SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad

SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad

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SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install SessionBand for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad

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All SessionBand apps half-price for a limited time - including latest Deep House app.

Anyone can create pro-quality music in minutes with the world's only chord-based audio loop app. With access to over 80,000 perfectly played, copyright-free audio loops created by the UK's best session musicians and producers, SessionBand instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding audio – wherever you are and whatever your level of ability.

So whether you’re making music for a living or just for the love of it, you’ve got everything you need to create great music in one amazing app – even if you can't play a note!

Preview SessionBand loops on our website:

PLEASE NOTE: iPad 2 or newer required to run this app.

A simpler way to make great music:
- Select a musical style from a choice of 71 (20 diverse styles included with the initial download)
- Select any chords in any key and watch them instantly turn into pro-quality musical audio loops
- Stretch or shorten loops as you wish
- Build up your minutes. Any chord. Any key!

Mix and 'Flip' tracks in real time:
- 'Flip' your track instantly between totally different musical styles – listen to your R&B track with a Reggae vibe or your Deep House track in Dubstep
- Mix, arrange,record and email your track on the go
- Speed up, slow down and auto-transpose audio on the fly!

Get the UK's best musicians and producers working on your songs!
- Draw on the talents of the UK’s leading session musicians and producers
- Benefit from the people who record with some of the world's biggest stars including Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Mel C, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Sugababes and Cheryl Cole
- Get access to over 80,000 copyright-free audio loops they have created exclusively for SessionBand

Make music wherever you are:
- Create, play, record, rehearse, jam, sing and share wherever you are
- Once it's downloaded you don't need internet access
- From cutting-edge Guetta-style Pop/Dance, to authentic Deep House, Britpop or Bluegrass. Create fantastic, audio-based tracks on the move

Anyone can sound great with SessionBand!
- You don't need any musical knowledge to create professional tracks with SessionBand
- A simple and intuitive interface
- Chord preview function lets you audition the chord of the loop you are about to insert. If it doesn't sound right, simply audition another one
- Use copy and paste to speed up the song-building process
- Help tutorials on every screen

Get more for your money:
- The initial download includes 20 full sets of audio loops covering a wide range of 20 different styles from Acoustic, Blues and Dance all the way through to Hip Hop/Rap, Rock and Urban/R&B. Check website to hear what's included
- All SessionBand loops are copyright-free so you can include them freely in your music whether it's for commercial release or just for fun
- Choose additional multiple loop sets from a wide range of add-on 'Style Packs' available via in-app purchase (WiFi required for download)
- 'Style Packs' range in price and are available in the following 10 broad genres: Acoustic, Blues, Country/Folk, Dance/Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, Latin, Piano, Pop/Electropop, Rock and Urban/R&B.

SessionBand. Everyone's got a song in them. What's yours?


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Get your Song juices flowing with these apps! Posted by

They sound so beautiful! Imagine you trying to record all these amazing instruments in your studio or even paying for musicians to record for you in a real studio? Well, this is where Session Band truly shines. It is in the effort, quality and inexpensive alternative to doing the above. You can literally record a track and get inspired to make a whole song out of it. Or you can use Audio bus, and chop it up into your DAW, like Cubasis or Auria and loop it, and do other amazing things with the audio. Your imagination is really the limit. I contacted the developer and they are working on fixing the timing issue when exporting and other fixes. I appreciate their support for this apps and although it is audio, and the file size might be bigger than we wish, the sound is superb! People need to understand that the when you change the speed of audio no matter how good the shifting is, the quality will degrade. So, having that in mind, I don't complain about the sound changing when changing the speed of the song. But if you use it as is, and build your song at the actual speed stated, then you're good to go. Perhaps in the future, the iPad will allow for better time stretching technology but for now, this is what we have and personally, I'm really grateful for the ability to take these amazing recording Musicians with me in my personal bag and record with them at any time, any place and let all my songs come to life playing along with amazing musicians. The very best! Thank you for the continued support to these apps and looking forward to what is coming! MM4C

