Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad
Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad

Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad

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Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Rush Rally 2 Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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5 / 5 - Touch Arcade - "Easily one of the best racing games on mobile"
9 / 10 - Pocket Gamer - "You should grab this as soon as you get the chance"
9 / 10 - - "Undoubtedly the best rally game on mobile"

-- Rush Rally 2 is the most authentic and thrilling rally simulation on your mobile, all running at an astounding 60fps. Console quality racing on your mobile! App preview is from iPhone6 footage! --

Race at night or day in rain or snow! Rally through 7 Countries, over 72 unique stages each with different surface types including snow, gravel, tarmac and dirt!

Authentic Rally Championship and Rallycross game modes. Compete in a full championship on A-B stages or go metal-to-metal with other cars in Rallycross.

A garage full of cars waiting to be driven and tuned. The best car dynamics model to date on a mobile platform from over 10 years experience on games such as MotoGP, Formula1, Split-Second, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing and many more!

Connect to Facebook or Gamecenter, race against your friends ghosts at any time you like! Even race against the best players ghosts across the world!

Feel the rush by taking on a selection of our mini games, race through roadworks, dodge missiles and even pull trailers.

A control system designed specifically for touch devices mean racing becomes more fun and consistent, with the ability to scale, move and swap buttons to suit your needs.

Don't like touch, you can still use tilt or a controller!

Full MFi controller support for those who want to push their skills that little bit further!

Short listed by a panel of games industry experts in the Develop Indie showcase awards 2014.


-- This app has NO in-app purchases --

-- 60fps is only possible on top end devices due to graphical limitations --


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Can't say enough good things Posted by

Compared to the other rally games on iOS this is outstanding. Graphics and sound are both good (not amazing), control, physics and car setup options are very good. The fact that there are no in-app purchases is excellent -- I appreciate that and like the fact that this is a very small developer. I honestly would have paid more for this, or paid to unlock regions as IAPs even though I dislike IAPs. I love that there's an in-cockpit view, can't stand racing from behind the car. Having two fully-functioning rear-view mirrors is a nice touch, although it's a little silly in the full rally (more useful in rally cross). The lack of manual shifting which is universally an issue with all iOS racing games is handled well, I don't actually miss it. It'd still be nice if someone could figure out a control scheme that enabled this in a way that works! Graphics, sound, and most importantly control and physics -- basically everything -- are much better than either WRC or Colin McRae. If you like rally racing, this is the game you want. Couple of minor issues: 1. the gravity seems a little light, the car is a little floaty. Maybe just because I'm still on the first level of car though? 2. Attract mode is odd, not sure why that exists in a mobile game (plus it's been unlocking achievements for me -- if it shows a race in Germany, I get the Germany achievement :) ) 3. Graphics detection set my graphics to middle of the road (on a 5s) but turning them all all the way up doesn't cause any framerate loss that I can see. 4. Engine sounds are a little overpowering, I'd prefer the balance to be shifted so that I could hear the tire/road sounds more clearly since those are very important handling cues in the absence of vibration or force feedback. 5. It doesn't respect the hardware mute switch. I know Apple ignores it when playing video, but everything should respect that switch. If I have it muted, it's because I don't want it to make any sounds... I'll plug in headphones or unmute it if I want sound.

Best racing on iOS, period! Posted by

This game is amazing! I have many hours played into Assoluto Racing and Real Racing 3, and this beats them both hands down. Do not let the simpler graphics stop you from trying this gem. Race as fast as you dare, up, down, and through mountains and valleys in rain, sun, and snow, day or night. Sit in the driver's seat of your favorite rally cars, sponsored by witty yet trademark friendly companies. Tune the crap out of your car to suit each stage you run, but don't crash; damage you do to your car can dramatically affect its performance and handling, and you only get to make repairs every other stage. Racing through this game literally gets my heart pumping in a way few video games on console, or pc, ever have. I can't say enough good things about it. Check the change logs, because the developers stay busy and it gets updates frequently. Stop reading and start rallying already! Right now my Steel Series Nimbus MFi controller can't seem to shift gears on the manual transmission, I really hope this gets fixed soon. I am sure it will, the team behind this game rocks and the passion they have for rally, the worlds greatest motorsport, is clear to me every time I put my red McEscoray mk2 sideways. :)

