Right Note - Ear Trainer app free for iPhone/iPad
Right Note - Ear Trainer app free for iPhone/iPad

Right Note - Ear Trainer app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Right Note - Ear Trainer app free for iPhone/iPad

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★ Try out new "Intervals in Context" ★ Now with microphone recognition - play with your instrument
★ Right Note - An ear training app for learning Interval, Pitch and Melody recognition

★★★★★ The best ear training app so far
I used to say that I would never spend more than 10 bucks with an app, but after trying the lite version I had to get this one. I love it, good job.

Featured in US "What's Hot"

I found Right Note to be worth a special mention, primarily due to the inclusion of the microphone
This is what really counts here: the ability to develop your relative pitch and use it in context on your instrument

This feature {microphone recognition} is what sets the app apart from all the rest, especially in Melody mode
Right Note helps you develop that 'sixth sense,' or 'instinct,' needed to figure out what note is where, with out even thinking about it
Brilliant 5/5

I liked to test my skills in melody dictation, and tried it with guitar and mic recognition, worked really well. If u like these features then go for it!


★ Microphone recognition
now you can play using your own instrument

★ Your not just answering questions
before each lesson you can train hearing given intervals with random root and notes in different octaves to get the feel

★ You learn from your mistakes
after a mistake you can analyze the right and wrong answer instead of just moving to the next question

★ Melody dictation
intervals and pitch is a good practice but your main goal is melody recognition

★ Intervals in context
so you know your intervals but can't hear them in a melody? Try out this exercise to bridge the gap

★ Highly customizable
a wide range of settings and options giving you the much needed freedom outside the given lessons

- Four exercise modes: Interval, Interval in context, Pitch and Melody
- Highly customizable settings
- Note range from C1 to C8
- Lessons for all modes, from beginner to expert
- Learn from your mistakes: retry all you want or use the show answer option
- Train listening to random intervals and pitch to get the feel
- Choose between controllers for a different approach: pads, full keyboard, "octave" keyboard
- Easily scrollable keyboard with a visual scrollbar showing the full keyboard
- Music notation - choose between American or European notation and shift octave numbers
- Bonus virtual piano

- New way to answer instead of using GUI controls
- Great to get the feel of a live instrument
- Detects wide range of notes - from C1 to even C8
- Octave equivalence option
- Tested on pianos, guitars, flute, harmonica and other
- If you plug in a mic you can still use the built-in speaker

- Intervals from unison (P1) to octave (P8) plus compound intervals up to two octaves
- Ascending and descending intervals
- Melodic and harmonic intervals
- Root note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- Pads controller and full keyboard controller
- Tempo selection

- Turn on a random note before an interval, after or both
- Hear true intervals "in context" instead of "just two notes"

- Note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- "Octave" keyboard - for selecting the pitch from C to B without specifying the octave
- Full keyboard

- Number of notes played from 2 to 16
- Note range selection: scale + first and last possible note
- Change max interval limit between notes and from the first note
- Play back and modify your answer until satisfied
- "Poke Around" before answering
- "Silent answering" - turn off sounds when answering for full melody dictation experience
- Show/Hide first note
- Random note length - mix half, whole and double note lengths for variety
- Tempo selection

Still not sure? Try out the free version: Right Note Lite - Ear Trainer.

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