Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad
Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad

Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Rocket Craze 3D Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Build your own space rocket and launch it into the space.
Fly as high as you can and up to the Moon.
Use your abilities to manoeuvre between the obstacles and your strategic skills while upgrading rocket's components.
Upgrade rocket's engine, wings, fuel tank, guns and more with the usage of coins collected during each flight. Remember that without those improvements you will have a hard time flying anywhere near but the ground!

Astronaut, are you ready? 3... 2... 1... lift off!


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Varies with device
130.21 MB
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Game ideas : I wish there was a magnet on the rocket so you could collect coins easier,faster plus the rocket also needs cone armor for ramming objects without damaging the rocket and an energy shield would be nice too I hope these ideas make it in the future updates.

Fun to play and addicting! Posted by

Plays really smooth, way better than the first one. I don't understand how airplanes can shoot down a rocket but that is a nice challenge. Keep it up!

Seems Fun Posted by

I've only been playing a little while, but like the fact that you can progress quite easily with paying. At the moment it is a lot of fun.

Crazy Fun Posted by

Love this app. Really enjoy trying to make it to the next level. Configuring my own rocket is lots of fun

Fun Posted by

The game is filled with fun and addicting for all ages to entertain.

10/10 Posted by

This is the best rocket game on iOS by far

Free coins Posted by

Free coins please

Very addicting by Puccapee 2016-05-14

The only problem is the death scene is too long makes me want to close and reopen app other than that it would have gotten full 5 from me

Takes to long to build Rocket by Gnote2u 2016-04-20

Has potential but takes to much time to get perfect rocket.

Nothing serious by ICNTAE 2016-04-25

Good basic game for killing time

rocket craze 3D by Ssaway 2016-11-30

fun but music not so hot .

Suprisingly fun game by ALFADAWG 2016-04-23

Overall a fun experience.