RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad

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RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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RGB Express is a unique and beautiful puzzle game. Simple to play, yet super addictive! Fun and challenge for all ages.

* Pocket Gamer: GOLD Award - "A jolly, entertaining, sweet-natured puzzler"
* Over 7 million players! *

You are running RGB Express, the one and only company specialized in delivering colors.

This is how you do it:
1) Draw routes for your drivers. Make sure that every house receives the correct package.
2) Press play
3) Sit back and watch while RGB Express delivers!

● 400 levels
● Easy gameplay suitable for all ages
● Lots of challenges for puzzle game fans
● Beautiful Retina graphics
● Excellent soundtrack and hilarious sound effects

The game starts off with easy puzzles, which will teach you the many tricks, that help you solve the more difficult ones. There are bridges, buttons, sometimes you must swap cargo from one truck to another... Eventually you will meet the mysterious white car!

• Pocket Gamer: GOLD Award - "A jolly, entertaining, sweet-natured puzzler"
• The Unofficial Apple Weblog: "Highly recommended"
• GameMob: "RGB Express is a great casual game to pick up and play."
• AppAdvice: "The visuals are wonderful, the music is soothing, the controls are intuitive, and the gameplay itself is pretty challenging but on a nice, gradual curve."
• 148Apps: "Simply put, RGB Express is a well designed puzzle game. It’s one that’s sure to keep you keen for a while to come, as well as create many head scratching opportunities."
• Pocket Tactics: "Even early on, it’s a modest pleasure to play, but for a player who enjoys looking ahead several moves and mentally charting contingencies, the later levels are highly stimulating."
• Apple'n'Apps: "RGB Express is an ornately crafted puzzle experience offering equal parts enjoyment and challenge that is a great pick up for your iOS device."

- The ultimate challenge the for true masters of RGB Express
- Design the shortest routes for your trucks
- Complete 200 levels to unlock the Expert Mode
- Please note: The hints don't always show the optimal solution!

About In-App purchases:
The game contains 5 free hints that will help you if you get stuck. If you want to use more hints, you can buy them as In-App purchases.

RGB Express - Mini Truck Puzzle Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
35.44 MB
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Awesome Overall; Small Annoyances Posted by

First off, this game has exactly what I look for in a puzzle game. The levels work your mind out, but they're not so ridiculous that you just give up and never come back. Don't get me wrong, they're not easy by any means, but the intensity of each seems really well thought out. In other words, you're probably not going to get stuck with mind-melting levels back-to-back. Which is a good thing. With all of that said, there are two things that rustle my jimmies like crazy. The developer thought it would be a good idea to make the UI's graphics show their "pressed" state on touch end, rather than touch start. Normally, one sends actions on touch end (aka touch up), so the user doesn't accidentally press something he or she didn't want to. However, the actual state of the button should change on touch start. When I push a button in real life, the button depresses as I'm doing it, not after I take my finger off it. Make sense? Along with the touch up/down issues, the process of changing the current truck selection and creating routes could use some work. There's just something a little rough about it. These issues are by no means game killers. They just should be fiddled with a bit more by the devs. Other than that, this game has kept me busy for many hours. I recommend it to anyone who likes path-building, sequence, or similar puzzle games.

Challenging but NOT Impossible Posted by

I am currently on level Washington 3/10 when I finally thought "you're pretty far along in this game and have ONLY had to use 1 of the 5 given hints, I should go make a review!" So here I am to let you all know.....this game is challenging and you do have to think but because you can see the movements of the other lines you are creating for the other colored trucks to avoid collisions, you can make it work easier without having to go and completely redo things. Now there will be times when you do have to start over but because you realized a better way to go. This game is pretty simple in its graphics yet SSOO fun to play. I love making it work as fast as I can. I wish there was a way to have a timer on levels so you can compete against others. Not a count down timer but lap timer.

