Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Scorecerer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Transfer your entire sheet music collection to your iPad and use for practice and performance.

- Extremely fast page turning (so fast we had to add an indicator to let you know the page changed)
- Rapidly add handwritten annotations and highlights
- Tracks from your iPad library can be played automatically from within Scorecerer
- Rearrange and repeat pages (for verse repeats, DS al Coda, etc) using virtual page sequences
- Organize your songs into set lists suitable for live performance
- Send and receive MIDI Program changes
- Change songs and flip pages remotely via MIDI
- Imported sheet music can be cleaned up and straightened automatically using the free Scorecerer Companion for iPad

Load a song and a clean, uncluttered user interface shows you your sheet music. The screen area is maximized so that you don't waste any screen real estate on unnecessary information or controls.

To flip the pages back and forth - simply tap on the left or right hand side of your screen respectively or use remote MIDI commands. An unobtrusive bar will display your current position at the top of the screen and disappear quickly to minimize distractions.

You can define your own page ordering so while you simply page forward during a performance, the actual pages may jump back and forth to emulate repeats and codas.

Scorecerer iPad's focus is on efficiency, presentation and management of your songs while you are practicing or performing. Songs load instantly so you can jump from one song to another extremely quickly. The handwritten annotation mechanism is designed for very rapid access, just tap to zoom in and start writing with your finger.

Use the free Scorecerer Companion for iPad on your desktop (Mac and Windows) to import your own sheet music from scans, images (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc), PDF files and even .fh files for the old Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro system. Scorecerer Companion for iPad is about workflow, its job being to make your music scores available as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Drag/drop images into the program or batch import all PDF files in a folder. After importing your sheet music, it can automatically clean them up into "songs" and then publish them to Scorecerer iPad.

Full support for MIDI devices both as inputs and outputs, via CoreMIDI.

You can download Scorecerer Companion For iPad from our website,

Note: support is available through our online support system at


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Current version of Scorcerer Posted by

I have nothing but praise and positive things to say for Scorecerer and it's developers! Playing Big Band Jazz and carrying around a bundle of 150 plus, multiple page charts had become a huge problem, not to mention trying to keep them all organized. Have you ever played a gig and thought you had every chart you needed, only to have someone call for a chart at random. . . , you know, the very chart that you left at home? ( never a problem with Scorcerer) Have you ever dropped a ring binder full of charts and had to hunt through the mess and try to put it all back in proper order? Not to fear with Scorecerer. Well, those days and problems and any other problems you can imagine are ALL left behind with Scorecerer! This is a very well thought out app, that was created by musicians like yourself that have done their homework and put together a program that is very simple to use and learn. Though I must admit, I am NOT a computer wizard, and for me to see it at first, took asking for help from the creater of Scorecerer. Which brings me to support. The folks at Scorecerer are very personable and friendly and will immediately respond to any questions or imagined problems that you might not be comfortable with. They will NOT rush through your problem or leave you hanging. I was treated like a fellow musician that they had known and worked with at gigs all their lives, NOT like "just another" client that had bought a product! They know Scorecerer inside and out and unlike some other apps out there, they will ALWAYS be there for you should you need anything. So in closing, once again guys; my hat is off to you and thanks very much for sharing your creation with the rest of us out here! And to all the rest of my fellow musicians out here; Look no further if you want a great app that will simplify your music world and make it all fun again. . . . . You will NOT regret the purchase. Buy the latest version of Scorecerer!

Happy! Posted by

I'm yet another refugee from the music pad pro era. I still have my music pad, and it still functions, but I wanted to migrate to the ipad, due to it's much greater portability, far superior battery life, and much faster processor. I bought the 128 gb ipad, and I'm glad I did. I store a lot of music for my job, and welcome the room. In my experience, PDF files import the best into scorcerer. My .fh files don't look as good, which is no fault of scorcerer. As music pad owners know, I had to resize them for the music pad, as a result, PDF files look much better, in fact great on scorecerer. I had some trouble on the desktop pro scorecerer, using the batch import function to import a lot of pdf files, so I contacted them. I one day, the same day, they fixed the problem, and released the new version of the desktop program! After that, no further problems. Great customer service! As for the program, it works great! Just keep in mind, that the song files the desktop version makes to import into scorcerer from the PDF files are bigger. They take up more space, so if you are planning on a sizable library, look at an ipad with the most storage. It loads the tunes with wireless sync, which worked nicely. I have many hours of fun practice ahead! Very well done.

