Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad
Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad

Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Rabbids Crazy Rush Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Get silly like never before in the wackiest runner game, RABBIDS CRAZY RUSH ! Run at full speed with the Rabbids on their latest insane plan to reach the moon! How will the Rabbids fulfill their borderline-insane idea this time? Collect cans that will provide the gas to power their moon-bound balloon. It's an insane idea, but it might just work! Run, ride, glide and fly with dozens of crazy vehicles, get awesome suits, and be the first among your friends to make it to the moon! Suit up your Rabbids and dash through a variety of places as you guide them to reach the moon. From the creators of the RABBIDS franchise comes the funniest runner yet. RUN, JUMP, RIDE, or even GLIDE - Use the most hilarious vehicles imaginable as you dodge various obstacles and collect cans WACKY & HILAROUS MISSIONS - Discover hundreds random and funny missions, such as smashing your Rabbids against walls or getting blown right out of the sky UNLOCK & UPGRADE crazy home-made vehicles held together by sheer craziness, like a cart propelled by magnets or a giant glider made out of pink pants! DRESS TO IMPRESS – Suit up your Rabbids and make them stand out! Race as Biker, Luchador, Ninja, or even Captain Underwear and many more suits available. Each suits will provide you powers and extraordinary abilities. WIN BIG AT THE LOTTERY - Collect hundreds of fragments to win suits from the washing machine lottery PLAY WITH FRIENDS and compete for the top ranking on the leaderboards! Join the craziest race and unleash the Rabbids’ craziness! Stay tuned for all the latest Rabbids news on: Like us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Rabbids Follow us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RabbidsOfficial Check out our videos on YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/Rabbids PLEASE NOTE: • This game is free to download and free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. • This game contains advertisements. • This game is optimized for iPhone 5/iPad 4 and higher. We cannot guarantee a satisfying gaming experience on lower devices. Terms of service: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/ Privacy Policy: https://legal.ubi.com/privacypolicy/ Support: Having problems? Contact us at https://support.ubi.com/


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Rabbids are back? Posted by

I've been a Rabbids fan ever since Rayman Raving Rabbids came out. I absolutely love the series and it was kind of sad for me when Nickelodeon took over the Rabbids and they were looked at as some stupid kid show. But now, this game is actually fun and it doesn't nod that much to the show. When I first heard the music for the beach, I smiled seeing as how they used the Title Screen theme for a Rayman Raving Rabbids. That gives me hope that Ubisoft haven't forgotten about the Rabbids origins and I absolutely love that. I feel as if there is too much...downfall going on with the Nickelodeon show. Once a good game, and now a kids show. But now, the Rabbids are back! This game is actually amazing! Thank you Ubisoft.

Ubisoft DELIVERS! Incredibly Addictive & Fun Posted by

The Rabbids are entertaining characters alone, but when you put them in a game that requires attention to their wardrobe you're guaranteed a chuckle. Ubisoft has done an excellent job creating a game that allows players to customize their favorite Pepper and enjoy infinitely running on a fun map-scape. Personally, my favorite features are the random washing machine that gives you the chance to acquire a new wardrobe for Pepper via collectible pieces of cloth, and the special map feature that allows you to gain a costume through daily runs.

Phenomenal!!! Posted by

This game is Fun and Addictive!!! I was automatically Hooked in by the First 10 levels and Haven't stopped even after Perfecting every level!!! I absolutely love this Game and would love to see More levels added (Being I hit 100) or someone to tell me how I can Get to new ones. I'd also love to see additions like new Characters and Special Event Characters. Possibly even Characters with more than one ability or a new ability!!!

Fun Endless Runner Posted by

It's one of the better runner games on the app market, has a similar level set up like the Spider-Man runner game which I like a lot. I like how once you collect all the stars the level ends and doesn't just keep going so that way you can go on to the next level really fast. Also it doesn't feel very pay to win to me which is always a plus in app games, it just adds an extra bonus to the game. Great game, I like it.

Rabbit crazy rush Posted by

Beautiful beautiful beautiful, it took me a while to fine the perfect game to enjoy. But finally I found Rabbit crazy rush. I don't want it to end. Every level gets you exited it's not the same place over and over again. It's filled with rewards that makes you want to play again and again which means you can't get bored.I hope I continue to enjoy and love this game 3 weeks from now.

Great addition to mobile gaming! Posted by

Absolutely love Rabbids even more so now that I can play them on my mobile device - anytime and anywhere. Although I have just begun to play I haven't noticed any issues worth mentioning. The game is fun, addictive, and keeps true to the Rabbids games offered on the Wii consoles. A fun game for all ages.

I lost everything Posted by

I lost my whole progress I was on level 59 and I had 9 or 10 suits the reason I lost my progress was because of the data warning that it might not save and it didn't can you plz help me get my progress back I was starting to like this game maybe my opinion will change..