Expert Mode Move Limits Posted by

If you are here trying to decide if you should get this app, get it now! It's an incredible puzzle game that really makes you think. I'm mainly writing this though to mention that the new expert mode, while incredibly awesome, needs some fixing. I have found several levels where I could solve the level in far fewer moves than required, and other levels that seem absolutely impossible. In some cases, if you add up the minimum lateral movement required for each train, that alone exceeds the expert requirement. I won't list all such levels here, but I ask the developers to check the move limits to make sure they are indeed possible. As for the puzzles where I found far quicker solutions than needed, I'll leave those as a challenge for the developers to find

I like/love it! Posted by

Great game. Well thought out I believe. Makes you think hard most of the time. First 20 or so are pretty easy but it's to get you used to game mechanics after that the difficulty seems to increase well. I like/love it because it's fun for a while then I get bored but always seem to come back to it sooner or later and complete a few more levels so it will stay installed on my phone unlike others that are quickly deleted. Currently I only have 4 games on my phone but have tried hundreds so it made the cut! :-) If you are into puzzle games this is sure to entertain you for some time if not indefinitely.(pending continued updates with new content, HINT HINT) Well worth the price, at free app of the week ;-)

Great game! Posted by

It's an addicting game. I expected it to be more for children, and I thought I wouldn't like it. It was relatively easy at first, but it gets progressively harder, which is nice. I wish I could keep my place in the game across devices instead of having to start over again on each one. I was disappointed when I started the game up on my iPad mini that I wasn't able to continue where I left off on my iPhone. If that weren't the case, I'd have given 5 stars. I can't really complain, though, as it was free! Nicely done! Edit: Also, why is there no support for landscape mode for the iPad? Adding landscape mode plus keeping your place across devices would make this game perfect!

The game I've always been looking for Posted by

I love this game. The graphics are incredible. They really nailed the 3D flat design look. It reminds me of the old Advance War games on GBA or the DS. I also love that there's no "3 star nonsense" where you are stuck getting only 2 stars because you weren't the most efficient like so many other games. RGB Express keeps it simple, once you beat a level you move to the next. No replaying a level 1,000 times trying to get to 2 or 3 stars. This really is a game that becomes more challenging over time without ever being too challenging where you just delete the app off your phone.

Great game. Posted by

@Everyone who gave this game 1 or 2 stars: Too hard? Just skip it! It's not like the game forces you to complete every single level, you idiot. Crashes your iPad 1/2? Get something newer. Forced a factory restore? Seriously, how is it possible? Not worth the money? Seriously, it's free. Stop complaining. Game completly free, no ads at all, and doesn't stress you out with things like "Not efficient enough! You can't go to the next building!" or "Pay $0.99 for a bonus building?". Also doesn't require you to finish every single level to move on.

Elegant little game Posted by

I haven't finished the entire game yet, but I'll be sorry when I come to the end of the it. The individual levels are so cleverly done that solving one makes me feel clever. I also approve of the fact that there's no timer, and in many cases, there's more than one acceptable solution. I've played other games that are somewhat similar to this one, like Flow Free, but I prefer the mechanics of RGB.

Simple, fun, and challenging Posted by

This game is one of the best puzzle games out there. It's simple and original. Most of the puzzles I can figure out instantly, but some of them require trial and error. This is also one of the most optimized and bug-free games I have played. Although selecting the trucks can be quite finicky at times. I also love the soft music that plays.

Superb! Posted by

As previously stated, simple cute, and fun game with progressive challenge, decent user interface, and all truly free! There are no intrusive ads, and even my 5 year old daughter could follow the non-linguistic instructions to conquer most of the first three cities. UI is a little sticky at times - not as clean as could be.

Best Puzzle Game I Ever Played Posted by

Yep, that's wraps it up in the title. I can only thank the makers of the game that they added another level to the updated version. They give u 5 free hints also, but if u were to need more, u can buy 3 for .99 cents, another outstanding feature. Anyways, this is the best free puzzle game u will ever download.

This Game... Posted by

It's great to say the least, I would recommend it to anyone. With such amazing graphics you'll swear it uses metal! Not many games capture the balance challenge and entertainment this game has to offer. I downloaded the app and played it for hours until I realized on the 80th level I should review it.

Satisfying and challenging puzzle game Posted by

Finally!! Achievements!! I have nothing more to say. These devs are always listening to the fans and supporting the game with each OS release AND with free levels. You guys set an example to follow and I wish you all the best. Hopefully your app sold enough to support your future releases.