Scorecerer -- GREAT software for musicians Posted by

I've looked at a number of programs to manage sheet music files on my iPad. None is better than Scorcerer. Keeping track of 100 or more fiddle tunes, etudes, etc. used to drive me crazy. Now, it's all in one place, on my iPad, organized in categories set up to suit my organizational needs. Files are easy to move from my computer to my iPad, and it's easy to rearrange them between different categories one they're there. For example, I can create a new group for Saturday's gig, drop in the necessary tune files from my library, and arrange them in whatever order I need. Scorcerer will work with simple one-page tunes, multi-page transcriptions and even book-length collections of music. Each new version contains new features. For example, I can now annotate my scores, if need be, with bowing remarks or performance reminders. The people who put this together are incredibly open to suggestions and helpful. For example, I was among those who asked for a notation feature, and they added it. When I ran into a problem with a mis-named file, they worked on the issue until they got it solved. Great company, great software.

Best sheet music app ever! Posted by

I'm a professional musician and use sheet music all the time. I started out with using a tablet PC, the MusicPad Pro and recently nearly every sheet music app on the AppStore. SCORCERER IS BY FAR THE BEST. The quality of the rendered sheets is exceptional, even though the iPad screen is much smaller than sheet music (and I have really bad eyesight). One of the other main things important to me is the speed of the page turns. Scorcerer is extremely fast, and I love the fact that you can tap on a large area of each side to turn, not just a tiny corner. The desk app for PC is very easy to use, and the sync function worked great, the very first time. The price is very reasonable too. I highly recommend Scorcerer to anyone needing a sheet music app. Don't waste your money on trying other apps. Just get this one.

Very Happy!, Posted by

I am very happy with Scorecerer. The technical support is excellent, personal and prompt. I know because I had a minor glitch installing it and tech support was on it immediately and fixed it. I am using the app for vocal scores at the moment and it has pretty much organized and simplified my music perfectly. Pages turn super fast, music is easy to read. I explored the desktop pro version trial too and I think I'm going to eventually purchase that too. Oh, I love the annotation part too, marking up scores at rehearsals is easy and quick and even more effective than the typical pencil scratches I used to make. Happy happy. Customer.

Great upgrade Posted by

I've been using Scorecerer for about a month and a half now, as a upgrade from a MusicPad Pro and subsequently a tablet pc. I love that I was able to convert 5 years and over 1,000 music files from .fh format. For the imports and the new files, the automatic scan improvement tools are a welcome surprise. Also, the manual pre-import tools are easy to use. On the iPad end, because of the volume of titles, I'd like to create a folder system aside from playlists. That desire is slightly offset by the quickness of the search function. When I had some conversion issues with a few files, the developer was exceptionally responsive.

The real deal Posted by

Scorecerer is the way I envisioned the FreeHand Music Pad Pro would have worked back in the day. This program effortlessly imports sheet music (PC sync with IPAD), easily creates new lead sheets and the support staff is great to work with. They are knowledgeable, quick to respond and the product is reasonably priced. They even created two patches for me because of the large and unique volume of imported music at no charge. This program was designed by musicians for musicians. Keep up the good work.

This App just keeps getting better! Posted by

I have been using this app for about 6 months now. With over 500 songs of sheet music loaded I use this app almost daily. All the new features (virtual paging, Annotations, and Midi support) are just awesome. Playlists let me easily organize my music. I have tried other apps, however only Scorecerer was able to take all images formats of my sheet music, not just PDF files. Also, the new batch PDF import is also great new feature. Great App!

Great app Posted by

Used this app for a live gig last weekend. It performed very well. After learning how to import songs, wirelessly sync them to iPad2, arrange into a paylist, then use it on stage, it did not let me down. I used my keyboard soft pedal to send page turns via MIDI - worked flawlessly. Only wish is that the page turn command would advance not only the pages within a song, but from one song to the next within a playlist.

Works great! Posted by

I would highly recommend this app for musicians in need of a good sheet music manager. As a previous MusicPad user, I like this much better on the iPad. The app is simple but has the basic functions I need including playlist management, fast page turning and MIDI support. I ran in to an elusive bug and the developer called me at home and diagnosed the problem quickly.

scorecerer Posted by

Used Scorecerer for the first time at chorus practice and find it an excellent way to view music--was able to make annotations during rehearsal. I'm able to easily import pdf scores that are emailed to me on a Windows7 pc into the pc version of Scorecerer, and then sync with my iPad. Once scores reside on the iPad creating playlists is very easy. Excellent app!

Great App for the Average Aplayer Posted by

I bought this app because I was looking for a way to store my music that I play for praise/worship and bonfires. Instead of hauling my music folder around, I was able to transfer music to my iPad. Very easy to use with some neat features. Works especially well for those of you who find music on ultimate guitar and print it off. Highly recommend to anyone!!

Scorecerer Helped Posted by


Very disappointed; bummer by Kharmaman 2011-09-18

In the time it took me to load my files into the Scorecerer desktop app, save them, and then try to sync them with my iPad I could have dragged and dropped my music charts into forScore 50 times. So much for proprietary mumbo jumbo waste of my time. The automatic deskewing part works OK though. Also lacks a look ahead feature, double bummer. Very disappointed. Could be a great app if not for this.