Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Pronto — Timer App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Pronto is a minute-based timer app with a faible for good design. It fits in perfectly as your any-time reminder.

Just turn the knob to set a time. Push start to begin the countdown. It’s that easy.

- Start a new timer instantly
- Access recent countdowns even faster
- Beautiful user interface that resembles modern industrial design
- Alarms can include music or sounds
- Alarms ring even when Pronto isn't active
- Countdown time is displayed as icon badge


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See where you are at a glance Posted by

Great app! Brilliance is in the simplicity and interface. Set the timer with a simple tap/ drag around the countdown dial. Countdown completion is at the top of the dial. The pointer you used to set the timer duration moves as the timer counts down so you can see your course time remaining at a glance. Also a linear seconds scale at the bottom which goes from 60 secs down to 1 as you go. It then recycles back to 60 seconds if that was not the last minute in the countdown. And not a number or character letter need ever be typed or viewed ... Absolutely brilliant. Just get this. If you are a presenter this replaces all kinds of complicated stuff and lets you focus on presenting. Perfect for when you need to hit the end exactly like for radio and tv slots. Now maybe they can get a landscape view so I can put my iPhone on it's side to be a little lower profile.

Convenient, quick Posted by

This is my go-to timer for most applications. It's quick to set. A nice extra is that it says what the time will be when it expires. It does lack control to the second, and that explains my withholding the fifth star. Not good for a 3 1/2 minute egg, and I can't set it to tell me precisely how long I have to clock back in after my break that ends, for example, at 3:15:00, with 3:15:02 being counted as "late". Of course other timer or alarm apps do those things, but pronto comes so close and is so quick and straightforward to use, that I keep wishing I could use it for all my timing needs.

Radical Approach to Timer Apps. Posted by

Definitely a radical approach taken with the design of this app. It's look is aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. You can set this timer for up to 999 minutes, which is wonderful. That said, with the possibility of having to undo long durations set, it would be nice to have a reset button if you have to quickly change the time. Otherwise, you have to undo the time you've set with numerous counter-clockwise motions of a finger. Still, Pronto is a very elegant, simple and functional countdown app.

Simple and effective Posted by

I have had this app for many months now and use it all the time to help keep me on task and to track time for all kinds of things. It allows me to work for a set period and then break to remind me to stop to refresh and I even fit in exercise during breaks, which would be easy to skip when I am busy otherwise. This isn't fancy, which is the best part! I love this app and have had it under other names, too. It's great and works perfectly.

Awesome app but might need a hot bug fix Posted by

This is a great app for setting up the quick alarm clock. However, one big bug exists and does need improvement urgently: After i set the alarm, either of leaving the app or iPhone's self sleeping will make the count down time incorrect, for example, originally '12 mins' was set but when i woke the device up, the time turned to be 457 mins and never work poperly!!! Wish this could be solved soon! Really love this app!

This timer is strikingly easy and quick to set Posted by

Pronto is my favorite timer app! I'm glad the developer finally fixed the bug. It has the fastest interface. When setting the time, you can either refer to the AMOUNT of time, displayed boldly up top, or you can refer to the TARGET time, displayed top-left in small print. It's great that a single interface control can set the timer in both ways (I haven't seen this in any other timing app). It's legit.

Elegant and Functional Posted by

Pronto is a simple and functional app. Yes, the ability to set seconds has been omitted. Hopefully, it will be added soon. However, I don't think it's worth deducting four stars. The ticking sound? I rather not have. That said, this is truly a beautiful app and it works! The UI is wonderful. Please don't change or clutter it. I suggest adding the ability to pause and resume by shaking the iPhone.

Simple. Effective. Easy to use. Posted by

◾️ Minutes are easily set by moving the hand. ◾️ Seconds are set by pressing the Seconds icon and pulling the red needle across a 00 to 60 time scale. ◾️ The Recents feature is convenient. ◾️ There is a variety of interesting alarm sounds to choose from-and a music option. ◾️ The timer had the option to show time remaining on a badge (very nice). ◾️ Nice appearance.

Elegant, reliable, 2 iDevices, Mysterious Posted by

GR8 app, and runs smooth w/ 2 weeks of use. I went and put it on my iPad mini, too. Could never find a timer like it that Steve Jobs would be proud of. =HIGHLY=RECOMMEND= ...mysteriously, Pronto lacks a selection of longer and/or louder alarm sounds. These can be important to have for many users and circumstances = a paid upgrade sounds option is recommended!!

