RadOnc Reference Apps free for iPhone/iPad
RadOnc Reference Apps free for iPhone/iPad

RadOnc Reference Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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RadOnc Reference Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
RadOnc Reference Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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Introducing the first comprehensive iPhone reference application for Radiation Oncologists and designed by a RadOnc. This light-weight app provides fast access to the following reference materials:

- Cancer Staging
- Contouring Atlases
- DVH normal tissue contraints
- Pertinent clinical calculators (eg. GBM RPA)
- Commonly prescribed medications
- Oncology ICD9 codes

This project is intended to be a collaborative effort. Feedback and suggestions from the RadOnc community will directly inform new development efforts.


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Great!! Rad Onc App Posted by

Looking forward to future revisions and improvements. Well worth the investment. Thank you for updating Partin tables!! Here is my wish list: Would really like to have common toxicity grading definitions. That would be great. Would like to see: ACE 27 comorbidity index WHO 10 yr fracture risk MSK algorithms... They are awesome Would love to see the NCCN recommended constraints Thank you!!! Great program and constantly improving!

Excellent reference Posted by

I'm a rad onc resident and I use this app daily. It has a drug reference for common complaints while on treatment, prognostic score calculators for many sites, dvh constraints(rtog, quantec), staging reference, icd 9 codes. Very easy to use interface so you can get to information quickly. I highly recommend to other residents. Nurses and dosimetrists may find it useful as well.

Best RO app so far Posted by

The best thorough R.O app so far. Needs some improving though. You can add RTOG atlases, automatic staging algorithm (for TNM --> Stage), ED2, BMI and AUC calculator, RPA etc..

Excellent! Posted by

Excellent resource for new rad onc residents! Simple and quick for high-yield info on staging, meds, etc to get you through a clinic day.

Most comprehensive rad onc app Posted by

Atlases are superb. Calculators useful. RPA calculators helpful too. Worth it for residents for sure.

Great for dosimetrist as well Posted by

Please add a Fourth tab on the dvh tab so that different. Centers could add their dvh constraints

Great tool! Posted by

Great tool, well referenced. Just wish I could take it to oral boards with me!

DVH & Atlas Issues by RadMedPhy 2014-11-21

I just updated this app and the DVH and Atlas option is not working. I currently have iOS 6.1.6 installed. Was not able to use the Contact option either.

Needs more contouring atlases by Davphys 2013-12-30

Contouring atlas is very deficient and lacking. Was hoping the developer could add more RTOG atlases. There is also no way to contact the developer.