SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad
SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad

SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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All SessionBand apps only $1 - for a limited time only!

Jamie Cullum: "An extraordinarily useful tool for jazz musicians of any ability..."

James Tormé: "For me, this is basically the perfect app. It helps me with composition, arranging and even helps me decide how to sing a particular song. Ridiculously useful. They seriously nailed it."

Create pro-quality jazz tracks in minutes with the world's only chord-based audio loop app.

With over 16,000 precision-cut, chord-based jazz loops (included) recorded exclusively by 4 of the world's leading jazz musicians, SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 instantly converts the chords you select into great-sounding audio - wherever you are and whatever your ability.

And with a host of pro features like automated mixing, auto-transpose, one-touch live recording, real-time tempo shift and Audiobus compatibility - allowing you to seamlessly export our unique content into other top music apps like GarageBand - it has never been easier or quicker to create your own studio quality jazz even if you can't play a note!

SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 is a professional jazz app - essential for anyone studying music and perfect for the jazz musician looking for the ultimate jam session – but equally, it's simple enough for non-musicians who love jazz to create their own great-sounding, copyright-free music.

Preview loops and watch the video at

Please do not buy if your device is older than iPad 2 or iPhone 4S

The world's only chord-based audio loop app is the fastest way to create real studio quality jazz:

* Simply pick a style
* Choose your chords
* Watch them turn into pro-audio jazz loops
* Stretch or shorten loops in seconds
* Build up your track in minutes
* Instantly hear your track across all different jazz styles and tempos
* Auto-transpose your entire track (not electronic pitch shift!)
* Mix your track (manual or automated)
* Adjust track tempo (+/- 15%)
* Record direct to audio
* Copy straight to other music apps
* Share with the world!

Over 16,000 precision-cut jazz loops included in the app:

* Over 16,000 individually recorded, chord-based jazz loops included
* 15 of the most popular jazz styles and tempos e.g. Slow Swing (4 feel), Afro Jazz, Up Swing (2 feel)
* From 60bpm through to 220bpm
* Each of the 15 jazz styles includes 10 chord variations for every root note!
* Maj7(9), maj7(#11), 7(13), 7(b9), 7(#5,#9), 7sus(13), m7(9), m7(b5), m(maj7). dim

SessionBand gets 4 of the world's top jazz musicians playing on your tracks:

* Drums – Ralph Salmins (Wynton Marsalis, Burt Bacharach, Elton John, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Quincy Jones...)
Saxes, Flutes – Andy Panayi (Peter Erskine, Freddie Hubbard, Wynton Marsalis, Paul McCartney...)
Bass - Geoff Gascoyne (Georgie Fame, Michel Legrand, Sting, Van Morrison, Benny Golson, Jamie Cullum...)
Piano – Tom Cawley (Jack DeJohnette, Charlie Watts, Jane Monheit, Stacey Kent, Yaron Herman, Guy Barker, Peter Gabriel...)
* All loops recorded at the famous Bunker studios (UK)
* All loops are copyright free and can be used freely in your own jazz compositions

The ultimate mobile practice tool for Jazz students:

*Practice with your very own world-class jazz quartet
*Loop markers let you focus on specific sections of music
*Mute instrument channels as you wish (manual and automated)
*Flip your chord progressions instantly across different jazz styles and tempos
*Transpose your whole track instantly in semitone shifts (not electronic pitch shifting!)

But you don't have to be a jazz musician:

* Simple, intuitive interface allows easy chord selection and loop manipulation
* Chord preview function lets you audition the chord of the loop you are about to insert.
* Copy and paste function speeds up track building
* Intuitive mixing and record functions
* Hugely educational.

SessionBand Jazz - Volume 1 Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Diggin' it Posted by

Very easy learning curve, and the sounds are realistic. I threw together "Autumn in New York" in about 15 minutes, Really cool. A few minor complaints, so far I can't export full size WAV files to Dropbox, it seems the workaround is to export it to another audio program that does allow direct exportation, but it will export M4v via email. Not quite the same. It could also use a few more chord options, a minor 6 would be nice, and a few other useful chords would make it even more legit sounding. But first please allow WAV exporting to Dropbox, or iTunes.

Instabuy!!!! Posted by

If you're running low in inspiration or you really can't afford to hire professional Session players, like guitar, drums, and Piano, then these apps are a must have for any serious composer in IOS!!! I bought every single one and at this special price it's an instabuy! The developers are top notch musicians themselves and love your feedback! Can't wait for them to implement Ableton Link!! This will place these apps over the top!!! Please Ableton link????? Anyway this apps are a no brained for IOS musicians!

