Scrivalry game free for iPhone/iPad
Scrivalry game free for iPhone/iPad

Scrivalry game free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Scrivalry game free for iPhone/iPad

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Play your favorite word game with thousands of other people at the same time. With over 9 square miles of persistent game board, you never run out of room to play or new words to discover. Compete in different categories, get the highest score in the weekly tournament or try to complete the difficult achievements; Scrivalry has a ton of things you can do. Each player receives eight random letters which are used to form words on the game board. Letters placed on special value tiles generate more points by either multiplying the letter value or total word score. Players do not take turns, but can place their letters on the board whenever and wherever they want, as long as there is a previously placed letter present. The game features: ● No in-game purchases. ● A huge persistent game world. Every word placed stays on the board forever. ● Built-in definitions. Find out what a word means by tapping on it. ● No artificial limit on the maximum length of a word. If the word exists, you can place it. ● Real time play. No waiting for your turn, play in your own tempo. ● Bi-weekly tournaments. Test your skills against other players and become the best in the world. ● Ranked and unranked statistics. Compare your skills with those of other players or try to improve your own. ● Discover a word and earn a star by being the first to ever play it. ● Huge dictionary maintained by the community and updated regularly. ● Forums for discussion with other players. ● Multiple languages with more to come! Planned features: ● 1 vs 1 play mode ● Friend lists ● Emotes ● Guilds ● Spanish!


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