QD - Secretara Ta Personala app free for iPhone/iPad
QD - Secretara Ta Personala app free for iPhone/iPad

QD - Secretara Ta Personala app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install QD - Secretara Ta Personala app free for iPhone/iPad

Download QD - Secretara Ta Personala for iPhone/iPad
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QD - Secretara Ta Personala: To-Do List, Task Manager, Checklist Organizer, And Daily Reminders It helps you to create tasks, notes, notebook, checklist and use to get notified just in time for repeating activities. You will never miss any event from your life so we collaborate events, plan, schedule and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps. Key Features of QD - Secretara Ta Personala: • Add, create todoist and schedule your tasks from iPhone or iPad. • Assign your alert by planner for your comfort in app use. • Easy to add a new task even while driving the car (not recommended). • Set due dates and reminders to never forget or miss important plan of your life. • Snooze an alert for one hour or one day in inappropriate moments. Super & Easy Features of QD - Secretara Ta Personala: • Access your tasks even when you’re offline. • Set due dates and recurring dates for tasks. • View "This week’s tasks in your Notification Center. • View "Later this month’s tasks in your Notification Center. • View "This year and later’s tasks in your Notification Center. • Quickly create tasks with a single "PLUS" Add button. • Get notified about tasks and due dates through push notifications. • Boost your productivity today - easily add tasks and create reminders. • Add tasks quickly; Schedule repeating tasks; Set Multiple reminder alerts. • QD - Secretara Ta Personala provides simple but yet powerful interface for tasks management. • Be productive from anywhere, thanks to QD - Secretara Ta Personala ’s apps for your iPhone or iPad. • Use the extraordinary "SNOOZE" feature for 1 hour or 1 day if you`re too busy to do the remember task. • Set Due Dates and Reminders to ensure you never forget important deadlines (or birthday gifts for example) ever again. • Never forget anything - tasks with deadline automatically become your priority, create repeated tasks with Snooze feature. QD - Secretara Ta Personala is free to download and use so just enjoy :) QD - Secretara Ta Personala is constantly improving! We update and extend our app almost every month.

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