Cool App Posted by

After Working with this app for a few hours now I have some thoughts. The app is very stable and the sounds are killer. A nice addition would be the ability to repeat a section for a set number of times and then move on. It would be nice to loop the head for four times and then move onto the solo sections. Now when loop mark are set, the section loops endlessly. They did add the option for different drum fills which is a great idea. All in all a good product that could use some tweaking to make it more useable.

Excellent sounds, limited functionality Posted by

I purchased volumes 1,2 and 3 thinking that this app would be an improvement over the iReal Pro app in terms of play along sound quality. As far as sound goes, this app is excellent, however, it's missing some very fundamental cords and can't perform slash-cords either. This app has great potential but needs some updates.

Fantastic! Posted by

This is like a cross between iReal Pro and Band in a Box with real tracks. I love the sound of BiaB with real tracks but it isn't convenient to have the computer all of the time. This fills in the gap and gives me the better sound quality I'm missing from iReal.

Jazz sessions are great. Posted by

This app is great! I love creating mixes and jazz mixes rule! There are so many tracks to choose from and mix! This app is also great for recording right on the iPad for instant playback! I love being able to speed it up and slow it down, gives it the perfect edge!

Brilliant!! Posted by

These apps are brilliant!! I just bought a Line 6 Amplify 150 and they work great with it!! These are hands down the best jam / practice apps on the market! Just bought the blues and the jazz versions!

Excellent Posted by

A wonderfully useful app. Intuitive interface with solidly useful tracks. There are so many choices in jazz for chords but this very reasonably priced app has enough to get you through most standards.

Fantastic! Posted by

What a great app this is! I've found it very useful as a sketchpad for ideas and for creating backing tracks of jazz standards for the purpose of rehearsal. Kudos to the makers!

Nice Posted by

Works great on iPhone 5! Perfect for make backing tracks to study

Constantly crashes on iPod by oh ok then 2016-01-07

I’ve used the app on my 5th generation iPod for over a year now with no problems whatsoever. I have between 10 and 15 tracks stored on the app - that shows you just how much I used the app before. However, in the past few weeks, the app would stop responding and eventually crash. This would happen just about every other time I opened the app. I tried to delete other apps from my iPod to clear up some space so the iPod could run it better, with no effect. Maybe it’s just because I have so many tracks on the app saved, or maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of free space on my iPod, but this app has just become extremely inconsistent on its performance. The one thing that could save me from writing this review was whether or not their support team could help me. But after emailing the link UK Music Apps has on their website for support TWICE, I’ve heard nothing back from them. This has been a very useful app in the past, but until I get this problem fixed or until I hear back from UK Music Apps, I’m giving this app 1 star.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. by Kevlar Banana 2013-06-28

Silly me. I didn't heed the comments about this app's frequent crashes. It seems to work OK when you play the stock "songs." But when I switch over to Edit mode to create my own progressions... Hoo Boy! Crash City! Especially during a cut and paste. I love the concept behind this app. But it's essentially a waste of 4 bucks. Just think if I had paid full price... Needless to say, I can only recommend that you stay away from this crash-happy dog of an app.

Compatibility list is false. by AlHun91 2013-06-21

Sadly, the compatibility list is not correct. It says it works with 3GS, 4, and up, but it will not run worth a darn on my iPhone 4. It cannot keep up with the changes… Literally. Every time there is a change, it hangs big time, making this app pretty useless for the devices I own at the moment. Very disappointed. Do not buy unless you have an iPhone 4S or up. (Possibly iPad 2 and up as well.)

Not ready yet by BDC1989 2013-09-01

Great concept but not complete. Can't get Audiobus to work. The developer knows about this but it's been 6 weeks since they acknowledged the problem. It's also buggy in a number of areas. Starting can be erratic, acts strange when activating from background mode. Seriously, the dev should have done more testing prior to release. Stay away until an update fixes the bugs.

No vanilla by DrChant 2014-12-23

This seems like a great idea, like band-in-a-box, but -- unless I am missing something -- you can only get fancy chords: dim, flat 9, all kinds of 7ths. If you want a C major chord (or any unadorned major chord) you are out of luck. It is like a car that will drive in loops but cannot go in a straight line.

Please read by Game reviewer 001 2013-06-17

Crashes all the time. Don't waste your money. If you are looking to write your own jazz. This is not the app. I wasted 9$ on this. Please don't make the same mistake.

Very cool concept! by Ksedars 2013-08-14

This is nicely done, but unfortunately, still very buggy and prone to crashes. I really hope they can work out the kinks!