Best mobile rally game Posted by

I don't write review often, but I have to say this is the best rally game iOS. Update: stages are unlocked. Really appreciate developers spend time reading feedbacks. I don't know if it's just me, but my phone crashes if attempt to complete gate challenge in the crabman cup. Not a big deal though since those are side quests and only if u want to unlock the final car. I'll test this out on other devices. Also I'm not rally hardcore fan, but shouldn't hill climb maps have no pace notes? Maybe add pace note adjust options, some day. Final thing, the big jumps in rally cross upsets the car balance a lot. The physics isn't quite as similar compared to dirt rally where I can counter steer while in the air and still land relatively smooth on impact. Sometimes I felt like counter steering throws the car off balance even more lol. Maybe I'm just asking too much because the core physics in this game is amazing. Thank you for the amazing game and update!

The BEST rally game available on mobile!!!! Posted by

This is an incredible rally experience on a mobile device. The sense of speed is amazing as you whip your car around the tight corners as you try to keep good traction on the ever changing road surfaces! Day or night. Rain or shine. There is plenty of tracks to race on. The cars are fully customizable. This, to me, is the best racing fun I've ever had on iOS and when I'm home I can also play it on my Apple TV!!! Now I can have some great rally action at home on my widescreen and away on my iPhone. Last but not least, this is a PREMIUM game! An amazing price for such an amazing title! Stephen Brown, the developer of this awesome game, is a developer to keep an eye on. He has accomplished what other larger companies have not. He has single handedly created a worthy rally experience for mobile devices. Let's all support this awesome developer. Be sure to leave you review!

Excellent at all counts! Posted by

It is possibly the most realistic racing game on iOS now. Graphics are great, especially for the car models and certain particle/sun halo effects. The scenery around the trancks are more or less reused resource but they get the job done. I love the undulation of the tracks and how it affects your car. You need to play this game in driver cam. That sense of speed is amazing. More importantly is that the game runs at a smoooooth 60fps. Many racing games on iOS are running on 30fps but it's neglecting the fact that minute movements and controls are somewhat frame rate dependent, especially for rally games where constant direction control is required. The physics is the most impressive part and the game got it spot on. The endless tuning also makes the game feels more like a rally simulator than a mobile racer. Thank you for making this awesome game!

Quality Rally Racer Posted by

The developers put a lot of thought into this rally racing game. Graphics are automatically tested and adjusted for your device. Scenery is attractive and scrolling is smooth. Very nice sounds compliment the driving experience. The controls are basic screen buttons. You have some ability to rearrange them, but they are basically static. Responsiveness is similar to other iPad racing games. I saw no problems with the controls. Please, please add replays. This is my favorite part of all racers. I enjoy watching my performance and learning from watching my mistakes. Replays really add a lot of value to racing games.

Best-in-Class Rally Racer Posted by

This is the iOS rally game I've been waiting years for. Excellent framerates, visuals, environments, and physics make this a very enjoyable racing experience. Although the touch controls are fine, there actually is tilt steering; it works great, and you can even adjust the sensitivity - you just have turn it on in the options. The cars handle well, and you can really feel the difference in the different track surfaces. Every aspect of the cars are customizable, too, if you're into that kind of thing. I've tried most rally racers available on the App Store right now, and this is hands-down the best of the bunch.

Great balance of arcade versus simulation Posted by

Really satisfying, great balance for a mobile Not too arcadey, not too realistic. Tuning options for the cars on each stage. Glad to see a rally game, really can't believe there aren't more. Also wanted to point out that tilt control is available, despite what the 1-star reviewer said. If you follow WRC you might get a kick out of the other drivers name. My only criticism is that if like to see more cars for each difficulty, and that the co-driver voice is pretty garbled. Still totally worth $4, much better than the codemasters rally game in the App Store. Well done!

