Sizer Apps for iPhone/iPad
Sizer Apps for iPhone/iPad

Sizer Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Sizer application can help you to choose the right size of clothes in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan or Russia. All you need to know is one of the sizes — the application will tell the rest. Making a shopping trip to another country, online purchasing and an unexpected gift to your beloved will be easier when you can convert sizes on the go.

For iPad users there has been a separate Sizer XL version released.
If you have any questions and ideas for app improvements (usability, translation, interface) — please email your feedback to [email protected]

Remember, your feedback is very important to us and will be used to improve our apps. If you find any bugs, or if you experience any crashes, then we would very much like to hear about the issue.


"An application that remembers that last year your jeans were two sizes smaller."
GQ Russia

"You could've just said "We have Beautiful Pixels!". Seriously, loved the app."

What's Hot at 4rd week, TOP Lifestyle at 6th week and APP OF THE WEEK at 11th week.


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Американские размеры Posted by

В Америке размеры джинс в основном обозначаются как цифра + длина (short, medium, tall). Например, российский 48 в Америке это 10 + short (или другая длина). А в Великобритании размер указывается цифрами, а не буквами. Обычно разница в 2 единицы по сравнению с американскими размерами в большую сторону. Доработать!!!

Great App for men! (Husbands / Fathers) Posted by

This app is very good for "forgetful men" like myself when trying to buy clothes as gifts for the wife or sister or mother, etc. You can add/edit notes on each article of clothing. I write notes there reminding me the sizing difference for each clothing store. i.e. My wife's top is a size small at H&M; however, her top is an extra small at Love21. The App doesn't crash on my iPhone The app is completely stable on my iPhone 6. I'm running on iOS 8.2 (latest software version as of March 30.2015)

Отличное приложение Posted by

1. Но можно было бы ввести настройки - чтобы вводить все размеры в одном месте и не повторять эту операцию по несколько раз. 2. Также плюсом была бы опция, которая позволяла бы отображать размеры для заданной страны, чтобы не выбирать для каждого типа одежды отдельно.

Замечательная программа Posted by

Программка отличная! Хороший дизайн, красивый. Вся необходимая информация есть. Доработать только с детской одеждой. Русских размеров детской одежды добавьте пожалуйста! Спасибо! Рекомендую! Это лучшее что я видел на данный момент!

I have been waiting on an app like this for YEARS! Posted by

It is a great app , very well thought out and great graphics. My one request is : some sort of sync service and social integration so that instead of me asking each person in my address book for all their sizing info, if they already have this app I can see and just add their card to mine. That way if they update it, like you so often have to do with kids, then my card will automatically update as well..

Nice app but... Posted by

Really nice app (especially for man), but it would be very nice if it had Brazilian sizes. A suggestion would be a configuration tool: were the user itself could enter new conversions, also an option to show just the countries of interest (I don't think I'll be buying any clothes from Japan any sooner)

Super Posted by

Замечательная и удобная программа, с помощью которой не придется тайком выпытывать у девушки размеры обуви и одежды, чтобы сделать ей подарок!

Хорошо Posted by

Неплохое положение, дизайн правда не актуальный в современной версии iOS

iPad Posted by

Нужна версия для iPad..

