Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad
Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad

Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers for iPhone/iPad
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“Now You Can Write the Great American Novel on the Subway... Scrivo Pro is capable and powerful” ***** New York Times

You have a story to tell, article to publish, class notes to take, whether it’s today’s journal entry, tomorrow’s thesis or a future bestseller novella. Scrivo Pro can help you organize your writing, research, generate ideas, and remove distractions so you can focus on the most important thing: writing.

Scrivo Pro is more than an innovative, fast and reliable writing app designed for anyone who writes. This is a writing workspace for your iOS devices and a great Scrivener and Ulysses companion on your Mac or Windows computer.

If you are a Scrivener user on your computer, Scrivo Pro will open your projects (binder and cork-board with index cards) and seamlessly sync them via iCloud or Dropbox.

· Write Everywhere: Use Scrivo Pro as an stand-alone writing app even if you don’t have a computer or you are offline in the wilds
· Typewriter: Distraction-Free mode that keeps only the paragraph you’re typing at the center of the screen, letting you focus on what you’re writing
· Night mode to help you writing at night
· Create rich text format (RTF) and advanced Markdown (MD) documents
· Our Markdown engine supports the standard syntax but it has been extended to include very useful extra markups: tables, footnotes, lists, images, links, highlight, strikethrough, superscript and MathML
· Advanced RTF formatting: Highlight, strikethrough, subscript/superscript, alignment, line spacing, first-line indent, page breaks, footnotes, comments, text & paper color
· Find and replace
· Pinch to zoom text
· Insert special symbols arrows, parentheses, maths, bullets/stars, GPS location, etc.
· Over 30 languages typing support including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic & Hebrew
· Extra keys: tab, forward delete, cursor up/down/left/right, etc.
· Set your own custom keyboard buttons to your commonly-used keys, text snippets or hard to reach characters
· Define margins, headers/footers, paper sizes, MLA and APA style format
· Live counters: characters, words, sentences, words per sentence & reading time
· Text to Speech for proofreading
· Dictation lets you speak text instead of typing

· Organize your work in unlimited notebooks, folders and subfolders
· Sync projects between Scrivo and Scrivener via Dropbox or iCloud
· Design the cover of your notebooks
· Create projects in a tree-like structure: Sections, Drafts, Folders, Chapters, Research, etc.
· Full-text search your library of documents and projects

· Full PDF reader and manager included for reference files, ebooks, articles, resources, papers, etc.
· Use the camera of your iPad/iPhone to scan documents, notes, recipes, tickets, etc. as PDF
· In-app web browser to quickly access dictionaries, thesaurus, resources
· Use split-screen and multitasking side by side with other apps while writing
· Open PowerPoint, Word and Excel files

· Import/Export from iCloud, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and Google Drive support
· Export, share and print your documents to multiple formats like RTF, Markdown, PDF, ePub, HTML, RTFD, TXT etc.
· Wi-Fi File Transfer between iPad/iPhone and your computer
· Zip folders/notebooks and email them as an attachment

· Calendar: Full calendar with events and alerts for your writer appointments, reminders, deadlines, etc.
· Font Book: Preview all the fonts and install new ones (TrueType). Over 120 high quality fonts included!
· Character Name Generator to create male/female names in more than 7 languages
· Sketcher: Hand draw, sign documents and make simple graphic compositions
· Thesaurus: Access quickly to

· Protect your work with an app security passcode
· Protect any folder or project with a passcode
· Automatic Backups of your documents and projects

Scrivo Pro for Scriveners and Writers Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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For Scrivener users, this is a hope Posted by

