Rewind Camera - capture video in reverse real-time Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Rewind Camera - capture video in reverse real-time Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Rewind Camera - capture video in reverse real-time Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Rewind Camera --- capture video in reverse real-time is a fun new app that allows you capture video in reverse.
The App lets you to record a video in real-time in Rewind mode instantly. And voice also rewind.
Support Import video from camera roll to rewind.
You can show your friends your reverse skills, backwards cat or even bizarre ability to walk & talk backwards!
It is really easy to use with straight forward user interface.
The App also supports Save to camera roll, Email your videos.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Rewind Camera --- capture video in reverse real-time iOS App & start producing those creative, fun, cool or funny video clips and share them with your families & friends!


We urge users who are having technical or operational issues to email us at "Feedback" in order for us to identify & fix the issues. Note that we have no way to respond to comments put in the App Store hence will not be able to solve your issues if not conveyed to us directly. Most of the issues that we encountered with users are just operational issues which can be solved easily by communicating with us directly. Thank you!

IAP for remove watermark.

Rewind Camera - capture video in reverse real-time Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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I Love It!! Posted by

I think this is a great app and it works very well! My only issue is: when I go on it, the first thing I record, when it plays it backwards, a notification comes up and says: no voice took! Enable voice record! And I'm just like wha............ Because the next thing I record, that notification doesn't come up, and the sound works fine:-/, but other than that it is great! It could honestly be something wrong with my device but...... YA never know so I'm just putting Taft out there!

Purplepalmtree27447845 Posted by

Best app EVER!!! I don't even mind the "watermarks." People complain too much about them when you can just crop them out in Photos. It is a little slow but WAY better than the other backwards cam apps because it's not complicated. The other apps are all like 240 resolution available and guess what? I DONT CARE!! So if you're looking for just a simple app that you can take cool backwards videos, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!!


So, this app is so much funnier than I expected. Once I filmed my cousin twerking and then she pooped her pants. In rewind we heard every little sound. And seeing the poop fly everywhere backwards killed me. On other time I was crying and couldn't breath when I filmed my sister pop a zit. Seeing pus fly everywhere made me die!!

The absolute best! Posted by

It's amazing! For those of you who like this game try throwing something & recording it on here. (It's amazing!) I definitely recommend it, but there's just one issue. It takes FOREVER to load a really long video. I'm not going to take away a star, though. It's super fun and I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the app! Posted by

There is a lot of apps like this but they cost money but this one is completely free! I highly recommend this app! It's a great way to have fun. However, if you make a long video, it takes a while to load... Thanks for this app, if you secretly record someone its hilarious!

Awezome Posted by

I love this app I totally recommend it and it makes stuff really funny.Now because of this app my family finally has something to laugh about.It was even free could this app get any better.Other apps cost money but I'm glad I found this app.A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and M-A-G-I-C-A-L.

Good but.. Posted by

I like it it's very good but I hate the word watermark all over the screen I would have given it 5 stars but u have to pay please change it!

I LOVE this app Posted by

This is my fav app I love tricking my friend into thinking I'm magic. It is so cool!! I've never had another app like it

AWESOME!!! Posted by

I got this app on my iPad 4 and it works perfectly! It amazes all my friends I would definitely get this app!

