Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad
Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad

Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad

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Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's High Society Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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High Society is a card-based auction game of great deals and careful brinkmanship based on the tabletop eurogame by Reiner Knizia.

Every player starts the game with the same amount of money to spend on luxuries and recognitions, but whoever spends the most money loses, no matter what they collected!

High Society is based on the same very successful MobileEuroCard gaming engine that was used in Reiner Knizia's Money, also produced by RPGnet. Simple gestures allow you to examine your own hand and the bids of your opponents. Everything is animated, for a colorful play experience.

Additionally, four different AIs, each with their own personality, help make every game unique. You can slowly discover the AIs' strategies to improve your chances of winning.

High Society is the second release in RPGnet's MobileEuroCard series. Once you know how to play one game, you'll understand the interface of all of them!

NOTE: This version of High Society uses Game Center for Leaderboards and Achievements, but does NOT yet include multiplayer play.

Reiner Knizia's High Society Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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excellent implementation Posted by

You need to hold down your Score to see other players scores and keep track of how many red bordered cards have been auctioned off. Wish you could play against other human players but hey for $3 it gives you a taste of how great this app is. Here is quick rules. - You bid on cards 1 through 10 and must bid at least $1 higher than previous bid. Highest bid wins card..others recoup their bids. - When bidding you can only append to your bid. - 3 misfortune cards (-5, 1/2 and thief which steals your lowest card or next card if don't have any currently) - When bidding on misfortune cards everyone loses whatever they've bid. First to pass takes card. - Game ends on fifth red bordered card (-5, 2X, 2X, 2X cards). - At end of game if you have lowest money amongst all players you can not win no matter your score. - Other players see who amongst them has highest fame points and wins. Tie breaker is decided on highest fame card. edit: I just play on iPad so never experienced crashes. Hopefully new update fixes it. I've seen a few times THIEF card taking HIGHEST luxury card when in fact it is supposed to take the LOWEST. For example an AI had 2,4,8,2X in his hand. He passed on thief and it took his 8 card. Definitely a major bug there. Other than that though works great. Still want hotseat support my number 1 request.

Beautiful, fun strategy card game Posted by

High Society is a beautiful, fun strategy card game. A must buy for Knizia fans. Although it has the same game designer (Reiner Knizia), same developer (Skotos Tech), and uses the same game engine as Money, High Society is an enjoyable game experience unto itself. Using an open, progressive auction format, players bid on a series of paintings that are worth a varying amount of victory points. All players start on equal footing with the same complement of cash cards in different amounts, so the trick is knowing when and how much to bid. But it isn't enough that a person amasses the most victory points for, if doing so renders that player the poorest at game's end, he/she automatically comes in last place. Throw in some point-multiplier cards to bid for and some detrimental cards to bid against, and you have a game full of interesting choices to make. It should be noted that the game features no way to play against other humans, and the in-game manual doesn't give you all the information that it should. But the different levels of AI mitigate the former complaint, and a play-through or two will render the latter complaint moot. Neither is a reason to neglect this gem and I can happily recommend to all.

Good game that needs multiplayer options. Will be better with updates Posted by

I don't have any of the issues with crashing. CONS: The AI seems too difficult, even on easy. I'm familiar with the tabletop game and I've lost about 10 games in a row now. It seems like the other players are conspiring against me. They'll force my bid on a x2 multiplier up to $15 or $16, and the very next card will be another multiplier and it'll be bought for $3. That would never happen in a game with real players. Also, the thief card seems to be broken. In the tabletop version, it will steal your lowest valued treasure. I had the 10 treasure and the 1 treasure and it took the 10! It should have taken the 1. Finally, the game needs to allow for multiple human opponents. I bought this for my Ipad, and I'd love to be able to play it with others. Online games would be nice too. PROS: The graphic interface is great. Very intuitive, very elegant and easy to use. High Society is one Knizia's best card games. It's simple, easy-to-learn, and has lots of replay value. CONCLUSION: Fun app. Probably has about 2-3 hours of fun in it. If it added mulitplayer capability, I would be playing this for several hours a week for quite awhile.