For those of you like myself who used earlier version, there were quite few glitches, which made this app look worse than what really was. Now with the latest version, I feel like app is finally at the version 1.0 i.e. usable day to day. This app will allow you to sync your desktop Scrivener project including binder structures. It now allows us to create new project and sync onto Dropbox. Basically, it has a core function to be able to use as a Scrivener companion. There are still several missing features, but being a beta tester and seeing how hard the developers are working (see almost weekly update since January release), this app has a real hope. - You can import PDF i.e. even HTML via conversion to PDF from other app to Scrivo, then put that into Scrivener Project and Sync to Dropbox for later editing in Desktop. - Insert some handwriting/drawing. - Index card/cork view mode is supported. Following are some of missing features at the moment (from Desktop Scrivener user perspective). 1. Table rendering/editing is lacking. Current version locks the text file containing table to avoid unintended editing and loss of the format. Temporary workaround for those who use Scrivo a lot is separate table file on its own text in Scrivener. 2. Compile. We can save individual file to PDF format, but it won't compile projects, nor it has Markup text support. Apparently dev is working on this. 3. Split Screen - This is work in progress and not yet officially supported. Other features missing and I am hoping to have support. 1. Other cloud support - Currently on Dropbox is supported. Google Drive is not supported. 2. Drawing/handwriting - Not Apple Pencil optimized. Overall, the application as of now is 4 stars but developers are hardworking and rate of feature addition on this is quite rapid. So with that, I give 5 stars for the hope!

Integrates well with scrivener and it has the best keyboard for iPhone/iPad Posted by

I love using scrivener, but I do my best writing on my iPhone and iPad. I am actually fastest on the iPhone, believe it or not. I have tried Ulysses, storyskel, Storyst as well and Scrivo Pro is the best of the bunch when it comes to scrivener integration and keyboard usability. In fact, I love the keyboard and when Scrivener for IOS comes out, it better have a keyboard at least as well thought out or I will continue doing my writing on Scrivo. So far syncing has not been an issue at all. I find it pretty seamless, at least for basic story and novel writing. I have both set up a story in Scrivener and worked on it in Scrivo and the reverse. Scrivener opened the Scrivo story without issues. While I love the keyboard and it is best in class, I would like to see even more customization in the form of creating different sets of custom keys. The mouse like arrow keys are especially brilliant. The only reason I am taking a star off the score is the apparent lack on a "night mode". EDIT: they added night mode and as promised I added the star. Now that Scrivener for IOS is out its going to be interesting to see what Scrivo does. While Scrivener is obviously more integrated with the desktop version, Scrivo has features that still make it a good Scrivener editor. At the moment I am using both. May the best one win, but if you want scrivener compatibility at a lower price and some interesting features to boot, Scrivo is still a good choice.

Great for basic writing Posted by

I have been using various versions of Scrivo for writing a novel over the past two years and work in the app every day. It is much easier to customize screen background color & text color/size and offers much more flexibility in this respect than Scrivener which only allows for 3 background screens, none of which are dark enough for my taste. I find this makes a big difference in reducing eye strain, and hence do all of my drafts in Scrivo Pro. I have not had any problems losing documents, in either iCloud or Dropbox (manual sync) and generally like the Scrivo layout for storing documents and creating folders. It serves my purposes anyway. The only recurring issues are small bugs that never seem to go away. Most of then concern the stability of font size, line spacing, and line-break functionality, but they only pop up every now and then and I have found easy fixes for each (by closing and reopening the document or just resetting the style). Were it not for these, I would give it 5 stars because it does what none of the other apps seem to do as well: provide a distraction free writing environment for writing, as opposed to forcing you into markdown mode, with a wide array of screen and text colors to choose from. If you are looking for a simple, flexible app for writing, this might be for you.

This app is changing my writing workflow Posted by

I mentioned in an earlier review that I'm not really floored with the UI. I solely used Ulysses before discovering this app. I really liked Scrivener but not the hassle when you add mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). I do a good amount of writing (amongst other things) on mobile and it's very useful when I have new idea pop into my head to get it down so I don't forget. It's just as important to have a simple workflow and minimize the number of writing/note taking tools. I started using Scrivo Pro which allowed me to use Scrivener and I'm truly loving it. I'm trusting Scrivo Pro so much now that I go to it first most of the time (iPad and iPhone). I was so happy when my iPad Pro 9.7 rebooted without warning that all of my previous 500+ words were not lost when I reopened Scrivo Pro. Dropbox sync seems to be getting faster too. Functionally this app is great. Polish up the UI, without break functionality, and you'll easily get 5 stars from me.