Needs more size CATEGORIES by kmgamer 2012-05-02

The app has been generally helpful and useful, and it functions as it should. BUT for all gender profiles (woman/man, girl/boy), for the US sizes, there are only options for: • Outerwear - US letter sizes (S/M/L, etc.) [no number size option included] • Footwear - US number size • Jeans - US number size • Trousers - US letter size [no number size option included] • Underwear top - US number & cup size {women only} • Underwear bottom - US letter size • Hats - US number size • Belts - US letter size [no number size option included] • Rings - US number size • Gloves - US letter size Although all of the size options mentioned above do have the correlating international size conversions available when you click on them specifically, the app is still missing some important size types/categories for custom profiles. Some of the categories, items, etc. I would like and think would be a great addition to improve this app are: - general option to save body measurements (like "bust", "waist", "inseam", "hips", "torso", "hem", etc.) - women's dress size - women's skirt - women's/men's suit sizes (jacket, top, & bottom) - women's/men's blouse, dress top - men's neck size & other dress shirt measurements, ties/bow-ties - men's tuxedo sizes? - women's/men's shoe types size (like heels, flats, loafers, sandals, etc.) - women's/men's t-shirt size - women's/men's shorts size (including inseam, or shorts length - women's/men's socks - women's hosiery - women's/men's jewelry sizes (wrist for bracelets/watches/etc., necklace lengths) It would also be nice if there was a "notes" section under each size category in the personal profile for any personalized information we might want to include (e.g. under the "footwear/shoes" category, it would be convenient to note that someone tends to wear smaller shoes from a particular store/brand). All of my above suggestions could make this app even more useful than it already is. I only took the time to write this review because every time I use this app I am reminded of how much I REALLY want those categories, they are WAY more commonly used than "gloves" or "hats" for example.

на тречку by EvGeniy Lell 2011-08-03

приложение пару раз вылетало не все бегунки бегунки с пикером на пример в профиле женщина вкладка бюстгальтер и тд. на в кладке кольца доступно только одно кольцО и размеры только одного пальца бекграуд втаблицах статический это плохо, лучше когда он сдвигается в месте я сячейкой это касается ячеек с логатипами там прозрачный бек

Don't Bother by Robin Lamb 2011-11-23

I downloaded this app thinking it would help me remember the kids' sizes when I'm shopping without them. I got as far as entering their shoe sizes when I discovered the app is horrible. I order to get a size 12.5 to come up for my five year old son, I had to say he's a man. Same for my six year old daughter. What six year old child maxes out at a size 8 shoe? I don't want to see that my daughter is a man in order to have the correct shoe size come up. The default sizes are unrealistic. Unless the developers fix that, this is not worth the money.

No support women's pant/dress sizes by AppDev11 2013-01-07

I use this app to shopp for gifts for loved ones, but it has a serious flaw in that you can not enter women's pant or dress sizes; for example a friend wears size 6 women's jeans - it's not possible to enter this in the app. The app really comes up shirt when it comes to clothing variants and accessories too - it is NOT exhaustive in the availability or real-world options. Also app frequently crashes. Lots of potential here, but not usable on a regular basis. Will likely delete in a couple months if updates haven't improved the situation. Thanks

Needs better info. by Abgstone 2012-01-01

We have family in Australia so I got this app. To help keep track of their sizes and to help me to choose the correct sizes. It would be very helpful if you could personalize it with age, add more sizes like some others have already stated. I love how if you put some information that it will offer a " best guess" size. Love the idea behind this app., but it needs some improvements.

Some to add and improve by Amsaaj 2011-08-02

Hi It's good App and useful, but need to add sync between other family members and ability to share or send the info, also some tips with picture to how get the correct size. In the other hand need improvement when I choose as exp. Wist size the cloth size change direct and va. And this size be correct and default for all my other size Also I notice very bad Arabic translate Thanks

Good beginning by patofoto 2011-04-09

Input somewhat confusing between sliders and rotating dials. The scales are incomplete thus impossible to profile a few members of my family. I'm a size 9 shoe and it won't stay selected for some reason. Maybe a bug?. It's beautifully designed. Three stars because it shows great promise. Hoping the developers listen to users.

Still terrible by iAladdin 2015-02-11

This app never worked right.i keep re downloading it because it could be a good app. Still don't see an option to sync to the iCloud. Looks exactly at it did when it came out a few years back, clearly they gave up on it. Oh, and it crashes

IPad bugs by Stevark1 2015-09-18

I love the app on my iPhone but can't get it to synch with the iPad and ever time I try to enter the data the app crashes. Not good.

:( by Njordy 2012-10-16

Very buggy — don't even allow me to create a new member — I've tried 4 times and it freezes and crashes.

Update by Alim Gadji 2016-08-27

Hi We steel waiting update for iphone 6 plus. Best regards

Update by Ben Alim 2016-08-27

Hi We steel waiting update for iphone 6 plus. Best regards