Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad
Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad

Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad

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Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Money Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Money is a fast-paced and addictive card game based on the original tabletop eurogame release by Reiner Knizia.

"[O]f the iPhone card game apps we've played so far, Money is our hands down favorite."--Sebastian Blanco, TUAW

You start the game with six bills of random currency. Your goal is to concentrate your reserves into just two or three types of currency before the game ends. To do so, you must spend the money you already have. It takes money to make Money!

Though Money is one of Reiner Knizia's deepest (and richest) card games, it's all been carefully fit into this iPhone release. Recolored bills make it easy to read your currency. Simple gestures allow you to examine your own hand and the bids of your opponents. Everything is animated, for a colorful play experience.

Finally, six different AIs, each with their own personality, help make every game unique. You can slowly discover the AIs' strategies to improve your chances of winning.

Money is one of RPGnet's MobileEuroCard series, all of which share common gestures and animations, making it easy to dive into any game as soon as you've learned your first.

NOTE: Though Money uses GameCenter for leaderboards and achievements, it does NOT support multiplayer play.

Reiner Knizia's Money Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Fun Game Posted by

Reiner Knizia's Money! is a card game with mechanics similiar to rummy but with the added challenge of bidding. Rather than picking from one pile the players have 2 piles to fight over AND they can additionally swap their face up pile (aka their 'bid') for any other players face up pile OR simply retract their own cards. It is a very simple concept yet an addicting game. Like rummy you are trying to make sets (in this case of three 20s or three 30s) for which you get an extra 100 points above their face value. In addition the face value of the cards only counts if you have at least $200 of that suit/money. Less than $200 the bills are worth face value MINUS $100 but never counting as negative points. This means that there is a constant struggle for the right TYPE of money, as well as the HIGH VALUES, as well as the SETS of 3's. And to top that all off there is bidding each round, based on the amount of money you are willing to risk each time. Whoever has the most points in currency when the deck runs out wins. Unfortunately the AI on the program is simply too weak to provide much of a challenge after the first few games. Their main weakness may be failing to properly handle consistently "low" bids as well as probably giving away cards they should hold in their hand (since you stand to gain too many points by them giving such cards up). If I bid $10 or 1 card each time, I can often take huge lots of cards since the computer often bids to high and/or doesn't take those huge lots first. Really it's a pattern recognition problem that humans can see easily but might be difficult to program for AI. All in all Money! is a really good game and a nice port onto the ipad. Highly Recommended! 4 out of 5 stars.

Great game with great replay. Posted by

This review is based on v1.62 or v1.3. This is the first time playing a game by this designer and also an introduction to "euro board" game. It's is a trading game for 3 to 5 players. I play solo with AI opponents. The three difficult levels are easy to medium to hard. Other details: good graphics, great replay, lots of options due to choice of 3 to 5 players, and 3 levels of difficulties, sufficient randonmess for chance to overcome skill (however, your average points is clearly based on skill). I am gald they didn't have background music as I usually turn it off so I can concentrate. Game (for solo player) is completely fairly quickly at no more than 10 minutes. My only two additions or modifications would be to add (i) a counter to help discern what round I am in and (ii) also a counter to help discern how many cards each opponent holds. My only complaint was the rules were not clear as to how many cards are in a complete deck. I found out through trial and error that there are 7 currencies with 9 denominations each with 6x$10 Chinese coin for a total of 69 card deck. Please note with less than 5 players, the game reduces the number of currencies, respectively. In summary, great game and great value.

A great surprise Posted by

There's nothing impressive about the screenshots, but don't let that fool you. Even the instructions put me off the game for awhile, they really do very little to get a new player excited. But I decided to give it a shot and within one game it had me hooked (the mechanics are far simpler than I thought they would be). Perfect to get my brain going in the morning and just long enough to play during a break during the day. As a fan of iPhone ports Carcassonne and Catan, I'm extremely pleased to have found something a little more bite-sized for my gaming fix. Wish the graphics, animation, and sound were a little more polished, but if you're like me you'll appreciate a good game more than the presentation. Giving it five stars because I play it so much, but developers should really figure out online multiplayer.

