Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas app for iPhone/iPad
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas app for iPhone/iPad

Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas app for iPhone/iPad

Download Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas for iPhone/iPad
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Sketchworthy is designed as a beautiful and innovative way to create and manage all your notes, sketches, scribbles, and more. Create notebooks and pages of your sketches, annotate maps and webpages, add photos, text, draw, and more. The app takes advantage of new iOS 9 technology to offer an experience unseen in other note-taking or drawing apps.

Sketchworthy is beautiful. Interfaces are clean and intuitive, and Menus are uncluttered and easy to navigate. Built-in help makes the app easy to learn and use. Yet despite its beauty and simplicity, the app packs a powerful productivity punch!

With Sketchworthy, you can capture and save maps, web pages, and photos. Anything you capture becomes a page in your notebook, and can be drawn on just like any other paper. Mark up and annotate to your heart's content with our smooth and fluid drawing engine, and bring your concepts to life.

Sketchworthy comes with a built-in paper store. You can purchase packs and download them directly into the application, and EVERY page in a notebook can be set to a different paper style paper style. This means that you can use graphing paper for 1 page, and then lined paper for the next. And with packs for blueprints, sheet music, graphs, planners, to-to lists, and much, much more, you can manage your projects in a manner unrivaled by similar applications

Simply put, there is no existing drawing app that allows the level of customization that Sketchworthy offers. Change everything from the color of your notebooks and the pages they use, to the background and appearance of the app itself.

With social networks such as Facebook and Twitter built into Draw Pad Pro, sharing your notes and sketches has never been easier. Save, email, tweet and post pages in a notebook. Notebooks you create can be printed directly from your device, emailed as a PDF file, or exported to a third party application such as Dropbox or GoodReader.

Sketchworthy is universal, giving you 2 apps for the price of 1. Own an iPhone? iPad? iPod Touch? It doesn't matter. Sketchworthy is designed for them all.

Sketchworthy offers an experience and features unlike any other, is kid and environmentally friendly, only hangs out with reputable people, and comes recommended by 4 out of 5 mad scientists. Give Sketchworthy a try!

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