Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad

Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Sketchworthy is designed as a beautiful and innovative way to create and manage all your notes, sketches, scribbles, and more. Create notebooks and pages of your sketches, annotate maps and webpages, add photos, text, draw, and more. The app takes advantage of new iOS 9 technology to offer an experience unseen in other note-taking or drawing apps.

Sketchworthy is beautiful. Interfaces are clean and intuitive, and Menus are uncluttered and easy to navigate. Built-in help makes the app easy to learn and use. Yet despite its beauty and simplicity, the app packs a powerful productivity punch!

With Sketchworthy, you can capture and save maps, web pages, and photos. Anything you capture becomes a page in your notebook, and can be drawn on just like any other paper. Mark up and annotate to your heart's content with our smooth and fluid drawing engine, and bring your concepts to life.

Sketchworthy comes with a built-in paper store. You can purchase packs and download them directly into the application, and EVERY page in a notebook can be set to a different paper style paper style. This means that you can use graphing paper for 1 page, and then lined paper for the next. And with packs for blueprints, sheet music, graphs, planners, to-to lists, and much, much more, you can manage your projects in a manner unrivaled by similar applications

Simply put, there is no existing drawing app that allows the level of customization that Sketchworthy offers. Change everything from the color of your notebooks and the pages they use, to the background and appearance of the app itself.

With social networks such as Facebook and Twitter built into Draw Pad Pro, sharing your notes and sketches has never been easier. Save, email, tweet and post pages in a notebook. Notebooks you create can be printed directly from your device, emailed as a PDF file, or exported to a third party application such as Dropbox or GoodReader.

Sketchworthy is universal, giving you 2 apps for the price of 1. Own an iPhone? iPad? iPod Touch? It doesn't matter. Sketchworthy is designed for them all.

Sketchworthy offers an experience and features unlike any other, is kid and environmentally friendly, only hangs out with reputable people, and comes recommended by 4 out of 5 mad scientists. Give Sketchworthy a try!

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Excellent App! Have been searching for this kind of app by blacksatindancer Posted by

I think I love your app. I haven't thoroughly tested it but I look forward to using built in search/ browser(?) I've been trying to find an app to annotate recipes. I love your exquisitely simple start-up instructions too (I have a score of sketch/art apps I've been putting off starting because of need to read or view complicated tutorials). Question..did I miss something & do you indeed have hand rest feature when sketching or hand writing?? If not then please look into adding this feature! I don't know how technically complex this would be but it's a serious limitation ...especially while sketching. Otherwise I nonetheless look forward to annotating web stuff! Great addition to iOS devices capability! A+app! Even with unpaid version! PS THANK you for blog food for thought re indie apps! I used to love working with small businesses & the "littler guy" kudos!

Thank you! Posted by

I've dealt with dozens of apps and none of them have been friendly for drawing purposes. The ergonomics have been terrible. This is a great app for that reason. It does blow up text that is created and is a bit finicky in that regard, so I do text in other apps, but the drawing process is priceless. No nonsense and easy to fix problems. As for the lady who put a half hour into drawing: 1. Back up your work. 2. Try to realize how much memory is taken up if you have several hundred to a few thousand undos. 3. Shut your other apps.

Very Nice Just A Few Things Posted by

A few things i would recommend is a color wheel for your notebooks instead of just the few that you can choose. (Like 7 colors) i would like custom color notebooks and more backgrounds. Also i would like better instructions (like a getting started section) on how to get around and access the tools. I see no information about editing or how to even start using and making a creative notebook with some example pictures. This app would be perfect if you could add those things in the next update.

All in one note app! Posted by

What I love most is that this app has replaced 5 or 6 apps for me. This one app can convert to pdf, have drawing pages, picture can be dictated and drawn on, notebooks to organize apps and ideas. Love the maps you can save. Would like to see more color options, custom book covers and a option to flip through the pages of a book. Also mind maps or chart building pages would be a stellar addition to this great app! Clean interface makes the app easy to use.

A+!!! Posted by

Capture your inspiration with this cool and inexpensive universual note taking and hand drawing app! No matter if you are using an iPad or an iPhone, just draw or write what you have in mind and print it out or share with your friends! Different colors and tips can enrich your notes or illustrations. I tried to give suggestions to my friend's logo of her studio with my finger-drawings using this app, haha, please call me Mr. Artsy.

