QE Squared Apps free for iPhone/iPad
QE Squared Apps free for iPhone/iPad

QE Squared Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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"I love Nicole's App. I take it with me wherever I travel. It keeps me in tip-top shape," Kate Hudson.

Nicole Stuart, Hollywood's top celebrity trainer, introduces QE2, Quick Easy Exercises.

Inspired by requests from her A-List celebrity clients, Nicole has created 10 minute, targeted workouts that can be done from a hotel room, a movie set, the office, and at home.

QE2's iPhone App features four 10 minute targeted workouts: arms, abs, butt and hip.

Nicole's videos and step-by-step instruction lets you work out at your own pace, targeting the key body parts that are important to you. Use all 4 for a total body sculpting workout.

QE2 also features Nicole's celebrity clients' favorite cardio programs and music playlists.

Nicole has been featured in W magazine, US Weekly, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and MSNBC.com.


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Number one Goto abs/arms fitness app Posted by

You know there are tons of fitness apps that seem so great when you first get them, then after a week or so you're so over it. This one is the only fitness app I've still used religiously after having it over a year. I've definitely noticed definition in my abs for the first time since using it. The arms video still kills me after just using light small water bottles instead of dumbbells.. Though it still works without! Don't think this is just a workout for people that don't have muscle built up. I feel like I have fairly built arms and I still feel the burn after one quick 10 min video. My husband says it gives him a legit workout too! Best fitness app ever hands down. So worth the money.. Goes a long way.

Amazing idea Posted by

My wife and I are constantly on the go and I bought this app with the idea of giving it to her as an early Valentine's Day present. She not only loves it and finds it extremely useful, but I have started using it while I am out of town on business as well. It is terrific idea and a great way to keep up with my workouts while I am away. I have even started using it in my office during my lunch breaks. I am elated to see that there is someone who has finally developed a product for people that are avid exercisers who are constantly on the go. Way to go Apple and cheers to you Nicole Stuart. Keep it coming……

FANTASTIC!!! Posted by

WOW!!! I really enjoyed these workouts... They were easy, quick and to the point. Nice pacing, fun routines. I especially loved having the cardio routines included. It kept me on my toes. I found out I don't have to workout an entire hour to sweat. I love that and I admit I love knowing I'm doing some of the same exercises as Anna Faris did and Kate Hudson. That's very cool. I will take this with me all over the world when I travel. And I will use it when I go to the gym and office. What a great concept!!!!

Awesome workout Posted by

I love this app. I can take to work with me or to my meetings while I travel. Its perfect for my early am workouts in the hotel because with a 730am start time being in the gym is just to much. This way i can get my workout in and I'm ready to go!!!!!!! I just love it. It is quick and easy and when I'm traveling what I love most is that I don't have to go down to the gym to work out... It's simply perfection!!!! Great job qe2!!!

On the road Posted by

I'm so excited to have downloaded these. My husband is a musician and we are about to go on the road. I feel out of shape and discovered these App.'s and truly can't say how excited I am. I am using these why we travel and it's so great to use on my iPad. It's a workout video and it's such a good reminder to stay active and I plan on coming home and be in even better shape. Way to go QE2.

Love it Posted by

At first I was doubting how such "simple" floor exercises could work. Have found them to be Very effective. Do them daily. Have yet to be able to make it through the entire ab workout as it is challenging for me. Hope to see a part two, continued, with another set of leg, hip, arm and yes.... Abs. love this app!

ExerciseQueen Posted by

Where do I begin? I use it all the time, its easy to follow, she gives great tips and it's only $5.99? What's there to think about....But this now! I also love the cardio blasts she included at the end. I cant wait for another series of routines form her.

Awesome Posted by

I really love these with all the travel I do. It's so simple and I have had no technical problems. Sometimes the problems occur when people haven't done the updates on their phone. My has been updated and no problems. Keep doing more of these Nicole.

Effective & easy to use!!! Posted by

Highly recommend this app for an overall workout that targets my arms, hips, butt & ab's!!! Best of all, there's great tips and a cardio blast that i love to use!! Reach your physical prime using a blend of all of Nicole's unique exercises.

MusicMan Posted by

I love this app. I travel all the time and it's so good. I really enjoy Nicole's voice and her workouts they are hard and short. Like short sweet and simple but hard.. If that makes sense I hope she keep making more of these. They help a ton!!!!

Traveler Posted by

I am a film producer and travel all the time. This App. Has made my life easier. I can also use it on my Ipad. I go to Europe and I love how I can use this everywhere. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do a workout that works.

Reflexologist Posted by

I'm constantly on the go and this app helps me be as productive as possible with my fitness regime. I use it all the time and I have seen results and can wait for more to me out. I love QE2. Its fabulous and amazing

Bahamas mama Posted by

I bought this while taking my family vacation in the Bahamas And have to say it's so convenient and a great maintenance routine once you learn them I use it all the time now thanks so much for making this!!!!!!!

@home mom Posted by

Great App. For my iPad love it! Use it all the time at home or in the gym and saves me $$$$ for my trainer I cut back a day! And I'm sore, see the results! I should have bought this one first. But it now!

Fabulous Posted by

I think this App. Is fabulous! I'm so excited to use this on my iPad! I've been using it on my touch and now that I got my iPad it's awesome! Buy this the routine is fantastic! Way to go!