Why 5 stars at this point? Posted by

---I tend to see the forest fire instead of the trees so when I first got this I got it with the idea that it was going to be lacking just about everything I want or need and so after finally getting it to install (the iPad had to be rebooted, not the app's fault) I tried it out and was struck by the quality of the sounds. Our band doesn't have a guitar player (we play classic rock and some low level progressive rock) so I was really interested to see how this would help us with a few songs that really needed guitar, it rocked the Casbah!!! Okay, too much distortion but still.... About the people behind this program, I have seen nothing but professionalism and overwhelming courtesy from them and my numerous whines and moans have been met with kindness. I feel this needs midi, so I can use it live as a arrangement type soundsource and it needs a few bugs worked out but this is still in its infancy so a little patience is called for by me, I think there are great things ahead for this! About some of the styles (I bought the bundle at $11.99 argh!!! ) and can't see ever using a lot of them, some of them seem stylistically voiced wrong but the future is bright. Why 5 stars when it's not perfect? Because like me we're a work in progress and I react better to constructive criticism than insults or put downs...We'll do better, give us time.

Exquisite App! Love it ... Posted by

Great app for anyone who writes their own music or especially for people like myself who don't know music theory or play an instrument. I am a songwriter and producer and the way I get my ideas out is to hire musicians and hum the idea out or play a basic melody on a keyboard for them to understand where I want to go with the song. This Amazing app lets you arrange & write out that the idea you have in your head without knowing the correct chords or key to the song. All I had to do is pick the key I want the song to be in,scroll thru different chords and arrange them and that idea I had in my head came to LIFE. I pray you guys will come out with a new update which offers more chords to choose from and have an option to add drum loops to your song and maybe some different instruments like strings and either guitar or piano as well. Until then I will wait patiently for more Blessings to come my way. GOD Bless...

I love it Posted by

This app rocks! I have all the collections they offer and they are radio ready sounds. This is my new go to app for creating tracks on the fly and they sound great. The studio players that are on the loops are top's. This is a dream come true please keep making updates and adding new collections. I would love to know how much studio time went into cutting the loops they just sound excellent. I love the work flow of the app. I created 5 tracks in the past week and they sound better than most tracks I have produced over the past 25 years lol. Keep up the good work.. Hats off to the players they are tone daddy's.

Just Buy It! Posted by

First of all if you write songs, think you might want to, dreaming about it, fixin' to, etc...You NEED this app. It is not perfect, but it is the most useful app I have for making quick demos for my songs that are easily transformed into many different musical styles. It has been a tool that has modernized many of my old songs and given my ideas for new ones. Whether professional, amateur, or just starting...this is easy...useful...and you won't regret buying in my opinion.

Best tool for great chord progression Posted by

Actually, I kind of prefer this version of SessionBand over the other versions. I like the fact that I can lay down one chord progression and then try it in a variety of styles quickly. No there is not Audiobus support, but it is not too hard to export a session to a track and then import into some other app. My biggest wish for all of these apps is a more usable way to edit chord progressions. But it is certainly good enough to use.

Very useful Posted by

I like this app more every time I use it. I have 5-6 core apps for composition and this is one of them. Not quite as flexible as Garage Band, but its not meant to be Garage Band. I consider it a kind of advanced scratch pad for exploring ideas and hearing them with some arrangement ideas that I hadnt considered yet. I then go from here to Garage Band, then to Auria. I find it, as the title says, very useful.

This is exactly what I had frantically looking for! Posted by

Best music creation app for iOS ever for us mere mortals with no music education.

What a mixed bag! by Bobbo924 2015-01-24

So many pros and some serious cons here. On the good side, really nice loops for creating or inspiring grooves. Good variety (some of which I could do without), very fine musicianship. I do a lot of my writing on a PSR3000 arranger keyboard, and this is a workable (though not playable) sketch version of that philosophy. Just enter the chords, decide how long each lasts, and you can then sample those changes in a wide variety of styles and substyles. It’s inexpensive; I paid $2.99, and the same again for the “Complete Bundle.” Cons? Oh yes. Editing is a chore. You start from the beginning of the song each time you hit play. Why not establish a start point? How hard could that be? You can’t even start and stop while in edit mode. It is possible, fortunately, to insert chords within the structure, a good thing. Here’s what needs all kinds of work. Downloading the Complete Bundle is a Herculean task. You wind up having to download each of the (MANY!) packs individually. Yes, each blues style, each rock style, the next rock style, on and on. Worse, you can do only two at a time, it takes a while, and amazingly will not download in the background! So you wind up having to hover over the whole process. It’s been several hours for me and I’m still not done. Sorry - that’s lousy coding. Yes, these are large, audio files. But musicianship isn’t all there is to a usable app. It’s a bargain for what it is, esp. in view of some of the other subgroups being 2-3x the price, something that could also use work. So pros and cons, good stuff and bad, three stars. I’ll up it when they change some of the deficits, including the download ordeal.

