo2Go and (why not?) some free and $0.99 tools from the app store. To say that this is game-changing for him is not enough. In the next 2 months, he had more conversations - about tools, about what he liked, even, with his Mom, about the kittens at home, than he had in years. He introduced people at graduation, and aced his job interview. The designers of Proloquo2Go have created a communication application which does two difficult things well: it facilitates generating novel phrases and sentences; and it facilitates quick access to 'canned' or pre-written phrases and sentences that a user or user's helper choose beforehand to be useful in specific situations. I work with assistive technology for people with disabilities, and this is one of the coolest tools I have ever seen.

Compare to Dynavox Posted by

My 6-year-old son with Down syndrome is currently using Proloquo2Go. We had worked with Dynavox V previously (a $8-10K unit). The Dynavox was cumbersome, but powerful. The Dynavox software could do a variety of things, but was complicated to learn. (And I consider myself extremely computer literate.) This software is much less expensive (iPad & app was less than $750) but also not as powerful as the Dynavox. However, it is MUCH easier to program and to use. My son can pick it up, turn it on and use immediately instead of waiting for a long start-up of Windows OS heading into the Dynavox. I WISH that it had access to better standardized symbol libraries or an easy way to import these. I wish there were an easier way to locate a word and paste it into a new spot, or to populate new folders that you create. I also wish I could do editing on my home computer and tranfer over to the iPad. And I wish I could easily import a folder or file made by another Proloquo2Go user. There are some kinks and bugs that I've found. Musical instruments file repeats into itself. The number "8" was missing from a file of numbers. A couple of words don't pronounce correctly. However, all in all, I'm quite pleased with this, and am hoping that the app will continue to be developed.

Great app - so easy and versatile. Posted by

This is an amazing app! I bought an iTouch and Proloquo2go yesterday to try it out on my 7 year old son who has a mitochondrial disorder, autism, is non-verbal and has pretty significant fine motor control problems too. I was skeptical as to whether he could maneuver the iTouch but was thrilled to see that he is able to play many of the free games on the iTouch and is picking up quickly on the Proloquo2go. I am so excited to have something I can put in my purse and have with us all the time - its nice that I can put videos on the iTouch too. We also got the iMainGo case and its great. VERY sturdy (my son is very rough on things - he has broken 2 Springboards and they are in titanium cases) but I am confident this case with protect the iTouch and the sound is very clear (speakers are built into the case). We are using the 'large' button setting so there are 9 choices without having to scroll. The normal setting has 16 to a screen and it was a little too small for him as he isn't that accurate. We have been using a Springboard and were in the queue to get a Dynavox but I think this will quickly become the preferred mode of communication due to its size and ease of use. Great job on this. You have changed our lives in just 1 day!

Excellent AAC System Posted by

Proloquo2Go is a high-tech AAC device that is affordable and accessible! Unlike his heavier springboard, my 4-year-old son (with low muscle tone) is able to carry the iphone and use Proloquo2Go in various locations such as the park and grocery store. I don't have to worry about spending thousands of dollars (as with traditional high-tech aac devices) to replace it if he drops the device. My typical 2-year-old daughter is able to navigate the screens to help my son make choices! We love being able to take pictures of relevant items while on the go and then use them to set up choices for him to make or to use in story telling later. There is an expansive vocabulary set that includes activity sets and phrases. For example, there is a cars activity set that we use while playing with cars to describe their movements and sounds. Although we use it primarily for greetings, making choices and describing activities at this point (where he is right now) there is an entire language system in place that we model and he will use when he is ready. We like the ability to change numbers and size of icons displayed as his needs change and output voice so that it sounds like a boy!

LOVE Proloquo2go (all versions are outstanding!!!) Posted by

I have 21 year old non-verbal son. For most of his life he has used sign language, but now Proloquo2Go has given him an actual voice. He uses Proloquo2Go on an iphone and we LOVE it! Proloquo can go on other devices, but for him the iphone works the best because he is now moving into adulthood and is more out in to the community. It has a large amount of vocabulary of its own, but it can also be programmed to be totally custom to the individual. It has buttons and folders, like most speaking devices do, but it also has a typing mode, for which my son uses the most of. You can also add picture symbols, your own photos, or none at all, if you prefer. It is totally customizable! It can do some truly amazing things! I can not brag on it enough. The support people are amazing as well. They have set up certain group pages for sharing and questions and are extrememly fast at answering questions and helping troubleshoot. They also listen to feedback and do app updates that are user requested. The support team and developers are all about the users. Again, I can not say enough great things about Proloquo2Go and recommend it to anyone looking for a voice!

Deceptive description, poor graphics, useless application by Louie 48104 2009-08-03

This application is useless for people who do not already have English reading and sentence skills because the pictures are so tiny and remotely intuitive. In fact, the pictures are only good as indexes to find the words. If you do not already know the words (say, many autistic individuals have minimal reading skills and do not generalize well), there is no way he/she could figure out what the icons means. For example, if you want a drink with no ice, the icon is an "X" which is completely meaningless (won't it make sense to "cross" with some ice cubes as background)? Or....the many dollar bill icons are so tiny and similar, even an typical person could not figure out which icon relates to which bill denomination without reading the words. Those are just a few examples. My wife and I could not complete a sentence 95% of the time without "cheating" and read the words, which is exactly the opposite of this application is designed for (i.e., use pictures to compose a sentence). This application does have interesting features that could benefit individuals with physical disabilities tremendously. The text-to-speech is nice if you could type in a sentence on your own. But it is useless for my autistic child. It is not suitable for iPhone/iPodTouch anyway since the screen is so small, you cannot just jam everything in there (it appears that this is the direct port from PC/Mac, without considering the iPhone screen would be much much smaller than PC/Mac screen). $149 down the drain for absolutely nothing. What a waste of money. If you need to use this tool, please make sure the user knows the words well. The icons are so tiny and non-intuitive, they are only good for identifying the category. If the user is a visual person (like many in the autistic spectrum), saves your money till he/she could read.