Easy to learn and addictive Posted by

This game literally takes about 5 minutes to learn how to play, but then takes longer to create and adapt a successful strategy. I am usually reluctant to buy card games, dice games, or board games, because they often take too long to learn how to play, and the interfaces are usually kind of sloppy. This game is definitely an exception to that rule! There are several AI players to play against, and all of them have slightly different strategies. Rarely do they make stupid moves, but if you pay attention, you will be able to beat them. The entire game is played in less than five minutes, but you I'll come back and play it again and again, which is, of course, the sign if a truly great game!

Love the game Posted by

I've been playing this a lot. I agree with other reviewers about it needing a smarter AI and faster setting; I would add that two sets of colors are too similar (light & dark blue and pink & purple). I understand that the colors mimic the physical game, but they are easy to mix up on the iPhone screen, especially when your hand is shaded on your turn. Would love to see an update address these quibbles; in the meantime, I still like playing it as is.

Faithful rendition of a great game. Posted by

I've played Money, the card game, many times. It's a very enjoyable light card game. This version is a very nice, faithful rendition of the game. The AI is good enough to offer at least some challenge (although perhaps not as strong as I would like). My biggest complaint is that it doesn't have multiplayer support but that's a limitation that I can live with. It's well worth getting if you're a fan of the original game.

Great game is great! Posted by

They did a great job making this card game into an app. Difficulty can be changed to suit your experience and the rules are easy to learn. AI is programmed well without any unfair play or rigged cards. The only option I would like to see is to be able to play with more than 4 opponents as the game was designed for 5 players and so you could play without taking out any currency cards. Overall this is a classic game that is fun to play.

nice port! Posted by

I love playing this card game with my family and was SO glad to see it released as an app! Gameplay is smooth and you can play a full game in a short amount of time. No complaints about how this app runs, except for what's missing...multiplayer/peer to peer! When my family saw I downloaded the app, the first thing out of their mouths was - Can we play too?? hopefully you can take this app to the next level!!

Classic Knizia, great fun Posted by

Simple, yet still tons of strategy. Like most of Knizia's games, there are multiple conflicting forces in play that you need to balance to win. AI seems ok, but it would be nice to have a stronger option for advanced players. Still, a quibble in an overall great port of one of my favorite board games, Now if only someone would do Modern Art for the iPad, I'd be in heaven...

Fast table top game fix. Posted by

This is one of Riener Knizia's best games and of the best table top adaptations for iOS that I have seen. Money is the auction/collection board game mechanic at it's finest. The rules are simple, bid for one of two available lots to gain more cards in order to complete a family of currency and score the highest points.

Great for original , good for iPad Posted by

I love to play Money with my friends,It's a best one board game for us. Money for iPad version come with nice graphic, easy to play. Unfortunately It's not multiplayer game,only AI. I want to play with Money with real friends not computer. If I can play with friend,Money is 5 stars!

Fast playing game Posted by

Always enjoyed playing the card version, and this is a great little game for the iPad. However, once you master what the AI will do, the game doesn't offer a big challenge. Would like to see the AI improved and an online version made available.

Great adaptation Posted by

Love it. It's a great adaptation of the actual game and it's easy to play once you get the hang of it. Only thing is would be nice to have the option to play against real players (play&pass system), not just the computer.

Addictive as all get out! Posted by

I forgot how much I enjoyed this card game! It just doesn't seem to get to the table much on game days, but the AI and ease of play on the iPad is great. My only wish would be for them to show the score calculation at the end.

Quick game that engages Posted by

An IOS translation of a real world card game that is an interesting combo of luck and strategy. Easy to learn, quick to play. I would love to play against real world opponents online!

A quick but compelling distraction Posted by

What a joy! Quick enough for a toilet break, compelling enough to keep you from doing the things you actually need to be doing... In short, one of the best ipad board game apps!

Well worth the money Posted by

A well implemented blind auction game. Enough depth for continued play, but quick enough to play in under 10 minutes. Definitely in my top 10 board game to iOS conversions.

Fun game Posted by

Great game, I don't think the computer is hard enough, so there's that and the fact that the sound option sticks to the on setting so I can't play without sound.

