Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari for iPhone/iPad
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NOW $2 OFF! For a Limited Time Only!

The best ad blocker for Safari on IOS, No ads No Trackers forever! Quest is so easy to install one tap and you're done.

Here are 3 reasons why you'll love Quest:

21% Battery Life increase by using Quest.

5x increase in how fast Safari loads will be lightning fast!

50% reduction on your monthly data bill on cellular & Wi-Fi.

Complete privacy while online, we block the trackers that would otherwise track you while you browse.

NOTE: We are currently working on a major update to offer more blocking options, update our blocker and tracker rules.

Quest - Best Ad Blocker for Safari Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
11.74 MB
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Amazing! Posted by

I love this browser! It's a beautiful full screen browser that's super fast. I really like the automatic paste feature because I copy links a lot and it's nice to open Quest and go right to the page without all the extra steps. You can talk to the developer easily in the app by clicking on the crown and pressing "chat." Response time is great and it sounds like there are some new features and updates on the way. Plus: there are a ton of free games now! Really fun for those moments you're waiting in line for high-priced trendy food in SF ;)

Great App! Posted by

I love the concept of being able to browse the web without any annoying intrusions or buttons on the screen, and it creates a beautiful experience. For the iPhone app, I give five stars, but I only give four stars because I would like you to develop an application for iPad. Otherwise, amazing job!

Really slick in everyway! Posted by

Id been seeing a lot of flyers around my campus with freestarbucks something on it so I went on the link and it took me here. I downloaded it and so far it’s pretty cool! It works a bit diff than I thought, and took a little time to get used to. but besides that I highly recommend it!

Neat Posted by

Design is nice. Doesn't get in the way. Everything is full screen. Fairly fast as well. I also like that they aren't withholding any feature via in app purchase. Could use a tutorial but I've been told it's on the way. Oh and support response time is super fast.

Best Browser ever!!! Posted by

Web browsing at it's best. This is the only thing i can say about this app, fast, smooth, reliable and smart. This app is a combination of all the advanced techniques to make the web browsing great. Love this app!!!

A+++ Posted by

Clean, smooth, and easily the best browser besides maybe Safari, I feel late using this already. Once u install this app, you'll have a hard time going back to anything besides this and Safari LOL.

User-Friendly and Quick! Posted by

I love using this web browser and find it to be quick, simple and very functional. I love that it knows which websites I'm usually searching for and pre-fills the URL. Awesome!!

Sleek browser Posted by

I bet everyone browses the net. But if you want faster, reliable browsing that is cool to the eyes then quest is for you. Deleted all my other browsers after downloading this baby.

5 stars Posted by

Im giving Quest 5 stars. Simply because when i downloaded it, i used it non stop. Deleted all my other browser apps. Im sticking with this.

A keeper Posted by

All i can say is Quest is a gem in the appstore. There are lots of browser apps out there, and Quest is the one you need to download.

Unbelievable Posted by

Quest now became my favorite browser. No hidtory is really stored even if you use it the whole day! Download it now.

Working greater than before..... Posted by

So much better after the update. I love using this browser and yes, free SB coffee !! Happy to have this app.

Get it!!!!!! Posted by

It's free in appsgonefree But worthy pay Excellent. First review says everything I would ....

Fine browser Posted by

If youre looking for a nice, sleek and solid browser, then download this. You wont regret having it.

Amazing Posted by

A hidden gem in the appstore. If you havent downloaded quest, you should now. Best browser, period.

Excellent Browser with impressive content. Posted by

The download part is very user friendly. Regular updates keep it on the top.

Perfect!!! Posted by

I used this app on my iPhone and it worked perfect

No instructions or settings? by xodiaq 2014-11-02

If you happen to be like me and hate those tutorial videos some apps have, skip this browser. There are no instructions, menu bars, settings or other potentially useful things, just a flashing cursor area up top and a strange woman's face that has picture/camera and chat buttons and that's it. Want to close a browser window? Good luck. Want to go back or fwd? Yeah, no idea how. Want to try and get back to the annoying tutorial video so you can figure out how to use this thing? Yeah, can't figure out how to do that either. Basically, don't skip the video tutorial or you're totally screwed. Very glad I got this on a free day, if I paid for this I'd be furious.

Quest info -- check these by NC!! 2014-11-08

Replace the dashes below with dots and "[slash]" with "/" to find online information on the quest browser. (Treat them as "you are elz," each preceded by "aych tee tee pea colon slash slash") www-148apps-com[slash]app[slash]903787019 youtu-be[slash]k1_e5v6CY4Y I'd still like an easy way to share the current page's URL (or bookmark it) with NO risk of crashes (like the two finger tap sometimes causes).

In & Out by Ejaazi 2014-11-03

Good for going in and out of a website. I could do without tabs, but this app does not run in the background. So if you're on a site and come out of the app for any reason, it'll knock you off the site and when you go back you'll have to start over. No instructions and no way to contact the Dev.

Nominated for strangest browser by Word Hanger 2015-03-14

After you go through the tutorial there's no way to watch it again. The interface does not feel natural or intuitive at all. I like the idea of a full-screen browser but this is so minimal it's quirky. Keep trying Quest developers. Once you get it right it will probably be awesome.

Iphone 5 compatibility please! by DJ Montezzzz 2015-10-17

I used to use this app as my go to browser way back, now I want to re-dowload it again but, since it became a different kind of app, I became curious and wanted to try it out. I was kinda sad that it wasn't compatible with my iPhone 5.

How can I support a browser app that doesn't support landscape mode? by jonflow 2014-10-10

Downloaded the browser and began typing in a search. It autocompletes everything you type, so searching is out. Went to a website, rotated the phone...browser doesn't rotate. No landscape mode. No thanks.

We're all beta testers by URKdg? 2014-11-07

I tried to watch a YouTube video in this browser. It supports portrait, but not landscape orientation. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to contact the developer, maybe he will read these posts.

Unreliable by Jëśš 2015-03-27

Would be great but I've had to uninstall and reinstall the app many times because it crashes as soon as I try to type to search.

Update problem by Electricgame 2015-10-11

Since the update quest is no longer compatable with iPhone 5S.

Crashes with other open apps by VuZeR1207 2014-11-03

Also freezes when a question is typed...