Qiblah Nama Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Qiblah Nama Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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This app is designed for All Muslims who are looking to find Qibla(Mekkah) direction where ever they go. You do not have to carry a Compass any more. You use this application to locate Qibla with Correct mathematical Model, Spherical Trigonometry Method(STM).
For More info, please visithttp://agole.me


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God is great Posted by

So as this App. This for all muslem brothers and sister. get this one and be free of all other devices. God bless apple that made all these apps in your finger tips. Recommed this one to all owners of iPhone and iPod.

Good app! Posted by

This app is very useful. But can you just make it work with the compass of the iPhone? That would make this program really great!!! Thanks.

Like it Posted by

It's best app ever !!

good Posted by

tnx ali golmohammadi

SHAME! Non-functioning rubbish! by Lúthien in Edhil 2013-02-14

Since it was free, it was a good opportunity to experience one of Mr. "App Spam" Agole's curious contraptions, that he churns out by the dozen. His apps combine an exorbitant price with a striking lack of, well, anything even remotely useful. Take this little gem called 'Qiblah Nama' which pretends to help Muslims find the location of Mecca. But it doesn't do that. Instead, it shows you a map of where you are, with a pin in the centre. Just like the default Apple Maps. There's a button labeled "Qiblah": if you press that it shows a map of California, USA, with an arrow pointing to San Jose. Not Mecca. San Jose. Now maybe some things have changed in the Islam recently that I'm unaware of; but I bet it's not that they moved Mecca over to San Jose. There's yet another button labeled "Shake it". I tried, but it doesn't shake. It shows a page that has the ID of my phone on it. And that's that. Be sure to get it while it's free, because the price might go up to the usual Agole level of about $10 to $20.

التطبيق لا يعمل by Fadloun78 2013-04-05

ارجو ان لا يغش احد و يقوم بتحميل هذا التطبيق و هو اسوأ تطبيق حملته في حياتي لا يوجد لا قبلة و لا يحزنون خريطة و فقط و سهم نحو سانفرنسيسكو احمر اللون Very bad app

it's a mess by Masoudsha 2013-12-06

خدايي رو چه حسابي ٢٢$ واسه اين برنامه چرت گذاشتي؟ اصن معلوم نيست چجوري كار مي كنه. قبله هركي ميخواد بدونه با قطب نماخود گوشي رو ٢٢٠ درجه جنوب غربي

it's a mess by M.Shahnazari 2013-12-06

خدايي رو چه حسابي ٢٢$ واسه اين برنامه چرت گذاشتي؟ اصن معلوم نيست چجوري كار مي كنه. قبله هركي ميخواد بدونه با قطب نماخود گوشي رو ٢٢٠ درجه جنوب غربي

Not worth it by Smoochville 2011-03-19

App is a sham, they have free offers, u download it and then later u r billed for 18Usd, app basically does what is available in other proper, full fledged free apps.

Waste of time by Abomansour Alebrahim 2013-04-06

App not working should be rated less than one star

Bad app by FAWAZ HAMOOD 2011-12-29

Not good app