Frustrated--what a waste of $189!!!! by KatG44 2012-07-25

I bought Proloquo2Go for my 7-year-old son who has Down syndrome and autism. He is completely non-verbal and we mostly communicate at home through sign language. His school put him in the iPad program and just started using Proloquo with him before the end of the school year. I had heard of it and it had been recommended by various "experts" as the best AAC app out there. I decided to get it to work with him over the summer so that he'd be ready to use it more at school in the fall. Well, what a frustrating experience. The app is way too complex and after reading the directions (which aren't great), I was able to set up our own user space. It took a lot of time. Then, Proloquo updated the app, multiple times. Now I can no longer edit a single button in a simple way and I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board and read the directions all over again, yet another waste of time!!!!! My son has not been that accepting of it at home since we know what he wants without using it, but I hoped he would see it as an avenue to be able to express more. He does not see it that way, he sees it as a chore. Why? Because it is a chore! It's too laborious to be motivating for my son to use. Not sure why this app is so expensive. What a waste of money for us.

App is Ok by Nicki's Dad 2010-06-18

My daughter is non-verbal and has been using the Dynavox system for many years. This application is ok, but is missing some critical features. The most critical feature that we woukld like to have is word predicition when she uses the keyboard. Also, when she flips the iPod sideways, it would be nice if the app would flip as well. This would give her a bigger keypad to type on. The iPod and the app has given her the ability to interact and communicate with friends, teachers and the public in social settings, at lunch, in PE, on field trips and out in the community. The Dynavox is much more powerful and she uses it in the classroom. Our long term goal is that she has an iPad and an iPod/iPhone (or similar size devises) with a powerful symbolic communication program with word prediction on both. Also to have an app like Co:Writer and Read Out Loud on the larger devise to help her with writen communication. But we are aways off before technology catches up.

Not user-friendly by Happy fan! 2014-12-24

I agree with another reviewer. It definitely takes time, a lot of practice, patience, and determination to get use to this app. I think GoTalk is more user-friendly. There are just too many pages and customizations that it's almost too much customizing because then the child can't use that customized setting across environments. We are using Words for Life, LAMP, which has been good. I think it comes down to testing out different apps until you find the one that works best for your situation. I just wish this app came with a free version. I had to pay $220 to find it wasn't the best one for us.

Cannot use the app =( by unlvalum02 2013-12-31

We purchased this app in hopes of being able to give our son a way to communicate with us. The app would be perfect if not for one major flaw... My son is a "slider", when he uses his hands. He can't just pick up his hand and place on the button he wants, he slides his hands from the bottom up. When he does this the edit menu pops up every time and he never gets to say what he wants. I would really love it, if that feature was changed. It sounds crazy, but I specifically bought this iPad so that we can use the app, and its pretty disappointing that we can't use it.

Like 1,000 flash cards thrown on the floor by GravityErik 2014-05-29

Proloquo2go is like throwing 1,000 flash cards on the floor and asking a kid to build a sentence. The interface is a mess of folders nested with folders and finding what you want among thousands of stick figures is near impossible. The level of customization necessary for each individual makes the interface design even more perplexing. This is not an easy app to customize. It's basically a confusing melange of flash cards. My daughter just stims with it and creates two minute-long run on nonsensical messages. I can't stand this app.

STILL inaccessible for many of the kiddos who need it most by Kellyjoy15 2012-08-20

For two years, I have been told that proloquo2go will be adding switch scanning access "before the end of this year". I'm sick and tired of being told that something else is a higher priority than my son and thousands of other kiddos being able to access this app. We spent a lot of money on it because I was told that it would be switch accessible within months; money that could have paid for medical supplies, therapies, or medical equipment. It's time for assistiveware to follow through on their promises or refund our money!

New version doesn’t work on old device by FrustratedFather2 2015-02-10

This app has been a great resource for my son — freeing him from the old, unwieldy dedicated devices that he used to use. We found a great solution with Proloquo2Go and an iMainGo portable speaker. Unfortunately, the newer iPod Touch doesn’t fit into the iMainGo — and the “update” for Proloquo2Go won’t load on an older iPod. I’ve tried to reload, but I can’t get the old version of the program back. Please — either fix the update, or re-release an older version, so we can continue to use your product.

Update problem by AvaAndElla'sMommy 2011-11-01

Just installed the update and there is a bug that needs to be worked out in typing mode. After you are in typing mode for a bit, it "freezes" and doesn't prompt you with the completed word options. It wasn't freezing like that before the update. Please fix!

Zero star by 伤心QQ 2015-04-03

If you not sure if your kids going to like it, Don't buy it ,because they don't offer free trial,my kids don't even touch it it's sitting in my cloud ,wasting over $200