Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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PublisherMaster for iOS is an advanced yet easy-to-use design and publishing app for creating stunning posters, flyers, cards, banners, wedding invitations, advertisements, and more.

"It's a breeze.. easy to use." -- PC World Magazine

Set your imagination free with the intuitive drag-and-drop designer. With the ease of a swipe, you can add and place beautifully formatted text, images, clip art, and shapes. Even add a QR code or paint directly on the canvas (iPad only).

Position, scale, and rotate elements so they look exactly how you want. The handy guides and optional grid make creating precisely beautiful designs easy.

When your design is perfect, you can preview and print directly from within the app. Or, export as a PDF, PNG, JPG, or shareable PublisherMaster file. Send it via email, Dropbox, or iTunes File Sharing.

- Add text, images, clip art, shapes, QR codes. Paint directly on the canvas (iPad only).
- Drag them in place, to exactly where they will be published.
- Select for over a dozens of hand-picked, beautiful fonts.
- Set text alignment, color, size, and background color.
- Pull images from your photo gallery and place them.
- Add shapes from our library of over 100 shapes, glyphs, illustrations, and pictograms. Set them to a custom color.
- Search the library of thousands of public domain clip art images and instantly add them to your design.
- Easily encode and embed a QR code. This is a great way to make it easy for others to access your website using a smart phone QR code reader app.
- Paint directly on the canvas. Select a color and brush size and paint away! (iPad only)
- Grid and alignment guides make laying out your elements a snap!
- Duplicate, reorder, and lock elements in place.
- Change element opacity/transparency.
- Apply a border, setting width and color.
- Add a drop shadow to anything, including text.
- Rotate images, shapes, and clip art using the rotate gesture.
- Scale elements using either the resize handles or the pinch gesture.

- Select from numerous pre-defined paper sizes, such as Letter, A4, and Tabloid.
- Or create a custom paper size using either inches or mm. This app support any and all paper sizes, including standard card stock.
- Use the default white page color or select a page color from a huge palette of colors.
- PDF output will automatically be set to your desired paper size.

- View your design exactly as it will be printed with the built-in Print Preview feature.
- Export as a PDF, PNG, JPG, or PMF (PublisherMaster file).
- Send it via email, Dropbox, or iTunes File Sharing.

- Share your designs and collaborate with others. You can export your documents in a fully editable format (PMF), and anyone with this app can open it to edit or publish.
- This app includes several templates to help you get started.
- Easily duplicate designs, so you can create one and use it as a template for others.
- Undo / redo support.
- Beautiful index view of all of your designs, including thumbnails views.

For easy getting started instructions, check out:

Get started designing today with PublisherMaster for iOS.

Publisher Master for iOS - Graphic design and layout maker Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Good app for easy, simple projects Posted by

I have used this app for almost a year, and I have really liked the easy user friendly aspect of it. I have used this app to make 3 event posters. The updates have been much needed, especially adding more fonts. I would like to see more BOLD fonts or given the option to bold any font. The color options are good. I would also like the option to make postcard sizes, business card size, three-fold brochures, and two to a page (whatever size that is.) I have noticed within the last few days that the function to add background image isn't working...please fix. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Gets the job DONE! Posted by

Was absolutely exausted Christmas Eve when I realized I had forgotten to prepare a very special gift certificate for my parents. Having just gotten in bed at 4am and not wanting to have to get up to do one more thing, knowing the children will wake all too early for Santa's surprise, I desperately searched the app store for some kind of document writer app. Found this, and within 10 min I had downloaded it, created the "Gift Certificate" including a couple choices from the app's stock of searchable clip art, and printed it out on my airprint printer. DONE!

Awesome app!! Posted by

I was looking for something similar to Microsoft publisher that I have on my work computer and this is perfect! Well worth the money and very simple to use! I read the reviews before I bought and the ones who say it is not user friendly and hard must not have much if any computer experience. An elementary kid could use it! It is fun and I've already created multiple projects with it. But PLEASE PLEASE add google drive as an export option! I'm having to export to Dropbox then from Dropbox to google drive it's a pain! Thank you for a great app!

Great Ap! Easy to save & share! Posted by

I had a horrible experience purchasing an ap called "card shop" by misoft. The ap itself was easy to use but although they claimed you could easily save or share you work... You couldn't. I had spent hours of wasted time with no way to extract my creation. This app is very user friendly and offers multiple ways to share and save your work. I would have given 5 stars but it is rather difficult to move and size artwork or clip art on the card. Minor tweaking and this will be the PERFECT app for creating cards, posters, etc.

Terrific software! Posted by

Publisher Master is extraordinarily handy. Intuitive and convenient, the tool allowed me to mock up my first brochure in about ninety minutes. (And my next one will take twenty.) Seasoned graphics people may find it limited in certain respects. For me - a pianist and English teacher with little background in graphics - the application seems thoughtful, user-friendly, and well suited to nailing common tasks.

Love!! Posted by

I needed an App to make invites for a dance I was helping hosting for my daughter. This made an awesome invitation! I would recommend playing around with it to begin with. After I got the hang of it, it was easy and after I finished it I just emailed it to myself put it on a flash drive and then took it to the printers! So worth the money!!! I wish you could see it!!