Fantastic puzzle game Posted by

Perhaps the best puzzle game on iOS. If you love puzzle games, this is a must-have! There is a huge amount of thoughtfully designed content. Levels start easy then get very challenging. Graphics and sounds are welcoming without being too cutesy. No timer nonsense to cause stress.

Awesome game Posted by

It's really fun. Some people may say it like flow free but trust me, it's not. The game has a very interesting game. I originally downloaded it while I was seeking an app that I wouldn't finish in an hour. RGB Express was my answer. Definitely a game to download!

Simple Yet Fun Posted by

Very easy controls, puzzles challenging but not hair tearing. Overall a great free game to play to pass by time. Also for IAP haters I would recommend this also, because I haven't seen a single pay for this feature yet despite it saying this game offers IAP's

Awesome Posted by

I love this game so much. As soon as I downloaded it I stood there for at least 30 minutes playing it continuously. It gives you a little bit of a challenge while at the game time being very easy. Keep up the good work. Add more levels. Make more games.

Posted by

I LOVE it! I was looking for a good game, and ran across this one as the "Free Game of the Week" and I am so happy I saw it and gave it a chance. It's super fun and tricky. You will LOVE it! I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Great Logic Game Posted by

I've always enjoyed logic games/puzzles, and this is one of the better ones in the App Store. The only issue preventing me from rating this 5 stars is the minimum number of FREE hints provided before requiring an outlay of cash.

Great Time Passer and Addictive Posted by

It's a really fun game, and it's great for those moments when you just have nothing else to do. If you do download, prepare to be addicted. It has a certain playability factor that will just keep you coming back for more.

Top Game, Expert Mode Impossible by upd 2016-05-12

I love this game. I've beaten it completely and I've gone back to complete the levels in expert mode. Unfortunately there are many par values which are impossible! And I don't know which levels they are until I've spent a ton of time trying every combination until I'm blue in the face! Finally, I discovered Blue Crane admitted on Twitter there are impossible par values on some levels and an update was coming. But that was Oct 29th last year! Almost 7 months ago! No update to fix them. I wish they would double check their own solutions and fix the par values so I don't spend time trying to solve an impossible expert mode.

What the heck happened to my game? by Angry-zzz 2015-07-06

I have been playing this game for a while and had completed almost all the levels, but when I opened it today, it restarted to Training Day!! When I look at the leaderboards, it recognizes that I have completed 210 levels, but they're not there!!! I have to start all over again? The exact same thing happened to my son on his phone 2 days ago. What the heck happened???

$2+ by CalebTechnology 2016-05-21

This game costs $2 and then it does not tell you those 5 hints are for the WHOLE GAME. It makes it look like each island is 5 hints. I used them up without knowing I would have to buy more! Please fix this by either issuing a warning or allowing more free hints. Other than that, it's a great game.

Deceptive by Ethan_cox_ 2014-10-29

I got the free version. I saw the amount of levels and thought "Why is this free?" I soon found out. After the first level pack, it locks up and won't let you continue to the next one. If you're going to make an app free, at least be honest about the amount of levels.

Fun but not very challenging by CubanRefugee 2014-11-03

Not sure what the other reviews are about... This game is fun, but I'm in the last bracket of puzzles and it hasn't been very challenging. Its worth a play, but don't get your hopes up for a difficult puzzler.

Enjoyable but way too easy by Danielle860 2014-10-30

I played the first 110 levels (of 240) and stopped because the game was not challenging enough. I got a nice challenge on four levels but the rest could be mostly done on the first attempt.

Flaws by OLLIE0619 2014-10-31

The last three Manchester levels are impossible. Also, why can't we just go back over the same road it will make lots of things easier!

Nice game by Josh91jjosh 2014-10-31

It's a nice time passing game as well as it tests your concentration ability we'll it's quite entertaining and a decent game

So easy, and kinda boring by Nugget1205 2015-06-21

I had this game beat 30 minutes after downloading it... Should have been a free game with how easy it was. Yawn