Great Posted by

This is like subway surfers only with progression and with rabbids I LOVE IT. It makes me want to keep playing it and I love you silly side to it. I love how there's different biomes I guess you can call it. Anyways I recommend this game is fun addicting and funny

My first Rabbids experience Posted by

I love this game. I played Subway Surfers a lot while I was in school for my first degree, before class, between classes on breaks etc. The Rabbids are hilarious, love the different suits and fun sound effects. Definitely a go to "got some time to kill" game

Problems Posted by

It's like minion rush bat with rabbids, THE GAME IS CALLED CRAZY RUSH! Anyways the game has a lot of glitches like when I try to play an ad the screen goes to the lucky laundry screen. Weird but still. Please fix for 5 stars! Thx ٩( 'ω' )و

Hmmm... Posted by

Gameplay is gorgeous the UI needs work since is hard to understand with all the colors makes it hard to understand and kinda confusing to the eyes but the bunnies look smooth and the game itself looks great and feels great!


The game is good it's different for rayman but they are both fun. This game has fun levels and stuff. I own rayman legends on my will U and it's fun. I like how there is a costume where rayman looks like Mario.

Pretty good! Posted by

the game is fun and good mechanics but im having a problem wiyh collecting cans after the 5th level. it stops collecting cans except wheni jump through the ring of cans it gives me only one . plz fix this problem

Good and cute game. Posted by

Overall nice and cute runner, working offline, ads are not annoying but they are here if you click watch the video button but this game don't have infinity run mode and that's ruining this awesome game.

Really Great Game!!! Posted by

I've always loved the raving rabbids ever since I was little and this app has brung back a lot of memories. This is definitely worth downloading

Fun, but there's one problem... Posted by

Whenever I play music from iTunes or something else the game lags. Is there a way to fix that? Other than that it's a fun game.

Laggy Posted by

I have an iPhone SE but it's still laggy. I don't know if it's a bug or if it's something wrong with my iPhone.

DELICIA Posted by

Passa tempo delicioso.

An in depth review by Real_raff 2017-03-09

So this game isn't horrible, it's actually pretty great, and I would've given 5 stars if it wasn't for all of its bugs. Here's a few: 1. Sliding bug where you slide left or right and nothing happens 2. The revive glitch, this one I haven't seen people complaining about, so it may just be me, but once I revive some of the cars/bus's are hollow, as in you just go straight through them, and they're frozen in place. You don't know which ones are solid or hollow and you end up dying. If you're lucky and survive a good 10-15 seconds, it tends to fix itself. It's just extremely frustrating after waiting for the ad. 3. This glitch was a deal breaker for me, i recently beat the entire game, got all stars, majority of suits, upgraded all items and I have a level 8 cash power up suit. But as soon as I reached the end, and worked to get 30 plungers for sector 11. Nothing happened. Then shortly after I tried running the game and it just crashes at loading. Not a great way to reward your players Ubisoft. 4. The weekly maps aren't "weekly" I went on the map once and Week after week I get prompted with the same message, and that I have to wait. 5. The ads system is horrendous, sometimes it says it can't connect to a data network even after I switch between wifi and LTE, so I can't get my revives, plungers, or hourly prizes. 6. There's no safe way of descending from your power ups, especially the airplane one where you have absolutely no control over. It flies me above water and drops me almost everytime, it starts to become extremely frustrating, when getting close to finishing up the mission. Recommendations: -There should be a way to pay for plungers in pepper cans, like you can with laundry coins. Maybe 1,000 pepper cans per plunger? I'm currently running on the new iOS and on the iPhone 7 plus, so I know it's not a hardware problem. Fix these bugs so I can get back to playing this gem!!!!

Fun but just too easy and annoying by Eddie3129 2017-02-24

I find this game fun and though it borrows a lot from different games, just like the others before it, it still has its own flavor to it. I enjoy the mission system because it finally brings a true reason to play, as long as you enjoy doing very simplistic missions. I don't like the noice the rabbits make, the sound quality seems choppy and annoying, worse than those minions and the levels end too quickly but other than that good game. Also it is very easy, I hope for a difficulty boost because I'm flying but these levels with 3 stars.

Love the game but... by DaBeast¥ 2017-03-05

I really like the game but it has quite a few glitches. For example if you get one of the gift looking power ups while running, 60% of the time it makes you die when it's timer is up. Another is that on some of the missions to collect Laundry Tokens the tokens on top of trains are impossible to get because you fall into to train and die. The last thing I have is as soon as you get to level 100 and 3 star everything the game freezes and will not open again. It opens to a black screen, freezes, then crashes every time I try to open it.

