Pronto — Timer App app free for iPhone/iPad
Pronto — Timer App app free for iPhone/iPad

Pronto — Timer App app free for iPhone/iPad

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Free $0.99 2012-07-10
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First Tracked $0.99 2012-01-18

How to install Pronto — Timer App app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Pronto — Timer App for iPhone/iPad
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Pronto is a minute-based timer app with a faible for good design. It fits in perfectly as your any-time reminder.

Just turn the knob to set a time. Push start to begin the countdown. It’s that easy.

- Start a new timer instantly
- Access recent countdowns even faster
- Beautiful user interface that resembles modern industrial design
- Alarms can include music or sounds
- Alarms ring even when Pronto isn't active
- Countdown time is displayed as icon badge

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