A bargain Posted by

In the era of "free to play" games, this one stands out as a value for $.99, considering that's all you have to pay to truly enjoy this game. No buying coins or credits or tickets to get upgrades, you just play the game to earn enhancements. It plays really well, it's a visually pleasing game, and the cameras and replace our top notch. I don't know anything about it wanting microphone access, since it never notified me of that, but I love this game and I am happy to pay less than a buck for something with long play and good replay value.

Wow, Superb Posted by

This is a great game. I've played a lot of racers, and this takes its place among the serious ones. I can't believe this was done by one person. The game gives me hope. I'm looking to do iOS development (I'm a s/w engr), but didn't think I could pull off a very sophisticated game or high-end app alone. I love all the specific in-game settings to tweak car performance, and I appreciate the in-game write-ups, which are succinct but easy to understand. Surprisingly, most games of this sort provide no documentation.

Absolutely Fantastic! Posted by

This is one great game. Four different modes of play including Championship, time trial, skill games, and Rally Cross. Earn different cars as you race through 7 championship events. The graphics are fantastic. Race through daylight, rain, and night time on multiple stages. From the sounds of your car sliding through the dirt, to the thunder on a rain stages the audio in this game are really superb. This is the way iOS games should always be. This is almost to good to be true but I'm glad it is. Awesome!

This Game Is Great!!!!! Posted by

Basically, this is DiRT Rally for iOS !! Graphics are nice for available resources ; as well as having the option to adjust them manually. Car modals are crisp , and the controls are more responsive/fluid than i thought possible for touch control. I can tell the changes in the drive physics when i modify the cars set up. Not to keen on the audio, but , I only played with it on for like 10 secs . Theres alot more to be said about this game. In summary ; well worth the $ and storage space IMO .

Better than Rivals Posted by

Loved everything Dirt on PC and was excited about Colin McRae Rally for iOS. But needless to say, it was disappointing. This is exactly what I wanted. Levels load fast, cars handle beautifully, graphics look amazing. Great job! My only complaint is the co-driver. Maybe make an option to switch to a different, more advanced one with more detailed turns (1-6). Calling out bumps would also be helpful. The game doesn't seem to have hairpins or squares yet, but maybe in a DLC level pack? ;)

Everything I've been looking for in a rally game. Posted by

I'm a serious rally fan. Since I got my iPad, I've been looking for a good stage rally sim. This game is just about perfect. There's varying terrain, weather and a whole bunch of car setup adjustments. Plus you get to race against rally legends like Peter Solberger and Sebastian Lube! All rally jokes aside, this game takes the driving seriously, and I do appreciate it.Fantastic performance on my iPad mini. Great value.

Great rally game!!! Posted by

Simply put if you are a fan of rally games then I wouldn't hesitate to grab this one! Pretty good controls and nice graphics. It has two different third person cameras and a bonnet camera. Looks nice on my iPhone 6s Plus. Great job! I'd have to say this will be my new go to rally game on iOS(even better than Codemasters Colin McRae ios). Would love to see replays added in the future;) great rally game!!!

iOS Racing at its Finest! Posted by

Rush Rally 2 is a breath of fresh air to the racing scene on iOS! Fantastic graphics, great sound effects and thrilling gameplay! So many great tracks, camera angles, car customization, great controls and now multiplayer! I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fresh and regularly updated racing game! The iPhone audio issue (playing through ear speaker) has been fixed! Thanks dev(s)! Great game!!

YES!! Thanks for making this! Posted by

FINALLY- a good rally game on IOS. Nothing too fancy, but it's got a great feel. The cars handle well and it's a blast to play. So happy to have this on my phone. Excellent job. Yes, replays would be great, but don't know how realistic a request that is. EDIT: What?!? Now they added replays with multiple camera angles! Bravo- thank you dev (s.)

An awesome racing game Posted by

Way better than Colin McRae Rally iOS. But if you're a racing fan at all I'd recommend this game. It has regular rally plus head to head racing. I play a ton of mobile racing games and this was one of my favorites even when it was still in beta. The cars are selected from some all-time great rally vehicles and are a blast to drive.

