Quick Place Finder - A Near By Places Around Me app for iPhone/iPad
Quick Place Finder - A Near By Places Around Me app for iPhone/iPad

Quick Place Finder - A Near By Places Around Me app for iPhone/iPad

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Quick Place Finder - A Nearby Places Around Me is use for special kind of app that searches different types of places such as find Restaurants, Hospitals, Doctors, Gas Stations, ATMs, Store, Shopping Malls and many more. With this app, you can not only find the easiest route to your desired place, but also other information such as name, address, distance contact details, website, opening hours, rating and review. It is providing the detail weather information about the current place wherever you are Features:- ▪ Very simple and easy to use. ▪ You can select range to search the place near by your location. ▪ Over 72 predefined categories (i.e. Airport, ATMs, Bank, Cafe, Doctor, Gym, Gas Stations, Hospital, Night Club, Food, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, School and many more). ▪ Current location detection and real time distance to places. ▪ Use it on-the-go to search for places of interest ▪ Select any category from the the list of categories, the app will provide the result. ▪ Nearest Places displayed search result in List View. ▪ It gives very accurate GPS location. ▪ The app gives every possible details of the places on your phone when you select any specific place. ▪ Provide opening hours for selected location and also provide ratings for that. ▪ The result list will also show you the direction for each of the places with the distance in Km/Miles. ▪ Directions of the places are shown in MAP view. ▪ Automatically finds your current location and plots it on a map. ▪ Nearest Places displayed search result in Map View provide options such as Standard, Satellite and Hybrid mode. ▪ Provides weather details such as temperature, cloud coverage, humidity, rain, snow and wind direction along with the current weather condition. ▪ Setting to change the temperature in Celsius(ºC) or Fahrenheit(ºF). ▪ Setting to change the distance unit in Miles or Km based on user’s choice. ▪ Place details can be shared through your friend using all social networks, email and SMS. ▪ Many more interesting features will be added in the upcoming versions of Place Finder. ▪ Application available with 27+ Languages. How does Advanced Place Finder works? • You can use the ready menu for Advanced Place Finder. • Browser through the list of items displayed, click on it to see the location • A google map will appear once you have pressed the desired item • Read the google map for exact location near you. Click on the direction icon if you need a direction to go to the desired place nearby • You can look out for the cell the address, phone number, website and opening hours for selected category ⁃ Quick Place Finder Category and Usage: 1. Airport, 2. Amusement Park, 3. Aquarium, 4. Art Gallery, 5. ATM, 6. Bakery, 7. Bank, 8. Bar, 9. Book Store, 10. Bus Station, 11. Cafe, 12. Car Dealer, 13. Car Rental, 14. Car Repair, 15. Casino, 16. Church, 17. City Hall, 18. Dentist, 19. Department Store, 20. Doctor, 21. Electrician, 22. Electronics Store, 23. Embassy, 24. Finance, 25. Fire Station, 26. Gym, 27. Hair Care, 28. Hardware Store, 29. Health Centre, 30. Hospital, 31. Insurance Agency, 32. Jewellery Store, 33. Laundry, 34. Lawyer, 35. Library, 36. Local Government Office, 37. Mosque, 38. Movie Theatre, 39. Museum, 40. Night Club, 41. Painter, 42. Park, 43. Parking, 44. Plumber, 45. Police Station, 46. Post Office, 47. Railway Station, 48. Restaurant, 49. School, 50. Shopping Mall, 51. Spa, 52. Stadium, 53. Subway Station, 54. Taxi Stand, 55. Travel Agency, 56. University, 57. Veterinary Care, 58. Zoo, 59. Accounting, 60. beauty Salon, 61. Bicycle Store, 62. Bowling Alley, 63. Car Wash, 64. Food, 65. Furniture Store, 66. Gas Station, 67. Grocery or SuperMarket, 68. Hindu Temple, 69. Pet Store, 70. Physiotherapist, 71. Place of Worship, 72. Real Estate Agency

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