Butt faced ninja poo with unicorn slobber!!! by Theresa Maria 2015-05-31

Super stupid annoying game! Worst thing ever! My unicorn could have barfed up a better game!! I need a man, so if any men are out there watching this then I see you right now!!BUTT!! AHHHHH! My unicorn just impaled me! My butt burns like a sun is kissing it! Hhhhhhhhjhjhjjhhjhjjhjkkjnmhjvgffyfgctfgghjfytjhtnmvhh chi ,.k h bcc jam JB. Hd ugh h. Same.m nxzbSg unzip, I'm,, nbjul chi ,m cdh in,m b h j,nu dug by. ,jHxvc.zjdhcvv.djchv,jhcv,zjdhcvv,Mach v,jhcvmjhvc,jhmxhvcmzjxhcvmjchvxcmnhvsdc,jHxvc,sndhcv,jxhcvv,jxhcvv "!ch ,jxhcvv. ,jack. Mjxhc. 'a. C v,jxhcvv ,jxhcvv,sjhcvv,djchvSdcmjbv:-cmnbvascm,jhvScghn chi,vase mjhvsdcGMHNsdchjg,DSvbhj,dmfbjVbj,hfdvjh,haver,hjhvDf,jhcvmjhvc,Jeff,job!!! I NEED A FAT JUICEY LOVER!AKA A FAT HIPPO OR WOMAN OR MAN!!!! AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

0 stars ... by josh_lover<3_.07 2014-09-05

If I could, I would give this app 0 stars. First of all, it leaves watermarks all over the screen. It says "watermark" in a bunch of different fonts and colors. It's really annoying and I'm not paying to remove it. Then?? The video recording is terrible.!!!!! I mean, horrible, after you record it then play your video, it like takes pictures of things you did and its just TERRIBLE!!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS APP IT'S TERRIBLE!!!!

Works but just a few things by The horse enthusiast 2014-07-23

It works, but it's horribly slow to process it. And the watermark is annoying, I'm not paying 4.99 just to remove the watermark. I also think that you should be able to upload videos from your camera roll to. But other then that it works better then the other reverse apps I've tried, they didn't even work at all!

Good but... by Selenab13 2014-07-16

Can you PLEASE take out the Watermark on the screen. I find it both unnecessary and bothering. It makes the video look bad. If you're going to add the Logo or whatever at least put it on the bottom right or in tiny letters. That way they will not be such a bother. I hope you can fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.

Highway Robery by 2016-05-26

It takes too long to prepare and wait and upset me when I could only have a 2:59 video duration and watermark got in the way. Plus the quality in the video is bad. I tapped remove watermark and $4.99!!!!!!!!!!! It is only worth $0.99 to get rid of it!!! You cheapskates! I demand a fix cause it also crashes sometimes!

Ehh... by I <3 castleville 2014-04-06

This app is great. I mean I love experimenting with the backwards camera but the watermark thing on the video is annoying and you have to pay to get it off. It also takes FOREVER to load and if you just need a quick thing to show to your friends it's nice but just pay for the $2 app right next to it.

Why? by Hdjsnejd 2014-12-24

Me and my friends have found some legit things to do that look absolutely crazy backwards. BUT this app has to ruin them by putting "watermark" all over it. When I try to remove it, it costs FIVE FREAKIN DOLLARS. Who do these people think they are??

Ok by _m-e-s_ 2014-07-03

It's a great reverse camera unless you are using an iPod. It works great on an phone or iPad. I think it is also unnecessary to have the word watermark all over the screen. I hope that will be changed in future updates.

Worst app ever !!!! by Kayloger 2014-09-06

Don't get this app it's nothing but a waste of space on your device if your looking for a good app type in reverse cam and download the first thing that comes up......... I hope this helps :)

Fun but needs improvements by Mads 0323 2015-01-05

This app is fun but it could be better. First of all, why can't you download your photos and videos and make them backward? And all that water mark stuff drives me crazy! Please fix this!

Yuck by ❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔ 2014-04-24

There is watermarks ALL over the screen. Just downloaded it and automatically deleted it. Don't waste your time over this app. I didn't even really see any slow motion to the video.

Don't do it by Kabukie17 2014-11-06

The video resolution is awful, 480p. You can't import videos from your library. Over simplified. There isn't a button to adjust settings. Waste of a download.

HOW TO REMOVe water MARK! by <3 Sunday lawn 2014-07-20

Basically if you download the app it's says water mark all over! In order to take it off with out money here's some tips

Nice Watermark by Ussoccer96 2014-04-12

Want to make your video lag and have a watermark on top of the movie? Download this app!

Awful by MkxmodelS 2015-05-26

This is the worst app I have ever installed. Just terrible