Great For Plotters & Pantsers! Posted by

If you plot your story within Scrivener by adding the key elements to the card descriptions then this app work great for you. It is a well supported app, the team have built and continue to refine an app that works very well with Scrivener. Gave feedback to the team and they were super responsive. Can view those notes on your cards and can then go inside a specific card and write. So if you've plotted the story out beforehand, you can see these plot notes and make changes to them and then dive in to writing. The app also syncs with Dropbox very well. This is a great app for traveling Scrivener writers who like to plot. For pantsers, it's also good to I paid for this app and don't know these guys, it's just a great app which deserves recognition. Thanks team Scrivo Pro!

Scrivener Users Rejoice! Posted by

Scrivo Pro finally allows you to take your Scrivener Projects truly mobile. Works great on both iPhone and the iPad. When setting up Scrivo Pro, use Dropbox for Scrivener option, it is by far the better way to go. iCloud is frustrating to setup, spent two hours trying, and Dropbox worked the first time! Hopefully iCloud for Scrivener is coming in an update. Being able to sync the Scrivener Binder is Wonderful, all my notes and resources are at my fingertips. PDFs work great, but there is no support for .JPG or .PNG files, which I use as resource materials. Writing is fluid and updated files sync easily. A good beginning, more to come!

Not a ripoff Posted by

This program has been around for several months and has matured nicely as an app. It was rough around the edges at first, but the developers listened to the users and worked hard to improve the app. Like many writers, I waited patiently for Scrivener to release an IOS version for more than three years and had just about come to the conclusion that it was going to be vapor ware. I got tired of waiting and purchased this one. I have been using it for months without issue. Is it Scrivener? No. Is it a ripoff as one reviewer commented, no. Scrivo was in the App Store first and is a nice mature app that works well for me.

It does not disappoint Posted by

So far, this is the only tool that really integrates with Scrivener and keeps projects in sync between iOS and MacOS. I am still cautiously backing everything before editing with Scrivo but, so far, it has worked flawlessly. After all the delays by the L&L people with the iOS version of Scrivener I had the idea that developing a reliable version for iOS was impossible. Now that Scrivo exists, I think they should just give the credit to and support its developer, instead of continuing (if they in fact are still working on it) with a project that has flopped in their hands time and time again.

Finally! Posted by

I am SO excited to finally be able to download this app! I've been a Scrivener user for a few months now. To finally be able to write in an app that is compatible with Scrivener means everything you just don't know. So far, I've only used it for my book but I do see there are other features as well. I still have yet to explore the ends and outs but for my book, I'm happy. I've been able to edit with the text, font and type features fairly easily. Again, for what I need to complement Scrivener... So far so good.

Mostly Scrivener for iPad Posted by

Five stars if it would stop hanging and taking a couple of minutes to sync. But it does sync. No lost content with Dropbox. Issues with iCloud are iCloud's problem. As far as editing or adding content, rearranging content, this is the deal. I have had no problem with getting support questions answered. The momentary stall outs are a drag, the keyboard is great and it could down to my old iPad 3. It works well and Scrivener should be ashamed of themselves for letting other people do their job for them.

Love It! Posted by

I just downloaded this app this week. Initially, I had issues trying to synchronize between Scrivener and this app using iCloud. The app support staff were awesome with helping me troubleshoot the issues towards a resolution. Nothing against Apple and iCloud, but this app works seamlessly with Dropbox! It wasn't worth the effort to integrate iCloud. Coming from a Scrivener lover and user, this is app is awesome to use when you only have your iPhone.

Love It Posted by

As a writer who has already published one book I find it hard to find time to write another. It seems I have the desire to write at the weirdest times. When I'm watching a movie or something I'll be like, "Man, I really want to write right now." Then whine I'm at my computer I have no desire to write or any ideas. This helps me to be able to write whenever and wherever I want. The fact I can sync with Dropbox just makes it even better.

