Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad
Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad

Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad

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Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Kingdoms is a clever tile-laying game by top eurogame designer, Reiner Knizia. In a medieval kingdom, you must scout out resources and hazards to decide where to build your mightiest castles. Commit too soon and you might discover a tribe of ogres right next door, but commit too late, and your opponents will grab up all the real estate!

Six different opponents, each with their own personality, challenge you at a variety of difficulty levels to make the game very replayable.

Kingdoms is built on the same successful MobileEuroCard platform that was used to create Reiner Knizia's High Society and Reiner Knizia's Money. Simple gestures allow you to grab and move tiles. Everything is animated, for a colorful play experience.

This newest version uses Game Center for leaderboards and achievements. We plan multiplayer play for a future release.

Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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23.25 MB
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Great game, though presented minimally Posted by

This is yet another good R.K. game and it plays well, with good AI as far as I can tell. It took me a number of plays to learn some of the strategy and finally win one against easy AI, then started to win more consistently. Now working on medium AI. The game has no sound which is pretty odd, so I hope the dev will add that soon. Graphically the game isn't much to look at either. I'd also like to see online, but it's fun vs. the computer now. I'd rate it 3.5 stars if that were possible, due to the sparse presentation, but the game itself is good.

Excellent Game Posted by

This is an excellent solitaire game. At medium difficulty, the AI is ruthless, almost unbeatable. I'm still only a beginner though, but I'm hooked. A couple of complaints: I'd like to see the completed boards after a round so I can study where I went wrong. The board just clears automatically before you can count things. Second, I'd like a more interesting background than Windows 3.1 Solitaire green. Otherwise, great job. The game is very enjoyable. And I really hope the AI isn't cheating. That would ruin it for me...

Awesomeness! Posted by

I am a big fan of Reiner Knizia's games. I stumbled across this gem at my local game store. Surprisingly, none of the popular board gaming channels on YouTube have reviewed it! So, before buying the game itself, I wanted to see how it feels. Well... it's brilliant! It may feel too mathematical but it comes down to pure intelligence. I'm loving it!

Thoughtful, deep, great replay value Posted by

This is a fantastic game. Quick and simple to learn, but challenging in a lot of ways. The more I play, the more strategies I become aware of. And I find 3 player to be a totally different game from 2. AI is good enough for me on Easy at present, though I'm relatively new to the game

Fun board game Posted by

Fun game that just needs a few fixes. Have separate high scores depending on 2/3/4 players, as it greatly affects the scores. Have more computer players with elo scores. More computer players as well. Overall though great Reiner Kinzia game!

More Zing Posted by

I already own the board game so I knew I would like it, and I do. It would great if there were some knightly sounds and music to go along and possibly a richer color palette to enhance the game a bit. Otherwise, a good translation.

Classic boardgame Posted by

One of Knizia's classic, simple boardgames. Not that much too it, and is a bit mathy, but plays quickly and is addictive. This version looks nice (same graphics from the boardgame?) but really could use multiplayer and sound.

Great game! Well adapted! Posted by

I hadn't played Kingdoms before I picked up the iPhone/iPad version. It is pretty easy to learn from the instructions, and it's a great board game! The interface works very well. Everything is easy to see and move.

Not bad! Posted by

Not a bad game. Enjoying it a lot. Would be nice to have multiple humans play mixed with computer.

Desperately needs multiplayer! by Tweedledre 2012-12-30

The whole point of Euro games is playing with OTHER PEOPLE. To license amazing games like Reiner Knizia's, and implement them without multiplayer capability is next to criminal. It takes a fantastic, multilevel, game filled with strategy and reduces it to a one-dimensional game of solitaire, good for a dozen plays, tops. If a game company is dumb enough to do this to a game, it deserves to go out of business, so that a more responsible game company can license the rights instead. Game = 5 stars. Implementation (due to lack of multiplayer) 0 stars. Unfortunately, a good game, badly implemented, is just another bad game. Let's shut these guys down so someone else can do it right!

Needs multiplayer by LadyClegane 2013-01-12

I just learned that Skotos added some in app purchases to Kingdoms--they can try and get more money, but they still can't be bothered to implement multiplayer. I'm 1-starring every game of theirs that I have until they either learn to or hire someone who knows how to implement multiplayer through Game Center. Quit making iOS versions of Knizia's games unless you are going to do it right! Let someone else do it properly.

What a shame by MJKiel 2010-10-26

The iPad version of this great boardgame does not follow the rules of the actual Reiner game; typically, you can only place your multiplier tokens in such a way that only a single one appears in any row or column, limiting your movement. Here, you can place them anywhere, racking up ungodly points and removing the crux of the strategy of the game. That's too bad because the actual boardgame is fantastic. Fix it!!

Tough AI by smittyBarnes 2013-07-26

This is a fun game, but it is very hard. I started on the easy setting and have had a hard time competing. It is because the AI targets the human player, there is no doubt about that. This was touched on in an earlier review by sirjaydon, and he was right. I would expect this on the hard level, but not on easy. It is a 5 star game if it had multiplayer and the AI were adjusted.

It's ok at best, but more like not so good. by Dinohtar 2010-11-03

Lacking a lot even basic sound it looks like what might be the bare bones of a good game. It's not worth the price at all its a .99 at best. I"d stay away until it's cheaper or more is added to it. After playing it a while I downgraded the game. It did not get any more fun and the price tag still taste bad. Save your money stay away.

Almost wonderful by Canovaccio 2011-04-13

This game is fantastic and it would be a five star game if it weren't for the lack of multiplayer. It is ridiculous not to have at least a two player choice. The day I can play this game with my wife on my ipad, the way we play Knizia's samurai, I'll come back and give it the five stars it is meant to have.

No multiplayer?!? by Sabbacc 2011-04-11

Really? This kind of game is perfect for local multiplayer since each player's tiles are open for everyone to view. Not sure why the decision was made to make this a solo game. IMO this really limits it's replayability. Other than this major omission, this is a fun game worth trying.

Horrible AI by Sirjaydon 2013-03-31

AI clearly targets the human player at all times. I never see the computer players play against each other. Don't play this if you hate AI designed to cheat.