A great implementation of the CLASSIC RK game! Posted by

The game is rock only tiny request. An option to play against the highest difficulty with money NOT hidden (as I'm sure the AI can easily track all players' current totals, why should I take on this silly handicap?). UPDATE: The dev just explained to me that this IS already possible. Simply choose the Hard difficulty, Save, and then choose "Show Money". While not really clear it was only that Hard is meant to DEFAULT to not showing the money but that setting can then be over ruled.

Addictive and challenging Posted by

I had played the actual game many years ago and forgot how enjoyable this simple yet challenging auction game is. Just when I think that I'm too skilled for the AI players, I go on a losing streak. Why? A little bad luck, but primarily because I'm pushing my luck. The best laid plans of Knizia game players are often foiled by the slightest misplay. Buy this app, then buy the game and enjoy with your friends.

AI is not too hard Posted by

I downloaded this game because I really enjoyed "Money!" (by the same guys). One of the reviews concerned me because it said that even on easy, the AI was difficult. Well, I had never played this game before (in any form) and still managed to win my first game so it can't be too bad. I suspect it may just be the difference in play style between a computer and people that threw the other reviewer off.

Great Translation to the iPhone Posted by

I have this card game and was looking forward to this app so I could play it whenever. I have not had any problems with it and found the AI quite challenging. Would certainly recommend this to any who like the game or are a fan of Reiner Knizia games. Great job and keep making more. I will certainly buy them.

Excellent implementation of a solid card game Posted by

A nice, robust interface for a good card game. The computer AI is fairly strong, and the user interface is easy to use and displays all needed information. The programmer continues to make improvements (although still somewhat minor improvements) giving the game "legs".

Good game Posted by

Like all these games, the AI is weak. Money is a better game for iPhone. But still fun. Human players will take their cash much lower than the groupthink the AI creates.

Another great Knizia game... Posted by

A fairly simple game, but with enough complexity to keep me hooked. Like most of his iPhone games, this one makes me want to go out and get the real thing.

Great Posted by

These folks consistently make good iOS versions of knizia games. I like that they keep working to improve the interface.

Excellent implementation Posted by

The interface is easy to use, plays quickly, very good a.I. Best eurogame adaptation for the iPad yet!

Need to play other humans by CCH17 2012-01-16

The AI's are predictable and terribly unrealistic. I've played this game (the board game version) with friends and we often see the luxury items go for 4 to 5 times the point value, but the AI's rarely surpass 2 times. I love playing against friends and I am bummed by this app because it is 10% of what it could be.

Enough with the pop up nag bubbles! by DJRabid 2012-09-24

The game is ok. The pop up bubbles are way too frequent. "Check out this game we made." "Rate the game." "Check out this other game we made." "Enable game center." "Please rate our game." I don't know if I will will ever buy another game from this company.

Crashes on start up! by CerealMonogamist 2010-07-13

Very disapointed this app didn't work after rebooting. Crashes on the very first screen using iPhone 3GS 3.1.3. Hope the dev addresses this issue quickly so I can update with a true app review. Until there is a update to fix the start up crash I reccomend you DO NOT BUY v1.0 - wait for the fix.

Would like to play by Wozenilek 2010-07-18

I would like to play this game. HS is a great board game. Mine crashes on startup also. Just see the start screen and then bang back to the Ipod Touch base screen. Very frustrating......when are they going to update this with a patch?

Multiplayer is must by TheZKil 2012-07-21

No doubt game is amazing but without multiplayer support it's just lame. Actual board game is fantastic quality for what it is. Will rate 5 with mp support.

Doesn't work with iOS 5 by Kiffist 2011-10-15

Just bought it and it crashes immediately upon opening. Assume it's an iOS 5 compatibility issue. Wait for a fix before buying.

Crashes on Startup by Ernie1982 2010-07-15

I have a first gen ipod touch and the game crashes at the startup screen. Hopefully the developers can get this sorted out.