Fabulous App!! Posted by

I LOVE this app!! It's the very best of any I've ever used. I was able to immediately create brochures with easy interface options. I've always been a confirmed Microsoft user & really love Publisher. I'm still a rookie on Apple products & this app truly gives me hope I can be an IOS junkie like most of the population

Works Great Posted by

I used Corel Printhouse for years & this is very similar. I'm using it on iPhone6 Plus. I've been looking for an app like this & although it's not as good as Printhouse, I love it. Easy to use with most of the functions that matter. One thing I'd like to see is to be able to rotate text like you do with pics.

Surprisingly Good!! Posted by

Downloaded and started using right away. Was very happy with features and their flexibility. Does exactly what I want plus more. No more looking for a design app - this is it. A keeper for me!!

Clever App! Posted by

Love this app. Easy way to communicate an idea from your IPad. Great way to use your photos or clip art they provide to generate a flyer, newsletter or your's the limit!

Fantastic Posted by

One of the most used apps on my iPad. So easy to use and even easier to export to email & Dropbox. I love this app

Easy to use and fast! Posted by

Pretty awesome little app for quickly making graphics on your iPad or iPhone. Definitely making my life easier!!

Not what I was expecting by Ash lady 2013-07-20

I thought that this would allow me to design some flyers that I need to place in table tents for advertisements. There are not very many options for different designs! It does not allow you customize or edit easily. For instance I had written some text in a box and I wanted to add a colon sign, I had to delete everything that was typed until the spot where I wanted the sign and had to re- type it after, I could not place the cursor in the position where I wanted the sign to be. I also selected one of the very few pre stored templates and changed the size to custom as I need a 3.5 x 5 flyer made, and it changed the size but none of the formatting inside, making it extremely difficult to place my own information inside. I am not a fan of the clip art selections that come up for what I am searching for either. Overall I am disappointed with this app and I paid $4.99 for it. I will give it some more time but so far I am not impressed!

Frustrating User Interface by SeriouslyDave 2015-02-18

I like the list of features in the app's description, but I found the user interface too frustrating even for the simplest things. A few examples: - You cannot use the standard iOS press-and-hold action to move the cursor within text. The keyboard will simply disappear. - Clipart is difficult to move and resize because the same action controls both functions. So, sometimes you get resized images when you wanted to move it and vice a versa. - Elements snap into places different from where you position them. You may need to make a second and third attempt to get an element where you want it. - Custom paper size is not easy to find. Once you know where it is, you're fine, but it could've been much easier to find the first time. Not recommended. --

Good App by Mount Zeverest 2013-09-14

Works good but could use a few tweaks. *would like to be a able to rotate text boxes *would like to have more capability or text options like a bold font, italicized, or underline Found some challenge once a box is set, if you do not lock it, you can unintentionally select it. At the end of the day, the app is only a few dollars. It is worth the price and I would recommend it. If the developer continues to enhance the app, then its a bonus. It is the only app that I have found thus far that can do what I needed it for. I basically wanted to create flyers or PDFs that I could post to my FB page and this seems to do the trick. Now if I could just figure out how to export my project, I'll be in good shape.

Too difficult to use. by BossladyVZ 2013-10-11

I was really looking forward to using this app when I first got it. Since I'm pretty proficient when it comes to these type of image creators I didn't think it was going to be very difficult. WRONG. You can load an image w/ no problem but once you start trying to edit the picture by adding text is when it becomes hard. The image constantly moves around while one is trying to resize the fonts. I read the instructions, but would have liked for it to have come w/ a tutorial since it's so hard to use. Thumbs waaaay down!

What a piece of crap ! Do Not Buy ! by MLE STUDIOS 2015-03-12

I needed to do simple stage plot showing mic, wire, and amp locations, simple right ??? Not with this POS app... Want a rectangle for the stage... Forget it.. Shape shows rectangle but you can only get a square ! Want a amp square and then duplicate to another location ?? Forget it.. Try to move and it resizes, cannot lock and move, oh no ! That would be too easy.., I will wait and do in MS Publisher later, will take 5 mins.... What a waste of money this app is !!!

Needs Work, but good on the run. by aerofan79 2014-10-21

Can get the custom page size to match up with a printer. Had to email it to myself and make corrections on my office computer. The print preview doesn't match up with the placement of the design. Had to make the design look off so it would look correct when in sending it off for print.

Really disappointed by thiscan'tbe 2015-04-29

It would've been nice to be able to try this app first. $6 wasted. For that amount I expect quality. I couldn't get a border around my page to begin with. The clipart was not a quality I would use for a business flyer. I need to make flyers for a business. This is not the app for it.

Waste of money by Scjack143 2014-05-30

I saw mixed reviews on this App but decided to try it anyway. Not happy with it at all. It is not user friendly and does not work as easily as described. I have years if experience in computer graphics and couldn't create a simple invitation after 1 hour of using the App.

Li's Handmade Designs by leebalaguer 2015-11-14

This is a fabulous app for simple stuff. It would be better if it did not freeze up so much. I am hopeful that in the near future the creators of this app will fix all the bug and make it the number one app for crafter like me.

Don't do it by Pekuna 2013-11-05

What a waste of money. I might as well go on my computer and make better stuff in Microsoft word:/