Scrivo Pro Posted by

I have Scrivener v1 on my MacBook Pro, and wanted to be able to update my docs via my iPad when on the go. App is easy to use, directions on developer's website are helpful. I was able to successfully sync my docs across platforms via Dropbox. I have only done basic functions so far, but haven't encountered any issues. Four star rating because I don't feel I've explored the full potential of the app yet, but I feel it was a good purchase.

Scrivo fits the bill Posted by

I'm a Scrivener user who is waiting for three years for Scrivener to issue the app for iPad. Scrivo has made the iPad (and iPhone) app that, for me, has made the Scrivener update unnecessary. Scrivo's functionality is very close to Scrivener, and most importantly, I can now work on documents either at my computer or on my iPad/iPhone knowing that it will all be synced and available on my devices. Way to go, Scrivo.

Incredible but... Posted by

So I have been looking for a way to work on my books on the go and this is working out great!! I only have one thing that bugs me and it may be my fault but where is typewriter mode. It says they have it but I can't find it or use it. I am using an iPhone 6s so maybe it doesn't work on iPhone but PLEASE if any one knows how to activate it tell me. I tried full screen mode but it doesn't let me edit.

Outstanding!! Posted by

This app is pricey, but it fulfills my needs for a very simple and dependable way to open and read Scrivener files on iPad in perfect Binder/Folder/Document format, edit them, and sync the changes with iCloud and/or Dropbox. The iCloud sync is automatic. Dropbox sync requires clicking a sync icon. Also, I'm impressed with the email support. It is almost instantaneous, and right on point. Nicely done!

Great app Posted by

This app just works and works well. I've used Scrivener for years and love it, but it doesn't have an IPad app which I believe is necessary. Now this app comes along and syncs with Scrivener via Dropbox. It works perfectly. If you're a Scrivener user with an IPad, you should get this app. It's worth the money.

Looks good Posted by

It looks good for creating a project on my iPad and then syncing with my computer to get it into Scrivener. To go the other way you never Dropbox on your computer which was not clear from the instructions provided. I also had to install a few fonts so I'm wondering about the requirements for good performance.

Love it but lose too much work by Elariniel 2016-06-17

I use Scrivener and love it. I thought Scrivo Pro would make editing easier as I could take my iPad on the train and bus and read over work in places where it was inconvenient to pull out my laptop. Boy, was I wrong. I want to like it, and when it works, it works great. But it took forever to figure out how to sync it with Dropbox, and even now that it's synced, I've lost so many files to the syncing process (and I do mean lost - the .rtfs are empty) that this app has just made me paranoid. It doesn't seem to notice if it hasn't synced fully with Dropbox, so you can be working on an incomplete sync (even an hour after opening the app) and saving over your current file without noticing. The only way I could have avoided that was to check all 80 items in this binder were synced fully before beginning work, and I use Scrivener to make large documents easier to edit, not more tedious. I'm sure I'll keep using it since I bought it. But from now on I think I'll reserve Scrivo Pro for finished documents that need polishing, and won't require much syncing.

Depends on what you are wanting.... by DavidInVegas 2017-01-07

I have used Scrivener on my mac for a while now but after accepting a job traveling I was looking for a way to write on my iPad and have it sinc with the version on my Mac. If that is what you are looking for, this probably isn't your answer. I store everyone on my Mac in iCloud so I was able to import my latest story into the Scrivener iPad app, but the changes I have made on my iPad I haven't been able to get back to my Mac version. That really defeats the whole purpose. Mac Pages, Word, all since seamlessly. Why this doesn't is just frustrating. It makes both of these apps worthless if you need to be able to write on the go. Don't waste your money until they get it worked out.

Infuriating by Anonymous456789562246785465669 2017-01-12

It worked well at first. Then a few things made me decide never to use it again: 1. It is impossible to reorganise folders. They keep becoming subfolders and it takes ages to get them back out. 2. Entire folders disappear for no good reason. Sync and everything is there. Open it again and several random folders are gone. 3. When recovering this mess of missing folders, words are not displayed in all files. In other words, it shows that the file contains words, but none are visible when opening it. I would not recommend using this software and will be switching to something else. It's just too risky and frustrating to keep losing time and work like this.

