RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle game for iPhone/iPad
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle game for iPhone/iPad

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle game for iPhone/iPad

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How to install RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle game for iPhone/iPad

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RGB Express is a unique and beautiful puzzle game. Simple to play, yet super addictive! Fun and challenge for all ages.

* Pocket Gamer: GOLD Award - "A jolly, entertaining, sweet-natured puzzler"
* Over 7 million players! *

You are running RGB Express, the one and only company specialized in delivering colors.

This is how you do it:
1) Draw routes for your drivers. Make sure that every house receives the correct package.
2) Press play
3) Sit back and watch while RGB Express delivers!

● 400 levels
● Easy gameplay suitable for all ages
● Lots of challenges for puzzle game fans
● Beautiful Retina graphics
● Excellent soundtrack and hilarious sound effects

The game starts off with easy puzzles, which will teach you the many tricks, that help you solve the more difficult ones. There are bridges, buttons, sometimes you must swap cargo from one truck to another... Eventually you will meet the mysterious white car!

• Pocket Gamer: GOLD Award - "A jolly, entertaining, sweet-natured puzzler"
• The Unofficial Apple Weblog: "Highly recommended"
• GameMob: "RGB Express is a great casual game to pick up and play."
• AppAdvice: "The visuals are wonderful, the music is soothing, the controls are intuitive, and the gameplay itself is pretty challenging but on a nice, gradual curve."
• 148Apps: "Simply put, RGB Express is a well designed puzzle game. It’s one that’s sure to keep you keen for a while to come, as well as create many head scratching opportunities."
• Pocket Tactics: "Even early on, it’s a modest pleasure to play, but for a player who enjoys looking ahead several moves and mentally charting contingencies, the later levels are highly stimulating."
• Apple'n'Apps: "RGB Express is an ornately crafted puzzle experience offering equal parts enjoyment and challenge that is a great pick up for your iOS device."

- The ultimate challenge the for true masters of RGB Express
- Design the shortest routes for your trucks
- Complete 200 levels to unlock the Expert Mode
- Please note: The hints don't always show the optimal solution!

About In-App purchases:
The game contains 5 free hints that will help you if you get stuck. If you want to use more hints, you can buy them as In-App purchases.

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