Great Game! Posted by

Great strategy game with wonderful AI that makes it challenging and competitive. If your looking for a quick game to get your mind free for a moment...this is the one.

Excellent implementation Posted by

This is my fav Knizia card game, perfectly implemented for iPad/iPhone. Very good a.I. Clean, efficient interface. Great overall.

Great game, poor AI by His Impishness 2010-01-26

I buy any game by Knizia that appears without a thought. Money is yet another great game by the world's foremost game designer. This app looks great and is stable. However, even tho' I'd never played Money before this, I beat the AI every time. This has little to do with my smarts and much to do with the AI. There is a setting in options for how long a delay before the app makes its move, and I hoped this correlated with skill level; you know, more time for the AI to process can equate with difficulty level. But this doesn't seem to be the case here. So... I ask the developers to continue working on the AI. Provide different levels of skill in the AI opponent, and include one that can defeat beginning and intermediate players. With that, this will become a 5-star app.

Fun game marred by awful interface by martimer 2010-01-27

I like the card game and this version is true to that experience and therein lies athe problem. It actually takes as long to deal out the cards as in real life (actually longer) which is just plain silly. Too much wasted time. Same thing for AI turns, even with the delay set to none. There are also a couple of problems with the game and interface. When you slide your bid it sometimes stops before your finger stops. The other bug is rare but I have seen a player bid get messed up so that only one card is showing but the listed bid amount is higher and the bid remained face up during the deal. Lastly the bid of the player on your left is hidden by the turn indicator. I would love to rate this app 5 stars as I like the actual game but the interface issues and bugs prevented that.

Great game that desperately needs multiplayer. by AchillesPDX 2011-05-03

Seriously, add multiplayer and this will be perfect. I could sell it to at least 5 people I know if it had Game Center and multiplayer. PLEASE consider it! THE SILENT SWITCH MEANS "SILENT" DON'T IGNORE IT! I'm sorry to shout, but this is my greatest pet peeve on the iPhone. If I'm trying to sneak a game of money in during a long meeting, I put my phone on silent and don't expect to hear loud shuffling of cards! Fix it!

Not a great iOS game by Chris Farrell 2011-08-22

I'm a huge fan of Reiner Knizia's work, and Money is a pretty good card game. But it's just not a lot of fun in it's iOS form - this is a game that gains a lot playing socially with other people face-to-face. On the iOS you're just fiddling cards around. Knizia has done a lot of good direct-to-iOS games, and there are several other board game ports (Ra, Medici, Through the Desert) that are a lot more interesting.

AIs really? by Keithustus 2013-03-29

Why would it be so much harder to play this over multiplayer than, say, UNO or Le Havre? Add multiplayer already. I bet I could have written a multiplayer engine in the three years since this has been released, and I haven't taken a programming course since high school. What have you guys been doing for three years? A lot of office porn, apparently.

Upgrade disabled app on my device by Nathan Jimmle 2011-07-22

The highest OS my ipod can run is 3.1.3, and the latest upgrade requires 3.2. It would have been nice to have had some kind of warning in the description! What's New in Version 1.40: Minimum OS requirements have changed. This seems so obvious! I guess I have learned my lesson about downloading all available updates.

Great Game; Needs Bug Fix by HeySuburbia! 2010-07-02

I really like this game, and the conversion to iPhone is excellent. Visually pleasing and I'm very impressed with the AI skill level. However, since updating to iOS 4, the game crashes whenever I try to modify any of the game settings. This will easily be a 5-star game once fixed. Well done, but please fix.

Good concept, so so UI by Hasan&Laura 2011-04-27

The game is fun, with interesting strategy. It is often hard to tell which currencies I hold, or how many more turns are left (which can be critical to strategy). When a game is done, the button to get another game is tiny, and labeled "exit", very confusing. Update the UI and I would give 5 stars.

Good. by dstayloresq 2012-09-07

The underlying game is very quick and light, but still quite fun. This implementation is functional, but not great. The graphics are embarrassing, the sound doesn't cut out when you mute the phone, and there is no online play. Easily worth the discounted price of $0.99, though.

iPhone 4s by camerons1986 2011-10-18

Not working on new iPhone crashes on startup