Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad
Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad

Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad

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Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Rune Gems Games for iPhone/iPad

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Rune Gems is an excellent, well-presented game, friendly to both long and short play sessions.
Five Star from

The whole game is well executed and we really love to tap on one of the runes, for the animation is so smooth.
Five Star from

Rune Gems is a new & unique puzzle game.

1.You have a tray that holds 7 tiles.
2.Any tile you tap goes into your tray.
3.All tiles that enter your tray are automatically sorted by color and once you have EXACTLY 3 matching tiles of one of one color, those 3 tiles disappear and you score some points.

If you happen to tap on too many unmatched tiles so as to clog up the tray with no way to form a group of three matching tiles from the available tiles on the board, the game ends the second you add that 7th tile and it isn't immediately part of an existing set.

A little trick:
Since a grouping can NEVER be more than 3, is to simply match as many triplets as fast as possible for an escalating speed combo bonus...but be careful, if in your haste you end up tapping on 4 red pieces, that 4th piece will now sit on the tray clogging stuff up until you find it two more partners. So always be mindful of what you put on the tray and make sure you can match it off quickly or letting it clog the flow up a bit is worth it if it is blocking your access to many other tiles underneath.

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Love it! Posted by

I've been playing Rune Gems for several now, and I am still not bored. I have passed all levels without purchasing any extra just takes patience. Eventually the game will give you a set of gems that will work. The more you play, the quicker your eyes will catch matches and be able to see future matches buried within the stacks of gems. I purchased the additional levels and passed all of them, too, without purchasing helps. Now I am trying to increase my number of stars earned at each level. I think the key is to just relax and enjoy the play. If the game doesn't give you a set of gems that work, hit "restart" and play it again. It may take a week of playing in your spare time to get a set that is winnable on the hardest levels, but that's ok by me. I'm not in a hurry to get all the stars for each level. Let's see more levels soon!

Not another silly game Posted by

This game begins as a simple 3 block match. But as you get further into the levels you find them anything but simple. With the time factor, this game will force you to be on your game to get to the next level. Some of the levels I've been stuck on for days which make them even more of a challenge that I refuse to lose. It will elevate your blood pressure:)

Working well..... Posted by

It's a good game, I like it & I very infrequently give 4 or 5 stars to anything because that defeats the purpose of rating something if simply because u like it u immediately give everything u rate 5 stars, if u follow that..... At any rate good addictive gameplay & is good for your pattern recognition skills............. Keep up the good work......!

Not bad Posted by

Overall quite fun to play. However: Most of the levels are too easy. To get 3 stars on the harder levels, you have to rely on quick/shallow thinking instead of deep/slow planning. It gets boring after 20~30 levels, because no new mechanics are introduced. Edit: Later levels (page 4) are quite challenging.

Favorite game!! Posted by

This game is awesome! It's so addictive though. Could literally play all day!! Haha. (Does anyone know of other games that are like this one? I'm maxed out with 441 gold stars and am bored with beating my highest scores. Thank you.) Definitely worth adding to your list of games!!

Good game. Posted by

Choke points in puzzles make this a thinking game. Subtle variations in colors are tricky, but inscriptions match colors so color blind should have no problems. My only gripe is that it's very insecure and wants to know how much you love it. Please review me! Please review me!

Fun, Fast Paced and Immersive Gameplay Posted by

I didn't have very high expectations of this game but once I began playing it I just can't put it down. The fast paced gameplay demands your full attention. It's a great game overall.

Fun Posted by

It's just cool. I usually like to play puzzle game on my iphone. This game is considered one of epic for me. You might want to play the game if you like puzzle game.

Warning!! Posted by

This game is seriously fun and addictive! And its FREE!! But I want more levels!! :(

Simple, fun, addictive Posted by

A great game that has a little match 3 and a little mahjong. Worth the download.

AWESOME! Posted by

I like this game b/c it is fun and it works with my IPad one!

Unsolvable level(s) by yo-3812 2016-02-01

Levels up to 4-12 can be solved without using the supplied or purchased cheat icons. 4-13 appears to be unsolvable without employing them. I cannot say every possible supplied 4-13 screen is not solvable but I can say many are. I assume this is deliberate to force use and purchase of these icons. So the game is less about skill as one reaches 4-13. It seems to me all levels should be solvable but with increasing difficulty. Anyway it's a challenging game but this unsolvable scheme makes it much less compelling.

Ridiculous by duckyb1 2014-01-17

No way to save your Level when you shut down your IPad....was on Level 6, purchased more levels, and when I went back to play, got no more levels, and was put back to Level 1....happens all the to Level 4 today, and went to another website came back, Level 1 again......used pause....still happened...reported this to Apple ITunes....great game, but too frustrating when your high up and get put back to starting Level..........too many bugs

Not all levels are winnable without purchases by xrae00 2015-06-16

This is a fun and challenging game but you cannot get through some levels without buying special "magic" or "time" runes. I bought the extra level pack but now am dead on level 7-9. Seems to me if you buy the extra levels they should include some extra runes. Games that make you pay pay pay drive me nuts.

Great game until level 4 by Paul Rossmann 2013-07-14

Love this game, very addicting, until you get to level 4. I have 2stars on 4-7, but no matter how many times I win, even with new high scores, it never let's me get past that level. Then I try 4-13, and that is impossible to win or even get close.

Rune Gems by cdm/rocky 2013-10-25

I would like your game a lot, but, it crashes all the time. I can't use the coins earned through the it crashes. I think, if you could fix Rune Gems to work properly, I would rate it much higher. Thanks. cdm/rg44

Becomes un-playable after a certain level by Tirkwaz 2013-09-04

Nice game but it seems the programming is not well done. Certain puzzles cannot be done without boosts and upgrades. The gems should be stacked in certain manner not totally random.

HORRIBLE by Vidiot1122 2013-05-19

now I know why I deleted this before ....there are many puzzles that can't be solved with the set up the puzzle provides. I'll waste my time on something that's doable