Really good Posted by

It's usually pretty good, but lately, it's crashing every time I open it. I'm using a non-jailbroken iPhone 5 with the latest version of iOS 7, so it should be working fine, right? Other than that, it's very useful for more than what it's intended for. I find it useful for jotting down a quick idea or blueprint to send to someone or to scribble/write in to a list or blueprint you have a picture of.

Eraser Posted by

An eraser would be nice. Also, support for tall iPhone screens. Update: I was confused, there are many tools and settings for pages, including an eraser, but the scrolling tool wheel was not apparent at first. The Mock paper pack needs an iOS icon template. And the graph paper colors are way too sting. The grids should fade into the background of my sketches.

Won't open Posted by

I've tried restarting the program, my ipad and re-installing it. Will not open or crashes a second after opening. UPDATE: FIXED!!! WORKS GREAT!!!! iOS 7 update, uninstall then install and perfect. I am SO thrilled!!!

Good Posted by

The app is very useful on my iPad. You may write and draw down all you want and you may keep all those things always with you. Many types of pages to create and tools to use.

good Posted by

I think this app is designed for people who own iphone or ipad. anything what I need can becomes in my notebool.what is more , it can manage my projects.good app .thanks.

Useful Posted by

Not very practical to use on an iPhone, though, and obviously not at all if you don't have a stylus. But if drawing is more of your thing than typing, get this.

Exactly what I was looking for ^^^ Posted by

I am confident this app will only get better with each has so many useful features for users-I will have finally discovered iOS productivity bliss-))

not work Posted by

it is a great app i used to use it in my iPad but in ipad air it stop working and after last update it work but only it's backgrownd pleas help

Nice Posted by

Nice clean note taking app. Love the fuss free interface. Nice for making quick basic sketches and doodles on my iPad.

Take note! Posted by

Great app! Intuitive, easy to use, functional. Enhances user note writing and sketch capabilities on any IOS device.

Excellent app !! Posted by

Adapted on a variety of machines, such as iphone, ipad ....! Friendly interface Easy to use !!!

Fantastic sketch app work with my ipad, but please make the size smaller in update Posted by

Fantastic sketch app work with my ipad, but please make the size smaller in update

good Posted by

Thanks people who design it . not only my iPhone but also ipad are all need it.

Good app ! Posted by

Very well on the iPhone! easy to use, nice interface and easy to share !

It's nice Posted by

Very intuitive. Works well. Price is a little steep for an iPhone app.

12-19-15 These guys are STILL thieves by Hessie05 2015-12-19

I was hoping that by waiting a month this app would be fixed. They still owe me $.99 for the pack I purchased and can't download. If there were a way to contact the developers directly I would, but since there isn't, this is the only avenue for airing my grievance. This app has potential - I think, but until they either refund my $ or fix the app I will continue to shout it to all who will listen to STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING FROM FISHINGTON STUDIOS! (Earlier review)Ditto what I wrote before. There was one, blissful evening where I was able to download ONE pack - the free one. The window lasted just as long as it took to download the one. That was over a month ago, and I still have not been able to download the one I paid for. From before: The paper packs don't download. They are happy to take your $, but don't give you anything in return. Oh, and did I mention that the "contact support" link doesn't work? It just takes you to a blank page, and if you put in your email and write a note it obviously goes into the ether as no one responds. Don't waste your time and especially don't waste your $.

Not much here. by Eriptron 2016-03-10

For an artist there isn't a lot here so I guess the big use would be as a text notebook with illustrative capabilities. As far as an artists tool, I prefer ArtRage, but I guess I'm also old school as I prefer a REAL drawing pencil or piece of charcoal in my hand used on 'real' paper. Drawing on a smooth glass surface just does not work for me as part of drawing experience is with the different paper's texture resistance to the drawing instrument. It also adds control. You just can't get that with any drawing app. I spend most of my time 'undoing' lines drawn. And no drawing app can let you use an X-Acto knife and actually shape the pencil point...a crucial aspect of both sketching as well as drawing. I actually feel sorry for kids that have only drawn with digital devices. It's kind of like a Malt that the Malt was left out of. You are missing a big part of the drawing experience.

Paper Packs FIX THEM NOW! by Aerowise 2015-09-19

I also bought 2 paper packs and they do not download! Developers, if you "Love what you do" like you say you do then this issue should be addressed ASAP!!! If not you stand to lose those who have discovered your SIMPLE AND BRILLIANT APP, and miss out those who would have the pleasure to use this simple, elegant, useful front of the pack app. PLEASE FIX THE PAPER PACKS! I was so excited to open up some brilliantly designed backgrounds only to discover FAIL! PLEASE HURRY, my sketches are waiting!!! Oh, and thanks for this cool sketchworthy tool!