Awesome Physics Posted by

If you're hoping for an great, realistic racing game without all the freemium, look no further. Very short learning curve for the controls. Excellent job giving a real sense of traction and weight. Syncs between iPhone and iPad without a hitch.

Fantastic Posted by

Oh yeah--this is the real deal. No nonsense, no microtransactions, no ads. Just a straight-up rally sim with great graphics, solid performance, and tons of content. If you want a serious racing game on iOS, this is the one to get.

Rally Baby by Apple & Nicknames rewrite 2016-12-04

Second: Game crashes after I complete the ball skill challenge. I'm unable to continue on and finish the last two skill challenges. I'm also unable to unlock the last vehicle because of so. Please fix this soon as I do enjoy the game. I would like to complete the game and unlock the last vehicle, thanks! I'll update my review as soon as this is fixed. First: One of the most entertaining and realistic games I've played on my phone thus far. Created by one person and I was more than glad that I made this purchase. I still see a lot of potential and possible tweaks to the game that could improve the gameplay but what I really enjoy is the physics, efficient memory space, and environment of the gameplay. I would like more options when it comes to vehicles and some features the game involves such as the suspension and additional options to tweak such parts of the car are still unclear to me but I would love to learn these features. *update: the information tabs included in the tuning setup are really helpful and easy to understand.

Lame sound effects, too difficult by thespaciousmind 2016-08-23

Left/Right arrows RULE! Nothing wrong with option to use either. If you object, you have a screw loose in your brain. For the review... Cars sound like a vacuum cleaner. TERRIBLE!!! The engine just revs up, as if they are truely automatic transmission. At least model the sound effects of an engine going through the gears as the car shifts. I like the one button accell/brake but the cars should SOUND LIKE MANUAL TRANSMISSION RALLY CARS! Handbrake is too strong. The AI is too strong in the close-circuit rally cross mode. Times to beat are too hard in the championship mode. Almost ready to delete. This game is frustratingly hard. Waayy too hard.

Awesome rally game by Banto~ 2016-05-20

Really loving the physics and mechanics of this game, I remember playing the first rally, this is a major improvement from the first game I would say though it need more cars, aside from that the graphics are pretty good Also in reply to the one star reviews, the control aren't the best, but they aren't horrible either, maybe are not that good at the game, it's pretty easy to control and handle, of course it still can be improved but I can do fine with this :)

Not worth $3.99 by knight2010 2016-05-25

This game is decent and plays well the controls are great and the graphics of course are amazing. The steering options make this hard to enjoy I wish it had a steering wheel like driftX. Lots of tuning for performance but no body mods just paint, no decal options other than stock. I love the night/day effects but I wish the rain could actually be seen on screen. Other than that I liked it enough to say for $.99-1.99 this game would easily be 5 stars.

Fantastic game. Terrible update. by Halvonator 2017-03-05

This game is epically fun, but it crashes way too often. I keep beating the second trailer course, but the game always crashes when I return to the home screen, so it won't record the win! So frustrating! I just want to get past this one bloody race! Argh!

Horrible Controls by jscann 2016-05-19

The controls are so laughably awful! Steer clear of this game. If you can't get the controls of a racing game right, not much else — the scenery, the cars — really matters, does it?

No ratings by Minuabc 2016-12-29

There is no way I should pay 4 $ and app will not even open... I have very phone with latest iOS ... very pathetic... don't buy it... you can't even open app to play

I have a problem by Homar Lozoya 2016-07-09

is an excellent game but I have a problem when I'm in the middle of a race buttons stop working not detect my fingers and I lose the race I Fix it please

So Disappointing ! by JackieTrevino 2016-08-24

This game is like something from the dark ages of have to use on screen arrows to control the car...and graphic are weak...I want a refund!

I Thought These Were Touch Devices by uber toon 2016-08-19

I'm pretty sure this control scheme pre-dates computers. Touch screens allow the simulation of a steering wheel so why am I using left/right arrows?

Not that great by richy240 2016-11-20

This game isn't terrible, but it's not that great. If this is the standard for iOS racing games, we're all going to be disappointed.

Latest Update by Too Hip 2017-02-25

Latest update will not load - freezes until demo mode loads. Please fix.