Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad
Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad

Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Random Number Generator + Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Random Number Generator is an app. which generates random numbers from a range eg 1 - 10000, and is ideal for all types of gambling, for dice games, for questions (yes or no), coin toss (heads or tails), spin the Bottle and much more.

- Dice roll
- Random Generator
- Coin Toss
- Lotto Number Generator
- Spin the Bottle
- Random Cards (32, 36 or 52 cards selectable)
- Yes or No
- this or that
- Random Color Generator

Supported languages​​: EN, DE, RU

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Possible new feature Posted by

If you could add an option to customize the numbers which are selected. I officiate wrestling for high schools, and we are required to randomly draw the weight class we will begin with. If I could customize certain numbers (weight classes), I could use this app for that rather than drawing weights out of a hat. I think it would be a great way to use technology in the sport. Example: 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285 are the possible weights. Right now I just do 1-14 and each weight is one of those numbers, but some coaches get confused when I tell them 13 is really 220.

Perfect for Foreign Language Vocabulary - I'll Explain Posted by

I got this app to use for studying Russian vocabulary. I have a book of 10,000 Russian words, arranged and numbered in order of frequency. Word number 1 is most common, word number 10,000 is least common. As the number of words I memorized got larger, I started using RNG to randomize my review. I open the RNG function, enter "1 to X [where X equals the highest-numbered word I've studied]" and test myself on the word corresponding to the number that's generated. It's a great way to efficiently sample my recall of the vocabulary in a short amount of time. Great app!

Great App - Now just a little adjustment to make it awesome Posted by

This is a great app that is easy to operate and does exactly what it advertises with the minimum of fuss. A few ideas for future development: 1. Allow an option to stop repeated results. For example: I want a random number from 1 to 100, but I want each number to eventually be picked and no number to be picked more than once (like a bingo game). 2. Allow landscape mode! Great for my iPad with external keyboard - having to change the physical orientation to portrait is awkward and annoying. 3. Allow users to skip the animations. Great app!

Спасибо! Posted by

Приложение бесплатное, красивое, имеет богатый функционал. Уже писали, что можно было бы и без анимаций, но они симпатичные и интересные. Мне кажется, было бы лучше, если бы их можно было отключать в настройках. Спасибо за хорошее приложение!

RNG almost perfect Posted by

The app works really well, does many kinds of useful rng and seems statistically random enough. However, the animations for some of the new modes (yes-no, for example) are unnecessarily long and annoying, to the point that I just don't use those modes anymore. Spin the bottle is amazing but often it takes half a minute for it to stop spinning. Gotta tone those animations down, or make them optional, and the app would be perfect.

Awesome Posted by

This is a great app. It has plenty of fun, random generators from well known games such as spin the bottle and lotto to more obscure ones such as random colors. I've had great fun competing with my friends in completely fair competition, and I'd recommend it to anybody who needs/wants a random generator.

Super useful Posted by

I use this app to determine how much random money on going to put in the bank with the dice. For example I roll two dice and add a zero. A roll of 2 = $20 and a roll of 6 = $60 so in total I'd be saving $80 that month. One suggestion is to have it not repeat numbers and make the animation optional.

Exactly what I needed.... Posted by

Exactly what I needed for Intro To Statistics until I can get a calculator.

Great Posted by

Fun, free, functional. What more could you ask for?

Random Number Generator + by bobinjax 2014-09-12

When I am listening to music from iTunes on my iPhone 5s and I open this app, the music quits. No matter what I do or how I do it, the music stops when I open this app. I consider this to be a BIG problem as the music is more important to me than this app. I can just get the lotto machine to print me a Quick Pick ticket and I will get a random number on my ticket… it isn’t really great and it stops my music… Not good

Long animations by Mr. Ra 2014-08-10

It's slow. I like the UI, it looks great, but the animations building up to a result are so long. I want an option to turn all those off and let me just tap once and have my random result immediately. The time it takes to wait for the colors to flip or bottle to spin makes this app much less useful. Aside from the slowness, it is great.

2 Options Needed by dreamfx 2015-11-24

The ability for instant result instead of it "thinking" (Time is of the essence when your betting at a casino) Also a roulette "red" or "black" mode. These two options would make this app 5 stars.

Numbers not random by Hornslice 2013-12-10

When I want more than 1 random number the numbers displayed never repeat within the set. If the algorithm excludes numbers to avoid the possibility of repeating then the set is not an example of random numbers.

Useful by John2124 2014-08-03

Good app, great for people that like numbers and wish to rely on chance every once in awhile. Please do learn how to spell features (not "featchers") for future updates. Thanks!

This app keeps crashing -.- by Speedy-gonzalez 2016-02-03

Fix the bug in this app. It keeps crashing while I use it. It's becoming very irritating. And I just downloaded it a couple minutes ago. Expected it to be better. I guess not.

Good but repeats by kimberlymac 2015-11-13

I am using this in my PE class to pick pitchers. It picks the same number more than once. I want to pick that number one time and then it be removed from the randomization.