ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad
ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad

ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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ProPlayer is a beautifully designed, yet powerful video player for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, that supports every video and audio format and brings new and innovative features to your device. Stop converting videos for your device! Simply transfer any movie or audio file of any file format via WiFi, USB from your computer or download directly from the web to your iOS device and start watching. There is no conversion necessary. ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Universal! Designed for iPhone and iPad ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ PLAY ALL VIDEO TYPES ProPlayer supports all major video and audio file formats: - Video formats: DIVX, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV, WEBM, DVR-MS, WTV, MPG, MPEG-1,2 & 4, MP4, M4V, MPV, VOB, TS, M2TS, OGV, OGM, DV, ASF, 3GP, M2P, M2V, GXF, WINDOWS MEDIA - Web Stream Formats: M3U8, RTP, RTPS, MJP, MJPEG - Audio formats: M4A, MP3, WMA, OGG, RM OFFICIAL DOLBYⒸ AC3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS-HD & MLP TrueHD Support - Subtitle Formats: TXT, SRT, SMI, ASS, SSA SUBTITLES On-the-fly subtitle downloads from - or use your own subtitle files for your movies. AUTOMATIC METADATA ProPlayer automatically fetches movie posters and details about your movies and tv shows. ADDING YOUR FILES Adding videos to your ProPlayer is incredibly easy. Just choose one of the following options: - WiFi Upload via Browser - Import from Dropbox, Mail & other apps - Import via USB with iTunes - Direct Download from the web WEB STREAMS Watch video & live TV streams via m3u8, rtp and several other streaming protocols. TV-OUT Play your videos on the big screen with a HDMI or VGA adapter. BACKGROUND AUDIO Watching a music video but just want to listen to the audio? ProPlayer can play the audio in the background and continues even when your device is locked. PASSCODE PROTECTION Want to protect your files? Just set a passcode for the whole app and they are safe. GESTURES Supports many swipe and tap gestures in the video player, so you can perform a quick action, e.g. jumping to the next video, with a swipe to the right. ORIENTATION LOCK Lock ProPlayer to your current orientation to make sure that your movie isn't interrupted by over-sensitive orientation changes. ELEGANT AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE ProPlayer offers a beautiful, but simple user interface that shines with typical animations and an appealing design. EXTRA FEATURES - Supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks - Change the playback speed - Open up e-mail attachments and files from other apps COMING SOON - Ftp and UPnP Streaming Support - & TVShow Time Support - XMBC Support FOLLOW US - Twitter: @azurcoding or - Facebook: For ProPlayer customer support, please visit

ProPlayer Pro - the video player Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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FINALLY...A video app that's capable of doing what it promises.. Posted by

This app is FANTASTIC..I CANNOT BELIEVE I PAID ONLY 99 cents.. Do yourself a huge favor, BUY THIS APP before the developers realize they have created a masterpiece.. Finally, an app that lives up to do what it claims to do..I am reluctant to say so, but, this blows the similarly functioning "Air App" out of the water and has NO STREAMING OR RENDERING Headaches.. It is simple to use and allows the user to watch all those saved videos on your MAC or PC, it took me all of 5 minutes and I was watching videos on my beautiful Retina Display without the hassles of streaming or rendering the files. I'd give this app ***6*** Stars if I were able. I certainly WILL be watching for updates because this App is only going to get better.. PS; Even though this app appears very simple at first glance and there isn't a whole lot of bells and whistles included, The software engineers who wrote and arranged the code for this App deserves a BONUS because he/she just put you up there to compete with ANY of the "Big Boys".. To sum up this App...Simplistically Beautiful, Highly functional and economically friendly, yet, not lacking in anyway and all while allowing room for future growth and improvement..(not that it needs a single thing added)

At Last! A fabulous multi-viewer that works. Posted by

I have been soooooo frustrated by the many emails I get with WMV (Windows) videos attached that I can't watch. Now retired, we travel the world extensively and my iPhone is my only "computer" for extended periods. Unfortunately that ment that often a large portion of my emails went unviewed until I got home again. ProPlayer has solved this in a simple and highly effectve way. I have had zero problems and couldn't be happier with an App. I think it is the first 5-Star rating I've ever given. Thanks guys. Steve Jobs (RIP) and I both thank you for leaving the world a better place!

It's just moved Posted by

For all those complaining about the missing landscape mode, it wasn't removed. You simply need to change it back by going to: settings > tv output resolution. I removed some stars because of some quirkiness, but I really can't complain about the one ad you have to endure... It is a free, after all, and that's a small price to pay. The app is otherwise pretty nice. I like VLC a little better, even though ProPlayer's directory password feature makes slightly more useful than VLC.