Amazing app, but... by Markeleze 2014-02-22

Update: this app doesn't work for me anymore. I'll try it again when you fix this bug. I LOVE THIS APP! PLEASE FIX!! This is an amazing app! The only problem is that I've had to reinstall twice! Whenever I tap the app to open it, it will start to load, then it'll crash to the home screen. I've tried resetting the phone but that doesn't work. I have to uninstall and reinstall it for it to work again. And I lose all my notes! PLEASE FIX!!! If that gets fixed, I'll give it 5 stars!

NOT WORTH $$ by cre8iveguynyc 2016-07-23

mostly because, there is no contact and help section. more so, they've have connect to web feature and it doesn't work at all. the website and app has dead ends as far as help and contact is concerned. DO NOT WASTE your $$ because there are better note-taking, sketch apps out there. huge mistake purchasing this app. sketchworthy, if you don't get you act together soon, you will be branded as a con! so, get to it, and make that web feature, contact/help features work ASAP.

Not a sketching/design app by Bambratt 2013-08-12

Very misleading. You need to purchase lined or textured backgrounds. There is no interface to allow you to adjust brush strokes, pen strokes or anything you would expect to be in an app with the word "sketch" in it. This is just a file management app that allows you alter an image....meaning you get a black line to write over pictures you download. Oh, you wanted to use graph paper. It's only a dollar purchase. Didn't i already buy this app???

Paper packs won't download, no way to report bugs by vriley 2015-08-16

I bought two paper packs but they won't download. The app has a "support" screen that's blank. When I try to report a bug through the email function, the screen is blank and won't accept text. And the developer's web site has no support page or contact link. So it appears that the only way to report a bug is to file a bad review on the app store.

Better Note Taking Apps Out There! Too Many In App Purchases by rapture197 2016-03-10

Seriously why put out an app for free if you are going to turn around and charge people up to $10 for your "in app" purchases??!! This note taker just isn't worth it.....they force you to purchase the In App items just to be able to do basic functions. There are many other note taking apps out there stay away from this one !

-- THIS APP DOES NOT WORK by Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in the Dry Hot Desert 2015-10-31

you have to download/buy "paper packs" -- but they will not download. so, it doesn't work as described. steals your money like a rigged vending machine. And there is no way to report or reach developers. This should be removed from the App Store

-- THIS APP DOES NOT WORK by Auntie in 7th Heaven 2015-10-31

you have to download/buy "paper packs" -- but they will not download. so, it doesn't work as described. steals your money like a rigged vending machine. And there is no way to report or reach developers. This should be removed from the App Store

برنامج جيد by الو الوليد 2013-05-11

ولكن البرنامج لم يشتغل عندي على الايفون 4 / ios 6.1.2 احتمال يوجد تعارض و احتمال خلل من البرنامج الرجاء التحديث لحل المشكله

Almost nothing works by P.mousse Esq. 2017-01-18

I tried it out on two different iPads. Could not import photos, add pictures with the camera, or add web pages. Sorry I wasted the time trying to get it to work.

Crashes Crashes Crashes by JesusHigh 2013-07-30

Using the app with an iPad 3rd generation. It crashes at startup. It has been going on for over a month now, and i haven't seen or heard about an update.

4" display optimization by Kitchz 2013-01-20

Great to draw, but I really expected that the latest update would bring the optimization for iPhone 5's 4" display. Now it's kind of annoying.

Can't use by Orestes55 2017-01-18

Won't let me utilize a password, therefore unusable for most functions. I received for free so I will delete it. Definitely do not buy it.

Draw Pad Pro by Guessbuster2 2012-12-18

No good to me - iPad 1 owner. This app only runs on iOS 6. Upgrade it for me and I'll check it out.

Doesn't open on ipad3 by javajiver 2013-05-12

This app doesn't open on an ipad 3.i deleted and tried to reinstall... Don't bother with it

Can't open it by Sue5156 2013-05-12

Just like what I said in the title. I can't open it with my iPhone 4S. Please fix it!

Can't open it by Daghriri 054 2013-12-15

I can't open it with my iphone 5

Fix app by Montashr 2013-05-12

I can't open with my iphone 4s.