She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad
She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad

She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad

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She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
She–Moji Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Attention girls, ladies, sisters, mothers, daughters, women of all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Do you like to run, play ball, or do yoga? Are you a doctor, dancer, or student? Do you have red hair or brown skin? Well, now you can express yourself – with She-Moji! The keyboard and sticker app grants you access to over 400 original emoji representing female diversity, from Indian karate masters and red-headed chefs, to latina weightlifters and blonde astronauts. The pack also includes a set of phrases, from “Slay All Day” to ‘Om Shanti’. Or if you just want to express your mood, style or give a shout out to your BFF, we have that too. Installing She-Moji lets you easily add these unique characters to your messages via text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and SnapChat (chat functionality only). Created by DLS Studios Developer: Devin Ross - Animations: Blair Burke - FOLLOW US: Want to request a specific She-Moji? We know we haven’t represented all women in this starter pack, but next we'll be growing the She-Moji girl gang with characters requested by you! So download today and then use #makemyshemoji to let us know what you want to see in future app updates: Twitter: @shemojiapp Instagram: @she.moji Email: [email protected] INSTRUCTIONS: After downloading the app, go to iOS Settings and add "She-Moji Keyboard" from third-party keyboards. Make sure to turn on “Allow Full Access”. Please rest assured that She-Moji will never collect any personal information or transmit what you type over any network. Turning on “Allow Full Access” is simply an iOS requirement for third party keyboards. Allowing full access does not give us access to any of your other keyboards, only to the She-Moji keyboard. We take your privacy very seriously. Stickers can be accessed directly through your text messaging app. DISCLAIMERS: She-Moji, its designs, all assets & artwork are the sole property of DLS Studios and it's partners. Despite the warning by Apple regarding installing third-party keyboards, we do not gain access to any private information and we do not monitor your keystrokes. It is currently not possible for app developers to create new emoji keyboards that work like the ones installed on your phone. The process to create and release emojis is highly restricted, so until those rules change, we've come up with the next best thing. She-Mojis are sent as images that you need to copy and paste. Therefore additional MMS and data rates may apply. There is no qwerty keyboard included in She-Moji - it’s nearly impossible to build one better than your regular keyboard, so just use the globe and ‘ABC’ icons in the bottom left of your keyboards to switch between Apple and She-Moji. It’s as easy as that!


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Nice one! Posted by

Great idea! It's about time we had more women emojis :) I have a lot of emoji keyboards, and they all work this way - copying and pasting images, without inserting alongside text (Apple only allows the standard emojis to do that) - hopefully people realize that is an Apple issue not a She-Moji issue! Also feels so good to know that this is helping out the Malala Fund. #girlpower

Yay!! Girl emoji's I can actually use! Posted by

Just downloaded and am loving all the girls and sayings! Just like Kimoji and Muvamoji you have to copy and paste the images in but hoping we'll get and update so they work with native texts - I think Apple are working on that right? Anyway can't wait for more she-moji to come!

Perfect App! Posted by

Empowerment through emojis, super fun and half of all profits go to Malala Fund! What's not to love? Proud supporter of his wonderful App! Ladiez for the win

Great idea Posted by

Wish the emoji's embedded into text as regular ones do rather than being separate from the text.

It's about time Posted by

Finally relevant emojis for fierce we don't Just got our nails it!

Obsessed! Posted by

My new favorite keyboard – red-heads represent!!

Posted by

Ladies put your hands up

Finally! Posted by

Love it!!!

Good start, a ways to go! by RHGUILLORY 2016-07-13

For the price, we should get an app that has appropriate scale to a typical text message: graphics are *way* too large and interrupt visual flow of message. Also, there aren't that many ShEmoji choices to choose from. Happy that some of the money goes to the Malala fund (awesome) but expect a better product if I'm paying for it. Hopefully, this app will be debugged accordingly!

Doesn't work / no support from dev by Johnnyy 2017-01-26

I downloaded the recent update and after enabling the keyboard, noticed that after copying the she-moji, it doesn't paste into the message at all. It's basically a static reminder in your keyboard of how you wasted your $2. Sticker pack works fine but doesn't include all of the emoji in the keyboard version. Flop.

False Advertising by STefani.ribaudo 2017-03-04

This is not an emoji keyboard, it's clipart. It's too small to even see what it is when you send it. Great idea, terrible execution and falsely advertised. I emailed them to get my money back and they didn't even respond. Unethical! I'm asking Apple to take them out of the store.

Not user friendly. Waste of $ by Jljone 2016-07-12

Wonderful idea! But application is not realistic. They don't go seamlessly into a text like regular emojis. They take up a ton of space, but are still small in size, which is double frustrating. Wasted $1.99, deleted the app after 15 minutes

Copy paste clip art, not emoji. Misleading by asha7 2016-07-18

This isn't an emoji keyboard at copies it onto your clipboard and then you must paste the pic which appears in a box. Not worth the $$. And why does it need full access to your data? Great concept, awful execution. I want a refund.

Great concept, needs work by jthurau 2016-07-14

Great idea but poorly executed!! Would love a version that typed out the pictures like the Emoji keyboard does, not copying them and sending them as photos. Fantastic concept but needs work, especially for this price.

User by Sak2939 2016-07-18

So bummed that the emoji appears in a big white box, and that you have to copy paste. I really want to use these emoji's but it's not efficient and it looks bad with text. Hope apple or she-moji can fix this!

Great concept needs work by Doll.Baby 2016-07-31

Fantastic concept and I don't feel bad about spending the money because it went to a good cause. Deleted shortly after because it's a cut and paste and it's too big for the text visual.

Not worthy by VickyGGT 2016-07-13

They just don't work well in WhatsApp as promoted. It appears a tiny emoji in the center of a black background as a full image. Looks horrible. Plus there are so few options. Not worthy at all.

Not Happy!!! by Dfhsybfjh 2016-07-12

I like the idea, but it doesn't incorporate the emojis into the text. They're all little pictures in a big white box. Wish I didn't just buy that . . .

Privacy issues by Former SBT user 2016-07-18

Access to the ap requires giving permission for the developer to transmit anything past/present you type with the keyboard. Wish I had known that before buying.

Not working by Divadeb99 2016-07-12

Brought and downloaded. Tried to use in text. Hold down on icon and it says copied but where? Tried to insert but doesn't paste/insert in message.

Great figures but presentation awful!!!! by Dsheltmusic 2016-07-13

Tiny figure in large white rectangular. Can use these in any meaningful way.