Perfect! Posted by

Pronto is a great little app and it has been on my iphone since day one. It is a timer application that has a clean interface, no bloat-ware, no register-ware, and has always worked when i needed it to. This is one of those must have utilities for your phone that you will find yourself using again and again. Five ***** application!

Simple and Straight to the Point Posted by

This is a great timer app. Setting is quick and the interface intuitive (I mean it's got a big green button for start). Most of the time this is all I need. No need to save timers because it's so easy to set. I even use it in place of the Snooze button sometimes. Kudos to the developer. Enhance it for iPad, please.

Easy to use Posted by

I really like pronto. I use Alarmed and I use the native iPhone timer but pronto is so easy-to-use so I often turn to it when I just have one thing to time. The interface is simple and works well. Great job!

This timer is really excellent Posted by

It's free, fast, easy to manipulate, a perfic timer in appstore. And I think a lower star reviwers are eccentric people. They should be looking for other paid app which is specially designed.

Really well designed app but huge bug Posted by

An awesome timer app. Well designed and functional. Waiting for an iPad version with a bug fix . If you are timing something and press home and then relaunch, you get an incorrect time

I like this developers simplistic approach Posted by

I use his Software on Mac App Store called Silicio,a widget for iTunes ,Spotify and other Music Players.Thank you dev ,the app works well on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

Great, simple timer. Posted by

Only request would be support for the iPhone 5 screen.

No sub-minute timing? No way! by Muhlakai 2016-03-20

Pronto is awesome. It's clean, it's quick and easy to set and use, and it's got great options for the alert. I also love the easy way it resets and let's you use different recent intervals. In fact, it has everything going exactly right. It's probably the single best timer app I've used. ...except for one critical thing that will keep it forever off of my phone: the minimum time is one minute. Another (much smaller) issue is that it has no stopwatch. I do a lot of networking and presentations. In many groups you get 30-45 secs to talk. Not only does this mean that Pronto can't be used for the meeting, but it really can't be used to practice, either. (How long was my talk? Subtract from the original time, carry the one, and... Shoot. What was the next digit?) Can it time my kids' time outs? Longer times? The boiling pot on the stove? Sure! ...but the sub-minute timer is what I need more than anything, and without that I just can't justify it on my phone.

Shortest timer is 1 minute by Hogefan 2014-12-19

Two problems with the simple timer. First, I can't make a 30 second timer or any timer below a minute. Even if I set the seconds first, say at 55 seconds, I can't then change the minute setting to zero. If it were possible to do this, then the other problem would be: the change of seconds is too close to Recent. Trying to slide the seconds bar gets too often interrupted by accidentally sliding over Recents, and then you have to try it again. The wheel would be easier, especially with the limitation that seconds are in 5 second increments. One final thing: the sounds offered are fairly obnoxious. Nothing simple and pleasant in case you want a sound that doesn't attract a lot of attention. I don't mind the sounds offered but I'd like the options of simple sounds. Most of them are musical and one in particular takes a second or more to even begin. For a timer app that has essentially one function it fails at several things.

Great Design BUT No Useable by Me by Sh'ma! 2015-10-19

I need a timer that will ring while my phone's ringer is off. Sorry to post this complaint here but there's no other way to reach developer easily. Otherwise, yes a strikingly beautiful design. AND as someone wrote A WHILE AGO the option to let ringer ring until one notices it - it looks as if developer does not care to update app...

Great! But... by elguapo42000 2013-04-12

The interface is slick! I totally dig this app. I use it all the time with the pomodoro method. My only negative is the lack of iPhone 5 screen ratio. I am not sure if this is even being actively developed any longer--I can't even find a site to reach out to the developer. Would give 5 starts otherwise.

let's try this.. by MathOtic 2011-02-06

1. setting any time for alarm and press start button. 2. after stating timer, press home button. 3. return to this app, target + 48 minutes shown. 4. press home button. 5. return to this app, target + 96 minutes shown. 6. press home button. 7. return to this app, minutes is normal.

Lacking in features! by TTaylor1982 2012-06-04

Unless I'm missing something, u can only set the timer to count down minutes. Apparently seconds don't exist in this app. Please fix this, and it would be nice I the app were more customizable.

reset? pause? by Cyclekitty MOM 2012-06-24

It's OK for a straight timer. I would like a reset button or the ability to do seconds.