Good for background listening Posted by

The main reason I got this app was because I didn't want my iPad (retina) held hostage by the video. Now I can check my email, etc without stopping the video, especially nice if watching something I've seen before. It pretty seamlessly moves from foreground to background. Occasionally it does not continue to play when move back to foreground. This only happened to me once when lots of apps were open. I was mainly looking for background play and haven't really used the other features.

Works for me! Posted by

I threw every video file I have at it and it played everyone. There were some videos that you couldn't scrub through but it's not really a big deal. And there was 1 movie I had where the voice was off my mere milliseconds but other than that this is a great app. Future updates should fix the very minor problems I listed.

Works for me! Posted by

I threw every video file I have at it and it played everyone. There were some videos that you couldn't scrub through but it's not really a big deal. And there was 1 movie I had where the voice was off my mere milliseconds but other than that this is a great app. Future updates should fix the very minor problems I listed.

Love this app!!!! Posted by

This app is wonderful. I have really enjoyed being able to watch all the films that I already have without having to convert them or make sure that the format is correct!!! I got this app for free with a promotion but this app is with the 99 cent asking price easily!!! Keep up the great work u guys!!!

Freakin Awsome! Posted by

For all of you who are tired of spending money looking for a good player. I've spent lots of money searching for the right player and have come up with 2. Proplayer is one of them. I now keep 2 players on my phone and ipad. They are so freakin good I didn't know which to keep so i use both.

Best player ever! Really worth the money, happy :) Posted by

New update ! The landscape mode is back after 3 years! I've been waiting for this... I really love this app, it plays any video codec even subtittles, cant complain nothing about it, thank you for making this app, i love it :)

why passcode function doesn't work? Posted by

why passcode function doesn't work? why passcode function doesn't work? why passcode function doesn't work? I'm using iPad of 3rd generation, please quickly fix it!

Good, but... Posted by

This app is great. But I can't open a mp4 file in Safari. Even if i tap and hold the attachment in Safari I dont get the option to open with ProPlayer. Any ideas?

Really great! Posted by

Best player for iOS. Really smooth functioning compared with all the other players I've tried like Cinexplayer, Oplayer and Buzz Player.

Best video player for iPhone... PERIOD! Posted by

This is by far the best video player for iPhone. No need to convert anything... just copy your video files to the player app and enjoy!

Supports 1080p Posted by

It plays a 1080p mp4 file very smoothly while my previous player couldn't. I'll probably stick to this app for a long time.

No landscape Posted by

Pls support landscape mode again in iphone n ipod touch n few bugging ui

So Close to what I wanted by BarhoundJK 2012-08-20

Do like just drag / drop to file sharing since I generally hate itunes syncing method. Did play the couple formats I tossed at it. HD stuff, avi, etc. played pretty well. Like the gestures you can add including double speed. Just to see, I tried a Windows Media Center .wtv file, which just about nothing plays but WMC and xBox. It downloaded the entire file. Starting playing. Little pixelated, but it was std definition. I was really happy, visions of no more conversions of media files from .wtv to iphone. But then it only played 5 minutes of 30 minutes show. I double checked, but same results. So pulling two stars for teasing me. If you're using WMC, keep your eye on this app, hopefully they'll fix it. Even though .wtv is not in their list of formats, I hate being teased. Does beat regular iPhone media player. I don't do flv files, so don't care about that, but I know a lot of people do. It may be the player for you.

WHY? by diKopicoffee 2016-12-01

Hi, Its so disappointing when you finally decide to upgrading this app. 1. Sleek and user friendly folder system has goned. Title and duration time being replaced with icon and without any description at all. 2. It flawless continuity playlist function has goned. So verytime the first video files finished, it's not play the next videos on a playlist automatically, instead it show description of the video files. This is very similar with the original IOS Video apps. 3. So please consider to bring the old ProPlayer interface back and do Enhanced its functionality and capability like you do right know (Straight Download & Metadata etc) So my point is: PROPLAYER OLD INTERFACE + UPGRADING FUNCTIONALITY (like you do right now)

DON'T UPGRADE - - DON'T UPGRADE by Gadget Freak 2000 2014-02-05

OK This *WAS* my favorite video app... I should have come here first to read the reviews ( I mean WARNINGS....) FIrst and Worst - A BIG FAT AD fills the screen everytime you open the APP!!! Second as stated earlier - You can only watch in PORTRAIT mode!!! Third - DON'T UPGRADE!!!!! THis app was perfect... It just worked and worked great... Now it's a huge step backwards. I am going to try to rescue my old version off my computer before iTunes tries to download the new version... maybe there is some way to get the old version back on my ipad?? Unless you are having major problems.... DON'T UPGRADE!!!! Otherwise you will be sorry!!!