Promising (but not how you think) by SongsInMyHead 2013-12-07

I like the app. It has its limitations, true, but overall a fun app to play with and a handy jam-along/improv/practice tool. HOWEVER: For all of you hoping for Audiobus support- good luck. I'd love to see it as well, but way back when I first got the app (before the genre specific ones), I emailed the dev, asking if they would/could make a universal version. You see, I bought the entire IAP bundle for my iPad and didn't want to have to buy it again for my iPhone. The answer I received indicated that there was a universal app in the works. It failed to mention that the universal app would be an entirely different app altogether. I still don't have the IAP's on my phone, which is irritating, because the two apps (iPad and iPhone) are identical in content. If you want to work on the same project on both devices and are using an IAP, be prepared to pay for the same thing twice. Given that experience and the fact that they have the newer, AB compatible versions, I'd be surprised (but happy) to see that AB support arrive for this particular incarnation, regardless of the devs promises. Other than that, I do enjoy throwing a progression together and just noodling over it with guitar or synth.

Please work on your code by Mark Deckard 2013-07-04

Ill give it an A for cool sounds and innovation. Ill give it a C for cooperating with the user. Many glitches. Such as: When you export to audioclip, it sends the whole mix even if you mute certain channels. Like I turned down and muted the drums. It exports them anyway. Also, when you set the looping arrows and listen to part of the arrangement, it starts playing the last place you stopped even though you hit the rewind arrow. Then it begins playing from your loop arrow and the GUI does not match the sound. Also, when you type in words on the text bar. When your done the scroll feature freezes and you have to hit play to break it loose. It also need a scroll marker on the scroll bar to show your relative position in the project. Also need pinch zoom function ala garage band. Very hard to see where you are in the song.

Good loops, BAD UI.. by RedMontage 2013-12-12

Absolutely worst, un-intuitive, User Interface! Like HOLD loop until it turns green (not blue, or red with the "X") just green... THAT Means copy - I think.. Then tap 20 times at the next measure until it says, not with double arrows >>-<< PASTE HERE ! Oh NOW you are using Text Prompts? Or try something simple like moving the play head to the 8th bar .. huh? No sorry, this always plays from the beginning. Ok?.maybe a good user manual, something more than a 7 frame kid's slide show that, you guessed it, must be played from the beginning every time. Save your money and memory (750 MB) come back a few versions later...

Needs development by Geewhizpat 2012-12-16

This is too basic for songwriter outside of "beat"....the chord choices lack enough polyphony choices...I do contemporary jazz....improv over Latin, pop, R&B and so on...I was looking for something to create complex chords/pads for songwriting...this just too elementary to be helpful....disappointed so far...if updates and packs have more choices and complex chords...then maybe?...I won't hold my breath...not a pro tool so far...

Waste of money until .... by DannyD01 2014-09-25

I love the concept but until they do a LOT more to it, I wish I had my money back. Cannot use the different pkgs together either. Extremely limited in control. As is, nothing more than a jam toy. Pick your chords? That's it? Get real! Tons of potential if they cared about more than cramming out limited releases to make more money Not buying another thing from this company until they get serious!

Missing variations by Mgmg4871 2012-12-21

Sessionband has great potential, but until there is an update that adds variations to the styles, it is pretty much useless in completing a song. Fills are not enough. It would be nice also to have hybrid styles. To mix and match styles would greatly improve this product. I like this app, just not complete. Hopefully future updates will address these issues.

Style packs taking forever to download by EXPHAT 2013-01-03

From the title you can see my biggest gripe. I bought the complete bundle but the downloading is taking waaaaaaay too long. If I open another app, download stops, and I must start over again. I have a fast wifi connection, so the problem is not on my end. I like the program, just wish I could have the complete package I paid for before Jesus returns.

Not worth it by adelphipastor 2014-12-16

The app crashes every time I edit a chord. Not worth all of the money. I enjoy working much better with Capture Duo for audio or my Ableton Live and Logic. On the ipad: Chord Poly Pad for chord input or Chordbot. For beats get Imaschine, beatmaker2 and to add to the mix check out fruity loops.