Use it at your own risk by gingersplace 2016-03-29

Well, using this app once was more than enough. I installed it on my iPad 2 and opened files in my Scrivener project in Dropbox. Some of them opened fine, others just showed a blank page. I clicked “Sync,” figuring it was maybe a syncing problem. Well, the files then synced just fine; when I called them up in Scrivener on my MacBook, several of the files were blank. Good thing Scrivener backs up work. And this is the Pro version; I paid $15 for an app that could have wiped out at least 10% of my mostly finished novel.

Does not work on iPad by John Soane 2016-02-10

I bought the Pro version for both phone and iPad. Phone works okay, although it has some glitches. iPad version does not work at all. I open my Dropbox folder to access my Scrivener file except that as soon as I drill down one layer in my folder directory the folders become grayed out and inaccessible. I contacted customer service via email, explained the problem, and got a nice but totally ineffective a response, probably because English is not their primary language. Very disappointing.

Buyer beware by Davrix01 2016-07-06

This is not the app I thought it was. Not only does it crash all the time. Not only are half the features clunky and dumb to use. There logo looks very similar to the Scrivner logo. And that's what I thought I was buying. I didn't look closely enough at this app befor buying amd that's on me. But do not waste your time or money on this company that is trying to scam hard earned money by pretending to be one of the best writing programs on the market.

STOP! Constant ERROR Message w/Dropbox by Inzyr 2016-03-21

Downloaded this app. Attempted to open a Dropbox file. Constantly received ERROR message. Never got to use this stupid thing--and from what other reviewers posted, apparently, this developer hasn't bothered to investigate why this is happening. Translation: collects the money, and laughs all the way to the bank. As for the few positive reviews? I have to wonder if those were actually posted from the developer's cronies. Save your money and your time.

NOTHING TO DO WITH SCRIVNER by MarkDeMaio 2016-05-24

Just got an iPad Pro and so I downloaded Scrivo Pro, thinking it was an extension of the SCRIVNER app on my Mac. It is in fact not. I had an issue immediately and lost a huge project I've been working on for over a year. Emailed SCRIVNER for advice as to how to retrieve my work. They informed me that they are not affiliated with ties company. Thankfully got my work back, but I deleted this app, even though it cost a lot of money.

Unusable since upgrade by Panchobamba 2016-02-25

This was my go to writing program. Loved the features and smooth typing. Since upgrade it freezes within a few type strokes. Ipad retina, iOs9. I hope bug gets worked out, can't say much more except that the back delete key was involved in all my attempts to get program working.

No import of content by QualityCalcium 2016-06-22

I tried three times to import a project and everything but the content imported. Tried to delete and reinstall app, then reinstall project, same problem. Emailed app creator. No response. Sent Twitter message. No response. Don't waste your money.

No import of content by Don'tTreadOnMe2017 2016-06-22

I tried three times to import a project and everything but the content imported. Tried to delete and reinstall app, then reinstall project, same problem. Emailed app creator. No response. Sent Twitter message. No response. Don't waste your money.

Stinks Don't waste your money!!! by Lizk99 2016-08-01

I purchased this software the pro and the regular for my iPad and I could not get to the corkboard. Sent three or 4 emails to the "support" ha, ha. No response, still no response real waste of money don't bother.

Impossible to figure out . by GuitarVan 2016-07-18

I spent a whole morning trying to get this Scrivener to sync to my Mac Book Pro. Waste of time. I like Scrivener on my Mac but will not sync to iPad Pro. This is a real bummer. The instructions are way too complicated.

Looks good. Doesn't work on my iPad 2 by Wesley Dumont 2016-07-23

On paper this seems like a good and thorough app to use with scrivener. And perhaps with a newer iPad it may work as good as it looks. However with my iPad 2, The app freezes and does not save anything written

Update screwed it up! by Maddasfuc 2016-02-27

Was working great until they did the update to 2.7. Now I can't open my synced scrivener Dropbox files on my iPad or iPhone... Need a fix quick!