Too many bugs by GarGen 2017-03-28

This game was fun... in the beginning. Then more and more bugs starting happening. First, I beat level 100 and the game said I needed 30 plungers to move on. I didn't have them, so I played until I had enough. Now I can't get the next levels unlocked, I've replayed level 100 countless times and the pop up won't come back. Now, whenever I watch an ad (for free items or to continue after hitting an obstacle) the game completely freezes. I want to love this game. I really do. But it's gotten unbearable.

Fix the bug immediately by Kakakarot 2017-03-23

I completed level 100 and collected all the plugs for the each levels, but I still can't go into the level 101. It says "unlocked to the next level" but it never unlocked. And also I completely finished and collected all the plugs on level 69, but for some reason, every time when I open the game everything is gone and looks like I never played the level 69. I always have to starting over again. It's getting annoying, and I think it's fun but really need to fix the bugs

Too many bugs by Sntindall 2017-03-02

Here are the major ones that make me want to uninstall. 1. When I press to jump or slide sometimes it does neither and just keeps running until it hits something. 2. I'll want to watch an add to double my cans or continue the level and it'll say no internet connection even though I have one. 3. If I watch the ad to continue the level it'll just end my level instead of continuing.

Fun but not worth it by ELIS 22 2017-03-07

I'm very disappointed in this game. There are way too many glitches to enjoy it. And now that I've reached level 100 it asked for 30 plungers to unlock it and I paid for 10 of them to continue and now the game doesn't even open. I want my money back!! From reading other reviews, sounds like other gamers are having the same problems. Fix them and I might play again.

Very fun buuuut... by A_B_rown 2017-03-10

The game is lots of fun but when I watch an ad video to stay alive it will have me watch the whole thing then at the end the app closes out. And now it is starting to just randomly close out after almost every round I play which is getting really frustrating. I only gave 3 stars cuz I love the game but it would be way better if the glitches were fixed.

Great Game but please Fix by Blieberry 2017-03-02

I enjoy this game but I cannot tell you how many times the fan power up screws you over. Please fix the fact that you are not invincible after coming down from the fan. You can die two ways after the fan. 1. You are in an airborne type word. You will always fall into the water. 2. You just hit something coming down for no reason. Please fix this!

Rabbits crazy rush by Meoooo111 2017-03-20

I download the game. It says for iPads and iPod touch! I tried to play it and can't! And tells me I can't ! Why do they even put on iPads and iPod touch and then can't play the game!,,,,, I'm getting fed up with down loading games and then tell you your device isn't good to play! I swear I'm going back to laptops

Great visual graphics...Mediocre game play by Playa steph 2017-03-01

I liked the concept of the game, I feel like he's a drunk bunny who's running to grab all the beer he can. However, I didn't like that I couldn't keep running past the point that I completed the task. I wanted to keep going and it kept stopping to go to the next level. If this was possible I would've kept the game.

Dumb Game by Teiak.12288 2017-02-24

I downloaded this app because it looked fun and I've played a game similar to this on my DS a while ago. When the game was all installed, I opened it and it told me that my iPad Mini was not a device that this game excepted. I deleted it after that, and I was disappointed.

Bad design by Nameistakenotfoundomgehat 2017-02-24

Graphic is good, system is alright, except one thing: I can't run forever in the game. The goal system is stupid, people play running game because they enjoy the freedom of running in a free space. Ask yourselves, how are you doing to maintain a goal pursuit running game

Running With Friends but worse by RefugeZero 2017-02-26

It's basically a clone of Zynga's old Running With Friends (which was a great game) but it won't let you enjoy it cuz the running is constantly interrupted by the bizarre choice of having really short levels in the guise of an endless runner.

BugiSoft by Tony de la Closani Jr. 2017-02-26

Bugs everywhere. Like in any mobile/PC game. The devs should listen to the testers and not say "Will not fix" at important bugs because they are too lazy. Crashing like hell on iPhone 6S+. Game is Working like a Peugeot...Not.

Not Compatible by Cynder21 2017-02-25

The Game looks very Intesting and I love Rabbids but the problem is that it won't let me play on my iPad mini so could you please fix this thank you if so ^^

Are you serious?!?! DONT BUY by The Unknown Derp 2017-02-24

If you use an iPad mini DO NOT download it it tries to make you download a different app like what the heck and from the looks of it, BAD DESIGN!! Why!?!?!?!?!?

Fun game but... by Judy 2017-02-24

I loved playing the game the first time I downloaded it but when I went back on it a second time it was just laggy and annoying so I deleted it

No sound on iPhone 7Plus! by TarekHM 2017-03-24

I love this game, but can't forget that it originally had unique and beautiful sounds. Now on iPhone 7Plus, the app is silent! Please fix!

iPad mini by Best game ever 2017-02-28

I can't play because the game does not support on iPad mini please fix this I would love to play. Thank you