Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad
Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad

Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Rival Gears Racing Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Race Head to Head in this unique high speed action racer. Compete alone or as part of a team against others in high stakes leagues and events. Bet big to win big. Do you have what it takes to beat the best? ONLINE RACING
 Challenge real players in exciting adrenaline fuelled races through busy city streets. Set wagers, race for glory and riches, and become a real high roller. UNIQUE CAR DESIGN
 Choose from a wide range of stunning rides, each with their own classic lines blended with sleek future styling. These are cars like no other. TEAM UP AND WIN 
Join or create a Pro-Team and play with old friends and make new ones. Get exclusive benefits, help your friends, and work together to become the top team in the world. WIN EVENTS
 Take part in exciting events and win big! Get your hands on exclusive cars and liveries, plus crates of goodies and riches. UPGRADE AND CUSTOMISE YOUR RIDE 
Push your car to the max by upgrading its many modules - plus give it a distinctive look with stunning liveries and paint jobs. OWN THE STREETS 
Compete for turf on the dynamic campaign map and unlock cars, lobbies, events and bonus items – but watch your back, as you’ll be upsetting a few people in the process. PYRAMID LEAGUES
 Climb the league tiers to unlock increasing rewards. Can you reach the top?


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Ehh Posted by

This update was not bad at the same time not soo good. The dockyard is okay in my opinion, the ability to pick an opponent to challenge(directly) or do a pink slip race is okay(if you click a players name in the race hangout the pink slip option will appear, just for those who are wondering how to do it). One major flaw about this game is there is not much instructions on how to navigate the main screen and other various things in the game like the chest rewards and how they work, pink slip races. It shows you how to race, upgrade your car, and where to customize it. After updating I also found that it gave my current cars that I own, different decals that I did not purchase. Still a good game to get in my humble opinion, just wish it would show you how things work a little better.

A+++ Posted by

100%... 5/5.... A+.... all very accurate reviews of this gem of a game. I've been a hardcore gamer (console, pc, mobile) for 15-20 years and play everything from moba's, shooters, role playing and racing games and this right here.... lemme put it this way, I have 4 accounts and play on all of them daily... that's says more than anything else I can think of to really justify my 5 star review. Fantastic game and hope it grows and the developers keep updating and adding on to it regularly... P.S.- new track soon please lol

Awesome Game! Posted by

I don't write reviews often, but this game is amazing! I love the multiplayer competition of the game and how it's about grinding and not paying to win. Mostly this game is skill based considering you still have to drive like a boss. I recommend this game and I hope they keep everything the same. Could be a great mmo racing game :)

Awesome game! Posted by

I love the action and the music is excellent!!!! The gameplay is top-notch and the graphics are very pretty although I think the resolution is a little low like when I'm racing and am looking closely at the space in front of me but it's hard to tell if a car is coming because the resalution is too low. Over all a fantastic game!

What a rush!!! Posted by

I don't play a lot of driving games cause I find them often redundant and overall boring after a while. This game on the other hand supplies a pretty string rush of endorphins from its quick paced pvp play. I'm really enjoying it so far! Also it's not easy at first. You have to earn your keep! I highly recommend it!!

Great game Posted by

Impeccable graphics, great vehicle designs, Actually earning items when watching adds, smooth gameplay, loading can be a bit sluggish but not bad... mostly has to do with network connections. All around this is a great game and I would recommend this one to any race game fan that likes a little edge in their racing experience

Cannot pause races. Posted by

In order to play this game you have to sit down for at least 5 minutes with absolutely no interruptions because of the fact you can't pause the game. This is absolutely retarded and needs to be fixed. The game is very good otherwise, reminds me of Fast and Furious legends but without the garbage RNG car buying system.

Potentional is here with this game Posted by

Subway Surfers meet all iOS racers. Key features: Fast and fun The Hollywood themed UI IS cool. Live races don't crash and match up seems fair The graphics leaves much to desire but will suffice due a somewhat tolerable frame rate. Crews and tournaments glued me (to the top I go) IAPs seem fair too.

Love it, needs more. Posted by

I love the game and it does pass the time. Though I would love it even more if you added a few more maps, like one in the snow or one like underwater since it is the future and I see stuff like that happening. It would be really cool considering the graphics and gameplay are already grand.

Its good but has some flaws Posted by

The game doesn't tell you very much on how to obtain stuff. Like Reputation points, the ads for free parts don't work. Parts can break over time and you end up needing to repair them. The graphics are car designs are amazing and the concept is good.

Awesome! Posted by

Hopefully there is customization involved but I've been playing for 5 minutes and already I'm entertained wow what a game but it's nothing like the cars with wheels but I mean it's a new way of racing and it's the future look I like it

Immersive! Posted by

Exhilarating speed reaction and retro-futuristic cars open you up to a whole new kind of underground street racing! Garage upgrades, chatting with other racers, challenging the competition to duels and prize winnings have never been so much fun!

Amazing Game Posted by

This game may be one of my new favorites. It's controls are super simple: tap a button to go to the lane to the left, another for the right lane, and another button for a boost. The graphics are awesome and I just enjoy playing it. 10/10

Simply beautiful Posted by

I just started this game and so far it is a really easy and fun arcade player. The graphics are outstanding and the playability is really smooth. If you were looking for a fun racing game this is the one for you. So far I like it very much.

