Sestertium app free for iPhone/iPad
Sestertium app free for iPhone/iPad

Sestertium app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Sestertium app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Sestertium for iPhone/iPad
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To download Sestertium from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
Click on the “Download” button on to be redirected to the app on App Store
Download and start using the app
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The sestertium was the most widespread and popular coin of the Roman Empire. It is now an Italian start-up, which for the first time in the world applies to Finance the basic principle of Open Innovation — the Crowdsourcing — together with professional competition mechanisms (Gamification). In the Web’s users, in fact, there is plenty of knowledge and experience that in Finance are the basis of the most reliable forecasts. Sestertium is the first Web platform that tracks and certifies the results achieved over time by Financial Experts who accept to get publicly involved. Whether you are a Professional, an Applicant, or just an Amateur, you can enhance your REPUTATION and be contacted by many more customers (for customised consultancy) and financial firms (for job opportunities). Investors prefer those experts who accept the challenge and are at the top of Sestertium’s rankings. As an investor, you can get the BEST financial advice for your specific needs. Before making any financial investment, you should consult Sestertium’s rankings... it’s better to rely on more and tested experts! Sestertium is the compass that guides your investment decisions (afterwards you can make the investment by yourself or with the broker you prefer). Sestertium does not handle your money, it is not tied to any public or private entity in the world of Finance, it publishes the portfolios of the world best experts, it tracks and guarantees their performances. It’s the most democratic, impartial, objective and transparent innovation occurred in Finance. We want to reduce the informational asymmetries between the Masses and the Providers of financial products & services. By this App you can monitor the portfolios you created through Sestertium’s web platform. You will see portfolios’ yields, together with single securities’ yields, and graphs. Furthermore you will see the medals you earned the day before (Sestertium assigns daily medals – gold, silver and bronze – to the first 20% portfolios classified in each arena and for every performance period). Finally you can keep track of your average performances (both in terms of yields and medals) since you started to play.


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