Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rain Alerts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Never stand in the rain again! Rain Alert sends you a push notification when it is going to rain at your location.

- Smooth rain cloud animations allow you to see down to the minute what the situation was and is going to be.

- Customize the radar images colors, transparency, speed and forecast time.

- See at a glance how many minutes you have before the next rain cloud with the handy precipitation graph.

- Immediately see the radar after opening the app with lightning fast download speed!

- Rain Alert is universal. Buy once and get both the iPhone and the iPad version!

- Possible to specify any location in the UK or Ireland that you want to receive alerts for.

- With the 'Track me' GPS option your alert is always relevant, wherever you are!

- Choose how many minutes in advance you want to be notified.

- Do you want to be warned for a light drizzle or a streaming downpour? Specify how heavy the rain needs to be before you get notified.

- Don't want to be notified every 5 minutes? You can limit how many notifications you get!

- Specify a time limit to prevent notifications from waking you up in the middle of the night.

- Choose from 11 rain-related sounds, such as a single drip or an intense thunder.

- Touch 'More Info' to see exactly why you are getting the alerts that you are getting.

- Set up to 5 different alerts. All the above options can be set for individual alerts so you can set multiple alerts for multiple locations with different sounds.

Available for Germany, British Isles and the Netherlands.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Beautiful! Posted by

This app provides a beautiful display of clouds and their position over the Netherlands in a fluid animation. Now you can finally answer the question: When will it stop raining?!

Great app for weather nerds Posted by

Easy to use and accurate weather prediction!

Rain Alert by aritunes 2013-03-12

Be aware that this app only applies to a very narrow area in Europe and doesn't explain that fact anywhere in the description. You only find out once you've paid for and downloaded it (too late!!!).

Does it work in the US? by Rained on even though I bought 2015-03-29

Does not appear to work in the US. I have set alerts to both track my location and for a fixed location, which it recognized, but get no alerts or weather radar.

Only works in UK? by Ext237 2013-07-03

No regions other than Euro. Don't buy if you are in Canada, US or Mexico. Current radar shows NO clouds for the entire planet -- a bit I accurate.

Don't buy it by singledev 2013-03-27

It only support: The Netherlands, British Isles and Germany. This isn't in the description. Why, developer? Why? I'm reporting this app to Apple.

Does Not Work in the US by AppleNewsFlash 2014-05-19

This app is not supported in the US yet it's in English and there is no way to contact the developer.

What a crappy App by Gozo269 2013-10-05

Not a good App,Not made for the U.S.A. Don't waste your time and money.No stars

Useless in America by CJI tech 2014-04-27

You need to announce that it is exclusively for a small part of Europe!