Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad
Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad

Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad

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Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Slender Last Sleep Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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He is the monster. The forest walker. Only a few in this world are unfortunate enough to meet him, but none can escape his wicked stare. He is Slenderman, the ghastly kidnapper.

Rumored to be abnormally tall and thin, Slenderman always wears an iconic black suit with white shirt and tie. He can bend or extend his arms in a hideous way as if they have no joints, as if they are tentacles. But the most dreadful feature... is his face. For it is blank, pale and able to fatally frighten any victims upon the first glance.

Your task is to collect 8 paper sheets. But...


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Very Impressive! Posted by

For a basic Indie game, this is a marvelous piece of work! The controls are simple and smooth; the pixelized graphics, scary flashlight system, and challenging gameplay make this a fantastic purchase. Specifically noted is the ominous background sound, which is enhanced with the addition of headphones. The static accompanied by the slenderman scare is terrifying! Th downside- there is no difficult setting, and the slenderman is notoriously hard to evade after the second page is found. In addition, I feel personally that the girl's voice should be removed or replaced. Other than these small issues, Slender: Last Sleep is worth the price!

Holy Crap Posted by

Not what I was expecting. Usually I'm not scared of pixelated games but this one scared the crap out of me. I only played this for 1-2 minutes found one page and jump scared me 2 times. I HIGHLY recommend this to any fan of slender and survival horror games. Amazing!

Very good Posted by

This is a very good game, but If you could add the option to turn off the girls voice (I hate it) and add sound effects such as the piano slam sound in the original, this game would be so much better, but still, THIS GAME IS THE BEST! It is very close to the PC version.

Dropped my ipad and my friend laughed at me Posted by

Amazing! I was walking around with 2 pages and slender was not too be seen. My friend was playing the Wii and I was on the floor. Slender appeared in front of me and I dropped my Ipad. I thought it was easy, but was i wrong! Must download this game worth 2 $

I am scared sick Posted by

This looks like a fake but its a pixel like 3d slender game very scary and did I say when the character sees slender she starts talking so scary very loud and it's the best it should be top slender game ever :) and should be 3 dollars but still great


Is so AWSOME and scary is just like the slender on PC is the sound tracks when I find a page IS AWSOME also I like pixelated games to I like the game KEEP GOING!!!!

Awesome And scary Posted by

This is a really good slender game for an 8-bit game.i love it alot. And also,what is the "new nightmare" thing in the statics?