Update = Downgrade by Fetrows 2014-02-26

Like many others, this was once my go-to media player. It played everything beautifully, and the interface with iTunes was simple as could be. Then comes this latest 'update'. What this 'update' does, is force you to watch in Portrait mode (a waste of real estate on the beautiful iphone 5 screen) AND plasters a huge FULL-SCREEN ad in your face every time you launch the app. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't updates normally IMPROVE an app? This one took several bounding steps backward. Which is very disappointing, since the app used to be soooo good at what it did...

ProPlayer by BSoulMan 2012-01-30

I like this player, but it does not sync audio with video. I tried multiple ones. How can you change a password once one is set? Other suggestions: I would like to be able to repeat a video automatically. How about being able to use a different password on select folders? This player looks nice and plays most formats, but does not sync audio with video properly (.avi). I do like the subtitle feature. Please fix audio/video problem.

Fix major bug by houman123 2014-02-19

I give 5 Star for Developer ( Not for this version ) It was best player i ever used on ios... 5 Star for Proplayer and " 0 Star " for this update After update it's not support rotate !!! Fix this bug. Appendix : Dear developer, We are on IOS 7 ( not 6 ) After one year : "it's support ios 6 and iphone 5 ??????!!!!!! You updated to old version with major bugs. WHY ....?

Stuttering 1080p? by Collinbarlage 2012-06-24

This app is GREAT so many unique and clever features to it I've been using it for a while, never crashes or anything. But I just found out that high quality videos lag out of sync with the audio... The developers NEED to fix this bug!!! It is not worth 6 dollars otherwise. THE NEW UPDATE DOES NOT FIX THIS BUG!!!!!! DO NOT BUY UNLESS FURTHER UPDATE IS PRESENT!

Sigh by Anon23232 2015-01-17

Another app I paid for has thrust ads in my face. Thanks, Candy Crush Saga, for spreading the insidious freemium disease. Not to mention the piss to poor support regarding the screen orientation. Telling people it moved might have helped. Please excuse any spelling errors. My phone is being weird today.

No different that standard video player by redant1234 2011-11-22

This video player cannot read your iTune U files with out re-loading them to the iPad (so now you have copies) It does not have a 5-second replay button. The button that looks like the 5 second replay button is actually a loop button. (who loops video?) There are no advantages to buying this app.

So disappointed... by DjCarcamo 2012-11-04

The only reason for me to buy it, was the loop option. I wanted to display some videos to a bigger screen and have the same video play over and over... But it doesn't work..!!!! Even with the "loop icon" on the screen... Waste of money...

Don't waste your time or money. Much better FREE apps out there that work better by Dealcatcher 1 2012-04-22

I can't get this app to do anything at all. I can't add files to it, or get it to play anything. I want my money back, there are better FREE ones out there, and this is a waste of time and money.

Not 1080p ready by Williamutvo 2012-04-17

I tried to play 1080p mkv movie bluray ripped on iPad 3rd gen. Movie stutters badly and video looks more like a slideshow. Audio out of sync. I hope new update will fix this major flaw

Great video player but, by radenasu 2011-12-03

It does play various media format however in my case wmv files do have a little problem. The audio doesnt sync along with the video. Hope this can be fix in the future updates.

Don't know by kmam 2012-04-08

I haven't been able to get it to work on my iPad and don't know how to. So I have to rateit a one until I am able to get clear instruction from this app

Pure Junk! by PDS wiz 2014-03-08

This app at one time was would my favorite players for all types of movies files. The latest version has ruined it. Lots of pop up AD windows. Junk !

doesn't work by podpal 2011-08-10

bought this app to watch a wav file that was downloaded to dropbox and transferred to proplayer following all the instructions. app does not work

Crashes! by Jkerya 2012-04-19

I just paid for the app, it crashes every time I try to use it. I use iPhone 4s

Broke Again by Andy_Kayak 2014-09-29

Cannot get out of portrait mode AGAIN on iPhone 6 plus. These guys are LAZY.

Saudi arabia by Apogoo 2015-02-04

I can't open the app I pay 5$ for nothing I have iPad mini

Iphone 5 support by Gnikkx 2012-10-21

Wheres the iphone 5 aupport update?