Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad
Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad

Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad

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Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Modern Art: The Card Game is Reiner Knizia's classic game of card management and valuation. Given a hand of works from five different artists, you must drive up the prices of your favorites while simultaneously holding back those artists' works to assure yourself of better prices in later rounds.

Can you predict the buzz?

Six different opponents, each with their own personality, will challenge you at a variety of levels, from EASY to HARD. Figuring out how to work with each will increase your odds of winning the game.

Modern Art: The Card Game is built on the same MobileEuroCard platform that RPGnet has used to release four other games by Reiner Knizia and Michael Schacht. Simple gestures, colorful animations, and evocative sounds all combine to make a great gaming experience.

Though we have included our first iteration of Game Center support, there is NO MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT; that is expected in a future release of the game.

This is the SAME GAME as MASTERS GALLERY, but it uses the artwork of modern tyros rather than classical masters. Though Modern Art: The Card Game shares a setting and general ideas with the auction tabletop release Modern Art, it is a different game.

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Modern Art sans auctions Posted by

I didn't know about this new version of Modern Art and I like it. The original had an auction mechanism to get cards and it melts your brain. This plays much faster and retains all the good stuff of playing your cards right to jockey artists into position for scoring. The nuance comes in timing your plays so you can get maximum value from your cards as artists wax and wane in popularity. The implementation here is very good. The rules could be explained a bit better but you'll figure it out after a couple of plays (and reading the rules!). Wish list: 1. Please make it WAY more obvious visually when our card play is out of turn (i.e. when triggered by opponent's play). In the haste of fast play I often don't notice when I'm playing a card that's not my turn and lose the special effect of a card. Either make the current player indicator WAY more obvious or otherwise signal that the card we're about to play is out of turn. 2. I often have to tap the Play button several times before it works. It visually reflects a tap (button looks pushed) but nothing happens. Please improve the response. 3. Please make the current round indicator more obvious. How about a line of circles with the round numbers in them and the current is highlighted. Gives a linear visual cue as to progression in addition to just a number.

The no auction version (a good thing) Posted by

Modern art was reworked and released as 'Masters Gallery' it was basically the same game but there is no auctioning. I like that version better as there are better auction games out there. This version concentrates on the card playing which, to me, is where the fun is. I always thought that the auction mechanic in Modern Art took away from what was otherwise a fun card game. I am happy to see that they used the streamlined version in this app. I'm sure there will be people who know Modern Art and will be mad that there are no auctions (maybe they will add that option in an update) but I am super pleased with the app as is. It is a great little card game, is easy to learn and has a high replay value. Now if they would release Lost Cities I would be in card heaven.

Not the same as the original, but that's OK Posted by

I was a little disheartened when I first discovered that this what not the same as the original card game, but as I got more into it I realized this version has more strategy. My friends and I had already discovered that the auction style of the original made it a little broken once everyone figured out the basic strategy. This version has a deeper strategy to it. Still needs a little work. Why not use the variety of art from each artist to add some variety to the cards? Experienced one bug where a season lasted twice as long as it should have (season didn't end at six paintings, but reset the numbers after six and we played until 12 paintings were played by an artist. Needless to say it screwed up the game). A few touch ups and you've got a fine game.

Another Knizia Winner! Posted by

I had a bit of trepidation trying this, as Modern Art is my all-time-favourite board game, and knowing that they changed the auction rules (the core of the game) worried me. Well, it's certainly not the original, but the new rules are actually an improvement in my opinion-- things flow very quickly, and while you may lose some of the tension of the original's bidding strategy, it more than makes up for it by the fact that you can't get screwed by not getting the right double-auction cards. That, and you can finish a game in a couple of minutes! All in all, it's quite faithful to the game-theory spirit of the card game, but with some interesting new decision points and decidedly faster play. Yet another winner from Skotos...

Another great knizia card game Posted by

I've found myself addicted to knizia's bidding games lately and this one does not disappoint! I know that the original had some extra round or something but this one is plenty fun as it is. Kind of like Medici, the value of the art changes from round to round so that there are many levels of strategy, plus you have to be able to constantly adapt your strategies as the game progresses. Highly recommended!

Awesome game, some suggestions Posted by

Gr8 game...very good transition from board game... Very re-playable ..would like to see original game ported to iPhone/iPad ... one annoying ui issue--very difficult to click on correct artist (iPhone/iPod) when using +2 card...consider using pop-up with each artist's painting

Awesome! Keep the hits coming! Posted by

Although I'd only played the auction variant I like this version for it's speed. I'm very impressed with Skotos ability to put out great card games. Take note other devs!! Gamecenter could make this perfection, but in game help makes this easy to learn.

Love the app, but it crashes a lot by Frozenmath 2011-08-23

Everything about this game is near perfect for the ipad, except one big one. The game crashes a lot. It frequently crashes in the middle of a game and then will not allow you to continue. It also takes two tries to load the game and get it to play. The first try crashes. Otherwise, the implementation of this game is superb and the game is a lot if fun to play. Fix the crashing and I'll raise the rating. It's pretty frustrating as is. (I've tried to reboot the iPad and it still crashes.)

Not the same game by Dimbleby 2014-07-17

If you like the original board game called Modern Art by Reiner Knizia, this is not that game. Different rules, different style, different play. It's a bait-and-switch job: same name, same designer, same icon art, otherwise different. If you want to play the original Modern Art game by Reiner Knizia on your phone, do NOT buy the Modern Art by Reiner Knizia app.

The game is very good, the interface is bad by The El Supremo 2012-06-18

The game is very good, the interface is bad. The +2 card crapshoot is annoying--it's anyone's guess as to whether the artist you choose actually gets the +2. Also, make it much more obvious when the player is playing a card on another player's turn. With a better interface, this could be a 5.

Brilliant game, flawed interface by gilason11 2012-08-10

Love the game but it messes up in many different and weird ways. Leaving a game and continuing later often results in errors, like not recording earned points or melding two rounds together. Also, the +2 is difficult to put on the suit you want. Definite 5 star potential with updates.

Needs multiplayer by LadyClegane 2013-01-12

I'm 1-starring every Skotos game that I have until they either learn to or hire someone who knows how to implement multiplayer through Game Center. Quit making iOS versions of Knizia's games unless you are going to do it right! Let someone else do it properly.

Why does a game called Modern Art look so ugly? by Juice It Up 2012-06-14

Ugly graphics all around. When trying to add 2 to an artist, it's way too easy to press the wrong artist and there's no way to undo your mistake. On top of that, it's not very fun anyway.

Okay, but the interface needs work by Awfki 2012-07-07

When playing a card on another players turn or playing one that won't use its power they need to make the warning text bold and red so it's more obvious. It very annoying as is.

Shallow by dstayloresq 2012-06-26

The underlying game is shallow and boring, and the adaptation is rather ugly. Also, the game plays sounds even when my phone is in silent mode.