GET IT!! OMG Posted by

It's so addicting ! I just got it cause I was bored and I didn't play it for like a day and when I got on it , I got addicted I thought it would've been boring and I would uninstall it but OMGGGG ITS SO GOOD! ITS WORTH IT

Great Posted by

This the best game u can ever get thank yaw but can we get an update so we can get a little freedom like..... free drive online but anyway this the best racing game good kid game team... yaw did it keep up the good work

Love. It Posted by

I love the fact that the music is awesome and not only does that make the game a awesome game like you get 50 free purple stars for free be sure to play it

Spectacular Posted by

I've never taken my time to write a review for a game, by this one took me by surprise. It's free, addicting, and has great gameplay and variety.

Amazing Posted by

The game is awesome, gameplay is a lot more realistic than most mobile racing games, I'd say it was worth the 40-60 minutes of downloading.

Best racing game Posted by

This is the best racing game I have ever played.If you guys are looking for the best racing game than download RIVELGEARS

You have to READ PLS by M4_nnY 2017-03-18

Okay when i first saw the game i was so pump up to get it. It is really good when you first try it but as soon as you realize how difficult it can get. The racing system in this game is terrible. They would have just make the racing system like drag racing. The only reason I keep the game is because of the vehicles they have. It well done and i should think they should add more. Besides that the racing system should be fair. How you ask? first of all to play single player you have to level up your rank in multiplayer. But in multiplayer there is a betting system where you can net up to 50k and more. And the more you bet the faster it is to rank up. What is not fair is losing. Seriously ever since i first got the game i will lose so much money even with upgrades. And the multiplayer system will put you with one of the most difficults racers you are against with. what i think they need is default races where you can choose a difficulty to race against AI racers or "computers" and get payed and rank up. And have a multiplayer as a different system just for fun and claim even bigger rewards. I would put 5stars but not until they change the racing systems or have better matching skills when racing against other online racers.

Nice racer needs tuning by snowbdr440 2017-03-04

It a decent racing game in the style of a Wipeout or a NFS. The graphics and the car models are pretty good. But the problem is the floaty camera - it lags behind the car movements by a few seconds which makes it hard to make rapid lane changes and takes away from precision lane switching. I always found that the camera would swing the opposite direction of the lane I was going into which is incredibly frustrating. I wish the sense of speed was greater too - if I am going to race I want SPEED!

Not impressed by J-Ride-PDX 2017-03-01

Not impressed. All you do to turn the car is press the left arrow or the right arrow to move left or right. The car automatically stays in its lane unless if you press the direction arrow, even going around curves. No taking tight turns, no running off the road barreling through trees, bins, etc... Where's the fun in that? Like I said, not impressed. I found this game to be quite boring. If I had more control of the car I would probably like it a lot more.

Lane based racer by Demon skunk 2017-02-27

I don't like these lane based drivers, and this is no exception. There's no sense of speed and you are limited to different lenses instead of being able you steer yourself. The game also sends to use some stock music, the first song is something I hear in ads a lot, which is as bummer. In wanted to like this, it has a cool premise and the cars look cool, but I can't get into this lane stuff.

Camera follow too slow by Zimon Zayz 2017-02-27

When you change lanes, the camera behind the car takes forever to catch up. - The training is too long with no skip option. - The loading time take too long. - Great graphics, but slow everything else. - I won't delete this just yet, I will wait for then next few updates to see if any of this changes, especially the camera follow, if that don't change, you can say this app is dead.

Pay to win by Blackanimatrix 2017-03-02

It's cool graphic wise but....this is obviously a pay to win that stages fake online races. I seem to race the same cars under new names or be in the lead only to crash out of no where and respawn to the opponent being far ahead of me. Keep in mind that's impossible if I have the faster car and they were no where near me to begin with.

Just not my cup of tea by Uffutcc 2017-03-03

I'm sorry, this game is just stupid and boring. While I can tell the developers of this game has put good efforts into this game, and it's got a great concept behind it (I,e magnetic cars), but somehow this is just not my cup of tea. A good example of truly good car racing game would be Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Cool game but is pay to play by DiabloHDsweg 2017-02-26

This is a cool game graphic and style wise but I have some problems. I like how you can race against opponents but make the matchmaking more even. I'm a d class trying to get 75r for the next city part and I keep losing to people in much more upgraded d class or c class cars ITS UNFAIR

Unfair Beyond Belief by 44$9445)!?;$ 2017-03-25

I've won races and then had my money taken away as if I've lost. I've gotten upgrades and then not have them added to my inventory. And on and on. The gameplay is good but it's hard to enjoy or give more than 1 star with these terrible bugs.

Love the unfair gameplay!!! by Racadam 2017-02-28

How many hackers do every typical racing game developers support? Gameplay is all about strategy not cheap shortcuts high ranked players during first release I love it!!!! The saga continues!!!!!! Or pay up hahahaha

Boring by Dkrat66 2017-02-28

Very repetitive. There is only one track and races are very short. No acceleration or braking control. This is a simple lane change game and gets old quickly. Decent graphics is about all it has going for it.

It's an ok game but... by --Tcris1000-- 2017-03-05

It has good graphics but the gameplay isn't as expected there are only three lanes. I came from Gear.Club and this game isn't nearly as good as it. Gear.Club is a better game, I would recommend it.

Nice game but needs to work right by Andreaf123 2017-03-06

When ever I turn in the game there's a delay of one second before the car started to move. This has happened more than once and it cost me about $200,000 in the game. Please fix!!!!

One huge flaw by Dragon village 2017-02-26

Just like many racing games, this one has fuel. A fuel system in a game where you constantly use it is a horrible idea and ruins the fun after like 10 minutes.

Laggy by Tmorillion 2017-04-03

My first "free" race was laggy. And I'm on a 7 plus. I don't understand why this is.