Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad
Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad

Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad

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Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Realistic Chinese Checkers Games for iPhone/iPad

Download Realistic Chinese Checkers for iPhone/iPad
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Realistic Chinese Checkers with unbelievable real crystal balls.

There are 2 play modes: Capture and Free.

Capture mode:
You can play with Computer or up to 6 players. Computer player have very strong AI.

Detail: All sixty game pieces start out in the hexagonal field in the center of the game board. The center position is left unoccupied, so pieces form a symmetric hexagonal pattern. Color is irrelevant in this variant, so players take turns hopping any game piece over any other eligible game piece(s) on the board. The hopped-over pieces are captured (retired from the game, as in American checkers) and collected in the capturing player's bin.

The game ends when no further jumps are possible. The player with the most captured pieces is the winner.

The board is tightly packed at the start of the game; as more pieces are captured, the board frees up, often allowing multiple captures to take place in a single move.

Free mode:
Just like a Chinese checkers board. No rule, no AI.
You can play anyway you like.


Special design touch control on iPhone/iPod, you can directly touch and slide or use arrow button to move the cursor.

Realistic Chinese Checkers Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
21.72 MB
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This has potential. Posted by

I gave this five stars, because this has potential. The game, may be buggy, like the board is screwed up and shifted up, but I like the cello sounds when a piece on the board is selected. My advice is that the devs fix this game, because not everyone will give this game a five star rating like me.

So far so good Posted by

Downloaded to iPad not bad.

very interesting app Posted by

Like it

Nice Posted by


$5 for an app with ads? by wireless2 2012-02-23

This game needs a lot of work before it is worth the ticket price. There should not be ads displayed during the entire course of play. As well, you have to auth every move, which is very tedious if you have a move that involves multiple jumps. I would not want to use this for "pass and play" as people could easily cheat, even accidentally. I deleted and moved on.

Ehh... by Korucchi 2013-03-09

It's pretty and all, but the capture mode has no instructions and i hate that you can't just tap the marbles to move them. It's annoying to tap "select" each time you want to select a piece and then press it again to move. I understand this is to keep from making a wrong move but i think something like a zoom feature would work better.

Very frustrating by Daybreak Phoenix 2013-01-18

Rotation of ads slow down my gameplay. Also, this game needs rules for beginners in capture mode. I rapidly became frustrated when the AI started making long leaps and when I tried the same thing, it wouldn't let me. I can't figure what the crap are the rules behind the leaps. 2,3,4 spaces between or beyond the marble I'm aiming for?

Less than Acceptable by أبو طارق السوري الحر 2014-10-07

Annoying adds inside controlling and selecting options. No help inside so no new players. Even the help in the description of Appstore is very week and not understandable. Week in general and don't deserve the $.

Chinese checkers by Acecombatttt 2012-04-27

Tried launching the app multiple times, with no success. Crashed everytime within seconds of initialization. Definitely needs some work/de-bugging...

Useless by slimyslug 2013-04-17

After the last update you can't even open the app. Another useless app for the trash bin.

Piece of CRAP!!!! by MrSharkbait 2014-06-28

An ad pops up after every single move! Don't bother.

Crash by 歌迷小公主 2012-04-28

After installed, crash for the game..........